Hello everyone, I have found your posts and info...

Hello everyone, I have found your posts and info very helpful and thought I would join the fun! I spent my childhood and teens years seeing specialists and surgeons for health problems beyond my control. I have been doing really well health wise for about 9 years now. I have always been sad, pretty much since I was sixteen, that I never 'developed.' (...all the women on both sides of my family have 'excess boobage!'...someone forgot to share with me, bahahaa)
I had my consultation almost two years ago, but in Sept/Oct...after saving and psyching myself up...I finally called the office and booked my pre-op and surgery date!! Wahooo! During that phone call my hands were shaking and I was all giggly (LOL)
My pre-op was on Wed Nov 27th. My husband (married for 5 years now) came in with me for the consultation two years ago and again for the pre-op. The staff-from the secretary to the nurses to the surgeon and the anesthetist-were very kind, encouraging, informative and professional. I'm typically a 'I'm okay, I'm in control' type person, but while I was sitting in the examining room, I was all 'bouncy'...I couldn't sit still for a second. Funny what nerves will do to ya!
I am so excited to finally be getting this done. (I'm also aware of what surgeries and recovery from them are like, so I'm really nervous too.)

DEC 17th is my date...only 18 days away! Ahhhh!

I am currently a 34a (barely even an A...) and the Doc and I (and of course my husband) chose high profile 425cc implants. (should make me a C) Doing a inframammary (under the boob fold) incision and a submuscular placement.

I see that almost everyone has posted their 'hope chest' (LOL) pics and before/after, etc...I will get to that, and soon because the 'big day' is coming up very fast!

Until later, Thanks!
OMG mine is Dec 4th and I wish I had the support you guys do.... I'm so scared I woke up today and thought about canceling.. I deserve this and have wanted it since I was about 16 too....
You know what, it'll all be fine! I'm so excited for you, you're finally having something done that you've always wanted! It's a great feeling, right?! And as for age and surgery, it's not a hip replacement, it's boobies!!! yay! (-; And, the doc and anesthesiologist would not do too well if they approved someone for surgery that was not 'up to it' physically, they know what they're doing and in just a little while, it'll be done and you'll be on your way through healing and buying the kind of stuff we've only ever dreamed of wearing, and actually looking and feeling awesome about our selves! Go girlie! Keep us up to date (-:
Good luck to you. Love to see your photos from before and after. I'm having mine on the 20th of December. Looking at the same sizes, if I'm allowed too.

Okay, here's some pics...

Well, I would love to say the first pic is of me, but it's not, LOL...the second one is, but only until Tuesday the 17th, and then 'she' (just a bathing suit model...) will want to look like me!
(If you knew me, and how insecure and self-conscious I've ALWAYS been, you'd really find this post laugh worthy, but hopefully it'll be true!)
I know no one really knows for sure who I am outside of this website, but I am so nervous of posting myself topless, teeheee...blushing. (Even my husband wouldn't recognize this pic of me, he rarely gets to see me without at the very least a bra on...sad I know, but very true.)
He will, I'm sure of it, enjoy the 'new me' too...
I'm nervous and excited...

'You' are my support system

I think it's a shame really, but I haven't told anyone about this new info of my life and all the nerves and emotions I'm going through. Yes, I have the support of my doc and the office staff, and my GP, and my husband...but that seems kind of...well not quite enough. I know if I told my Mom that I've booked the date and it's just around the corner, she'd probably faint. She's always known about me wanting to do this, and she knows I had the consultation. (two years ago though...bahahaa) I just feel like I will be judged or something, like it's just about vanity. It's really not though, is it?! Like I said before, this is something I've always wanted. It has affected me in not buying the clothes and bathing suits I want, feeling 'less' in a group of other girls who are well-endowed, and even been jealous of others for having...
Tonight I went to the gym and then a steam and shower, and like always...tried to hide myself. It's so stupid, I know I'm not a bad looking girl, but this 'no boobs' thing has really messed with my self-esteem.
(ANYONE ELSE 'hiding' what's going on or feeling these things??)

Happy thought: I did, however find myself smiling...thinking of my upcoming 'change'...I am so excited.
Just got my BA yesterday. MY review might help ya.
I hope everything is going well !
Ohhhhhhh my god you're my twin. Every thought and word you have written is me to a tea. It's really messed my self esteem up to the point of avoiding beaches, bathers, etc.I've got sooooo paranoid about my body it's not funny... I'm not ugly either, I feel ugly without the womanly bits....I'm such a funny happy go lucky person, people think I don't care. But if they only knew the torment it's caused to me over the last 20 years. They'd be cheering for me when I do this. I used to laugh about it, but now I get upset. Abby naked women in t.v.make me cringe with jealousy...I cannot wait at all. Mine is on the 20th December. Good luck mate. Keep me posted. X

Getting really good at counting, LOL

Okay, so for the millionth time, even at work...I look at my calendar and literally count each day to see how many days I have left before my BA...I don't seem to be able to count properly anymore! Man, what nerves can do to a girl! (-;
It's 12 sleeps left now. Gulp...
I'm excited for u!!! Xoxoxo
No one really knew I was doing this. My Mom and Dad are up the block and I did not tell them as I was afraid they would worry and try to talk me out of it... the worry prior is 100% the worst part. Day 3 now and did not take pain pill this AM yet... going to now...
How was it maneuvering around?

Point A to Point B

Everything sounds like a cup size these days including the 'title' to this post! (-;
In good weather, I live 4 hours away from where I'm having my surgery done. (Uh Oh...) ??
So...my BA is Tues the 17th, I have booked a hotel for that night and the following night, checking out Thurs 19th by 11am. Boy, I sure hope I will be okay with the long drive home...bumps, corners, icy roads, etc. (Husband driving)

I'm going to Wal-Mart tonight to buy some items that are on my list of must haves in prep for the big day next week. (-:

Happy thoughts and hugs, xo

"Hope Chest" photos

Good luck! You'll be in my thoughts!
You are going to do so great! You have all the support in the world from all of us. I didn't tell my family until after I did it. Only a few close friends where I lived knew because they were taking me to and from the hospital, and the boyfriend I was dating at the time knew. But other than that hardly anyone new. My family was the last to know, and that's for reasons that only we can understand, even if they don't. This is about you not about anyone else. This is always an emotional decision more than a physical decision - at least for those who were doing it for the right reasons. Good luck and keep us posted on your journey!
Hi, I put a free countdown app on my phone looked at it every five minutes!!! How did you go with the rice test? It is a shame everyone is not supportive I too encountered that and from people I least expected it from. I hope your surgery gives you the look you are after and a great confidence boost! Happy counting down, looking forward to following your posts :)

I Told Someone...

Well, I finally did it, I told someone...and not just anyone...I told my Mom (-:
She's heard all about my insecurities and feelings since, well forever. She's also heard about the research I've done over the years, and the consultations, etc. Tonight I finally shared my excitement and my nerves with her. I didn't know what to expect, as she can say things that are quite emotional, but she actually took it very well. She says she feels that it's even the 'right time' in my life for it too.
Good stuff (-:

(8 more sleeps)...whahoo!
Glad you got moms approval
Awesome! I bet you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders!
God bless our mums. My mum is my best friend and she also has massive boobs :-[ she is very excited for me too. For the same reasons, she just thinks I'm brave and strong enough to go through with it. I knew she wouldn't mind, after all she never have me her assets :'( how cold she :-D

This time next week...

