10 weeks post op

I have always felt that I was disfigured. I have...

I have always felt that I was disfigured. I have always been self-conscience of my breasts starting with a large C in 9th grade. When I gain weight that is exactly where is lands first. After college, I worked off some weight and I think when I met my husband, I was 5’3, 125 lbs and probably a DDD. Even before we were married, I talked about getting a reduction and he was OK with it. Some 21 years later, with 2 kids 15 and 11 and weight from the pregnancies, I am just too big! I wear a size H because it is hard to find anything larger, though I know I’ve had some I and J cups. If you go by the suggestions on how to measure, I think I would be a K at my heaviest. While the kids were younger, I did exercise from time to time (mostly walking because that’s the easiest thing for these “girls”). But after moving to Texas it became harder. I’m not a good dieter but this year my husband joined me because he had started to gain too much weight. Since May of this year I have lost 35 lbs dieting with him and adding exercising. Each 5 lbs off made it easier to exercise. I now finally fit in those H cups!

After losing 15 lbs, I went and saw my plastic surgeon in late July. I chose him because of his location and the reviews I read. I probably should have had other consultations, but I was happy. And since then, I’ve received good feedback from friends of friends who have used his services. And even one of my friends has been an OR nurse for him, so I’m quite confident with him.

Tomorrow is my 2-week pre-op appointment with him. I need to get busy today and get a list of questions, but I’m getting nervous. I’ve been on this site reading for months and thought maybe if I write it will help me. My surgery is Dec 17. I selected this time to give me more time to lose weight and the kid’s school schedule (I won’t be able to drive). At my consultation, I said I wanted a C cup and he suggested a D based on my current proportions. So I’m anxious to see what he says tomorrow. My husband wants me to be a D or DD, but I think he is just so used to me being so big. My fear is if at the end I am a D cup, I’ll remain there if I lose more weight which is the plan.

As for costs, I’ll find out for sure tomorrow what my out of pocket will be. Blue Cross Blue Shield has approved the surgery (I think they looked at my picture the Dr. forwarded and said good gosh give that women a new set!) and quickly within a week. I didn’t expect that. I am also having lipo on the sides. This is my present to me. My insurance won’t cover the lipo, but will pick up 90% of the bill for the BR.

So the next 2 weeks will be interesting. Tree is up and some decorations (kept it minimal this year because I won’t be able to put it all away), most of the presents purchased and wrapped. Kids are getting more curious and I’ve been trying to forewarn my husband. I showed him some of the pictures here. I may plan to hire someone to help clean because I think I won’t get done and it will irritate me more after the surgery. And I’m traveling next week for work and then need to have my son’s birthday party the weekend before the surgery. That should take my mind off of things.

Now that I’ve rambled… thanks for reading. Here’s to Santa for bringing me new boobies. Little new boobies.

LOL...Good Santa:)

Welcome to the community girlie!   

We have the same surgery date! Here's to new boobies for Christmas! :-)
Congrats! Good luck to you.

After losing weight, found out on Monday at...

After losing weight, found out on Monday at pre-cert appointment, that I am now longer in size! It means I will be having an FNG but can go smaller that what he thought. Goal is a large C/small D. Next up is pre-op appointment on Friday. Also, I can say that after I wrote this earlier in the week. I felt so much better!
welcome and congrats on ur approval. plz keep us posted of ur progress! the waiting is harder than the surgery believe me! hehehe
Good luck!!!!

Pre-cert appointment done on Friday. Will...

Pre-cert appointment done on Friday. Will basically just have to walk in the morning, sign one thing and then off to wait for surgery. A few more gift cards to purchase and Christmas shopping will be done. 120 lbs of dog food stocked up. A few more things stocked. Ready and waiting. And one of the things driving me crazy is that I can't find any short sleeve button pajamas or any light button t-shirts. not even in texas. It will get cold here next week, but could warm up again. Next week I'm traveling for week (agreed to this to keep my mind on other things) and then my oldest turns 16. One final day of wrapping things up and then its "little boobie" time.
try going to kohls i saw some there this weekend but they were on the sale rack! also a few girls went to walmart. thats where i got mine but that was in sept!

Recovering OK Staying the night. More tomorrow!

Recovering OK Staying the night. More tomorrow!
Welcome to the post op world. Glad you are happy with your results. Rest and take it easy for a speedy recovery.
Today is 4 days post-op. I stayed the night and came home the next morning which worked well for me due to nausea. Plus PS wanted me to stay. I could not imagine going home. Since home, I am taking oxycodone since it is lighter due to nausea problems. It doesn't take away all pain but most of the pain now is from the drains and lipo. Also the nausea med helps to make me sleepy and take the edge off. I had my first followup today to remove tape and dressing only. I got a simple cotton bra that snaps in front. They wrapped with only one ace bandage this time. Drains are a pain and they come out Saturday. But from reading the blogs I think it works best to have them vs. Post op issues. I am still draining. And there are still bandages on my nipples since i had an fng. Got my first view of the girls today. They look small, but that's want I wanted and really after so many years I lost perspective on cup sizes! Hardly any bruising but I really haven't looked underneath. Hubby is not ready to see them yet. Funny thing - My lower back hurts the most from sitting. I'll get some pics up soon.
Glad you're feeling well! Enjoy your rest!!

