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I had saline implants for 17 years. They were...

I had saline implants for 17 years. They were under the muscle and had been really bothering me for many years. No pain, just an annoyance.

My pecs squeezed them in the gym and they seemed not me anymore. I thought I would have to have them forever. Then I found this site in August. You brave ladies, along with your photos inspired me to have an explant.

I had them drained 3 weeks before the surgery. They looked frightening and cadaver-like after that (from the vacuum pressure of the syringe) but they relaxed after a day.

I had the implants out under local and it only took a half hour! I hardly had any pain at all.

I don't think I look too bad considering I've nursed 3 babies with these. The Dr. told me that they will improve in about 6 months.

I am ecstatic with my choice. Thank you all!

Free After 17 Yrs!

It's wonderful to be on the other side. No more gaping button holes and my T-shirts aren't bursting. I can still fit into all my shirts and no one has really noticed anything specific. Friends who know about my explant have said that I look thinner and
younger! I just turned 44, so I appreciate that.

I wish I had thought more clearly years ago and it would have saved a lot of money. My husband (who has never known me without implants) has been very supportive. I even told my 14yr old daughter. I figured she would notice. She has a gorgeous, small bust and might have wondered when she'd get bigger. I wanted her to know that she's perfect, so I told her what I was planning (and about my implants). Bless her, she said "why did you ever do that?" I told her that I had been silly and to not do what I did.

I was 26, living in Hawaii during the Baywatch era. Say no more. I never thought they acted like real breasts. They always seemed too firm.

My little 6yr old would even push on them, he probably thought I had balls in my shirt.

I felt like I had udders. Now I feel great.

I'll add more pics later, my other ones look really yellow. The concavity will hopefully improve soon.

Free After 17 Years!

Hello ladies,
Here are some updated 8 days post explant (21 days post deflation) pics. I put in post deflation dates too as my skin has had a few days to de-wrinkle. It is still a bit wrinkly, esp when I lift my arms - but who cares? It's still early. I'm more worried about my belly - I love my cardio classes, and I need them too.

The scars feel ok too. My doctor never bound me after he took out the implants. I still wore a zip up Champion sports bra for 5 days. Then he told me that I can wear whatever is comfortable.

I had bought all these 34A bras after the deflation as my molded 34C cups looked ridiculous. Now they seem a bit better. Maybe I should give those 34A bras to my daughter as my breasts are too wide for them. Funny thing is that my 34C bras' bands fit better now, no gapes. I just need to fill in the cups. At least I don't have "quad boob" like before.

I'm throwing in one funny before pic I found - they look like little beach balls.

Free After 17 Years!

I meant "udders" in my beach ball photo - and here I'm usually the spelling queen. My apologies. :)

Free After 17 Yrs!

I am now at week 2. I have photos - not too much change. I had to hide in the bathroom from my husband and older kids as I kept getting interupted. Give me a break please!!


Sorry about all the "Free After 17 yrs!" I misunderstood and thought I needed to put my review title there. Whoops, won't happen again. Must be due to mother derangement syndrome.

1 Month post explant

Hi wonderful ladies, here are my updated photos. I have definitely seen improvement. Now I can't wait to get back to the gym. I have clearance since last Thursday but have been so busy with school stuff and Christmas preparations. It helps to take your mind off your breasts for a while.

photos didn't update

I think I'm technically challenged - my pics never update with the whole photo, only 1 breast. My other photos didn't update so let's see how this goes. Take 2!

problem solved

I realized that on my laptop the pics load properly - this was an issue with the smartphone.
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Lol I think everyone has that yellow toilet photo, don't worry, you are healing fine and you will be amazed at how they will look at even 6mths or a year. The proof is everywhere, I'm glad youre able to exercise now, let us know how that goes. You look great already and I bet you feel great too!!
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You look great!!
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Our stories are very similar. I had saline implants under the muscle at age 26 (in 1996), had them for 17 years and just had them removed yesterday under local. Your pics are looking better with every post. I'm sure they will "fluff up" nicely in the next few months. Hope mine look as good as yours!
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There must be something about age 26. Thanks for the compliment, I feel great now. When I sleep those big things no longer make my side sore, and I can breathe deeply. My coats fit better too, my leather jacket no longer pulls. Nothing but blue'll see.
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I was 26 too but that was 32 years ago - lol. Just got my surgery date of Jan 21st! So excited!
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Thank you for sharing your story, you look great :-) happy healing, i wish my skin look as nice as yours .;-)
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Congrats u look GREAT! I'm one month post explant myself & LOVING it!!!! I can't stop shopping either. I haven't shopped in 6 yrs, because I was so self concience of my VULGAR boobs. Now I have breasts! ;-)
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Im so happy for you. Thank you for sharing your story. Im in the processof interviewing surgeons and will keep you updated. You look amazing. I just hope I look as good. All the ladies here are so supportive. I know I need that with my journey..
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give your skin a chance to rebound! I think you have very nice curvy breasts, not tubular, not small! Do you feel lighter and healthier?
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Thanks. I definitely feel lighter and healthier!
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thanks for sharing, really encouraging. Did you have capsular contracture? Did you have to have that scar tissue removed? I will have to and now wondering as someone mentioned that might cause more tissue damage and also even more deflation!
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I only had a straight removal as my PS said that my capsules were thin and there was no capsular contracture. That's probably why I wasn't bound tightly afterwards. Many girls on here still look great after capsule removals and scar tissue removal. I'm still quite concave -I'm at 3 weeks today. Still hoping for fluffing.
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you say you look concave, but I realize that the way you look looks right, the beach balls were not. You look like a woman! I'm sure men find this more attractive.
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Thanks for the compliment - I feel and look so much thinner too.
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If you had your implants for almost 20 years, it might take longer to fluff, but that doesn't mean they won't and I'm pretty positive they will! I only had mine for less than 6 and my PS doesn't even want to see me for three months afterwards before assessing any issues cause it takes time :) You are lovely friend! Proud of you!
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You look 10 years younger to boot!!
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Same to you. It's nice to know others in the same position. I am so glad I explanted.
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congrats! You look great!
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You look great:-)congrats, your experience and results give me hope and courage, thank you for sharing im getting my surgery in a week and i hope i get such wonderful results. good wishes and happy healing.
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I wish you all the best, you will love being implant free!
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I love your story and your sense of humor! I know you had mentioned that the ladies on this site gave you the courage and now you know you are one of the ladies giving ME courage! So thank you so much! You're postitive energy really comes through and it puts people like me at ease :)
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Wow that was a quick recovery! Congrats. Yes what were we thinking all those years ago..... I was 26 with a flat chest and thought that having implants was the obvious answers without ever thinking about the long term consequences. 30 years later, I'm flat again. But happy and accepting. Wishing you a speedy recovery
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You look great, you have lovely natural boobs. My saline implants have been in 10 years. I'm ex planting in 21st December and I can't wait. What on earth were we thinking about all those years ago wanting plastic balloons! Good luck with your recovery x
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Thank you Greenfingers. Yes, it's funny that we wanted those things. Now we can truly feel comfortable with our natural breasts. Good luck with your explant - what a marvelous Christmas present!
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