My surgery is next Tuesday already! Check-In time is 7:30. Hope everything goes quickly and smoothly. I'm so excited. This morning my husband texted me from work doing his own count down, so cute...he's really excited too (-:

It's all about me (LOL)

28 years old (29 in January)
5'3 (and a bit) (-;
125-130 lbs

Married 5 years so far
No kids of my own, just step kids (they don't live nearby...)
I work a lot right now, but will have to take it a bit easier for a while after next week!
Thank you for your encouragement and such, you guys are awesome! hugs(-:

Larger Bra Size Wannabee

(Six Sleeps Left)


Yesterday and today I haven't been excited, just plain terrified of all the things that can go wrong during/after, of the post-op meds and possible allergic reactions, of being in a hotel room for three days not in the comfort of my own home, of all the work that I have to hire ppl to care for while I'm healing, of soooo many things...I'm freaking! (I think what added to my fears was yesterday morning I googled what Dr.Oz's website had to say about BA...the Dr's that he had quoting things were brutally honest of the horrors of what could go wrong...and even a bit judgemental of girls who get a BA.) Yikes, I feel like "I hope I'm making the right decision, and I hope it's not something I will regret doing."
Sorry girls for the negativity, I was thinking of keeping it to myself, but then I remembered...you're my friends and support and I'm here for you too! (-:
Anyone out there that's had/having these feelings?
You will do great! It is so normal to have the fears, I has mine too and was pretty scared about 2 weeks pre. Email your PS office with any questions, I had so many and some were ridiculous but at the time were a real concern. Your putting your body in someone else's hand it's sooooo normal to have cold feet. A few days pre I was thinking, I'm committed to doing this, I did my research, and I'm going through with it!!! Pay attention to your body and know what is normal and what is not normal. You will do great!!! And I leaned on my mom at times when I feel like I was emotionally wearing my boyfriend out lol. Oh and I stayed in a hotel and I liked it! Didn't have to worry about dishes, laundry, nothing. Someone came in a cleaned when I wanted them too :) and you won't want to be in a car for 4 hours right after surgery so your so smart for booking a room. If you can check in and nest the room before surgery I would recommend that. By my bed a had tissues, water bottles with straws, Chapstick, iPad (which I didn't use) excited for you!!!!!
You're so sweet, thank you for taking the time to reassure me! Yes, I get to the hotel the day before...will be sanitizing the remote, door knobs, surfaces, anything in the mini kitchen...lol (wow, just the thought of not having dishes, laundry etc for a few days...I'm stoked!) My husband promises to help me out, take care of me...so that's a load off too. Thanx again girlfriend! You are awesome! hugs
Hi Perkey. You and I have similar sizing weight and height. I can't believe your date is so close. I can't even imagine boobs for a Christmas present, it's the best gift a girl could ask for huh? Tee here ;). What's the worse that could happen? ( Trust me I have been threw ALL WORSE CASE SENERIOS ) My situation ? No it's extremely rare and almost impossible if you visit a P.S. As soon as any problems come up. Come to think of it a one time of year implant "check up" is a good idea. You know, just like a skin cancer check. I think I may do that when my time comes up. I say, you can always taken em out....... Are you in Canada? Do you know what size you would like to be? I'm excited to follow your progress and the size and profile you pick. I think your shape is soooo nice your going to look insanely good when you are done. No matter what I went threw I can't wait to have boobs again. So be positive, what you think about you bring about. I'm a veteran with about 5 (ish) surgeries under my belt if you have any questions lemme know!

Picked up my antibiotics and painkillers last night

It's kind of freaky...the antibiotics I've been prescribed are a close relative to Penicillin, which I'm allergic to. Spoke with pharmacist about my concerns...they said "it should be fine"...not too reassuring, lol
Called the surgeons office and voiced my concerns on the research I did on the meds...the nurse got onto the phone and said that wasn't even the correct med for me, the pharmacy screwed up! Holy am I thankful I didn't just 'go with it!' The Doc will be filling out a new prescription and forwarding it to my pharmacy today...yay, one less thing to stress about!

A lesson in the art of laundry

Bahaahaa, so last night I had my husband follow me into the laundry room for a 'lesson'...soooo funny. We were in there for what seemed like forever!
I informed him a few days ago that he's going to have to be the new laundry designate for us while I'm healing up. (I didn't want him bleaching my fav...anything!)
Anyways, to his dismay he 'passed' the test with flying colors! So cute.
Ha ha that's Sooooo funny. I'm going to buy a bell today, for a joke..... when I ring it, I'll expect my partner to come running thanks sweetie ;-) the bell will probably get thrown out assured an hour..... Ha ha ha


Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night - sleeps left at home...
Monday night - one sleep left in a hotel...

(Have a lot of work the next three days...will keep my mind off the nerves a bit!)

Hugs and happy healing to all you girls out there!
I'm getting excited for you now......how close is it, you can almost taste it :-D good good luck. My goal this week is: sleep on your side as much as you can, it'll probably be a while. get your husband to caress your nipples because we may never feel them again, have lots of sex which involves bouncing and have loads of showers :'( lol.....
Hi baby bee! I just wanted to say that I loved your comment! Reading it made me feel like I was reading something my sisters or good friends would say!
Ha ha, I'm such an idiot at times. Got to keep it light hearted..... although in 6 sleeps there may be a bit of I'm going to vomit syndrome going on, because of the nerves and excitement :-*

Dear Lord - Tweety's version (-;

You may be just one person in the world...

but to one person, YOU are the world!

Hugs and happy thoughts!
Almost there! Enjoy the ride! I'll be looking for your updates.
Hoping for the best outcome and recovery for you. Getting so close!!!!
Best of luck.... as Ive said I was the WORST patient ever. SOOOO afraid and guess what it was the worst part... the worry. The operation and recovery were no where near what I feared. Im 1 week and three days post and actually went out tonight with my girl friends, was off pain meds at day 4 I think... visit my review I tried to tell as much as I could due to the fact I was sooooo afraid. Did sleep on my side but used a little pillow to keep everything in place.

Looking forward to my 'honeymoon', LOL

So, as I've said...only a very small handful of ppl know about this. One of my close friends asked us over for dinner next week. Told her couldn't because my hubby and I are going away from Mon morning to about Thurs or Fri.
"She's like, oh wow! You finally get your honeymoon, enjoy!"
(We've been married quite a while now, no honeymoon yet...and trust me...this upcoming week 'aint gonna be no honeymoon either' !!) Hahahaaa
Wishing you all the best, hard to believe I was there 10 days ago and now it is all behind me. Went shopping tonight and bought stuff I just love and it looks so nice. Dont stress it will be fine, ask for the nausea meds pre surgery you dont want to wake up feeling sick so dont risk it... otherwise try to relax I was making myself sick with nerves.. be sure you got your post op front close bra they were a little hard to find... good luck...

All packed and ready...I think (-;

So, my small little house has had stuff neatly piled in several corners for the past week or so...Tonight I started checking things off my list, packing items, washing veggies and fruits and organizing the house a bit more...

In the pics I've posted last week, you can see my surgical bra. It's shoulder straps keep falling off, the clasps are in the back and I'm not too sure if I'm happy just having this one only, so on Monday when we get to the city, I'm going to buy a secondary bra. (My town only has one place to go for bras and such, lol)

Tomorrow I will finish my last day of work, then cook up a chicken, veggie and brown rice stir-fry for the first two nights at the hotel, pack the fresh berries, and pack up the car. I also have to pack a bag for my hubby...he's either 'helpless' for real, or he pretends to be so that I do everything for him...hmmmm (-;

I own my business, and have to hire helpers for the time I'm away and a helper to be an assistant to my hubby for when we get back. So I've written out dates, times, instructions, invoices, bills in-out, etc. (Stressful but I think my efforts in this area will pay off and all will be fine!) I've also written a sheet for what bills come out from what accounts and when type of thing...who knows how long I will be all loopy/dopey!

I bought a care package from Wal-Mart that has soft purple slippers, eye mask and neck rest (-: Also, new soft PJ's ... front is button up! I've got a couple of magazines, my laptop, DVD's, antibiotics and pain meds, ice pack, my pillow and an extra blanket, heating pad (always need it, but most girls on here complain about sore back...) house coat, laxative tea, ginger-ale, crackers, jello, digestives, my folder with 'like and no like boobies pics' and a bunch of questions for the Doc to see, the paperwork I've signed, spectro-gel, rub A535 muscle relaxant gel...etc

Anything else?!
Hugs and warm fuzzy happy thoughts to all you 'before and after' girls!
Good luck! You'll be in my thoughts :) sending u a big hug!
Thank you so much (-;
Good luck tomorrow on your surgery. You will get a great result to share with us!

