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Surgery Scheduled for Feb. 22nd! - Kelowna, BC

I have hated my nose since I was 11 and I just...

I have hated my nose since I was 11 and I just feel it is too big for my face. Unfortunately I inherited a Roman nose from my dad. Although I am proud of my Italian heritage, my nose has been a huge issue in my life and I am really self-concious about it. Throughout my school years I was teased for having a big nose and it really hurt my self-esteem. I will be 22 in March and I feel as though I am now in the right place in my life and I am having this surgery for the right reasons and it is going to make a big difference in the way I feel about myself. I am confident in my surgeon and felt that he was very understanding and easy to talk to when I had a consult with him. I have heard great things about him and feel that he will do an excellent job. I am realistic in the fact that I will never have a small nose but I want a nose that is more size appropriate for my face and more feminine. I am a university student and I am having my surgery over reading break so I am a little stressed about swelling and what not as I have a test the following Tuesday that I may have to write wearing my splint...any suggestions to minimize swelling and bruising would be much appreciated!! :)


It's a fun app lol
I saw this app and messing around with it gave me more of a push to do it.
I know I am a few days away now :)))))))
You are close too!
Will let you know how it goes
Talk soon ;)
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Hey if u have an iPhone you should download a "rhinoplasty app". They are pretty cool. Of course this is no substitute for your doctor's outcome on you nose but it's fun to play with it.
I am having my nose done on Feb 3rd super excited and nervous all at the same time... Hope yours goes well
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I downloaded the rhinoplasty app and after fooling around with it for a while got soo I have become so excited for my surgery!! You are so lucky that you get to go on the 3rd. Thats less than a week away I am sure its going to turn out great!!

Yesterday I went for my final pre opt appointment....

Yesterday I went for my final pre opt appointment. Dr. Williamson was great and we once again discussed what he was going to do to my nose in order to achieve the results that I am hoping for. As of right now I am extremely excited for my surgery and cant wait for the 22nd. The only part that I am nervous about is taking the anti-biotics because in the past I have had nothing but bad experiences with allergies to anti-biotics. These reactions range from severe to moderate but I am still really scared that my body will react badly to what I am prescribed. Dr. Williamson is aware of these allergies and is going to double check with the anestesologist but I am keeping my fingers crossed all goes well. Today I got my blood work done and bought all the needed pre surgery stuff that I discussed with the nurse so now it is a matter of waiting patiently for next Wednesday!

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Less then 48 hours before my scheduled surgery and...

Less then 48 hours before my scheduled surgery and I have developed a cough and a slight runny nose and I am freaking out that my doctor is going to postpone the surgery!! I really hope that this is just a 24 hour thing because I am going to be bummed if I have to wait longer then I already have


Hi, you must be so excited by now! I am now day 4 and weaning off the painkillers, with swelling moving down my face. You should be fine with a little head cold, as long as it's not a chest infection or as angiemcc says, a proper bacterial infection. Fingers crossed for you!
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I don't think they usually postpone unless you have a fever or it is a stomach bug. Let us know what happens!

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Good luck with surgery!
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After talking to my surgeons office they decided...

After talking to my surgeons office they decided that it was best to postpone my surgery until the 29th. I am completely bummed but due to the fact that I had a viral infection and a high fever everyone felt it was better to postpone and not go ahead with the surgery today. Even this morning I still feel really sick and sound like a toad when I talk and have a really runny nose and sore throat, however my fever is gone so thats a bonus! I have not been sick in almost 2 years but of course this is when it would happen :(


Best of luck with your surgery! I'm sure it'll turn out beautifully.
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Ah bummer- but that'll give you a chance to recover properly! Hope you feel better soon, let us know how you're doing :-)
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Alrighty! So I have called my surgeons office...

Alrighty! So I have called my surgeons office today and I am booked in the OR for 11:00 o'clock on Wednesday morning! I am really hoping that this time will be a go. I still have cough and a slightly plugged left nostril but other then that I am good!

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Today was my surgery!! I am feeling pretty good...

today was my surgery!! I am feeling pretty good but it is hard to remember to keep my head up and such.


Hope recovery is going well :-)
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Aww congrats! Wish you all the best on your recovery!
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So excited for you! Do you remember anything? How long did it seem like you were asleep?
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Day 3 Post-op I am having a really hard time...

Day 3 Post-op

I am having a really hard time right now. My face is super swollen and I have a sore throat and my face constantly throbs. I have been icing and taking pain killers which help a bit but not enough. I cant feel my upper lip or my front four teeth. I am scheduled to get my splint off on Monday at 2:45 and I really hope that when all the packing comes out that makes a huge difference


Just remember to drink plenty of liquids. My throat was SUPER dry because that is how I had to breath in and out when a cast was on. It definately sucked! and the feeling will come back in a few days...Can't wait to see the results!!
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Ow you poor thing!! It's a shame you still have packing in, as that just makes everything feel worse. The swelling will come down significantly soon, give it 2 or 3 days. Make sure you're upright all the time, that makes a difference. Just remember it's only a matter of time and you'll feel better and have a fabulous new nose! I felt really awful days 3-4 then improved daily. Keep us posted! :-)
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Day 6 Yesterday I got my packing out and my...

Day 6
Yesterday I got my packing out and my stitches removed and although it was the weirdest sensation/experience ever it feels a thousand times better. Once the packing came out the swelling in my lower face went almost right away and even the bruises under my eyes seemed less apparent. I still have my cast on until next Monday but I can't wait to see the results! My nose already looks a lot different even with the cast on and I can already tell its a lot smaller! I am soo excited.


Your nose will continue to look better and better! It is crazy how much swelling you have in the beginning! You look great!
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You look so great just 2 weeks after :) You must be so happy and excited! What did you have done exactly? Did you have bone work? And how does it feel to wash your face after the cast comes off? I am just trying to gather info as my surgery is just 12 days away...
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I am really happy with the results so far!! I had a bone work done and lots of other stuff as well. Washing my face after was really weird. My nose had SOOO many black heads and had a lot of dry skin. For the first two weeks it was really tender even to lightly wash and moisturize but by week three it was normal.

One month post-op today!!! So far the swelling has...

One month post-op today!!! So far the swelling has gone down a lot, but the tip still has a long way to go! Especially my septum which is still extremely swollen and down far. I absolutely love my new nose and cant wait for the time to go and see how it sets.


How much did it cost and who did your surgery!?
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Any chance for an update? I'm curious about your doctors work after you completely healed
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Gorgeous! I see the swelling has come down a lot since 2 weeks ago! :))) you must be feeling so good :)
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