I had a mini TT just over five months ago with...

I had a mini TT just over five months ago with very good results. I feel that my results could have been even better if I had had "the works"--a FULL TT!! Almost immediately post op I suspected that I didn't have a FULL TT (the STANDARD TT that I had paid for) because my BB was left untouched and I had a shorter than usual horizontal scar. My surgical report confirmed this. A FULL TT will address the excess redundant skin in my upper abdomen that is my biggest problem area. At my appointment today my surgeon agreed that he could have pulled me tighter and agreed to do a revision at no charge to me! Although I'm not thrilled about another recovery I have booked the revision and hope it will make better even better and probably WORTH IT!!

Some times surgeons change their game plan during surgery

We must always trust our chosen surgeon to to the best surgery possible. However, surgeons are human too and some times decisions are made during surgery that the patient has no control over. Sometimes they make decisions that are not in the patient's best interest even though they mean well. When I was having my first tummy tuck five months ago my surgeon thought I was a swimmer and therefore my belly button was left untouched, looking natural as before. He also thought that due to poor skin elasticity it was better to leave my upper abdomen alone. While examining my skin again yesterday he came to the conclusion that there was in fact enough skin elasticity to redo the surgery but this time my skin will be pulled down maximally and I will get a new belly button position. I will also be getting a short vertical scar just below my BB. I think I should get my upper abdominal fascia tightened some more to hopefully give me a smaller waist. I have taken several selfies today with black marks/ lines that show where my scars from previous laparoscopic surgeries are located and it will be interesting to see how much lower these scars will be after my full TT. I will be posting side by side photos to compare.

Not a chance of winning the HOT BIKE BABE contest with rolls like this!

I LOVE my flat tummy but I really, REALLY, want these rolls gone AND I'd love the have a slimmer waist! I'm confident it's going to happen!

Tummy showing the black lines that cover scars from previous surgeries

After my upcoming TT I will be taking some selfies showing these scars and I'm hoping they will all be about two inches lower. If that happens I should be as flat as a pancake and hopefully I'll have a generous six pack showing through! LOL!
We're not all meant to have an hour glass shape or a bikini body. If I can wear tights with no flab bulging through then I'll be totally happy. I will never ever have a small waist. I HAVE a woman on TV with size34 LLL boobs (wanting size 34qqq) who had some kind of a mesh operated under her skin to give her a tiny waist. It was on TLC-- on a show called "my crazy addiction". But this is not something I would ever consider! I see lots of woman on here with boyish figures--large waists in proportion to their hips. I'm one of them. Additionally I have wide shoulders and am shaped like a football player (without the muscles).
meant to say have SEEN a woman on TV.... Should proofread before sending
Oh, it was easily 14 inches he says. They probably weigh your skin that is removed. I have had 11 pounds of skin and 1 liter of fat (about 2 pounds) removed.

Debating should I or shouldn't I get my upper rectus abdominals tightened

I still have two more months to decide whether or not to ask my surgeon to tighten my upper rectus abdominal fascia. If I do my waistline might become an inch or two smaller but I'm wondering whether it will be worth the extra pain and recovery time? I think I might just forget about that and just have my skin tightened. Then I'll hopefully have a very quick recovery and I'll be able to participate in my favourite activities sooner rather than later. At my age there's no hope in hell of looking like a barby doll and if the rolls are minimized (if not completely gone) then I'll be happy. Just want to look good in the spandex I wear when cycling and when attending yoga classes.
For what it's worth I think you look pretty good :)
Thank you! I do know some people my age who look a heck of a lot worse. Exercising regularly and eating clean help a lot!
My opinion on the upper muscle tightening is to have it done. You have gone this far and you are now going to go through a full TT, it's really not that bad. He has to lift up your upper abdominal skin to pull it down anyway, why not get it done once and for all. I didn't think the healing from the TT and muscle repair was all that bad. The liposuction made me uncomfortable. We're all different. Only you can judge what's best for you. The pain for me was manageable with OTC meds. I only took one prescription pain pill the whole time. Good luck with your decision.

Tummy Tuck without muscle tightening

I have been researching recovery after muscle tightening versus no muscle tightening and here is what one surgeon has to say about it:

(The recovery from a skin only abdominoplasty is much less compared to the abdominoplasty with muscle tightening. The recovery is centered around the necessary skin tightness created by the surgery. This takes a while to lessen and for you to get used to it. Patients have to be bent over in most cases in order to tighten the abdominal skin appropriately. It usually takes a few days for the patient to be able to become upright. There are exceptions to every rule, but I quote recovery based on what 95% of my patients experience. (2 standard deviations from the norm) With that in mind, most of my patients are doing well in 10 days although they are probably not back to full energy for 4 to 6 weeks. That is true for regular tummy tucks with muscle tightening as well except with muscle tightening the pain is much more intense the first 3 days and return to work is more like 3 weeks on average instead of 10 days to 2 weeks with skin only surgery.

Finally, you may find that if you are athletic and your only issue is fat removal then liposuction may be a good option for you. Tummy tucks are indicated for skin excess and looseness primarily. It usually takes liposuction in addition or primarily to address the fat excess.) END OF SURGEON'S COMMENT

I was also reading that liposuction is a procedure that is most successful on people who have skin with good elasticity, usually younger people. For someone like myself who apparently has poor skin elasticity the liposuction done to my upper abdomen might not have been such a good idea as my skin has not shrunk. This is probably why I still have so much skin in my upper abdomen. It will be interesting to see if I will be so tight that I, like so many others on RealSelf will be walking hunched over after my next tummy tuck. I definitely did not AT ANY TIME feel that I had to walk hunched over after my first tummy tuck, another indication that I wasn't pulled tight enough. So here's hoping that I'll have the NEED to walk hunched over (even if only for a few days) after my upcoming tummy tuck as it will make me feel confident that I'm as tight as a trampoline. In two more months I'll know.

I'm leaning towards having the muscle plication of my upper abs

Having asked the surgeons on this site about whether or not to have the muscle plication I'm now leaning towards getting the muscle plication done even though it will mean a longer recovery. I'll probably end up regretting it if I don't. I will have to ask my surgeon whether or not I have any muscle separation but, even if I don't, it still might be worth it just to have a narrower waist. I sure don't want to end up with regrets about my decision and having disappointing results again.
Have to say I had a full tt (47yr old). I have had no kids, not severely overweight, in good health. I had rolls like you. Had the whole works with lipo done. My upper abs were pulled VERY tight even though I had little to no separation. It's a matter of creating the 'corset' effect which is my surgeons technique. And 5.5 weeks out I'm still working on loosing those muscles up. (feels like I'm wearing a corset under my skin). Wake up tight every morning. I think you just need to communicate what you are looking for - some tightening to smooth out without the Corset effect and see if he can accomplish it. I don't think you're looking for what I got - its been a longer recovery than anticipated and I'm no baby (just being honest).
Btw, good luck, I think you already look great and those little rolls sitting aren't too bad. If I had those to sart with I wouldn't have had surgery! Lol ; )))
But you have to get what you paid for. I would have been very disappointed if I had gone thru my surgery and found out I didn't Get what I thought I was going to then had to do it again! Hugs.

Will let the surgeon decide whether I NEED the muscle plication

Not having had children and having never been overweight I might not have any muscle separation in my upper abs. I know that my LOWER abs needed it as four previous pelvic surgeries with cutting through the muscles did a number on those muscles. When I look at the photos of my profile my upper abs do not seem to protrude more than my lower abs--in fact I have more roundness to my lower abs. So the next time I see my surgeon which probably won't be until the day of surgery I'm going to let him make the decision. I SO worry about any UNNECESSARY pain and would like to be almost fully recovered and back to hiking and cycling a month after the TT. For each day that I'm sedentary I'll be losing muscle mass and strength and with all my plans for the summer I need to be as strong as I can possibly be.
My experience with the muscle plication wasn't really all that bad. It was difficult for the first several weeks to get in and out of bed and to move my recliner in and out, but it really didn't hurt otherwise. I was really careful not to lift anything per my surgeons orders. The skin swelling and the liposuction swelling bothered me much more. I went into surgery weighing 136.5 and I weighed 145 the next day after having 4 lbs of skin and fat taken out. Talk about being uncomfortable from swelling! It took me about 10 days to get the fluid out. It's so hard to figure out how you will feel during recovery because everyone has a different pain tolerance, and physical recovery. I really like the tight feeling I have in my lower abs when I pull in my stomach. I would guess this recovery will be much like the last one even if you get the muscles pulled tight. 5 weeks to go!
Wow, you must have been pumped full of IV fluids during your surgery to have gained that much weight during surgery! I know that lipo can cause a lot of swelling and for me I think I was as tight as I was the first couple of months because of it. It really didn't seem like I had much skin laxity until a about two months post op and this just seems to be getting worse day by day (and not due to weight gain either). My lower abs still feel a bit tight from time to time but I don't mind that feeling as I know this means my surgeon did a great job of tightening them. IF my surgeon tightens my upper abs then I imagine my recovery will be very similar to the last one, possibly a bit worse considering that there's a LOT more skin to dissect and this time I'll have a relocated belly button too. During the first few weeks post op I had to get in and out of bed very carefully, usually by putting my knee up first and then slowly getting into a comfortable position. This time I'll have a wedge to use under my knees as I had trouble stacking the pillows properly last time. I don't have a good recliner and considering that I recovered without one last time I won't bother to get one. Five weeks seems like a long ways off and I'll be happy to get the surgery behind me. I think about it every day and some days I think of calling the whole thing off and just be okay with the way things are. Of course as soon as I sit down and feel the roll I KNOW I have to get it fixed!
Don't worry too much about the pain and recovery - remember it's all temporary no matter what. I also had this technique of "rolling" out of bed. From laying on my back , I fold my knees up, sort of fall to the side and then in tuck position and using my arms, complete the roll over till i'm face down, then using legs and arms, scooting downwards till my legs get off the bed. this way, i use mostly arms and legs but no matter what, you will still use abs - every single movement requires it, but you can use your arms and leg to take most off your abs.