Wish I could take my question off of the site where the Dr's answer...

Kinda wish I hadn't posted to the Doc site...I resolved the issue on my antibiotics fear (I was prescribed the wrong med, and it was changed...) like moments after I hit 'send'...now it's embarrassing and kinda annoying the Docs are making me feel like I'm 'in trouble' or like a little kid or something. (blush) Oh well, I guess there are worse things! (-;
At least they care enough to reply, right?!

Well, on my way to work...last day for who knows how long! (I have a very physical job)

Happy thoughts to my fellow 'boobie-got-em-nows' and 'boobie-wannabee-gonna get-em-soons' - HUGS!
I love reading these posts
Whoops it didn't finish. You sound just like me! Thanks for the thorough review :)
Getting very very excited for you.

One sleep left!

So yesterday worked hard, got cooking, cleaning done at home, did a bunch of laundry, packed, final touches...

This morning I had a 1/2 hr massage, (getting period really soon, probably tomorrow, which figures because I have ALWAYS have gotten it when something important is happening...wedding, vacations, etc...crazy body!) then came home and packed up the car.
My hubby and I drove 3'ish hrs and we are here, in Kelowna.
We made it just in time for my last pre-op. First the nurse/helper woman came into the room and I asked her my list of questions, crossing off the ones that she could answer, and circling the ones I have to ask the Doc. She also let me try on the sizers again...I tried 375, 400, and 425...over and over and over again! LOL (husband like the 425cc) Then the Doc came in.
You know I have to say, I've had other surgeries for health reasons (not cosmetic) in the past and my surgeons where good, but they have no 'bed-side' manner. This surgeon is (according to the employees/nurses, etc) a great surgeon...and he has a kind, funny, realistic, educated, gentle, reassuring way about him. He answered all of my questions quite well! I also brought a bunch of "hope chest pics" (most are on my profile) and also a few of my 'no likey pics.' On my like pics, he told me how many cc's it would take to achieve the look, in the no like pics, he told me what was/went wrong. He's made me feel at ease and 'light hearted.' (which is big!!) (-:

I went to lululemon afterwards to get a second surgical bra. It's pretty different, so I will just bring both tomorrow morning and they can put my in whichever they see fit!

Then we went out for dinner. (Had water with dinner, no alcohol)
Picked up a small thing of milk and a chocolate bar. (okay okay, it was two chocolate bars! teehee) Then we got to our hotel. There were some 'mix ups' at the check-in, but she quickly resolved it, and it's all good now.

The room has two beds...I don't want my hubby accidentally flipping over on me for at least a few days! There's a mini kitchen...fridge, stove, dishes, toaster, kettle...pretty much all I will need (-; The sink and bathroom are good too. I spent about 15-30 mins unpacking, organizing, and then sanitizing surfaces, remote control, etc. I also set out all my pills and such for the next couple days for easy access. (You should hear how well I have to explain where something is, exactly what it looks like, and so on...in order for my cute hubby to be able to 'find' what I need! So set out and organized is very important, lol)

We enjoyed some much needed relaxation in the hot tub and pool for a bit, then 'ran' back to our room (it's a motel...all outdoors stuff)

Did my 'wash the boobies for 3 mins with spectro-gel' thing, showered, shaved all the important stuff, moisturized, and now we're watching Despicable Me 2. (giggle worthy!)

Other than being a bit achy and bloated from my possible monthly 'treasure' (bahahahaaa) coming, I feel pretty calm and happy. I will be having a little sleeping pill tonight, soon actually...hope to sleep.

Up at 6:25 am, shower the boobies again with the spectro-gel, get my comfy pants and zip up sweater on, bring my socks/undies/shorts/paperwork/bras/meds/crackers and applesauce...plus the bag of stuff for my hubby to keep busy with while I'm getting boobies! (-:

My time to be at the surgical center is 7:30am. Think lots and lots of happy thoughts for me! Will keep you up to date, as I can. Well girls, lots of hugs!!!
You are so funny, I really enjoy reading your posts, lol. I'm sure you did great and you have your hubby with you 24/7 what could be better than that? Can't wait to see some photos, I hope your PS went for 425 :)
Good luck
Thinking happy thoughts for u! Xoxoxo!

I'm a barbie girl...

in a Barbie world, it's fantastic...my boobs are plastic! Lol

Well girls, I started off my profile with the words "Here we go!"...I now can say I've done it! Yesterday morning my surgery was sometime after 8am'ish. I will fill you in will a ton of details from the night before to day of and such when I can type a little less sloppy. (perfectionist you know) (-;
I will say though, if you take your pain meds as prescribed afterwards, esp the first day...it's easier than u think. Today I have pushed it from every 4 hrs to every 6 hrs. (plus antibiotics every 6 too) and doing fine. There's quite a lot of pressure on the chest the first day esp, and breast bone (in between boobies) hurt, and using arms was not too easy, but having said that, I could go to the bathroom and wipe, so...Yay! haha(-;
Today is day two, Im counting surgery day as day 1 because it started early enough. The nurse called me today, she said I sounded 'tense' I'm like, uh...Ya! She eased my fears, was helpful, and told me I can and should let my shoulders 'down' and 'back' if I can, and also the instructions were to take 3 deep breaths per hour. (feels terrible and wonderful all at once, hard to explain) Ice area until pack gets warm, about every hr first day, then every few hrs. I have eaten well from the start, with the pills, and guess what?! I had a BM this morning! I know, right? Weird stuff to be excited for, but totally valid! (-;
All in all, it's been pretty good so far. We checked into the hotel the night b4-Mon, and check out Fri. The laying down at a propped up angle all the time is tough. Back and butt and shoulders hurt. Brought a heating pad, keep it on the back, and once/twice a day exchange it with ice pack...helps, plus have someone rub A535 gel stuff on back. It feels really good to have a hand on the back to support/pull u forward when u get outta bed, and have pillows under arms and legs. Walk around the room whenever can, it's helpful to the whole body.
Well, that's good for now...thank you for ur support girlies (-: Happy healing to all of us on the other side and happy thoughts to the before girls, we are all awesome and individually wonderful! Hugs! (-:
Yay congrats on the new girlies!Can't wait to hear more. Happy Healing lovely :) -hugs-
(-: thank you. (hey, my hubby sometimes calls me lovely!) Ttysoon! hugs, xo
Congrats... found that two bags of frozen peas work better than an ice pack and they kinda wrap around where ya need them.... I also was not sitting up or taking full breaths, was getting winded easily. I think it was fear of pain and the added weight... So happy for you....

Home! (and summary thus far)

