Starting to love the girls!! *New Pics* - Katy, TX

I am the mom of a teenager, whom I nursed for 6...

I am the mom of a teenager, whom I nursed for 6 months. I was never happy with the size of my breasts, but after being pregnant and nursing, what little breast tissue I had moved south. I have been thinking about getting a BA for so many years, but my husband has not been on board. He thinks I'm perfect the way I am. It's very sweet, but that doesn't make me feel better about the way I look.

For my stats: I am 5'8", 130 lbs, and I am a 32B. My right breast is larger and sags more than the left. I have gone to one consultation and I have another one today. I am going with the silicone gel and I am thinking 400cc in the right and 425cc in the left. I'm not sure if that is too large for my frame though. I will post pictures. Also, my PS wanted to do a small lift, but I don't want to do that because of the scars. I am hoping that the size I have chosen will fill me out enough to make it all work out. Any comments from ladies who have chosen the same thing would be greatly appreciated! I am super excited, but also super nervous!! My main issue is the size. I hope I am making the right choice!


So excited for you!! I am thinking 400s myself and a vertical lift. I understand the worry about scars but in the end I wanted the full package without the nips pointing south!! Let me know what you choose.. My preop is tomorrow with surg feb 11th!
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I'm excited for you too! I have decided to go with 400 in the right and 450 in the left. My surgeon also said I could do it without the lift.

I had my second consultation yesterday and I feel...

I had my second consultation yesterday and I feel great about it!!! He said he was fine with not doing the lift. That is a load off of my mind! I am thinking under the muscle, silicone, high profile 400cc on the right and 450cc on the left. I will bring in a sports bra to my pre-op and try them on again. I can't believe it is 2 weeks away!! I am so excited, by so nervous! I have waited for SOOOO long to get this done!!


Your breast look like mine. I tried to post a photo yesterday but u must not be able to from your phone.
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Did u take hubby for a visit to the PS? Im going on the 5th and im excited as heck! Yay for us
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No, I didn't take hubby to the appt. He trusts my judgement. He is taking off work so he can take me for my surgery, so that is great! I'm so happy for you! Let me know how it goes. Good luck!!!

Okay...I am 9 days away from surgery. I have been...

Okay...I am 9 days away from surgery. I have been sick for almost a month with some bug that is going around. I was super sick yesterday and went back to the doc. He put me on steroids and I feel better today. I am wondering if they will still allow me to have the surgery even though I have been on steroids. I have pre-op on Friday, so that will be one of the questions I need to ask.

I have been looking at sports bras, mainly the front zip ones. I'm not sure what size to go with. I am currently a 32B. I was thinking I would need a 34D, but they don't seem to have those. Thoughts or tips would be appreciated!!


I am excited for you and look forward to hearing from you..
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Thank you! I can't wait!!
Posted my pikz finally so ur outcome will b my inspiration
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1 week to go!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!! This...

1 week to go!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!! This will be my last boobless weeekend!!!!! I'm still unsure about the size. PS says 400cc (righty) and 450cc (lefty). I don't want to go too big or too small. Ugh!! I know lots of people struggle with that as well. I have my pre-op tomorrow, so I am going to wear in the sports bra and try them in again.


Y diff cc amount?
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My breasts are different sizes.
Ohhh ok

I had my pre-op today. I have been so worried...

I had my pre-op today. I have been so worried about picking the right size that I got myself crazy nervous!! My hands were sweating...LOL! I can now say that I'm comfortable with the size we have chosen! :-) Now I just need to wait 6 more days! It suddenly just got real. I hope everyone has a great day!

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14.5 hours until my surgery! I can't believe it is...

14.5 hours until my surgery! I can't believe it is finally here! I have been getting things ready. I picked up my medicines, my house is clean (thanks to the housekeeper), and I've got my recovery space ready. Now if I can just just calm down! My nerves are getting the better of me! I'm just trying to stay calm. Good luck to everyone! See you on the other side!!!!!


Hi saw you were basket of nerves I had my surgery today I was a total nervous wreck but once I got to center felt much better. The procedure was so easy and I felt great after except tight in chest and lots of pressure. Hard to get a deep breath. Just wanted to wish you luck I love mine so far swollen and hard but so so glad I did this and you will be too!
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Oh also forgot to add we are almost exactly same size mine too were 2 different sizes I had to have a lift on right breast and he also put like 30 more cc's in my left they are finally even for the first time in my life thinks that's what I'm loving the most!
I'm so glad everything went smoothly for you! I'm trying to settle down and go to sleep, but I'm finding it difficult! Thank you for the words of encouragement! They help more than you know!