Five more weeks until my second tummy tuck

I can't stop thinking about my upcoming SECOND tummy tuck and the closer I get to the date of surgery the more sleepless nights I have! I must say though, that having gone through this before AND living to tell about it I'm not worried about actually dying on the operating table which was my biggest fear last time. I'm working hard at getting as fit as possible and have been doing some kind of cardio every day, (mostly cycling since the weather has warmed up). I'm training for an 1100 mile bike ride planned for September. I'm going to Hawaii next week and a vacation there should take my mind off the upcoming TT.

One month from today I'll be having my FULL tummy tuck

Not much has changed since my last update other than being a little closer to the surgery date. I go for a pre-op appointment on April 29th but unfortunately my surgeon won't be there so it should be a short appointment with the nurse telling me stuff that I already know and she'll give me the required prescriptions. I won't actually see my surgeon again until the day of surgery when I will tell him again exactly what my expectations are. I'll be sure to point out the hands full of skin that I can grab while slightly bending over in a sitting position because as soon as I lie down on that operating table it will look like there's NO work to be done!! I don't imagine that there will be much more than a pound of extra skin to cut off but that one pound can make a BIG difference to the size of my waist roll! I'm going to ask him to put my BB back to it's original location as it was pulled down about an inch last time he operated on me. I'm so glad he didn't do an umbilical float!!! I have many fun things to do this summer on my agenda so here's hoping the recovery will be even quicker than last time. (This being a bigger surgery it probably won't be though).
Not sure if I have Lready asked this, but I am curious if you have to pay OR and anesthesia costs, etc, for your revision? I have seen more often that the patient pays for these items but once in a while I have heard of cases where these costs also were covered.
My surgeon is personally covering the cost of the OR and anesthesia, so I really lucked out there. This is not always the case. Another one of this surgeon's patients needed a TT touch up and was required to pay the OR and anesthesia fees herself although the surgeon did not charge her his surgical fee.
I wonder why he charged her but not you... Perhaps the circumstances were different. I wish that I did not have to pay for the OR and anesthesia for my revision but I am glad that I do not have to pay for my surgeon.

Stretch marks post pregnancy

I've just returned from a get together with three of my sisters in Hawaii and noticed that none of them have ANY stretch marks on their abs from pregnancy. My two other sisters don't have stretch marks either. So apparently there are some good genes in my family which is encouraging for me. This has me thinking that my skin elasticity which my surgeon says is poor might not be as bad as he thinks. So I'm hoping my skin is stretchy enough to be pulled all the way down to the horizontal incision line and that I won't be needing a vertical incision. In just sixteen days I'll know.
That's great news! I agree, your skin may be more elastic than what Stan the man thinks ;) I also did not have stretch marks when I got pregnant and I ended up not needing the vertical incision (my PS said there was a slight chance that I would need a vertical incision due to my age and the fact it's already been stretched). In any case, make sure to ask for the lowest possible scar and let PS know that you would prefer the vertical scar to a high scar. I think he places them really low anyway but doesn't hurt to confirm your preference.
My current scar is about as low as it can possibly be (less than a millimetre above the hairline) and I don't imagine that next time around it will be any higher as that would mean having two horizontal scars, something I've never seen done on anyone here on RealSelf. I agree that a short vertical scar is definitely preferable to having a too high horizontal scar. I will be sure to outline EXACTLY what my expectations are this time and have him verify for me that he will do a FULL tummy tuck WITH SKIN DISECTION UP TO MY STERNUM and RELOCATION OF MY BELLY BUTTON. I'm sure he wants me to be happy with my results and I'm really confident that Stan will do a great job!
I agree that your scar is as low as it could be! lucky you! I'm imagining he would be cutting along that line and pulling down the skin and hoping that the BB can get pulled all the way down to this line (if not, then you get that vertical scar). Be forewarned, scar got "pulled" up higher to make both ends meet, if there is a lot of tension on the upper side, it would pull the lower part up (hence i got a hoochie lift as a by product)

Pre-surgical consult today

I had my pre-surgical consult with a nurse at my surgeon's clinic today. The surgeon was absent. She basically told me everything that I already knew...what supplements and drugs to avoid pre-surgery. She also took my AFTER photos which now will also become BEFORE photos. I was almost embarrassed to reveal my near-perfect abdomen for the photo shoot as the nurse might have been thinking "what is she thinking, getting a revision!" as, standing up I don't look like I need any work. She said "Stan, did a very good job". Yup, he sure did! Great job for a mini tummy tuck! I give him all the credit for that! Here's hoping that I'll become as tight as a drum. I'm down to 146 pounds and hope to lose another one or two pounds in the next week with the hope that there will be as much loose skin as possible. Have to do lots of cardio and eat minimally! Eight more days. until surgery day. Hope I can do it. I have frequent thoughts of cancelling as occasionally I'm overcome with fear of complications and even death. The closer I get to surgery day, the more nervous I become as I still fear that I might be punished for my vanity. Time for lots of prayers.
So happy your doctor is doing your revision. I just emailed my Patient Care Manager and told her I expected a revision. You can read my story. It's not been a pleasant experience for me so far. I wish you great success!
Thank you FlabbyPatty! I sure hope that your patient care manager can get the ball rolling for you and that you can get a revision with stellar results.
Keep looking forward, maybe even a little past the surgery. You are going to be just fine and your results are going to be beautiful! You are going to have a great recovery. You are healthy and in great physical condition and it's going to pay off. Don't give into any negative thoughts, keep focusing on on all the reasons that everything is going to go perfectly. Keep busy, have some fun, and make sure you laugh a lot over the next seven days. You can't be anxious if you're laughing!

Photos taken this week, five days pre op

These will be my last PRE OP photos which I hope to use for side by side photos three or four weeks from now. What do you think real self gals--would you consider a revision if you had a muffin top like this?

Check list

1. Do NOT cancel upcoming revision surgery!
2. Pick up prescriptions from surgeon's office
3. Do NOT cancel upcoming revision surgery!
4. Fill prescriptions for antibiotic and analgesic
5. Do NOT cancel upcoming revision surgery!
6. Eat minimally to achieve goal weight of 145 pounds on surgery day.
7. Do NOT cancel upcoming revision surgery!
8. Make soup for first few post op days
9. Do NOT cancel upcoming revision surgery!
10. Clean the house
I am looking forward to your results! Good luck!
So am I!!! It's going to be such a relief to wake up from anaesthesia yet again and hopefully have the tight abdomen I'm hoping for. Just four more sleeps!!

Pre-op measurements

Hips-- 38" (40" before first TT) Liposuction made the difference
Abdomen at the level of my BB--35.5" (same as before first TT--BB was pulled down about an inch)
Waist at narrowest point 32" (same as before first TT).
Sending you peace and strength! Thanks for sharing your story because it's people like you that are helping me build up the courage to do this for myself!!
Hey, Lovin' Life, have you NOT had your tummy tuck yet? Did your plans to have it done in October go down the drain? When are you scheduled if you haven't had it done yet?
P.S. I know thoughts of anesthesia worry you..... My second surgery that was a concern for me as well. You'll be fine...your in tip top shape, except for that muffin top Hahaha. I think I know your well enough to say your excess skin on your belly will haunt unless a correction is made AMEN! Ttyl my friend... LLB

Multiple surgeries over the years

I've been under general anaesthesia probably 15 times previously and up until I was scheduled for my first tummy tuck I NEVER worried about it. I've never had complications although once, many years ago, while I was under MILD anaesthesia I could hear the surgeons talking but was unable to speak myself to let them no that I was awake. That was a little scary and hopefully that will never happen again. Hopefully I'll never need general anaesthesia again AFTER tomorrow's procedure. I have a bit of a dry cough (especially at night) but I'm not phoning the clinic to let them know as my research here on RS tells me that most surgeon's wouldn't cancel surgery when the cough is UNPRODUCTIVE and the patient is otherwise feeling well. I just want to get this done and over with, although coughing post TT is not exactly my favourite thing to do! I'll be drinking lots of ginger tea today.
Today's the day!!! A few short hours and you will be recovering nicely with your new flat belly! Sending hugs and good vibes!
Thanks SuzQ!! Can't wait for this to be over!
Good luck! Will be thinking of you tomorrow!

For lack of better things to do....

I thought I better remeasure myself on this BIG day. Today's THE day!

Hips: 38"
Waist at BB: 35"
Waist at narrowest point: 31"

Weight 144.8 pounds!! (Not quite my ORIGINAL goal weight of 140 lbs but it's still a good number)

I thought I looked pretty skinny this morning and it seemed I didn't have as much excess skin (standing up). I CONSIDERED cancelling surgery. BUT.....then I sat down at my computer and there it was again, that muffin top!

It's currently 8AM, another three hours before I phone the surgical centre for my time to be there.

I took some benedryl last night to help me sleep. Now I'm almost ready to take a lorazepam as my anxiety is peaking! It's going to be LONG morning!

Will post tonight. Good luck to all you tummy tuckers who are having surgery today! Wishing you all fabulous results!!
Hello my friend, I'm watching the clock....tick,tick,tick As if I'm pacing the floor watching the the birth of your NEW FLAT BELLY..... Heck I am........I have a vested interest in your recovery, us old gals gotta watch out for one another :-) I'm not trying to make you laugh cause I know it'll hurt like hell....maybe get a grin. Your gonna be loving the new you.....finally HOORAY.... I'll be hanging waiting for a post, in the mean time I'm sending ((( Good Vibes ))) XXOXX & ((( Hugs ))) LLB
You liar! You ARE trying to make me laugh and you have succeeded! It's all good! I LOVE you!!! I'm pretty numb right now and almost pain free and the belly laugh didn't even hurt. This makes me think that Stan didn't do any muscle tightening. IF I had a "skin only" TT I should be close to fully recovered in a week or two! I didn't see Stan after the surgery but will see him early next week. Time to lie down again for a while. I wonder why I'm soooo tired today????? What's with that??? Too many drugs, but hey, they're needed for comfort. Thanks for checking in on me again you wonderful woman!
T-heeeeeeeeeeee ya made me chuckle ..... My mama always told me to respect my elders OUCH....don't laugh old woman :-) We rock old gal!!!!!!! Drugs serve their purpose, your nerves must of been over the MOON thankfully you live and breathe ( that was one of your fears ) DEATH was not an option my girly. Less skin will make a tremendous difference it that is all he did......just wait till you see Stan.....get another copy of the surgical report HUMMMMMM think Stan will give ya one this time???? LOL TIRED YOU ask WHY.....now who's being FUNNY dahhhhhhhh ENOUGH for now....it's time for BBNM to Change her name again to BBNMMT......you say whattttttttt????????????? Blubberbellynomoremuffintop Goodnight my friend LLB

I DID it!! All done!