Mon night-After my post, had such bad period pains, by 11:45 (15 mins til can't eat/drink anymore) I had to take an ibruprophen. (and half sleeping pill...) Then calmed down and slept!
Tues-surgery 6:30...alarm. I said to my hubby "I change my mind, I dont' want to do this!" (pretty serious too...) Showered. 7:30 got to Doc's office/clinic. Waiting...then a secretary/nurse took down some of my info and made sure of details etc. Then I got undressed (kept on boy short undies) put on blue hospital gown and a housecoat and hair net...waited. Nurse again. Wait...Then anaesthesiologist came in and went over allergies, etc - really nice professional guy...said he's take care of me (-: wait...Then the surgeon (and an apprentice) came in, he said "and survey says...?" I said, "Well, I'm here aren't I?!" (he meant which size cc did I decide on, LOL) =425cc HP Silicone Gels
Then he marked me with blue sharpie...dot dot dot and incision / dot dot dot incision - on each boobie. (I took my wedding ring off and put it on a necklace and put it around hubby's neck...wanted to cry, actually I did) Then wait...nurse came in and said I'm ready. (Hubby gave a tiny hug and took off) I followed nurses for like half a second, then turned the opposite way and went to where saw hubby leave (wanted to hug him again) The nurses are like "Um, where are u going? He's left already hunny." I fought back tears...got around the corner and saw 'the OR' nurse in there asked me my allergies again, I started to cry...couldn't talk. The other nurse answered for me, and then gave me a little hug and said everything will be ok. Then I unhooked my gown, got onto the table, they put my arms on what looked like salmon fillets and my legs in warm/blood flow legs thingys, the nurse turned down the rock and roll music playing (apparently my Doc is a big rocker!) They asked me what song was on my mind...I was hoping it would be the woman- empowering-blood-flowing-song "roar" (katy perry) but...it was "rhinestone cowboy"!!! How embarrassing! lol (u-tube it...glen Campbell, lol lol lol lol)! They laughed, then the anesthetist said, "ready for your morning cocktail?" I'm like, uh YA!!! (he put in needle, then the mask by a nurse) She told me to think happy thoughts because if I do I will have a really nice dream while I'm out, I started to tear up again, she said again, think happy thoughts! (and I was out)
After, so drugged, took quite a while to come out of the loopy can't open my eyes stage. The nurse kept sitting me up little by little, asked if I was nauseous, but I was fine...up, up, up...then she had me sit on the edge of the bed/table took my gown off and then put my bra on (I was shocked they didn't do that in the OR while I was out) the my zip up hoodie, and pants...then stood up and walked a couple feet to a lazy boy recliner looking out huge windows over the city...cool although very drugged. I even saw my hubby walking way down there! (he was getting me two really nice cards for later) Nurse made me drink gingerale and my soda crackers and apple sauce and took pain killer. Waited there for a bit, another nurse gave me my implant info and SN #, gauze and 24-48 hr instructions...put me in wheel chair and then into waiting room where my hubby was...so happy to see him (-: Nurse took me right to car, hubby helped me out/in...pillow on boobies/seat belt over...drove to hotel. (He was emotional on first part of drive home, looked like he could cry, asked him bout it, he said he was really worried...took longer than thought, I guess...sooo sweet, poor guy) Got tucked into bed, pillows behind me-sit up, pillows under both arms to take pressure off chest muscles...(pain killers every 4 hrs Tues/Wed, every 6ish Thurs/today, and antibiotics every 6 hrs til gone.)
Wed and Thurs in hotel, rest/ice/food/drugs/water/pee/...and repeat! LOL...yep in a nutshell, that's about it. But you won't believe it, both Wed night-first day after and second night, hubby gave me pain meds, dressed me up warm, put on my boots, put a blanket over me, put a pillow over my chest (treasure chest, lol) put on seat belt, and we went for a drive! Was scary and tiring, but refreshing and wonderful (-: (Wheeled me around in a wheelchair at Wal-Mart too!)
Hubby filled tub with warm water and I could sit in it to tummy (don't soak badages!) Felt so good, (only used awkward leg movements to get out though...have to be under a certain weight I'm sure, lo...bambi legs!) and slept really well! (Back and neck so sore, wish I could soak everything)
Fri-today 3rd day after BA (sorta 4th...) Got up, tried to verbally help hubby pack up all our stuff from the hotel room (we had a small kitchenette too) and then...du-da-dahhhh! I took a bath/shower! Tub filled to tummy (not to soak bandages) then shower handle un-hooks and he got me hair wet, put soap in, rinsed (-: such a good dude (found out most of his good side just this week!) I could somewhat use the blow dryer enough...looked and felt normal and un-zombieish for the first time since Mon night! (Truth be told...was completely freaked...shower was the first time I was allowed to take my bra off too...scared to see them and how they'd feel outside of the tightest bra ever, and then to get them wet...but everything was fine!)

After shower/ready/hotel emptied...to Doc office-nurse took off bandages, re-stuck a loose steri-strip...looks good...bra back on and appt for Jan 13th when the Doc sees me.

Drive in snowy weather, lots of traffic, princess auto (gotta do something for the hubby!) eat and meds and on way home...4 hr drive (snowy bad roads)

Tonight been more sore and swollen than have been b4...drive I guess. But all in all, good (-:

Best wishes to all of you girls -many stages- b4, brand new, after, d&f'd, and whatever other category! HUGS!
Glad to here that things are going well!
Yay! me too (-; Thank you! Hugs
Hey...am I all of a sudden mental? (-; I can't get onto your page...posts/pics/ and stuff, just what you've posted to others pages...hmmmm?

Was all alone 'all' day and didn't get 'stuck' anywhere or die!!!

(-: Aren't you proud of me?! Lol Hubby went to work from 10:45-4:30, I got in and out of bed (with leg strength), water/pills, etc.

Today at noon I took an ibruprophen, instead of the ketoralak...but took it with dinner, one less is better than nada!

Been having weird shooting pains in, well basically directly under my left armpit underneath the bra...nothing really happened there, but whatever.

Tonight I'm going to go 'commando' for a bit. I convinced my hubby he'd love me more if I didn't stink (-; He's going to scrub my surgical bra in the sink and let it dry over our heating vent. (I might just shower too...) SO much to be excited for LOL

Happy thoughts/speedy healing to everyone, HUGS
Ha ha, I was allowed too shower on the first day. But I only showered yesterday evening. Cling wrap around the boobs and gaffer tape the to and bottom. Looked absolutely scary, but hey it was worth it. I love how you verbally helped pack. God that made me laugh. Today I've made the bed, put washing in machine, about to make rum balls fit Christmas. Went to the toilet for the first time. But I've taken Sooooo many laxettes, I feel like spewing at the same time :'(.... the joys of being a woman..lol
Wow, another BA superwoman! I can't do anything on that list (well, I carefully put a few 'hotel stay things' away where they belong) except poop, I can poop! Teehee, sounds weird. Well girl you're doing amazingly...yay for us (both us us were nervous wrecks just a couple days ago!) hugs and praise the lord for cling wrap! haha (mmmm rum....)
I know we were shocking....Ha ha ha. Just put all the kids presents under the tree. It's amazing isn't it really. I still can't believe it and I've turned into my own pervert =-O....... still no bras on, starting to get itchy stitches too. Bugger me ;-)

Took bra off to wash it and myself...and look

ouchy...bra is too tight? Probably all it is right?
Also learned on here and then asked PS, some bruising is normal.
Oh yeah! My bra was so so tight the first week I had to unclip my top clip otherwise I felt like it was smashing my swollen boobies too much! It's good because week 2 and 3 if you are still in it (I am) it will fit perfectly :)
Yes probably mate. Don't panic too much. Just probably rubbing and the moisture.

Done really well thus far, but last night/this morning was no fun

Maybe I did a bit too much yesterday...not much but did tidy things up, but the shooting pains in my leftie is nasty, when I go to lay down or get up or cough, my leftie's stitches feel like they're gonna pop, and my tummy/ribs and my muscles just below my left collarbone feel bruised, just all of a sudden. Leftie and it's arm feels bruised and useless. Last night was sucky as I couldn't get to sleep, and this morning I felt like I was back to the 't-rex' arms of day 1.

Okay, enough complaining...I still have been having 1-2 BMs a day and I think it's thanx to Equate Meal Replacement drinks-full of vitamins and protein. Maybe the oranges and oatmeal and raisin bran too? Whatever the reason, I'm thankful. (The first 2 days felt 'sharp' and I bled a little, then it looked like dear terds, and now it's 'normal') (-; fun fun

For the girls who are freaked about getting their period for surgery, I go it the night b4 and still have it, and I'm doing fine with it...thanx to the drugs, I'm sure!
Hugs and happy thoughts to everyone (-:
Ya...true. Just concerned about the blood under the skin...and the underwire digging into my boobs... Hugs and thanks you(-:
Ya...I have felt like I'm a vice, and the 'fat' under my arms were (see the pics) sooo swollen or something. I don't really feel that the breasts are swollen, more just the sides and the rib/upper tummy. My tummy hurts from the meds. Thank you for the encouragement (-:
Thank You 'grown up bee', hugs xo (-:

"New", well not really, Bra

Looking at my pics...bra is way too tight. My hubby cut off the clasps from an old bra, sowed the left/right side together...then put it between the left and right back clasps of my surgical bra, and ta-da! WAY BETTER FIT. The support is still there, but my boobies can breath now, and my underwire isn't digging in. Yay for good men, that can sew! Giggle
You're lookin good. How are you feeling? Every day gets BETTER. xx
(-: Thanx! Doing pretty good so far! I have almost full range of my right arm, but the left arm/boob/ribs/incision/shoulderbone...little slower and more noticeable achy stuff. Overall, I think I'm healing up just fine! (-: Yay...HUGS
That is awesome your hubby made your bra new! Sometimes you just have to innovate :)

My day

So this time last week, I was seeing the nurse/Doc for the last time b4...then out for dinner, and prepping the hotel room, and freaking out...LOL

One week later, today I had a 1/2 neck massage (and feet...mmm), went out for lunch (well almost dinner...so late), got a few movies and groceries...