My surgery is in 1 hour...ack! I'm nervous, but...

My surgery is in 1 hour...ack! I'm nervous, but know it's something I really want to do!! To all the other ladies getting boobs today, good luck!

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I'm done and home. Waiting for pain pill to kick...

I'm done and home. Waiting for pain pill to kick in! I will update later when I feel up to it have a boobalicilus day!

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0 Comments I've read that a lot of women don't have... I've read that a lot of women don't have much pain with this. I am hurting so bad! My doctor has me on 1 Vicodin every 4-6 hours and Flexiril every 6-8 hours. My muscles feel like they are ripping apart!! Taking a deep can forget about that! I don't understand. Has anyone else experienced that. I got, I believe, 450 in lefty and 400 in righty HP silicone. Thanks ladies!


Each day you will be able to breath easier and easier. I got 480 cc's saline, each side, up from a large A, so these babies are very foreign to me, but I love them! Keep taking your pain meds and the flexeril and you will feel better tomorrow. I had a tummy tuck too and am recovering from that also, but my breasts feel so much better and I'm 2 1/2 weeks out. Rest up the next few days and take advantage of any help you're getting. It will get better!
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I keep telling myself that it will get better. I also tell myself that I've been wanting these for years and that the pain is temporary. The doc told me to double up on the Flexiril. That has made me very sleepy! I think I would rather sleep through this though!! Thanks for sharing with helps!
Yes hard to take a deep breath but it was much better the next day not sooo much pressure. You also don't realize how much you actually use your pecs who knew pulling up your pants would be such a task ha. I think you'll be able to breath better tomorrow I had mine the 6th. I'm also taking pain and muscle relaxer every 4 hrs on the dot!
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When I went to my post OP yesterday, I told the...

When I went to my post OP yesterday, I told the doctor how much pain I was having. I doubled up on the pain meds, but it wasn't helping much. I wasn't sleeping. He told me I could double up on the muscle relaxer. That made a HUGE difference!!!!! I slept and I am not in near as much pain. I'm hoping tomorrow will be even better.

The girls at still high, of course, but I think I am going to like them. I will post pictures when I feel up to it.


Have a question are yours so tight and hard? I think you are a day behind me ... Sometimes they feel so tight like my skin is just going to pop open. I know everyone says they will fluff but just curious how yours were at this point will be so glad when they soften up!
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Yes, mine are super tight and hard. The skin feels like it is stretched as far as it can stretch. Lefty doesn't seem as bad as righty. Righty is causing more pain too. I have a strange nerve shooting pain that goes into my back. It's weird. I tried to sleep flat last night and woke up at 3 in agony! Can you sleep flat? Are you still having poison?
Darn autocorrect!! It was supposed to say...are you still having pain?

I wrote a whole long update, but I guess it didn't...

I wrote a whole long update, but I guess it didn't update it. Strange. I will have to try to remember everything I wrote.


Ha i am such a pain wuss and your story has not filled me with confidence that I wont spend most the recovery period crying!! Are you happy with the size of them? I'd say our boobs are quite similar so i'm so interested to see how you drop. Thank you so much for uploading pics again!
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How are you doing?! Post some after pics!! ;o) xoxo
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I posted a long update and some pics. When I submitted, it acted like it did it, then nothing. I emailed them. I will try again.

I'm now day 9. I love them more every day! It's...

I'm now day 9. I love them more every day! It's funny...I wake up in the morning and look at them to see if there are any changes. The pain is SO much better. Around day 4 is when the pain dramatically decreased. I still feel the muscle pull if I reach too far or when I use my elbows to move around in bed. I do have one complaint. My nipples are SUPER sensitive (painfully so) and they always seem to be on high alert. Has anyone experienced this and when does it go away?

My hubby was not thrilled that I was having a BA. He supported me in my decision because it was something I wanted to do to feel better about myself. Now he's thrilled about them! I think he was worried because there are a lot of bad boob jobs out there and he didn't want that to happen to me. He can't play with them of course, but he loves what he sees!!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful boob day! :-)


You're doing great for 9 days out! Husbands always seem to come around when all is said and done. My nipples were highly sensitive before BA and are now even more so! I hope this subsides as the tightness does, too. I can't wear some bras or if I go sans a bra I can only wear a soft fleece.
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Look amazing !!!! Happy healing!
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Thank you for the update and the Picts! You l
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I am 2 weeks post op and things are looking and...