I called the clinic at 11 and they asked me to come right away. I live nearby and was there within five minutes. At exactly 12 o'clock I was on the OR table and within seconds of giving me "something to relax" through the IV I was "gone to lala land". I woke up with lots of pain around 2 PM and it took until 4 PM to get that under control. Hubby picked me up at 4:30. I definitely didn't have as much pain while still in PAR last time and I was cursing myself for doing this to myself! Stan talked to me briefly before surgery and marked me up. I asked him to move my BB up an inch as it was pulled down that much last time and I figured it should be back in its natural position. I asked him to tighten my muscles IF needed! He said he would do his
best and said "you'll do just fine" when I told him how anxious I was feeling. Right now I'm not feeling too bad, just groggy from the gravol they gave me for nausea. Im ready to lie down for awhile now. I'm feeling totally relaxed right now and I'm sure my blood pressure has gone down significantly since this morning when I was feeling super anxious! I'm so happy that it's done! Thank you all you TT sisters for all your encouragement and healing vibes! I needed that! Will keep you posted! Hugs to you all!
Welcome welcome once again to the flat-ter side !!! You sound happy and well. Enjoy the the drugs, the long lazy days and goodbye to the last bits of fat and skin. take lots of vitamin C , Rest, walk... Rinse and repeat :)
Yup, I'm feeling giddy and great right now, just after 11 PM on surgery day! I will definitely take mega doses of vitamin C! Thanks for reminding me as I haven't taken enough of it yet today so I'll take another 2000Mg before I go to bed AGAIN. I've been in and out of bed about four times already in the last couple of hours. It's easy for me to get in and out of bed, much less painful than last time. So probably no muscle tightening was done. I'm wired and restless right now which is a lot better than anxious!! I hardly have any pain so the drugs are working. Overall, I'd say it's been a really good day (except for the 7/10 pain I had in the PAR)!
BBNM , FANTASTIC it's done BELLS & WHISTLE are going off LOL It's so good to hear from you.....It's been a long day for you....Rest & Heal Make sure you force yourself to WALK often.....as painful as it will be don't want clots...and drink a lot of fluids ... DAMN I sound like your Dutch Uncle.... Just a loving friend.... thanks for your update CHAT SOON LLB

What a bloody mess!!

Sure didn't think I'd be doing any cleaning on surgery day but hey shit happens, or rather BLOOD happens! I was trying to empty my drain into the toilet bowl but a large clot was clogging the opening of the drain. So I gave that bulb a really hard squeeze and whoosh, 80cc's of blood EXPLODED all over the bathroom!! Blood spatters were as far as three yards away all over the toilet, walls, mirror and floor. (Gosh, I forgot to check out the ceiling and might still have to wash it tonight!) I called downstairs to hubby to bring me the lysol wipes so I could clean it up and when he saw that bloody mess he practically passed out! He doesn't like the look of blood. So here I was on my hands and knees cleaning up the mess while hubby watched! I'm glad he didn't offer to help because then he might have actually passed out and I didn't want such a "medical emergency" on my hands already having enough "problems" of my own! It's almost 11PM and I've been trying to sleep but I'm feeling totally wired as per usual post anaesthesia so I figured I might as well share the latest "news". I'm sure you were all extremely eager to hear all the gory details about my drain! LOL!!
I should have taken a picture of the bloody mess but I would have needed a camera with a very wide angled lens to capture it all!
Dang girl! If I'd gotten on my hands and knees after my surgery, I would have never gotten up. Hope this is an easy recovery for you. Did the Dr end up sewing your muscle?
Judging by how I'm feeling and how easily and almost painlessly that I'm moving, I don't think any muscles were tightened. I had a LOT more pain and moved VERY slowly after my last surgery when I had my abs below my BB tightened. Then my abs hurt even from as simple a movement as adjusting a pillow under my neck and every little move needed to be calculated. I also felt really tight then but this time I'm not feeling that. Last time I was very sore all over my torso and hips too due to liposuction. My surgeon didn't talk to me after the surgery. I'll ask him on Tuesday when I see him for a follow up appt. I think this recovery will be a walk in the park! It is so far!
Glad you are doing so good. You're probably right. If you had muscles tightened, you'd know it. That was where most of my pain came from. The incision itself wasn't that bad. Take it easy and don't over do it.

So far, so good,

Judging by how I'm feeling and how easily and almost painlessly that I'm moving, I don't think any muscles were tightened. I had a LOT more pain and moved VERY slowly after my last surgery when I had my abs below my BB tightened. Then my abs hurt even from as simple a movement as adjusting a pillow under my neck and every little move needed to be calculated. I also felt really tight then but this time I'm not feeling that. Last time I was very sore all over my torso and hips too due to liposuction. Stan didn't talk to me after the surgery. I'll ask him in four days when I see him for a follow up appt. I will also be asking for a copy of the surgical report. I think this recovery will be a walk in the park! It is so far! I haven't had a wink of sleep since I woke up in PAR yesterday but I'm feeling good. I'm very tired and do hope to nod off soon.
I am surprised your surgeon did not keep you overnight. If you are not in terrible pain then I would guess you did not get muscle plication.
I don't think anyone stays overnight at the surgical clinic where I had my two TT's done. There's always a doctor on call and a nurse on call who I can phone if I have any concerns. I have so LITTLE pain that I'm pretty sure my upper abs weren't plicated but I'll know for sure after speaking with my surgeon on May 13th. I no longer really care about the size of my waist just as long as it looks nice and trim. Getting rid of the muffin top was my main concern. Having an hour glass figure would have been nice but plicating the muscles enough to achieve that would lengthen my recovery and at my age I don't have any time to waste! I want to be out riding and hiking as soon as possible because I really don't feel very well when I MUST sit around too much. I've already gained two pounds in the last two days!
I had muscle plication and went home the same day. I wish I could have stayed but it wasn't an option.

Almost painless on post op day two

I probably slept about six hours all night and don't feel as "spacey" as I did yesterday. I was able to move around in bed almost normally and actually woke up once lying flat on my back although I tried to remain on my side in a fetal position. I don't have that tight feeling nor the twinges and burning pains in my lower abs and groins that I had after TT#1. I basically just feel a little sore at my surgical sites and don't need any pain killers. Last pain killer was twelve hours ago. Can't wait for the reveal of my scar(s) tomorrow. Will be taking it easy today but I know it's going to be a boring day. I'm missing my daily bike ride already.
I think if you didn't get the plication the that means a sift recovery for you . 3 cheers for that! I am sure you will be a lot tighter and flatter this time around. So excited for the big reveal too! Hydrate, eat clean, and enjoy the downtime ( try! ).
I am so happy for you that this is over! Please don't do too much. And don't stand up straight even if you can. We don't want to stretch out that upper skin!! I remember being amazed at how little I had to hunch over in the beginning. That should have been my first clue that it wasn't tight enough. A nurse friend of mine pointed out that my bruising and redness from the tape doesn't go up very high above my belly button, indicating that is how far up he went. I will be checking in on you. Can't wait to see pictures! Hugs!
If you get a copy of your operative report you'll know exactly how high up your surgeon dissected your skin (if he documents his actions accurately).. As you know, a FULL tummy tuck entails dissection of skin all the way up to the breast bone. In my case I was dissected to the umbilicus (TT#1) and hopefully this time (TT#2) he went as far up as he could go. That was the plan and hopefully he delivered! I hope you too can get a revision and will I be following your progress.

Liking my little midline indent

I just took off my CG so I could take another peek at my uncovered upper abdomen. Notice the bruise along the midline and that nice little indent! I'm quite swollen so I think ill ice it every ten minutes while awake like I should have since OR day. Looking good so far. More to come tomorrow!

First real peak at my results. Dressings and tape removed.