About 1/2 hr ago I was feeling all 'stuck' so got my hubby to take my bra off (feels weird when the clasps are loosened and off) and they feel soooooooo good being out, breathing all the fresh air in, heehee. My hubby looked at me like a kid in a candy store, that was really nice to see!

I can sort of move them around...like a millimeter only but I hope that's good enough for now, they are a bit sore on the upper insides and certain other spots and numb to the touch around the nipple area...like inch wide section. Left arm is still weaker and heavy but getting better.

Love and hugs and happy healing (should obey the Doc and put the vice back on...just a couple more minutes, I promise...giggle) (-:
RE: your last sentence...I can make you feel better! My post-op instructions are to "keep the surgical bra on 24 hrs a day for 3-4 months," yikes. Then after 4 months, a normal bra during the day and no bra for sleeps. That means I will be in this thing until the time between March 17th-April 17th...wow. (Hate the underwire...poopoo) Oh well, I also bought the 'ta-ta-tamer' sports bra that's approved by the Doc and will try that out in a week or so (no underwire in that one) and just alternate between the two granny vices til spring when my boobies will be fresh and youthful and happy, at last! (-; (sounds like a quote from the Bible...lol, not quite!) Ya, re: the left arm, my stringy muscle thingy that connects my shoulder to my boob/pec muscle is shorter feeling now...hard to move arm properly, and the whole left boobie area and side feels 'not so great'. Oh well, it's to be expected. Just as long as both my boobies are happy and healthy and heal right, I will be THRILLED! (-: Hugs
That's so cute! I love the story ab your hubby!! It's so hard to be patient:( but were learning again! Lol, what the heck is up with our left arms??? I've never had this problem before, I'm sure is it our nerves, agh this feeling is yuck. Hugs xoxo feel better and sorry ab this darn strap, I hate it too, but the painful thing works! The office suggested I wear it for a month!!!!!!!!
BTW-I thought you were referring to the bra as a strap, then I remembered there's an actual strap thing out there to use, although my Doc doesn't use this method, just the bra and massages. (-;

Took a real, no fear shower!!!

Took the bra off (I keep referring to it as a vice, I don't have the strap...just the bra and for the next 3-4 months I wear it 24/7)
I showered without using saran wrap to cover my steri-strips...sooooooo nice! Loved the shower. I blotted dry the strips, then used the hair dryer on cold setting to ensure they were dry again so I don't get 'moldy' under there! (-;
My hair is all pretty too, but no one around to show it off to, ha ha...oh well.
Took an ibruprophen before bed, and one at 9'ish this morning and feeling pretty darn good too! Happy happy. Tummy still hurts though (rough week on it with antibiotics and heavy pain meds, poor tummy.)

Hugs and happy thoughts to everyone! xo

tried cropping the left breast, didnt work, deleted...here is the reg pic

Progress is looking amazing!! You can already see such a huge difference from the first pictures you posted to your 7 day update! They definitely seen to be dropping, fluffing and appearing much more natural! You must be trilled with your progress! That dreaded surgical bra must be doing the trick ;) haha Also, any idea why your PS has your wearing an underwire support bra? I know my PS doesn't want me wearing underwire for a long time but like I mentioned in my reply to your comment on my profile, every PS tends to have different rules so obviously there's a good reason for it of he's having you wear it. You mentioned you were still bloated & I suggested eating prunes and taking lax but now that I'm reading over your recent posts I see your still on meds, I wasn't able to free myself from the bloat until I stopped taking all meds, so if the pain isn't too bad maybe you should discontinue the meds and your bloat will most likely disappear soon after :) I hope your tummy feels better. Happy Healing & Happy Holidays!! :D
You are already looking fab!! Congrats. It only gets better everyday.
Thank you for your support (-: hugs

Ta Ta Tamer - LuluLemon Bra

This bra is nicer on my boobies, less purple lines and indents (-: No underwire, so I will call the office tomorrow/Fri to see if I have to alternate or if this one's going to be good enough. HUGS
I love your new bra! I'm so glad it's way more comfortable than the others. It's very counterproductive to have an incision where an underwire would rest when your trying to heal. I wonder why your Dr. Wanted you to wear a bra like that :-/ I'm glad you have one that won't be hurting you:) hugs!!
Lol, that's the down part of posting on each others site like this...I just posted to your page pretty much exactly what you just said above, ha ha...well, at least we are both 'thorough!' (-; I have finished my antibiotics and have been off (except b4 bed last night) the 'heavy' pain killers, so my jeans fit a bit better and my tummy isn't as huge, and still having reg BM's, so I think all is pretty good. The important stuff, right?! (-; hugs xo
Haha well I'm happy you seem to be doing well and I love the purple lulu bra! So cute! & the quality is definitely there! I might have to get one myself! Happy Healing :) xo

Hmmm (rash)

I hope it's not related to my BA but this morning I started getting small (needle head) sized water blisters on the palms of my hands, and tonight I have red itchy bumps (different from normal hives) spread over my legs. Hope it's all good...

Boob comfort wise, pretty good.(-: At night I'm more sore, just from the day and moving around. Waking in the morning I feel much older than 28! Strange pains come and go. The normal stuff most post-ops go through. Hot showers loosen the muscles and such. Still have steri-strips on incisions.

Hugs and happy healing girls xo
Hope you are feeling ok! I too would call ASAP to get that looked at.
I would definitely call your dr.s ASAP! It may be nothing, but it's better to be safe!! ;) hugs, wishing you the best!!
Ohhhhhhh that's a bit weird. Hand foot and mouth starts the same way. My son got blisters on his hands and rash on legs that looked like measles. Don't want to scare you at all, but I'd keep an eye on it. Highly contagious too. I'm not a doctor at all, but just from your description.....It sounded like what he had. Let's hope it's nothing but......God luck, look great still..

Must have had an allergy to something, cause it's all better now (-:

Thank you for the support!
So glad your fine;)
Glad to hear all is well

It's been two weeks (-:

I'm doing pretty good so far. (-: Much better than I thought it would be. I am able to use my arms and muscles, just can't lift the arms up too high yet.

I saw my family doctor (after hours) who knows I had this done, and she asked how I've been doing (so sweet!) and told her I'm able to move around really well, and get quite a bit done throughout the day. She said 'just because you CAN do it, doesn't mean you SHOULD do it...the 4-6 weeks rest time is so that you don't do any kind of damage, and it'll be too late, so don't do too much!' I giggled and confessed how hard it is to 'just heal' and not clean up and such. That was so kind of her to care while 'off duty.' (-:

Shoulders are really tight, esp the left side and still have a sore left boob (nipple doesn't hurt) and the right is fine (but nipple hurts) ... to massage them without too much discomfort, it's like memorizing a 'combination code.' LOL

Husband has been very helpful around the house and such, which I've never seen from him before, so that's so wonderful, big burden off!

Still sleeping upright with pillows all around, but sleeping fine because I have been taking half a sleeping pill.

Got my period the night before my BA (Dec 16th) finished it about 4 days ago, and then started it again last night! What the heck?! (was so sore all over and had 'mad cow syndrome' and couldn't figure out why, then this morning...crap, again?!)

I have a ton of questions for the Doc/nurses since last week this time, but they are out of the office for holidays still, and no questions are serious enough (well, hope not anyway) to disturb their holidays, so on Thurs when they open, I will be first one to call, I'm sure!

