Looking Forward to Getting a BBL with Dr. Nedra Dodds - Kennesaw, GA

I've had a consult with her, it went well.I would...

I've had a consult with her, it went well.I would love to here from some of her patients that have already had that procedure done. I think the bbl is a great solution for me. I've struggle with losing all the weight in my midsection and I've always wanted a bigger behind.I am excited and nervous... I'd love some reassurance from someone that has had Dr. Dobbs as their ps.


Her office was just recently shut down
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She is being bought up on charges because two ladies died there last summer. Her license pending suspensiom, it's been on TV. Go to wsbtv and search her name. The coroner said she didn't help the ladies and they could have lived. She took over an hour to call for help.
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Wow. Ridiculous. So it could have been prevented. Many prayers go out to the families.
Dr. Nedra Dodds

I been researching Dr. Dobbs for sometime now, I found her online; and I am a fan of her work .

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