Running low on pain pills so decided to cut way...

Running low on pain pills so decided to cut way back and that wasn't good. I'm 9 days post-op. The incisions are now hurting and keep changing from light bra from the PS, genie bra, and camis. Follow up appt is tomorrow. Outside of pain, no bleeding or redness since the drains removed.
Your surgeon should be more than happy to give you more pain meds, dont short yourself and cause pain! I had to get different pain meds altogether, mine gave me massive headaches worse than the pain from surgery! I hope your post op went well, mine was today also. Doesnt it feel great to have all that weight off your shoulders?!

I am 11 days post open now and saw the PS...

I am 11 days post open now and saw the PS yesterday. It was my third appt. Everything underneath appears to be healing well. I had an fng and nipples are doing OK. He said it was OK to shower, but now doesn't want the nipples getting wet and prescribed a cream to put on daily. I go back on Monday for a checkup and to get staples removed by the nurse. I keep switching what I'm wearing and usually add an ace bandage around because it feels better being tucked it. I don't like the feeling when the y are loose. It isn't pain, but just feels weird. I guess with all the healing going on inside. I do feel my nipples so I have a positive outlook that I may have some sensation left in them. I have a sports bra on today. I like this feeling better but its too tight around the band. I need to get out and get another. Maybe today. It is cold and rainy and the new girls do not like being cold! I got a new rx for pain pills, so I can take as needed. I'm dropping down to 3 a day. When I was running low, 2 a day was not enough and tylenol wasn't helping. Other than that, laying low to heal and getting bored! ( added new pic from this morning)

Surgery was 2 mondays ago. My incisions underneath...

Surgery was 2 mondays ago. My incisions underneath are healing great. Mostly only hurt when a bra rubs against them. The nipples are OK. Wish they were better, but was at my appointment today and they are healing as expected. I'm still taking pain pills. I could live without them, but the breasts (mostly near the nipples) ache so why not just relax. I won't be returning to work until Friday or Monday. I have short term disability so I'm covered. I'm getting really bored, but still not ready for work and not sleeping well. I don't like the feeling of my breasts when I travel in the car either! I do have the ability to work from home, so I may try that at first. The kids return to school on Thursday so I will get up without a pain pill and see how the day goes. I did get permission to try to sleep on my side if I have a good supportive sports bra on. I've been trying to lean sideways a bit. The recliner helps with that. I've been really pleased with my doctor and his office. Since the surgery, I've been there 4 times and I return this Thursday as well.
Happy new years to everyone and thanks for your support and information. Its been so helpful with everyone sharing!. quick healing to everyone.
I totally get the healing anxiety, I freak out all of the time.....still am!! I just want everything to heal so that I can stop worrying! You are looking great! xx
You look great. Happy New Year!

Yeah! I got 8 hours of sleep last night and about...

Yeah! I got 8 hours of sleep last night and about the same the night before . I only took 2 pains pills yesterday and so far nothing this morning , but I haven't really moved much yet though. And that's with some laundry and light cleaning yesterday. I see the doctor tomorrow. Maybe I can take showers again??? Most likely headed to work on Tuesday. Have a beautiful Sunday everyone.
You look great. I am 2.5 wks post op and up until about 3 wks ago I still took a pain pill to sleep. Sleep is important part of healing and it is difficult enough sleeping on your back, but having even minor twitches is worth taking the pain meds if anything to help you sleep.

Had the doctor visit today, all sutures and...

Had the doctor visit today, all sutures and staples removed ( well I found one staple left in tonight) and things are looking good. I am now allowed to shower but blow dry my nipples and still cover them with antibiotic cream and bandages. The nipples are taking longer. He said they were were thicker than normal which is why it is taking longer. And he said he removed about 4 lbs all together. I go back and see the nurse on Friday. I survived all day without a pain pill until this night. Busy day with appointment, a much needed pedicure, shopping at target and taking my soon to shop after dinner. Its been good having an excuse of not being able to drive the kids places and the hubby doing it. I'm back to work tomorrow. Can't wait to see the reactions of both those who know I had it done and those that did not.
congratulations!im glad your over the hump! lookin great on your last picture updates and im sure they are even better now! good luck returning to work.il dread that part!
Let us know about those reactions... that has been a lot of fun over here too. The ones who don't know just keep looking at me like they aren't really sure whats different but they know something is and they usually end up saying something about weight loss. I hope your first day back is smooth and fun! :-)
2.5 months! Grrrr

Added new pics for those wanting to see nipples...