I was supposed to wait until 72 hours post op to remove my dressings and to have a shower but I jumped the gun by about six hours. I simply couldn't wait any longer to take a peek! I'm VERY swollen so all that excess fluid is not being drained properly. My drain had less than an ounce of fluid over 24 hours and the nurse who called me this morning said it can probably come out tomorrow. I'm not sure that's such a good idea considering how swollen I am! I am happy to see that I don't have a very long vertical scar, From what I can see through the steristrips it's only about an inch long and will hardly be noticeable. Clearly I still had some skin elasticity and excess loose skin to make this possible! My new BB looks really weird and is really deep--like a big crater!! Hopefully, when my swelling subsides it will look better. My horizontal scar is only 12" across, no longer than before! I'm confident that it will heal as well as after TT#1!! No dog ears! Pain is minimal and I'm able to move around with ease! I'm definitely not missing the pulling, burning and stabbing pain that I had last time! I'm feeling so good that I'll probably try to go for just a short walk around my neighbourhood. This recovery will be a breeze!
I just looked at your other before and after photos. You definitely look better this time! You are going to be flat! And the bruising is confirmation he did do your upper abdomen. Keep the drains as long as possible! I had a drainless TT and I think the swelling lasts much longer without drains.. My bb is also a crater! I'm confused about the comment "leaving the umbilical stalk attached". Does that mean he never cut around it at all the first time? I know they normally leave it attached internally and just reattach it in a new hole after the skin is pulled down in a full TT. So glad you're not in huge pain! How long do they leave the steri strips on? That's another thing I didn't have on my tummy. Perhaps it would have kept my incision from ripping open. I'm still waiting to hear from my dr office regarding my revision on my muffin top....
The umbilical stalk can be compared to the stem of a plant. It's attached and "rooted" to the deeper abdominal wall that's underneath the fascia. When a FULL tummy tuck is done, the skin surrounding the belly button is released but the actual stalk remains attached to the abdominal wall. (Unless they cut the stalk and do a FLOAT procedure). My umbilical stalk was left attached to my ABDOMINAL wall AND to the skin and it was not relocated. . No, he never cut around it at all the first time! That was the giveaway that I actually had a mini TT, NOT a FULL TT!! When I was in PAR after TT#1 my surgeon came and briefly talked to me. He said "you've got a nice short horizontal scar and I've pulled your belly button down about an inch". I immediately though, "Oh, oh....sure hope I didn't have a mini" but I was still so drowsy that I didn't ask him. As my journey progressed I was ecstatic with my results for several months and I figured it wasn't a big deal not having had the full meal deal. Not until I began noticing my upper abdominal skin loosening up and still having the muffin top! (For months I was a bit swollen due to the liposuctioning that was done and the skin seemed tight enough). I was not quite as happy with my results anymore. Great results standing up but not so great sitting down!!! Well, you've read my initial review so you know all about it. The steristrips usually fall off naturally after about ten or twelve days but I have a feeling that they'll be taken off tomorrow when I see the surgeon in his office as I think he might want to see the incision. That's what happened at my first post op visit last time. Steristrips are very effective in preventing wound dehiscence. Sounds like your Dr. is taking his sweet time addressing your question regarding a revision. Have you emailed him with photos? That's what I did when I began considering a revision. That way the surgeon had the heads up before I went in to see him personally to complain about my suboptimal results. Keep me posted, girl! Hope it all works out for you too!!
Thanks for the bb lesson! Yes, I emailed the Patient Care Mgr a very detailed letter with lots of pictures. And yes, they are taking their sweet time getting back to me...Had an email one week later (last Fri) saying she had been on vacation and had just gotten my email, although it was read the very day I sent it as I sent a "Read Receipt" and got the notification. How long should I give them before I start making waves? Thanks!

Being in good physical shape helps accelerate recovery time

Having read many TT review since beginning this journey almost two years ago I've learned that many of you preparing for a tummy tuck go out and buy all kinds of health aids to help you get around. Many of you have purchased shower chairs, toilet seat risers, walkers, recliners and many other items! I personally haven't needed any such items. I've slept in my bed since day one, always had a shower standing up, and done all my activities of daily living the same way as before but just a little more slowly. I attribute this ability to being in overall good health and physical shape. So those of you considering having a tummy tuck in the near future my advice is to do what you can to become physically more active. Get your core stronger as that is really going to help you move around more easily. Do some cardiovascular exercises to strengthen your heart and your lungs. I'm 63 years old and I'm in better physical shape than many much younger people hence my tummy tuck recoveries both times have been relatively uneventful. (I don't think I'm speaking to soon about this second TT recovery as here it's only day four post op and I'm feeling great--just a little sore). I take turmeric and large doses of vitamin C too and I'm convinced that helps the healing process. Happy healing all you tuckers!

Drain is easy to hide under baggy capris

I will be seeing my surgeons nurse in about an hour as she wants to take out my drain. After TT#1 I had to wait until day 9 before the drain came out so I'm thinking that with all the lipo and lower ab plication that was done then that that surgery was more invasive and caused more trauma to the tissues. My attached photo shows that my drain is easily concealed under my baggy pants! Hey I could go to work looking like this and no one would ever know.

My drain is out

My drain is out. It wasn't draining more than a few CCs each day for the last two days. Although it didn't really bother me I feel better about having it out as it was pinching a bit at it's exit site. I'm very swollen but that could be tissue swelling. The nurse didn't think I have a hematoma or seroma. She also thinks that I might have had some liposuction done on account of all the bruising. Tomorrow I'll ask Stan and he'll be able to tell me all the details about my surgery. I'm still feeling great although I tire very quickly (from doing nothing!). Hope all you recent tummy tuckers are feeling as great as me!
Nice pictures! Even with the swelling, you can see a major difference. You look fabulous! I can't wait to hear what Stan has to say about it all! I'm so happy that you are recovering so well. You'll be back on the bike in no time!
Thanks SuzQ! You, nevertoolate2014newme, and me belong to a special category of people who bruise a LOT post op! I went back to all your photos and noticed your extensive post op bruising again. Same with NTL2014! you both look sexy and fabulous now! You both have a nice midline indentation to and I want to BELONG and FIT in to THAT group too----the SEXY MIDLINE DIVOT group! I'm confident that I'll be riding my bike again within a week or so. I'll just do some easy, smooth, flat rides to begin with (no cardio) and see how that goes. Being sedentary is not my cup of tea. It makes all my bones ache and I feel I must get moving!
Add me to the Bruise Club!

Looking pregnant but I don't care

I'm very swollen, more so on my right side than my left. Even with all this swelling I definitely look better than before (without swelling). No more muffin top right now! I don't think it's coming back either later when my skin isn't quite so tight. Hey, if I didn't have the bruises (just the swelling alone) I would visit the nearby beach wearing my sexiest bikini doing a little happy dance!!! Might even wear a sign around my neck saying: Tired of your pot belly?? Wanna be flat?? Want a belly like mine??? It CAN be done! RUSH over to see Stan, cosmetic surgeon, TODAY!!
You are absolutely correct that being in good physical condition helps recovery... tremendously. Dr. Hurwitcz said he tells his patients to prepare for surgery by working out like they were training for a marathon. My second surgery was so so so much easier recovery than my first surgery, when I was not at all in good physical condition. You truly look amazing and I hope my body is as youthful as yours is at 63! You give me such hope. My parents both did not age well and I worry that in 10yrs I will be old and my life won't be able to be lived youthfully, vibrantly. Thank you for being an inspiration!
You're NOT going to be OLD and not living a "youthful" life in just ten years!! Just wear the right ATTITUDE!. In ten years you won't even be as old as I am now and quite honestly I don't FEEL old at all. I have trouble "acting my age" too! Keep up with a good exercise routine, eat healthily, and surround yourself with people who you enjoy being with. My face is all wrinkly and I've got a turkey neck but I don't obsess about it. I shouldn't because if I do that I'll be searching out your facial PS!! Now that I've got a youthful looking body I'm very happy!
You are definitely NOT old. Thank you for letting me see vibrancy at 63. Now I know that I do not have to live a life like my parents did. God bless them, life felt them a harsh blow when they retired. They are only 68 and 70 but have been old for the past decade. It breaks my heart.

And Stan said.....

Stan said "I can't believe how much skin I was able to pull down". Basically he pulled down from where my BB is now to the top of my vertical scar where the "old" BB opening was. He did not plicate my upper abdominal muscles as there was "very little" muscle separation. He did not do any liposuction. He noted how swollen I am and tried to aspirate some fluid but managed to get out just a few cc's. The needle going in didn't feel too great!! He wants to see me again next week to rule out hematoma or seroma. I asked him for some Flexeril for back pain. I asked the receptionist for the surgical report but she said she hadn't typed it out yet. So I will be asking her again next week. The scale in his office is very friendly and had me at 145 pounds today! Good news as, having done basically nothing physical for six days now I feared that I had gained some weight. It's all good!
Stan is definitely the man! ;-) But YOU are definitely the woman! So happy for you! You definitely bruised more than I did...can't believe that wasn't caused by lipo! And you are working on Friday...Wonder Woman for sure!
Actually, yes, I will be working for about an hour on Friday--only about an hour of work-- two clients in the same apartment complex. I think I can handle that! I'll just keep the weight of my tool kit as light as possible so I'm not lifting too heavy! I just accompanied hubbie to an appointment and walked (slowly) up three flights of stairs and couldn't believe that I was breathing heavier after so little exertion! Now for the rest of the day I'll be reading my book outside on my deck. Beautiful, sunny, spring day here!!
You look great. can't wait to see how it heals up.

It's been a week already since I had TT#2

Here it is a week since I had TT#2. I actually feel a lot better this morning than I did exactly a week ago when I was counting the minutes until I could phone the surgical clinic for my time of surgery AND still debating whether or not to cancel and just be happy with how I look. My anxiety then was overwhelming! I'm so happy I proceeded with the surgery!

I have been walking hunched over and look like an old woman who has just been tucked. My skin feels really tight but I worry about my incision coming apart if I walk completely upright. This causes a bit of a back ache so telling my friends that I have a backache isn't a lie! I had a friend stop by unexpectedly last night. When she arrived I forgot that I had just taken off my "outer" layer of clothes revealing my CG over my camisole. (It was a hot day and I had just had a hot flash) I told her it was my back brace! Thankfully she's not the brightest light on the planet on believed me! This is my little secret that very few other people know about and they will probably never know. I do live in a small town where juicy gossip travels quickly! Most people I know have always said that I look skinny and to find out that I had not just one but TWO tummy tucks would surely get their tongues wagging!!

Anyway, I'm feeling great, just a little sore when moving around. The right side of my abdomen is still very swollen but not really much worse than two days ago when I saw Stan in his office. I look about the same as the last time I posted photos so I will wait a few more days before posting pictures again.

May is probably not the best time of year to get tucked for someone like me who loves the outdoors. We're having beautiful, warm, sunny spring weather. This recovery has me missing out on participating in some fabulous hikes and bike rides with an outdoor club that I belong to! I hope to go for a short walk around the neighbourhood today with one of my tummy tuck friends.

I'm being good and taking it easy as I should. I did ask Stan the other day if it would be okay to ride my bike to the end of a certain road (approximately 20 miles) and he said "Hey, that's MY job on a Sunday morning so don't even THINK of it!" (I was of course just kidding). I have strict instructions to "not overdo it", which basically means "sit around and do nothing". Oh well,.....that to shall pass!