I haven't taken off my steri-strips...they're still stuck on pretty good. I hope that's okay, and that they look fine and are all healthy under there!

Posted a 2 week since BA pic.

HUGS xo (-:
Teehee, thank you. Sorry to worry everyone!
I know hey?! Yikes
Thank you! (-: hugs

Forgot something...

Went out to a small party (very low key) and wore a tank top with cami type top over and jeans...I felt 'proportionate'...I went into the bathroom to check myself out, and was pretty happy how the clothes look on the 'new me.' (-: Yay!
(naked: wish I was bigger, but I seriously don't think my skin could have stretched anymore anyways! My husband says the same thing...and he seems to get all goofy when helping me put on/take off my bra, so they can't look that bad!)
That's awesome your happy with your results! My Dr. Told me to keep my steri-strips on till they fall off, they want to stay on me for 3 weeks! That's so nice of hubby to taking a big hand in cleaning and that he's so excited to help with the bra;))
You're looking great so far! Congratulations! Did you end up with the 425cc silicone HP? Happy healing! :)
Thank you (-: Yes, yes, and yes...and they're "Mentor" So far, so good! Yahoo! Hugs xo


The office is finally open again and I had all my questions answered by the nurse in the office/clinic:

-The instructions to wear the underwire bra 24/7 for 3-4 months only applies to those who have had a breast lift and saline implants. (I didn't have any breast to lift and I have silicone) YAY!
-So...I wear a supportive bra during the day (my lulu pictured about is a gooder) and don't have to wear anything to bed! YAY!
-I have been massaging my girls the right way thus far, so once again... YAY! (she mentioned too that the movements of the arms during the day somewhat massages the implants and moves them around too, so that's a bonus!)
-Also, she said I can pull off my steri-strips now, they should be fine. (Will do it later today after my shower-and will post pics)
Yesterday I drove for the first time since Dec 15th, and all was well...no pain or anything as I kept my hands on the bottom half of the wheel. I also did some scrapbooking of last years pictures.
At the end of yesterday though, I must admit I was kinda sore, esp in the leftie, but it's all good.

I'm going to fill out my implant warranty paperwork and fax it off today probably.

Have a good day everyone, and so happy to have you girls to share this process with! HUGS xo
Just read your post and I too kept this a secret from most people. IN FACT, I had my surgery one day after you and STILL haven't told anyone in my family. Only ones that know are my boss, my supervisor, the secretary and her daughter (as they were my ride) and my ex boyfriend and one doctor friend. That's it. Not sure yet when I'm going to tell my mom and sisters or anyone else.
Well in my mind, it's really not anyone else's business. We are the ones that had to go through mental/emotional probs all throughout life...It can be very deep and intense...the emotions and such. Plus some ppl may judge even if they don't say anything out loud. It's such a personal thing for most, but for some, and good for them...it's easy to talk about with others or they know others who already had it done. Everyone is different in handling things. (From the get-go...16 yrs old, Mom knew someday I 'd have it done...always always talking about it, then Hubby knew...he went with me for consultations, etc...then a month b4 BA, had a 'all over check-up' with my family Doc...told her, informed my massage therapist I would need to be propped up for my next apt, but asked her not to write anything in my chart about it, then a week b4, finally told my Mom.) I say, in this situation, do what you feel is right. I never felt right telling friends... HUGS xo
Yay! They look fantastic. Congratulations. Here's to lovely boobies and wonderful hubbies. Yours sounded so sweet. :) :)

Steri-Strips are off

Well, after speaking with the nurse this morning, she said to take em off...so this afternoon after my shower I did. (Started to pull an edge of my left one, but it really hurt, so I stopped and showered longer)

Once out, I pulled the right one off...no problem at all, held it up for my hubby to see (he was in the living room) Then as I was pulling the left one off Hubby is like, "Well, I guess that puts you back to normal, you can do whatever you used to again!" Before I said, ummm don't think that's how it works hun...I pulled the left one off. It sorta hurt a bit coming off, but now once it was off it stung and didn't feel so great and I felt all hot and panicky, wishing I had waited a few more days...about 3 1/2 hrs later (now)...it has stopped stinging as bad, but now I'm all nervous of putting my bra back on...and if I put gauze between me and the bra, what if it sticks to the incision? I noticed that the reason why it kinda hurt in the shower was because there was a tiny scab that came off with the steri-strip. I also noticed the wound was sorta tiny tiny open, and there's a small white-head pimple type thing above it. I panicked and called the nurse again, and she said both will heal just fine, but to keep the sites clean...meaning tomorrow in the shower gently was it with a bit of soap. It doesn't feel the best...sorta wish I had waited a bit longer, esp for the leftie who always seems to be 'needy.' (-;
Anyways, just as long as it stays healthy and happy, I will chill out.

(Sorry if the pics are too close up...don't faint!) lol
I think your incisions look incredible, really healed nice ! I'm sorry it hurt:((. Hope your doing much better today:)
Thank you. I took a sleeping pill, left my bra off (1st night of trying that!) and slept well. Before bed, and still the incision area is really swollen, not too sure why, maybe just irritated from the tape being pulled off, anyways...the stinging and such has subsided. Will try a shower or sponge bath later, to make sure I stay clean on the site. Hugs
TO: Lwood33 & Csta5315 I have a big lump in my throat right now, holding back tears because of your positive comments on my incisions. I'm not sure why, but taking my steri-strips off is like (flashback 28 years) someone taking away my soother! (sounds so stupid, but I feel all nervous and crap about it, not sure why it's making me so emotional, hmm) Anyways, to all you girls out there, I'm taking a hug FROM you this time! (-;;;; Thank you so much, xo

Filled out my paperwork...

but don't know where to fax it! It's such an obvious piece of paper, where should I take it? Lol...I will figure out the least conspicuous place.

My incision site is pretty swollen since I took the strips off last night, they look irritated, but have calmed down pain wise, now I just have to keep them clean and healthy.

When you're in the shower try massaging (pushing quite hard) on the incision. You should feel some hard scar tissue, and massaging it roughly helps to break it down. It might help with the swelling and pain, at first it was uncomfortable but trust me it helps!
Oh my goodness I just about passed out when I read your 'massage the incisions' thing, phew good thing I'm sitting down, LOL. I took my first 'no steri-strips shower' yesterday and could barely even touch the incisions with soapy water, I'm so nervous...what a big baby I am! (-; Thanx for sharing and caring! Hugs

Nipple Covers

The area around the nipples is 'numb' but OH MY GOODNESS, both nipples are crazy sensitive. The left nipple was burning sooooo bad yesterday, I was close to tears for several hours, and took a few pain killers...then put a cotton pad (removes make-up/nail polish) right between me and the bra, and awww, way better! Still have left boob achy and tightness, but a hot shower really feels good and then loosens up enough to do a bit of massage. Well, that's all the excitement for the past 24 hrs. (boob wise anyways) (-;
Nipple hypersensitive is normal. My last Ba they were sensative forever ..that was for years ..then I had a baby and breastfed and after that they weren't as bad...so this time around I'm not expecting them to be any less sensative...I guess be extremely sensative is better then nothing at all
Mrs.Rightie feels fine, but Mrs.Leftie is an irritant...one of each, LOL Hugs
I'm ab to start my period and wow, are my nips angry at me! I feel ya boobie sista:) hope it gets better:)

First post-BA bra shopping

It was pretty lame, just at Wal-Mart...but I found a nice bra that I can swap the lulu back and forth with.
It is a 34C, no underwire/some seam support, has the flower nipple pads in the lining, and is only $16! (My post-surgical bras I bought b4 the BA were both$60+, one of them I wore for only the 1st week.) See the pics (-: Hugs

BTW - anyone else out there have a sleepless night last night? Oh...I just couldn't get comfy, I felt horrible...3am to the couch, still no good, cried out of frustration, achy, exhaustion...back to bed...no good, then finally at about 5am, on the couch I slept til 8 then had to get up and get ready...sucked. Hope tonight will be better!

