Restylane Under the Eyes to Look Refreshed and Fill Hollow Areas - Katy, TX

Age 29( 8 months ago) I recently upgraded to...

age 29( 8 months ago)

I recently upgraded to the filler called Perlane and felt it filled my hollw spot alot nicer and lasting much longer than the restylane.

dr duncan

I love my Dr at Avanced dermatology in katy. She know exactly how much to add in all the rest places without looking over done. She applied numbing cream 1 hour prior to session and I did not feel a thing. She is so delicate I hardly had any brusing.

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hi im looking for a Dr in Texas to enhaance my cheek bones ( 1st time ) i would like to try first with Restylane an see if i like it ... can u tell me around did u used to pay when u used Resty. ( i know is dif. in every patient) and how was your experience with the product ... im as well around your age , i guess you recomend your dr.? thank you ;)
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Looks great! Do you know if your doctor did the injections deep/near the bone or just under the skin?
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I know she was feeling for my bone before she injected the site. It. Helped her know where to inject the solution to fill my hollow areas. Hope this helps. I'm not sure how deep it was but I'm sure it little deeper than just under the skin
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You look GORGEOUS! (Before and after....)
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Thankyou your do sweet :)
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Cool thanks! Can't wait to see the Sculptra pics! Do post a link here so we know when they're up! :)
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With most of the fillers immediately you fill the filler in your skin and it feels a little weird but it goes away within a day or so.
I have not had any problems with lumps under my skin nor does it feel fake. The doctor I use is really an expert as to where and how much is enough to fill each area. She never lets me over do it.

Oh and I just recently did SCULPTRA on my cheeks because of the recent last 10 lbs I lost the fullness in my cheeks. So I'll be posting that aswell

Where the needle were inserted it was a little lumpy but went away within 30 min.
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Awesome! Thanks for the info! One more question, have you had any problems with lumpiness? And when you touch that area, does it feel natural or like there's something in there?
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I have only been doing the fillers for alittle over a year now. The Dr used Restylane to fill in under my eyes (1 syringe) and it looked great.However I felt like within 4 months and didnt last long, I started to look tired again. So I returned back to get something thats would last longer.
Thats when the Dr recommended that I use Perlane because its thicker and last longer. So far so good. It has been 3 months since I have gotten this and im still loving the results

I love Perlane (last longer) vs Restylane

I love Dysport(last longer for me ) vs botox
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Wow your after pics look amazing! For how long have you been using fillers under the eyes? I'm thinking of starting, too, but worried about how it looks after it wears off!
Also, do you have any suggestions on what to look for with injectors?
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Wow, your eyes look great! I have wanted to have mine filled but I'm too freaked out since it is such a delicate area. It looks like it went wonderfully for you though. Beyond that I must say you are an absolutely beautiful girl!

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Awe Thankyou so much Megan ! And I promise if the doctor numbs you correctly you will not feel a thing and I really dislike needles .
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Oh, what I meant by delicate was the skin is so thin and it seems hit or miss if it goes well for people. If the results were more consistent (and turned out like yours!) I would definitely do it. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so it would have to be extreme pain to deter me. :)

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