It's going to be another great day! Sending healing vibes to all you recent tummy tuckers!

BBNM (soon to be BBN---BIKE BABE NOW!)
One week and doing awesome!! woohoo! Loved the story of the back brace with your unexpected guest. that was too funny. Yes, you and me both have this little secret. I'm just working out crazy so if soonish people see my flat belly, they would attribute it to all the running I've been doing :) Crunches still hurt though but I am slowly trying to do them. I bought an exercise ball to replace my office chair and doing some core work every so often during the day. I can't wait for all your swelling to go down and see you in a new bike outfit!
Those exercise balls are great for your core. I would love to one day be able to stand on mine! It's going to be at least four more months before I'll be using it at all as I seem to recall that it took me about four months before I started doing ANY ab stuff. Mind you, since this surgery was "skin only" I just might be able to do ab workouts sooner. Keep up the good work exercising! You're an inspiration to me and to probably many others!
My daughter uses one of those balls to sit on at work. She had to get permission to use it. I guess her company thought she would fall off the ball and want workman's comp. She loves it.

Swelling remains on post op day 8

The swelling I've had since surgery remains about the same each day, no better and no worse. it doesn't seem to be seroma as it's not wavy, waterbed-like. The right side is worse than the left and feels quite firm and tender to touch but as long as it doesn't get any worse I won't worry about it. In only five more days Stan will have a look at it. I look like I'm pregnant even though I'm wearing my Flexee compression garment, but not nearly as pregnant-looking as before TT#1! No more jiggly rolls! Yahooo!!
Wow, what a great figure! Already struttin your stuff I see! LOL
Yup, gotta strut my stuff! Side views not so great but still a heck of lot better than before the surgeon's scalpel ever touched me! If this is as good as it's going to get I'll take it!! Stan said it's definitely going to get better than this because he didn't like the bump on my right side which is about a half inch thicker than my left side. The photos don't really show it but I can definitely see a significant difference from one side to the other. I'm not worried about it. Went to work today for just an hour and needed a nap right afterwards. Talk about fatigue! Oh well, that too shall pass.

Coughing has become less painful

I've noticed in the last 24 hours that it's becoming less painful to cough or laugh hard and I no longer need to support my abdomen when doing so. So far the worst part of the recovery has been the fatigue I'm feeling. I've been needing and having a nap every day, something that I normally never do. I appreciate not having young children around me or having to work full time shortly after a procedure such as this! Great to be my own boss too so I can decide myself when and how much I want to work. Sure missing my exercise and the friends I go with. But, it's all part of the process and soon my life will be back on track.
No change to my abdomen since yesterday. The skin over the right-side bump is VERY tight, so much so that my skin there seems extra thin! I'm supposed to wear my CG for at least two weeks post pop but I've been taking it off from time to time, feeling much more comfortable without it. It doesn't seem to reduce the swelling. I've been walking more hunched over than I did after my first TT and I consider that a good sign that I've been pulled down tight enough. Enough said!
Happy healing to all you recent tummy tuckers! Wishing you all a smooth and uneventful recovery!

The bulge.

I've been doing some research about hematomas (a localized swelling filled with blood) and am somewhat concerned that the bulge I have to the right of my belly button could be a hematoma, not seroma. I read that often hematomas require another little surgery with reopening of the incision to get rid of them. That scares me a little.
I was happy to see that my weight this morning was 144lb. That's the lightest I have been in about ten years. I wonder if our bodies burn more calories when healing? I'm eating as much as before surgery but considering that I'm not exercising I have been expecting to gain some weight. Works for me!!

Forgot to add the photos of the bulge

You were asking if your body needed more calories while healing, I found two web pages that addresses that question and the answer is yes. "your body can require 10% to 20% more calories with trauma or minor surgery; major surgery requires much more. Yes, you may need fewer total calories because you are not training hard, but you definitely need more than your sedentary baseline" http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/mobile/Article.html?articleId=2618 And another one with sensible information: http://www.hss.edu/files/Nutrition_for_Healing.pdf
Thanks SuzQ! I'll continue to eat the way I have been doing (quality food and small portions) and hopefully I can maintain my current weight. Feeling skinny is a great feeling!

Getting stronger day by day

Yesterday I wrote that fatigue was my biggest issue. Today I have felt great all day. I went for a reasonably paced 45 minute walk which had me feeling quite energized! Only a week ago the nurse from the surgical clinic told me "please do Not walk FAST if you decide to go walking or you will cause some swelling". After my walk today I had no increased swelling! This tells me that I'm ready for more physical activity! I'm able to walk quite upright today but do feel a tightness from my sternum and down to my incision. There's no indication that my incision is coming apart. I'm feeling particularly sore on my right (possibly hematoma) side. I hope that's not indicative of an infection brewing underneath. Oh well, time will tell. Most important is that overall I'm feeling great!

Back to work today

I've decided to work for a couple of hours todays so I don't get too behind. Yesterday I rode my bike for about 15 minutes and that was easy enough. Will probably go for a longer walk after work today as that will make me feel energized. I'm really quite sore on the right side of my belly but it's reassuring for me to know that Stan will have a look at it tomorrow. I'm hoping that he can just vacuum out whatever is in there with his liposuctioning equipment if an ordinary syringe won't do it!! My belly is definitely not very symmetrical right now. The bruises are slowly fading. Every day I feel a bit stronger and it won't be long now before my life is totally back to normal.
Hey there Biker Babe, I suspect your uneven swelling is just part of the the normal unevenness of how our bodies heal. My right side of the MR was and still is still harder and more swollen than the left. It has taken so long for even the pain to go away. Now almost 6 months and it's still there but less so. My PS also had no explanation for it other than the body tends to heal different on each side. As you know, the brain has clear delineation between the left and right hemisphere, we also have a side preference (right-handed vs left handed) and that also means legs, abs and arms. I know my whole right side has bigger muscles than my left. so I did think that it sort of "normal" In addition, my personal theory is that surgeons also have a preferred side for operating. I don;t think they can do identical stitching or cutting on both sides.
What worries me most is that my right side feels much more sore than my left and occasionally there's a throbbing pain there unlike any I've felt previously. I didn't have any muscle tightening done so it's not related to that. I'm sure Stan will have some kind of an explanation tomorrow. I'm sure, like you say, that surgeons have a preferred side for operating and it must be difficult for them to get each side totally symmetrical. While lying down everything probably looked pretty even. I know that the liposuctioning that I had done in round one caused some unevenness and there was more fat and skin on my right side than on my left. Maybe that has something to do with it. I just want the bump to go down as that will make my crater of a BB look more natural. Maybe I'm obsessing about this too much! Too much time on my hands, obviously!!!
I think that is highly unusual to still have some pain that late in the game. Maybe he tightened your fascia super tight. Must be a bummer for you not to be able to work on your six pack because of the pain. This must be frustrating for you! Hope it gets better soon.

My incision revealed

The steristrips covering my incision were looking rather yucky (dried blood underneath) so I removed them. I was eager to have a look at the incision and I must say it's looking great, even better than my previous incision looked at this stage of recovery. It's bit wrinkled here and there but it will flatten out eventually. It's also very light, almost no redness! The vertical incision (the hole where my BB used to be) is only ¾" long. It's a little bumpy but that's okay. It will always be covered and no one will see. I'm so lucky that I didn't need a long vertical scar!
I can't believe how bruised you still are! I will never again think I'm a bruiser! Lol!
Bruises always go away. They don't worry me. They're located where nobody but myself and hubby see them. If I remember correctly my bruises were almost all gone after about three weeks after TT#1. Did you hear back from Gretta yet or are they ignoring you???

Bump is gone!

The bump to the right of my BB was a hematoma. My surgeon aspirated about 110CCs (almost 4 ounces) of brownish (old) blood. So now my belly is symmetrical again. I might take some new photos tomorrow. I have just walked for 40 minutes and am probably more swollen now than I'll be tomorrow morning, a better time to take photos. I still feel stiff and tight from my chest down to my pubis and that should last a while.

Photos taken two weeks post op

Hard to believe it's been two weeks already since my second tummy tuck! I have gotten some additional bruises just above my incision which may have been caused by wearing my CG too tight. One of the nurses at the surgeons office told me that compression is needed for only two weeks so I'm ditching all compression (until I feel that I'm coming undone without it). I expect all the bruises to be gone in about another two weeks.
It actually looks like some of the swelling is going down despite the lovely colors you're sporting!
I don't have much swelling except for a new bulge beginning to form on my right side. Not as big as before but a bulge it is. Doesn't really look like seroma (not jiggly, waterbed-like) Hope it's not another hematoma caused by a leaking blood vessel! I don't see Stan again until about two weeks from now which worries me a little. I'm a bit more concerned about increasing pain on my right side. Oh well, I don't live far from the surgery clinic or the hospital in the event I get an infection or whatever might need quick intervention.
Whatever it is I hope Stan can diagnose it and get rid of it! This has been quite a journey for you. I'm so glad that you'll be able to train hard before the bike ride in September.

Tummy not quite symmetrical

The day my hematoma was aspirated I said that my tummy was symmetrical again but yesterday I noticed a new bulge on my right side. Not as big as the previous one though. If it's another hematoma I'm a bit concerned that it might not be aspirated until June 4th when I have my next appointment with my surgeon. I read that hematomas can become infected if not removed so I'm watching closely for signs of infection. I had some increased pain on that affected side yesterday but that's gone today. I've decided to take it VERY easy and not walk too far. I might have been overdoing it already by walking to and from the clinic the other day. A friend came over yesterday and commented on how I was walking a bit hunched over and asked if my back was sore. I told her I've had a weak back since about a week back and told her it's probably due to old age and that I'm not too worried about it. Seeing my own reflection in some large store windows yesterday I noticed that I'm walking more hunched over than I thought. I take that as a good sign that I was pulled down tight enough. Never felt I had to walk hunched over after TT#1! My skin does feel very tight. By afternoon my whole midriff feels very sore but not so much that I need any pain killers. Hope all you recent tummy tuckers are having a great recovery!
Sounds like your making the right choices! Slow down. Definitely watch the bulge. I used my back as a hunched reason too. I'm 8 months post and still feel tight and the pull when you stand up. So you might be tight for a good while. ;)
Wow, that's amazing that you still feel that pull when standing up after such a long time. Oh well, it's not a bad feeling and it has me reassured that I was pulled down tight enough this time! I'm definitely watching that bulge as I'm sure it's a hematoma, not a seroma and I'm hoping that it won't cause an infection or calcify and harden under the skin and leaving a permanent mass. Can't wait to have it aspirated but unfortunately I have to wait another 9 days until my PS is back from vacation. Oh well.....
Good luck with it!