Today, all day my boobs felt really good, then tonight I had stabbing zingers in my leftie for a min or so, and my shoulders/upper back are soooo tight.

Well, that's it! Hugs all you girlies. (-:
You look great in your new bra! Yay for inexpensive, comfy bras! I never thought to look there, I'm such a ninny. Sorry to hear you had a Bad night, hope tonight is much better:)
Thank you! It wasn't the fancy pants first bra shopping experience I thought it would be...picked one, tried it on, it fit, I bought it. (Maybe when I go to a mall I will find some more fun and play around with colors, etc...) Very happy about the price, for sure! (and last night's sleep was great! thanx!) hugs
I too am feeling a pain "regression". I haven't done anything different or "too much" but the last couple days I find I am reaching for pain relief where I had been a week without needing any at all. Weird. I also slept like crap last night. Woke this morning excited to take one of my boys to school so I would only have the two younger boys only to realize school doesn't start until tomorrow.... ugh....

Coobie online

I bought a few things online...when I get the items in 10-14 days (lol) I will post some pics...I hear they are great, I shall see for myself soon!
Glad to hear you are feeling well. You look wonderful! Heck of a deal $16 for a new bra and it looks comfy. Can't wait to hear your opinion on the coobie :)
Thank you (-: Hey, you should start up your profile! Even if it's just your thoughts/questions...join the 'club' - teehee Hugs!
Those bras look super comfy. I'm the opposite I want wire and I want it now☺i just like the feeling of being pushed up. Tried one yesterday for a couple of hours and it was comfy.. Find out Thursday if I'm allowed too.....


Well, the boobies have been feeling better since Sunday, and last night I tried on all my old tiny bras - hilarious now...makes me realize how much bigger I am now, even though I am still a conservative size. I also tried on my old bikini tops, one or two may still work. I tried on my 'wish bra' that I bought about this time last year, and daa, duuh, daaa...I fill it in now!! (-: Happy Happy

I am quite 'broke' right now, but am looking forward to buying a nice bikini in the spring to celebrate my boobies. (I have some butt tightening to do, so my goal is to have the bottom half ready by spring for bikini shopping...very excited!)

I did a whole bunch of organizing and cleaning around the house today, which was great. My chest/breasts are tight and the shoulders/upper back are achy, but so far so good. I still don't feel ready for a visit to the gym, but will try the elliptical that's in my house tomorrow and see how that goes.

I wish I had left my steri-strips on a bit longer. (I know I sound like a broken record) I feel they are really 'raised.' (and no...I haven't started massaging my scars yet, nor am I putting anything on them...I'm going to wait until I see my Doc next week for my post-op...)

Happy thoughts to all of you, happy healing, and HUGS!
look at you hot mama!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE that aqua bikini top on you!!! wowza! :)
Hahaha (blush) Thank you! So sweet... (wish I had matching bikini bottoms, lol)
Love your blue bikini top, you look set for summer:) love your red and green bra and the maroon, looking hot;)

Remember Human Kindness


I figured that RealSelf has to do with feeling good about yourself, and doing what you can to improve 'you'...and to 'be there' for others...so I'm sharing these sweet pics today.

HUGS, and remember to be patient with yourself and with others. (-:
Your results are looking so great! Love your post about human kindness, too. You seem like a very sweet person! I'm curious about your incisions and how you are caring for them at this point. I'm only one week post and have to take off the steri strips at two weeks post and I'm super nervous about it! Would you mind keeping me posted on what kind of scar treatment your doctor suggests? Mine says to use the Wound Be Gone cream/gel over the incisions once I remove the strips, but I'm a little scared and thinking the scar healing strips (that look similar to band aids) may be a better option in case of irritation from my bra. Once again, you look great and I have found your story to be super helpful! Take care! :)
Hi! Thank you so much (-: At day 16 I took my steri-strips off, and I believe this will always be a regret for me, as I felt they were still on too good, and could have left them a little longer. I think that the tugging of the skin is why my scars are 'puckering' a little bit. I know we should always listen to the advice of the nurse/Doc...but really, I wish wish wish I had left them on a bit longer just to let them heal better and to put less 'anxiety' on the scars and skin from the pulling off. (This still happened even though I took a loooonnnngggg hot shower, hmm) Anyways, they've been off for just over a week now and I'm not doing anything to them yet. I wear my bra during the day, with a little gauze pad between me and the cup (reducing friction) wash them in the shower once a day b4 bed, and then leave my bra off for the night so they can 'breath.' (-: So far, they are healing up good, but still puckering a bit. I see my Doc for my post-op on Monday, so I will see what he wants me to do...maybe massage and/or scar creams, we shall see. For now though, I am happy to just 'leave em be.' (Can you tell I am a bit nervous of my incisions, or what?! lol) Thank you for reading my 'story' thus far. All the best to you in your healing. I read your page before replying to you, and you sound and look like you're doing really well! I have only slept on the couch twice, and in bed, I have a mountain of pillows. I will post a pic of my pillow set up, hope that helps you find your comfort too. Hugs!
Your such a sweetie;)

This might be helpful to the 'newer' ones to BA (-: Hope so!

I may be a bit 'behind' others in getting comfy the old/normal way that I did b4 BA, but I thought I would share some pics of my mountain of pillows, and how I set them up for optimal comfort in bed. (Or maybe this will just be good for a laugh...take what you want from it, lol) (-:
Happy healing, HUGS!
You are looking fantastic and healing beautifully! I'm thinking if using your pillow comfort technique - but for optimal boob support! I'm already nervous about sagging and getting a cleavage crease, haha
Dont worry I slept with about 6 pillows for a few weeks!! So uncomfortable. So glad it gets better. Finally at 1 month I slept with just 1 pillow. :-)
My one month/four weeks mark is this Tuesday the 14th...but if you want to count from the 17th to the 17th...I have a couple days more to figure out how to get comfy with less! (-; Thank you for the encouragement! Hugs

1st POST-OP appointment was today at 1:30...big day (+ Bra Shopping!)

Tomorrow will be four weeks since my BA.

Today (long day 3 hrs driving there and back…) was my 1st post-op. The nurse saw me first, asked questions etc. Then my Dr.Peterson came in. He shook my hand and asked how I am, and I smiled and said, “I lived! I’m alive!” He opened my chart and said, “well I’d better write that down, as there have been a lot of casualties lately!” Hahahaa! (He’s got a good sense of humor!) He asked some questions, answered some. As soon as I took my gown off for him to see my boobies, he kind of gasped and made a hmm sound…I just about passed out, thinking something was wrong, but he said other than being a tad too high and tight still, I am looking and healing great! Yahoo! He ‘squished’ them too (hubby didn’t beat him up, lol) and said they are soft’ish, but need more attention. He said I can wear ANY bra I want now (!) or even no bra at all. He said I can do whatever I would normally do. He said to act more like they are part of me and to not be afraid of them, and to start relaxing (I’ve been so uptight hoping I heal properly and trying not to do any damage) and to start having some fun. I have the clear to sleep however I can get comfy, I can swim/hot tub, etc. He said my scars are looking fine, and although they are still ‘obvious’ he didn’t recommend any scar treatment! He said to just let them heal, and they will look fine. (Right now he said they show a lot because I haven’t ‘dropped’ or whatever word he used, so they are low on my ribs and my breasts are still high, but that everything will be fine. I asked about massaging them, to release the puckering, he said no need to, it doesn’t make any difference. (I see that the opinion of Doc’s regarding bras, massage, scars etc differ soooo much, but he said do what feels right and to not worry so much.) He did ‘squish’ my breasts quite a bit harder than I have ever, and when he did the leftie, my breath sorta was short/taken away, but it didn’t really hurt. I told him about ‘vacant hole’ type things I occasionally feel around the side of my leftie and the various pains I have in the breasts, shoulders, back, arms…he said it’s all normal. The muscles and nerves and such still have a couple months of healing, and getting over the ‘trauma’ of the surgery, and that time and some massage will help it all and it will turn out great! Overall, it was a very positive visit, he is such a kind and funny Doc, and makes you feel confident in him and yourself. He said he would like to see me again in April. I hope my boobies d&f soon and heal and turn out happy and healthy quickly and long term!