Added new pics for those wanting to see nipples after fng. Mine are taking a bit longer due to having thick nipples. I do have sensation. Yes there is scabbing and some blood but that means blood supply has returned which is a good thing. I am very swollen today after 2 days of work even though it is an office job. I will be working from home tomorrow and have an upcoming vacation day next week and Monday 21st a holiday. That gives me more time to heal to return to normal.

Took a sick day. After 2 days I was more swollen...

Took a sick day. After 2 days I was more swollen even with an office job. I want to get well soon, so stayed home, took a pain Med, rested and a big nap. Luckily things aren't too busy at work, you feel bad, but I need to take care of me. We all need to take care of ourselves!
Yes you are totally right, work tends to make us not look after ourselves! You are looking great and you're so early in your healing journey!! xxx

I guess today completes 4 full weeks since surgery...

I guess today completes 4 full weeks since surgery and of course the dreaded t intersection spot has opened up on the right. The left is soon to follow. I've been doing alot of searches on this and I'm going to guess that mine is fat necrosis becuase of the way it looked prior to opening up. It was yellowish scab though the left is more red. This is a common time period that appears to be happening with others as well. Of course, I'm still swelled but dropping so that, to me, appears to me more weight and pressure on this area. I already have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow afternoon. They continue to see me twice a week so I'm glad the appoinment is made without me having to ask for one. good news is that I slept in bed without waking up for 6 hrs. woo hoo! baby steps i guess.
Looking good!!

I hit the 6 week anniversary on Monday. My nipples...

I hit the 6 week anniversary on Monday. My nipples are still healing. My right is just about healed but has some scabs to shed which I know means more possible openings. My left is still open and has a bigger scab on the bottom. My stitches were getting dry and appeared to be coming off but looked like underneath they weren't ready and would bleed. So I've been applying Palmer's coca butter around the edges and that seemed to help. They just fall off when closed underneath now. I go to PS on Monday.

I pretty much don't need pain pills or tylenol now unless I'm doing a lot of housework which is still minimal. I don't actually ache all day now! But I still get tired easily. I've been bandaging here and there. I feel it helps the breast but then puts too much pressure on the nipples. Aahhh and the sleep issue. I wear a sports bra to bed and will probably do that for a long time. I can sleep on my sides and try not to do so too much on my left (but its my favorite side to sleep on!). I still sleep on top of pillows, but I'm sore all night. Not too much the breasts, but my sides and shoulders. Sometimes I still do the recliner for a change. Definitely week 5 was a big change in healing for me.

I'm still wearing sports/compression bras. I ended up ordering the enell sports bra because it doesn't have the cross back and needed regular straps for some of my work clothes. It is pretty supportive and costly ! I wanted to get measured yesterday but felt odd because I still have bandages on my nipples. I ended up at kohls. Trying to find a supportive non wireless in DD cups is impossible. So I went up in band and down in cup. I have a special dinner party next Friday with a low cut dress so a sports bra is not an option. I'm just pleased I can wear a dress again!

I will put up a new pic soon.
Glad you are healing up good!! And very glad you get to wear a dress next Friday!!! YAH!!!!

My 6 week appointment update - I no longer have to...

My 6 week appointment update - I no longer have to cover the right nipple and soon once the left is healed (almost there). Begin to introduce exercise slowy. PS recommend ScarGuard so I purchased that at the office - said it is the only thing that really works. My nipple discoloration may be permanent (and they may have started off different colors before). My oval nipple may or may not change - recommend to massage it by stretching it out in a circle. And wear a very tight sports bra when exercising so that I don't compete with gravity while loosing additional weight. Keep it high and compressed inward. Back in 3 months and will take new pics.
Congrats to you. I am so glad that things are going well. I am so scared that when it is my turn to start the ball rolling I will need a FNG. I am so ready for this but just reading on free nipple graphing worries me,

So it has been 10 weeks. I am still a dd/ddd and...

So it has been 10 weeks. I am still a dd/ddd and was hoping to be smaller but I love no more shoulder & back pain. I haven't got back to exercising yet. Either the surgery or just my age changed my hormones so I've been dealing with that and now got that horrible virus everyone has shared with the world. i've noticed this last few days with more resting from this cold, that the boxiness is going away and more of a teardrop shape is forming. My only regret is not asking what would happen if I did not want to do an fng and try to keep functioning nipples. I know I would be larger, but question how large. So while I look great with clothes on, I kind of feel less womanly without nipples. They haven't poked out yet and I know I have a while for them to still heal. So time will only tell. I just putting that out there for others on the fence about this decision. I still don't think I would have changed my mind going in, but maybe having more info about fng results would have helped.
Your girls look some nice!!! Congrats!!!
Glad your surgey went well. My aurfery is in 31 day and i will need a FNG and i am getting nervous about that. Is there and asvice you give. Me about what to expect with a FNG?
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