Taking it VERY easy and being very sedentary and getting more restless every day.

It's been 18 days since my surgery and I'm taking it very easy, much easier than I would like to. I seem to be energetic enough but I don't dare exert myself very much because of the hematoma. If there's a ruptured blood vessel that is still slowly bleeding into the dead space then I don't want to aggravate it as on my last visit to the surgeon he DID say to take it very easy because of it. I read that sometimes the incision has to be opened again to find out where the bleed is with subsequent cauterizing of the affected blood vessel. That's scary! I've also read that sometimes hematomas can calcify and harden under the skin and leave a permanent mass. While seromas after tummy tucks are quite common, hematomas are not! I was given IV toradol for pain while in PAR and I did cough a few times then so that could have caused a blood vessel to rupture. Toradol is a NSAID and does thin the blood somewhat. I've had more swelling on my right side than on my left ever since my first peek at my tummy a few days after the surgery and it might have been there all along. I'm counting the days until I can have it looked at by the surgeon again. It's reassuring to know that in the event of infection or my abdomen ballooning out significantly I can always call the surgeon on call. On another note, I'm now able to turn over onto my abdomen although I can't comfortably lie that way for more than a few minutes. The soreness to my entire abdomen seems to increase as the day progresses even after sitting. I'm back to working two to three hours a day but my job is basically a sit down job. Hope all you healers are healing well and that you're getting stronger every day!
I think you look great. Scar is so thin and BB looks great to me. Nice position and really not funky to me. I also noticed the first time when I did too much i swelled more. Break out some more books and take it easy. The worst is over and I can definitely see a huge improvement with so much lose skin gone. Thanks for sharing your story.

Bruises are almost gone

My bruises are almost all gone. I haven't used any products on them as they haven't bothered me and it's not like I've been strutting my stuff wearing a bikini on a public beach! This morning I feel almost totally normal with almost no tightness or soreness. I'm definitely ready to increase my activity although I'm not sure I dare to until I've seen my surgeon next week. My hematoma bulge remains the same as it was a week ago and I hope it doesn't become a hardened permanent mass. I'm getting used to my new, deep belly button. I seem to be over the fatigued stage!
I agree. Swelling can take time over months. I too have one side a little fuller than the other but i am only 2 days PO so I hope it is not fluid but I will see. I go home tomorrow and just have to be careful with my little ones. I did peak but can't see how long the vertical is. I am guessing 2 inches from what I can see. Oh and if the scar is not flat I know that is a simple in office fix if it remains raised.
A little fluid will eventually get absorbed by your body. If there's a lot of swelling it's an easy fix with a syringe. Yup, you're going to have to take it very easy with the little ones. No lifting them for six weeks! Hope you're not having too much pain and that you're enjoying your downtime away from home!
I think you look perfect! The deep BB is just because of the swelling. When swelling goes done, you will have a perfect BB. Did doc Stan say you could massage the bulge? Would that help? I still have a slight bulge on the right side of my BB but its firm so not sure what it is but it's been going down really really s-l-o-w-l-y.

Able to sleep on my abdomen now

Yesterday I forgot to mention that I can now roll around in bed and onto my abdomen without any difficulty and remain sleeping on my abdomen too. I think that took at least a month after I had my first TT with lower abdominal muscle plication so this is without a doubt a faster and easier recovery. This time I don't seem to have as much of an appetite and have actually lost four pounds since surgery day 22 days ago. Current weight 142.4 pounds! Hope I can keep it off. When I'm back to cycling daily that shouldn't be a problem. My bulge seems a little smaller today than yesterday so perhaps it's being absorbed. Maybe it will be gone on June 4th when I'm supposed to see Dr. Stan!

The bulge seems to have shrunk!

I'm excited about the fact that my right sided bulge seems to have shrunk since yesterday and is hardly palpable now! Obviously it's being absorbed! I still plan on keeping my upcoming appointment with Dr. Stan so I can ask him a few questions.

Went for my first hike since surgery. Stamina is back!

The bulge is almost gone so I'm no longer afraid to "do too much" and I really NEEDED to go for a hike. So I hiked 7 kilometres which included a good half hour of steep climbing. I wasn't even sore afterwards although just a tad swollen in my UPPER abdomen. NO swelling at all to my lower abs! Waist measured 31" this morning and 33" after the hike! I'm going for a long bike ride tomorrow. Clearly I've got my stamina back! Life is good!
hey. I am just reading you review. I am 55 and love to read about women my age having a tt. I am an avid bike rider. Could you tell me about your september trip. My tt was life changing. I feel so much better about myself
I'm actually 63, so a LOT older than you. Don't FEEL old though! I ride my bike a lot and WAS training for a 1100 mile bike ride, the Santa Fe Bicycle Trek that's happening in September. This would mean at least five days of driving from Canada to Santa Fe, NM and four days back from Franklin, Missouri. The ride will be 20 days of riding, every four days is a day off. Anyway, I've decided NOT to go as my husband is not well and doesn't want me to be away for that long. So I've decided to do the International Selkirk Loop instead. You might wish to google Santa Fe Bicycle Trek 2014. They're still taking registrations. There are always people like me who drop out after committing previously. Yup, both my TT's have been life changing and I too feel a lot more comfortable wearing tight fitting clothes, especially cycling and yoga gear.
Glad you're feeling great! Measured myself this morning and my waist is same size as yours, I am 6-7 inches shorter than you (can't remember exactly how tall you are but I'm 5'2") and weigh 34 lbs less than you!! Same measurements as I was 2 weeks after surgery, no change.

Some photos taken 25 days post op

I took these photos three days ago, on June 2nd when I was 25 days post op. I usually take my photos using my iPad but thought I'd experiment with my camera.

It's been four weeks since my second tummy tuck

Today it's been four weeks since my TT revision and I'm ecstatic about my results. I'm definitely so much tighter than I was last time. I'm not able to pinch any skin in my upper abdomen when standing. Yes, I still have a tiny bit of excess when sitting but I expected that. I"m definitely MUCH improved and I wouldn't be ashamed to wear a two piece bathing suit now. I was in to see Dr. Stan yesterday and he said its all looking good. He aspirated about an ounce of blood from my bulge that I was so worried about just a few days ago. So now I'm pretty much symmetrical. My BB is looking good and I'm happy with it. I'm sure it will be perfect once all the swelling has subsided. The photos I'm posting were taken first thing in the morning.
Told ya ;) As I said, yo will look perfect when all the swelling goes down. And yes, of course you will have folds after all is said and done but you wouldn't be able to stand straight otherwise. so Stan IS the man!! I was also just thinking that he didn't do the floating BB which my PS said only the lazy docs do (he said it should never be done - there is no reason to do it and the results of a floating BB are always bad).
Yup, Stan is definitely the man and I've definitely forgiven him for not getting it right the first time. I do know that he had the best intentions both times! He definitely didn't take any short cuts (such as by floating the BB). This is what my surgical reports says about the BB component of the surgery: "The umbilicus was freed from the overlying skin. This was then freed along the stock weave and the cuff of fat for vascularity. I then undermined the scarpas fascia up to the xiphoid and the costal rim. We flexed the table 10 degrees and I advanced the skin downwards. I was able to excise everything aside from the umbilical donors site which formed a T-junction with the suprapubic portion of the scar. Midline plication with 2-0 Vicryl was carried out above the umbilicus. The umbilical opening was made. I tacked the umbilicus down in 4 quadrants with 2-0 PDS to the recuts fascial to pull the scar down into the well. More midline tacking sutures were placed down in the suprapubic area" etc. etc. Anyway, it sounds like it's a bit of work getting the belly button looking as natural as possible. What surprised me to read was "midline plication was carried" out as I was told that my upper abs were not plicated. Having been plicated first time around I know what that feels like and I certainly have never experienced all that nerve pain caused by it--the burning twinges etc. I have more pleats in my incision this time but I know they'll flatten out with time. Stay tuned for the bike babe photos!!!

Wearing my tightest biker babe spandex

My original title of this review contained "Wanna be a biker babe". Although I'll never look like a true BABE, I FEEL like one now! I certainly feel a lot more comfortable wearing spandex than I did before I ever had a tummy tuck! All these photos were taken yesterday, four weeks after my revision.
What a beautiful backdrop!
You look great! Congrats!

My incisions exactly a month post op

My incisions seem to have improved almost overnight. I noticed this morning that the upper part of my vertical scar which previously was a little bump is now completely flat and smooth! It's almost invisible. My horizontal scar has lost all the little bumps caused my those small skin pleats that remained a couple of days ago and also feels very smooth. Due to some redness at the midline in the first photo it looks like there is a vertical scar there but not so. My incision after TT#1 was a little wider and the right side still had not faded much even after 7 months. Im very happy with the way it all looks. I have almost fully recovered. Did a six mile hike yesterday and could have easily walked for a few more hours. I still feel a little tight and sore occasionally but never uncomfortably so! I'm very happy!!