I also had my first real bra shopping experience (went to La Senza). The last time I bought a nice bra from a mall (walmart granny bras don’t count!) was about 4 and half years ago! I just kept telling myself, ‘don’t waste $...wait until you get boobies, then buy bras.’ I walked into the store, totally lost and feeling like a lost child…the girl working there asked me what size I’m looking for, I almost cried and said I don’t know but the current bra band is 34 and feels too snug, then she said, well you’re probably a C or a D cup, and then let’s try 36C. (!) That made me smile! I searched for a couple bras, still feeling nervous/frusterated, even swore under my breath, and then got to the change room, and…I reverted back to my ‘old’ talking myself down ‘self.’ I have always been such a downer regarding my own body and body image, I was literally in tears in the change room telling myself I was stupid to spend so much $ on boobs, etc… Then I tried on my first real, NO PADDING nice sized and pretty/sexy bra, and … WOW, I FELT AWESOME. (I have tears again typing this.)

TO ALL YOU GIRLS OUT THERE with really low self-esteem and body image: I really really know, deep dark down inside how bad it can be to ‘hate’ your body, even though you know it’s really not that aweful, but still being in a bad habit of self-loathing, and no matter what, not being able to crawl out of this horrible place. I love my new boobies, and I know I can work on tightening my bum, but I really have to work on my ‘inner voice’ and PRACTISE feeling good when I look at myself, and LEARN how to be happy with me. If you feel the same, please join me in fighting these negative crappy words we tell ourselves…lets practice and learn to be kinder to ourselves and talk nicer to ourselves! (-:

I have been waiting all day to share today with you girls, and I thank you for sharing this journey with me, and sharing your story too. (and thank you for letting me spout off about whatever, whenever!)
I will post some pics of my pretty (bigger with no padding bras!) tomorrow when I have energy! (-:
HAPPY thought and happy healing and big HUGS, xo

Oh, forgot something...

I asked if it's normal to have an awful time trying to shave my armpits...the pec muscle connecting my boob to my arm is so exaggerated and tight, he said it's normal and gets better with time. He seemed to have heard this complaint from many before me! (-; Here's to not being afraid of a razor again! (soon soon)
So happy for you...I know how you feel. I cried in the change room too when I realized I had something to put in a bra cup...lol!!
I am happy (well it's sad really) that I'm not alone, but I guess part of my/our healing is also emotional, not just physical! (-: Hugs
Perky, I am so glad that you are healing well! they are looking good! Can you believe it has been a month already?! I can't, it seems so distant now. I still have issues shaving my pits only because of the pain in my right breast so I miss some spots. Just keep doing it and it'll get better.


So today is January the 17th… My BA was on Dec 17th… It’s been an official month!
Things have been going pretty good, I have been working really hard, some long days, plus been packing as we are moving.
From day one, my leftie has been an issue...pains: electric, sharp, stabbing, shooting, burning, stinging, odd sensations. And the past couple of days, when I bend to get something, it feels like the muscle and implant fall forward and want to come out of the nipple. Needless to say, it doesn’t feel the best. Last night I noticed there was a horizontal cord under my left boob, not like Mondor’s…sideways and not visible to the eyes, then today I noticed a couple small nodules- one under my nipple and one just above it. Also the breast is feeling tighter, and my shoulder/wing area is even tighter. I spoke with the nurse, she asked the Doc and she got back to me saying it is probably just part of the healing process and is normal. I hope I’m healing good! The right incision is smoothing out, left still bumpy/puckering. They both are still waiting to d&f (-;
I wore a sexy leopard print underwire bra for about 4 hours tonight…no problem and looked great! (-:
I love my boobies and will be tickled pink if they heal quickly and happy and healthy! I hope the same for all you ladies out there! Hugs to ya’ll!
You look great! I had super sensitive nipples from the first visit with my Dr. and the sensitivity is now normal again, thank goodness. I still have from time to time pain in the right and on occasion in the left. I am going to see my Dr. this week for my 4 month check-up and see if that is normal this far out.
You are looking wonderful! Sorry to hear you are having some issues though. I'm sure it is all part of the process :) Hopefully it resolves soon.
Aw sorry your having some issues with leftie hun, hopefully it will heal up soon lovely. Keep us posted -hugs- :)

6 Weeks

Well, It’s been 6 weeks now since my BA.
Things are going well, they seemed to have dropped quite a bit, as now my breast sits on the incision line, instead of an inch above it, and they are easier to move around and are squishier. My left breast and arm are still tighter than the right side, but have improved a lot since about 5 days ago. I wear a coobie bra pretty much all day, as I have been working hard every day, and need the support to not be thinking of the girls every second. (It still feels like the implant may come out of my left nipple when I bend forward without a bra on…) I also wear a coobie bra to sleep as it’s more comfortable and easier to fall asleep with it on. (Otherwise, when laying on my back, I feel like the boobs are too far apart in the middle and my breast bone feels taught/stretched) I can occasionally sleep on either side, but then my neck or the boob zingers make me go back to laying on my back. I wear my lulu tatatamer to the gym, and that seems to do just fine. I am able to lift pretty much anything now I guess (been packing and moving, and so far so good) although the pulling motion (trying to take the wrapping off of my new furniture) was a no go, not because of pain, but just don’t have strength there yet. My left still feels bruised to the touch…deep inside, with the odd sensations here and there. Shaving has become less terrifying and awkward, it’s at about 70% of the way there for being easy again, lol…who’da known?! I’ve worn bandeaus, coobies, sports bras, and underwire. The bandeau is the least comfortable!
That’s the ‘technical’ side of things!
Main thing here – I feel way way more confident being in my own skin: casually, informally, at the gym, in a bathing suit…I LOVE MY BOOBIES! (-: I feel happier in general just knowing they are there! I think my surgeon did an amazing job. As of yet, there haven’t been any happenings that would have pointed to being ‘the surgeons fault’ kind of thing. From the start the swelling was minimal and I firmly believe the little bit of bruising I had from the getgo/temporarily was from that awful underwire bra being too tight and too nasty for my sore boobies. I am still nervous to say, and may always be, that ‘everything is great’ because in the past whenever I’ve said that about anything (literally) something almost immediately goes wrong. Lol. (pessimist or just nervous?!) (-; But, yes…I love my breasts! Yahoo.
So far no one has said anything or looked at me ‘sideways/wondering’…in clothing they look the same as my stuffed bra did, only a little lower/nicer shaped. But in a bathing suit/bra/naked…quite a noticeable difference! Yay!
I hope all of you girls out there are doing great! Happy healing, happy moving on, happy thoughts to all of us! HUGS
Hope the appointment goes well, let me know what he says (-: Thanx!
It's calming down here and there, thank you! (-:
Thank you!
Kelowna Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Peterson has over 20 years experience, is kind, funny and professional and has great staff. The pre-op appointments were smooth and very helpful and put me at ease. The actual day of surgery went well, was organized and 'quick.' The recovery was better and quicker than I thought it would be. The post-op appointments (I had two, spaced three months apart) were very cool, and I left with a 'bounce in my step, I was so pleased all is well. I showed Dr. Peterson the bra that has been a 'life-saver' for me...'Coobie Seamless' bras are comfy and easy to order. Dr. Peterson and his staff are very professional and kind and patient! I am 6 months post op today (Dec 17th-June 17th) and I am very happy with my decision to finally have this done, only regret is not being able to have done it sooner! (-: I feel more confident socially, sexually, mentally, emotionally. I actually feel good/comfortable being in a bathing suit and little t-shirts, etc. I don't spend too much time on this site anymore. I am very happy to have had the special people in my life to communicate with...fears, excitement, the day of the surgery and recovery support, and highly recommend the use of this site, and if you are in BC and want a BA...I highly recommend Dr. Peterson (-: Thanx all, and once again...HUGS!

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