I am 2 weeks post op and things are looking and feeling good! I love them so much and I am so happy I made the decision to get them. I can't believe I have boobs!!!! I continue to wake up each morning to see if things have changed. I am hoping one of these days I will wake up and they will have dropped into place overnight. That would be awesome, wouldn't it?!? I still feel twinges when I lift something, reach too far, or move myself in bed. Most of the pain in righty is gone. Lefty, however, is not as pain free. Lefty is still sensitive to the touch, gets sore mid afternoon and evening, and is riding higher. I always thought I was right hand dominant, because I write with my right hand. I have noticed over the last couple of days that I do quite a lot more with my left hand than I though! I drive, pick most things up, and reposition myself with my left hand. Strange how you don't realize how much you do until the muscle is screaming at you...LOL! Speaking of muscle...I can feel my muscle moving over my implant when I am doing things like brushing my teeth. I can see it move too. It feels weird!!


Looking awesome girl!!! I was praying that my swelling would last lolol! :-)
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What size do you think you are now?
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I think I'm a 34D. I'm sure I still have swelling though.

I am day 18. It's hard to believe it has been...

I am day 18. It's hard to believe it has been that long! I go for another post-op on day 20. I believe that is when I get to start massaging. I have only been allowed to do fingertip massage on the upper pole while supporting below the breast. I cannot wait for the massage!! I imagine it will help with the muscle tightness and also help these babies drop. I'm not a patient person by any stretch of the imagination, so waiting is really difficult for me! I'm ready for some instant gratification!!! I'm ready to see the final result. I have absolute faith in my surgeon, so I know they will look great!


When I had my implant surgery years ago, my children were 2, 5 and 6 years old. I just made sure my youngest could climb into her car seat on her own and her brothers would help buckle her up.  Actually, she wanted to do the buckling "by myself!"  Your children will come through for you and if not, you can kneel on the floor a lot with them. Have fun preparing for your big day!

I had my 3 week post-op today and he said I am...

I had my 3 week post-op today and he said I am doing great. He is thrilled so far and thinks we are going to get the results we hoped for. Yay!! I learned a new massage. It is different from those that I have seen online, but I feel very comfortable with it. I am still sore in the upper pole of the left breast, but that is due to muscle tension. I will be able to wear a non-wired bra next week, which I am so happy about. Sports bras are not my thing. I have been wanting boobs so long that I'm ready to dress them up in something pretty!! I will post my 3 week pictures tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :-)

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I also forgot to mention that I have been cleared...

I also forgot to mention that I have been cleared to take a bath. I could not be happier about that since I hate showers! Give me a relaxing, candlelit soak in the tub any day!! Also, I will remember to put my phone on silent. He makes me nervous anyway. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it is because he is seeing bits of me without dinner or drinks...LOL! Anyway, he was checking out his handiwork when Mozart's Dies Irae started blaring from my phone. We had to stop what we were doing so I could shut it off. So embarrassing. It made my already sweaty hands even sweatier. Oh well...


Hey my Texas pal, I just found you and saw your tatas and it is crazy how much our boobs are alike!!! I am sooo excited cause yours look so good and so this gives me great hope!!! I even have the little mole on the left side of my left boob!!! Lol! Looking great girl!!!!
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Its crazy how high up they are when they are first done!!! You look great, your boobs are beautiful!!! :)
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Thank you so much! I LOVE them!! Good luck on yours!

So, I've been looking at wireless bras. Who knew...

So, I've been looking at wireless bras. Who knew it would be so difficult to find a 34D? I'm not even going to attempt trying to find a 32D!!! Any suggestions of where I could find some? Thanks!


They look wonderful!
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Hey girl!! You look amazing!!!! The girls look perfect on you!:)
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Cup sizes vary with band size now, so a 32D is the same cup as a 34C. Getting yourself sized when you go shopping is probably a good idea...
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I'm loving the girls!!!!! The only thing is...I...

I'm loving the girls!!!!! The only thing is...I wish I had gotten my nipple size reduced so they would be the same size. That's just a minor detail though. Nobody is going to see that but me and my hubby. I don't think he even notices...LOL! I was having a strange pain around the 5 week mark. I went to see the PS and he said everything looked perfect and to massage more. I have done that and the pain has gone away. When I massage, they become soft and nice. 30 minutes later, they are tightened up again. I guess my muscles just don't want to relax. I'm still obsessed with them and I find myself either touching them or looking at them. One day it will hit me that they really do belong to me!! I'm so glad I made the decision to get them. It really has boosted my self confidence!!! Happy boob day!!!!!!


Your results are amazing and I'm glad you didn't get the lift! Your breasts are about as ideal as they can get with NO scars!
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Where did you have them done? I am also located in Katy.
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Dr. Gallas did them. I love them! He did a great job! He's a perfectionist and he is super sweet.
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