Vertical scar comparison photos

Nice! Hey I didn't know you biked! I'm up to 60- 80 miles a week. And am "training" for my first century. There's a 100k and a 50mile in case I don't make it. This is my 3rd season. Bought me a nice bike a few months back (sweet deal there, makes u feel 10 again). I picked up cycling when doc's suggested running wasn't so too for my back. Love it of course!
Yup, up until my revision, I was cycling an average of 60 to 80 miles a week too but lately I've been doing more hiking in preparation for a week of hiking at a ski resort in July. The gals I'm going with are both runners and in great shape so if I'm going to be able to keep up with them I need to hike more than cycle this month. I was using a good hybrid bike up until a couple of months ago when I purchased a very light-weight road bike. I just purchased clip-on pedals and shoes and am a bit nervous about that but I know that if other old broads can cycle using them then I can too! On some of my hilly rides I burn over 1200 calories in a couple of hours so cycling sure helps to maintain my weight!
Yes those hills will torch calories! I've been trying to cross train by running and will swim when the summer pool schedule changes. I switched to the clipless shoes last season. I love them but admit I "fall" victim to the zero mph fall still *sigh*. My husband had just started using them and hasn't fallen over at all... I'm sure ull do fine especially since u have cycle buddies that can teach you. I don't have any just yet. I'm on Garmin connect. Which HRM do you use?

Five week update

Today it's been five weeks since my tummy tuck revision and my life is pretty much back to normal. I'm back to working my usual 20 to 25 hours a week--a sit down job. After several hours of sitting my lower abdomen swells and feels a bit sore. My skin all over my abdomen is still very tender to touch and sometimes it's itchy deep inside where I can't scratch to relieve it. My BB gets quite red inside which could be a reaction to the tea tree oil that I've been putting on it. My surgeon suggested that I put an anti-fungal ointment on it (instead of polysporin) but I haven't gotten around to getting some yet. My incisions are completely smooth now (the pleats are gone) and first thing in the morning they are very light. They become more red as the day progresses. I'm posting side by side photos that show how much further down my scars from previous laparoscopic
surgeries are and how my incisions look in the evening as compared to in the early morning.
U look really good I'm happy for u :))
Thank you!
Ask your Dr. Stan about using hydrocortisone cream on the BB. I think tea tree il may be too strong. The cortisone cream calms the redness and also helps minimize the scarring :) My ps made me switch to it on the 2nd or 3rd week instead of neosporin. Also, for cleaning he said hydrogen peroxide is the best thing. It's the mildest cleanser/sterilizer. So my routine for my BB then was clean with q tip dipped in hydrogen peroxide, dry with other side, then swab with another qtip the cortisone cream. i stopped this routine somewhere along month 2 or 3 and now he wants me to get back on a stronger cortisone cream to thin the scar on my BB.

Six week update

It's amazing how fast time seem to fly AFTER surgery. The waiting game before surgery seems to take forever but once done every day seems to run quickly into the next. I'm feeling great but not quite as energetic as I was before surgery. I've noticed on my bike rides that I tire much more quickly and I don't have my endurance back. I still haven't done a very difficult bike ride and that's to say no LONG steep hills. I need to be in top notch physical condition in three weeks and now I'm not sure that is going to happen. I plan to do some rather difficult hikes, one long hike each day for a week with three other women (all of whom are very fit). We just might end up doing the easy and moderate hikes and spend more time than planned hanging out at the pool of the hotel. I still swell even after just sitting at my computer for an hour and by the end of the day I definitely have a bit of a lower abdominal bulge. I wouldn't call it swell hell though. My skin all over my abdomen still feels quite tender to touch but I don't feel as tight anymore as I did even last week. My vertical incision has faded more than the horizontal incision. There seems to be a bit more fat to the right of my BB than to the left. I guess it's pretty difficult for surgeons to get it all looking perfectly symmetrical. My midline indentation that I was so excited about right after the surgery seems to be disappearing! Still I'm happy with my results and have no regrets about having the revision.
I love the bike pics! I can't believe it's been 6 weeks already! Time leading up to the revision just dragged and now it seems to have sped up! Your waist is so small and your vert. scar is healing nicely. I wish my PS would have done a vertical scar. You look amazing! I'm happy that recovery has gone so well the second time around! Enjoy summer!
Time really does fly when NOT waiting with lots of anxiety to get a TT done and over with! My scars are definitely looking great and that short vertical scar is a non-issue. Doesn't bother me at all as it will always be covered. I'm glad my horizontal scar is nice and low again. My BB is not quite symmetrical with a bit more fat on my right side but I really don't care as I'm the only one noticing it!! I'm just so glad that I no longer have the muffin top!! My waist is NOT small and probably never will be--still measures 31 inches first thing in the morning. I'm 38" around my boobs and 38" around my hips so I'm not completely straight. According to the the surgical report Stan did plicate my upper abs but it hasn't made a difference to my waistline. I wonder why he told me in person that he didn't plicate me?? I guess I'll never know. Maybe he did another TT that same day and got me mixed up with the other person when he was writing the surgical report. I imagine that most of the steps of performing a TT are more or less done in the same sequence on each patient and dictating the surgical report must become a habit to these surgeons. Anyway, I don't really care as I'm happy with my results. It's going to be a great summer (bikini or not--probably not!)
You look like you have an hour glass figure regardless of the measuring tape! You look fab! Its funny that you mention having more fat on one side. I have more fat on my left side. I think it's how I'm made. My left breast is slightly larger, my left thigh is slightly larger, I have more fat on the left side of my back, even after lipo, and so on. It does bug me a little, but it's not really the PS's fault, just the way I am.

Seven week update

Nothing has really changed since my last update a week ago. I find myself obsessing about a vertical crease just above the right side of my BB which seems to be caused by more fat to the right of my BB. When liposuction was done during my first tummy tuck more fat was suctioned on my left than on my right side of the upper abdomen and naturally, by pulling all that skin down second time around I now have more fat lower down on that side. I'm pretty sure it's fat and not fluid (seroma or hematoma). My BB seems a little crooked and a bit deeper on the right than on the left but it has healed completely. I know I'm being exceedingly critical and if I were to wear a bikini it's highly unlikely that anyone other than a "tummy tucker" would even notice. I still have some areas of discolouration of my skin that looks like bruising and this has remained the same for weeks. Sometimes I wonder if that will ever change. I need to stop analyzing all the small flaws! I didn't expect perfection before I ever had a tummy tuck and I AM truly happy with my results overall. My skin is so much tighter than after TT#1 and I will soon be posting a side by side picture that demonstrates the difference. The tenderness to my skin is getting much better as is that tight feeling. In fact I'm not feeling any tightness this morning. I'm still numb in a small area just below my BB. Most of the time I still have minor "tummy tuck symptoms" when I'm hiking or cycling. In other words I'm not completely back to feeling completely normal and usually feel a slight soreness to my abdomen. I have been doing a four mile hike about three times a week. A few days ago I did a 7 mile, very steep hike and did not feel at all exhausted afterwards so I might be ready for longer hikes at my upcoming vacation in July. The plan then is to do an all-day hike every day for six days. I have managed to keep my weight down to 144 pounds for several weeks, almost a pound less than I weighed on surgery day. My measurements remain the same and are really not much different than before I ever had a tummy tuck. I've lost an inch around my waist and a couple of inches around my hips. The above photos were all taken today.
Can I say that I just LOVE your BB!! I think it looks so natural and no visible scars whatsoever!! how did he do that? Honestly, that vertical line above you BB looks natural however, I am positive it will go away when. I give it 4-6 months when all swelling goes away. Your healing continues to amaze me
I agree. the scar in the BB is no where to be seen. congrats. You look fab!!
Thanks ttredo!! My surgeon definitely did a great job on the BB as well as on the other incisions. Both my vertical and horizontal scars are very fine lines and when they've faded completely they'll become almost invisible, just like my scars from four previous pelvic surgeries. It might take a year but it really doesn't matter to me. Hey, who sees them anyway? Not like I go skinny dipping on a public beach!!

Eight week update

I still have minor post tummy tuck sensations--minor soreness, tightness, numbness and swelling. I don't look any different than last week. My stamina has returned to the point where I'm able to cycle 32 miles in one stretch and hike five to six hours. Life is good!! The photos above we're all taken this morning just after completing a two hour hike when I'm only slightly swollen.

Two month update

Yesterday it was exactly two months since I had my revision and all is well. My abdomen was quite swollen yesterday after I hiked almost 15 miles--a hike with over a 1000 meter elevation gain (over 3000 feet). My abdomen didn't feel particularly sore though but that may have been because my feet hurt like hell after about five hours of hiking, taking the focus off my tummy!! Today I'll be hiking again but doing a much shorter hike! I might be ready to do some ab work soon. I'll be seeing my surgeon in about two weeks and will be asking him about doing ab work. Life is good!
15 miles?!!! Crazy fit lady! I haven't done 15 miles straight and I run pretty much everyday. Gosh, you inspire me to do more!
It did take us all day, and I didn't RUN!! I'm sure you could have done it too!

Ten week update

I'm feeling pretty much completely normal again. Still have a bit of tightness and I still have some slight swelling by the end of the day. I'm able to do all the things that I did before except for abdominal crunches. Last week I went hiking every day for six days, up to seven hours a day and that went well. My feet hurt more than my abdomen afterwards! I still have numbness below my BB which will probably last forever. I still had the numbness almost eight months after my first tuck. I have what seems to be a permanent dent on my lower right side and occasionally where my vertical scar is. Still have the pleat just above the right side of my BB where there is more fat. It must be difficult for surgeons to achieve perfect symmetry. It really doesn't matter to me as with clothes on nobody would ever notice. I see my surgeon next week and it will probably be my last follow up visit. I do not regret having the revision as I'm definitely flatter than before and no longer have the muffin top.
HI BBNM! I think your results are excellent. I also have those same lines coming up out of the incision line - I actually have a lot of uneveness all over. It's less noticeable when I'm standing but when I slouch or bend over, i can see that the skin was not pulled symmetrically. I agree that it's tough to get everything perfect. I'm also a bit skeptical about the other results that look perfect here because one can always pick the most flattering photo. Many of them are from a distance with indirect lighting so you can't see details. I'm hoping that the "re-draping" will occur over time and that the liens will smooth out. However, like you if it doesn't, I'm still fine with the results. I love not sucking in my belly all the time and that clothes fit so much better. I also look pretty decent in a bikini (and so would you missy)
I often wonder if the wrinkles on the side of my belly would have been gone if my horizontal scar had been longer. I see that most full tummy tuck people have incisions that are much longer and usually extend to the sides and sometimes the back. While sharing a vacation condo with three other chicks last week I had one of them walk in on me while having a shower and I'm pretty sure that the way I was standing facing the shower head with one side exposed she didn't see my scar. I had several good opportunities to go skinny dipping while hiking but refrained from doing so for fear of revealing my big secret! I'm sure most people on here choose their most flattering photos. Rarely have I seen photos of those with remaining upper abdominal loose skin that's noticeable when seated. Clearly us older women can't possibly have those near perfect results that much younger women can achieve. We need to be realistic. Yup, I love not having to suck in my belly all the time. Don't know about ever wearing a bikini. Never even did when I was young.

Eleven Week Update

Nothing has changed since last week and I'm assuming that my current results are my permanent results. I was in to see my surgeon a couple of days ago and he said everything looks good. He had a rookie surgeon following him and Dr. Stan explained to him why I had a revision, also mentioning that it was the first of its kind revision that he had done in the twenty years. I requested to have my "after" photos taken as I assumed I wouldn't need any more follow up appointments. I also requested to have all photos taken there emailed to me and he said he would. When I receive those photos (which are probably much better than my selfies) I will attempt to create a collage. So far I'm not happy with my current collage software as I'm not finding it very user friendly. Suggestions anyone?? What's a good collage program???
I've been managing to keep my weight down to between 142 and 144 and am happy about that. The only exercise I've done this past week is some cycling although not as much as I should. It's been rather hot here and I find it difficult to get out when it's too hot. I really should try to get it done very early in the morning but most days I find it hard to get moving until I've had a few cups of coffee and by then it's time to go to work. I still haven't done any ab work as I can still feel some discomfort in my abs whenever I sit up from a lying down position. The numbness below my BB remains and my scar has not faded. The attached "after" photos were taken yesterday and the "befores" were taken a month or so before my revision. Definitely proof that I should have had a full tuck the first time. As one of the doctors on RealSelf has said "Mini tucks are for those with mini expectations." My advice to those of you planning a tummy tuck is to have the FULL tuck with relocation of your belly button IF you have lots of laxity ABOVE your belly button. If, like me, you're "older" with poor skin elasticity don't go for liposuctioning of the upper abs unless it's combined with a full tummy tuck as the skin will NOT retract properly. A mini tuck is less work for the surgeon because he doesn't have to undermine the skin above the BB and he doesn't have to detach the umbilical stalk and reattach it. Also, don't let any surgeon talk you into doing an umbilical float procedure! I've seen several reviews of people who have had that done with inferior results, sometimes results that can NOT be revised!! Choose your surgeon and your procedure wisely!
I use Pixkr to create my collages. Congrats on advocating for yourself with your surgeon. It is great that you had the kind of relationship with him where you both could be honest with each other. Trust is important in the patient-physician relationship.
I always trusted my surgeon and felt very comfortable with him MOST of the time except at my appointment when a revision was discussed! I actually felt very nervous and uncomfortable about criticizing his work and having to point out the flaws with my results! Thankfully, he was so nice and understanding and had me feeling totally at ease very quickly. I couldn't sleep the night before this appointment from worrying about it!! Praise is so much easier to deliver!
Yes. I am sure it was a difficult conversation. But he handled it like a true professional and what I would expect from a surgeon. But as you know some surgeons are not! Gosh I would hate to have a surgeon like that.

Twelve week update

No change since last week. My incision is slowly beginning to fade and first thing in the morning it looks best. Gentle "reminders" that I had a tummy tuck remain (slight swelling, tightness, soreness with crunch-like movements -- and of course my much improved reflection in the mirror!). Life is good!!

Results of liposuction when skin has poor elasticity

I forgot to mention in my last post that the liposuction that was done to my upper abdomen when I had my first tuck made my abdomen match my 63 year old face--much looser! Must say that the youthful look is much preferred!

Three month update

It's been exactly three months since my revision. I intend to post a photo of my incision every month until it's completely white. I have no idea how long that will take but I'm guessing that a year from now it should have faded completely. Except for not doing abdominal exercises and back ends I can do pretty much everything that I did before I had this surgery. I still feel a bit of tightness most of the time and slight soreness with crunch-like movements. The incision is completely flat and smooth. My belly button remains unsymmetrical but I'm happy with it as there is absolutely no scarring to be seen around it. I still have a dent on my lower right side but it's below my bikini line. I'm much happier with my results from my revision than from my first tuck so all the discomfort was totally worth it!
Hi there. I've not checked on you for awhile, and I see you are doing great. Love the before/after revision comparison. Definitely worth the 2nd TT! You are looking so great. I didn't want to say it before your revision, but I would have been so angry if I had been you, and I'd have raised such a fit, my doctor would have thrown me out without any offer of revision. Good for You! Regarding the incision scar, are you using any silicone strips? My ps doesn't believe in them, but I started ScarAway strips at 3 months po. After 3 weeks of using them, I don't see much improvement in the color of the main incision, but the bumpiness of the scar seems to feel smoother. I also use a small strip on the 2 drain scars, and they have lightened significantly. I bought a 2 month supply, so after I use them all, I may not continue. Just time itself will do the trick :-)
Yip, I'm definitely doing great and am a LOT happier with my results second time around! I actually thought my results weren't as bad as some first time either but when comparing to my results from my revision there's definitely a significant improvement. Can't say I ever was really angry with my surgeon--just disappointed more than anything about having gotten a mini tuck instead of a full tuck! To this day I don't think my surgeon read his notes from my very first consultation where we discussed what needed to be done and at that time he stated that I NEEDED a full tummy tuck with liposuction and muscle plication. On the morning of my first tuck he didn't seem to remember that we had talked about liposuction. (That was over a year after my initial consultation). He said "So we'll be doing a tummy tuck, no liposuction". I said "You said you would do lipo too". Then he said "Okay then, I'll do lipo too". So, because he hadn't counted on OR time for liposuction he might have run out of OR time and decided to cut some corners and do the mini tuck instead. Of course I'll never know. Surgeons are human too and like the rest of us they might not always make the best decisions. Maybe he was having a bad day! My understanding is though that it's because he thought I was a swimmer that he made a shorter incision and left my belly button intact. (This could be important to some people, but not to me!). I should have talked to him about my expectations before my first surgery so I'm partly at fault. I think it was around four months after my first surgery that I really began dwelling on my results and if I hadn't confronted my surgeon about it I would have been kicking myself in the foot for the rest of my life!! I'm just so grateful that my surgeon was willing to fix it at HIS cost. He ended up paying the clinic and anaesthesiologist fee himself which is totally commendable and he apologized to me TWICE for not achieving the results that I had hoped for. I was very, very lucky. Not all surgeons out there will do revisions at their own cost!! No, I'm not using any products on my scar and don't intend to. Hey, nobody but my husband seeing it. I know that eventually it will fade just like my scars from previous pelvic surgeries. I was in to see him about a facelift just a few days ago but not sure if I will proceed as I don't think I can get my husband onboard with it! I would love to look at young as you, girl. Your results are amazing! Apparently, according to one of the nurses at Stan's office, most facelift patients look pretty scary due to significant bruising and IF I was to proceed I would likely have to go into hiding for at least a month so my friends and family wouldn't find out. I wouldn't want anybody to know that I'm so darn vain! Now over to your review to see if you've updated.
I like your attitude about the scar. You are right I know mine will lighten too, but I got curious whether the strips would help. I am not married or dating, so it would be nice if they lighten up quicker lol! Indeed surgeons are human too. 4 years ago I had to have surgery on my left shoulder, when I woke up from surgery, the surgeon had operated on my right shoulder, which was the WRONG shoulder. It was horrifying!! I never got over that, and I never did have surgery on the other shoulder, so I am proud that I was able to put my body into the hands of another surgeon again, esp. an elective one like TT!

Four month update

Today it's been exactly four months since my revision surgery. My incision is very light first thing in the morning (when the attached picture was taken) then darkens as soon as I'm up and moving around. The tightness is diminishing but numbness below my BB remains. I still don't feel comfortable doing abdominal exercises as I still feel sore with any crunch like movements. So basically nothing has changed in the last month.
You look fabulous!! You go girl!!
Aw you look fabulous! I'm so jealous of your scar! Mine is persistent. I think it was months past the muscle plication that I felt like I could use my abs effectively. Your doing the right thing by listening to your body!
Actually the last posted photo of me lying down was taken first thing in the morning before I even got up out of bed. It was taken with my iPad which probably doesn't show as much detail as a good camera would. After I've been up and walking around for a while the incision seems to darken up a bit but it is definitely fading a bit. I will post some better photos soon. Can't believe it's been almost a year since my first tuck on September 18, 2013!!

Five months since my TT revision

I continue to expect my incision to fade a little more each month but I haven't really noticed much of a change since about three months ago. First thing in the morning it's almost completely white with no surrounding pinkness but as the day progresses it becomes more pink just above and below the actual incision Numbness below BB continues and I expect that will remain forever. Tightness is minimal and upper abdominal skin seems to be loosening up again.
You look amazing! Your scar healing is impressive! I am 15 days post op and I still see a bit of scabbing and my belly button is red and dry. Yours looked very good at two weeks. You must be proud to have such a nice body for your age......I didn't see your age but you said "older" Was it upsetting for you to feel that you needed a revision or did you have enough time post op to be fine with it? Thank you and I enjoyed reading your review
Dr. Stan Valnicek

Dr. Stan Valnicek is a wonderful surgeon and comes across as being genuinely kind. I'm convinced he truly cares about his patients and wants them to be happy with their surgical results. His patient reviews are impressive! If you choose him as your surgeon be sure to inform him of your expectations, something that I myself had failed to do prior to my first surgery. Stan's the man! I would definitely recommend him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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