Hi Def Vaser to Abs and Flanks - Dr Mekle - Katowice, Poland

I Booked through TOP MEDICS POLAND their...

I Booked through TOP MEDICS POLAND their assistance from initial contact has been professional, helpful, and organised.
The assistance package which I arranged through Top Medics Poland included transport between airport/hotels/clinic and is essential really! If you are considering Dr Mekle at Centrum Estetyki, I would contact these guys - Natasza is a God send!

Thanks so much for sharing your opinion about your doctor.

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Bit late updating this so my first post will cover my experience to date, I am currently 4 days post op.

About me:
I work out around 4 times a week, eat very well and yet have never been able to achieve a lean torso.
I have always stored a reasonable amount of fat around my hips and even when I have got my body weight and bodyfat % low my fat on the hips have always detracted from my overall look.

This website has been my main source of information for the op, the expectations and recovery.

Johnc212 has been an amazing help to me throughout the full process from pre-op to now while I am in recovery.

Johns review on here is well worth a read and will no doubt touch on much of the information which is missed from my review – if anyone has any questions please let me know and I will answer as quickly and as well as I can.

Monday 28th October

Arrived at Krakow airport to be picked up by Peter, got taken to the hospital for bloods and then taken to the Best Western in Katowice – I was booked in from the Monday and checked out on the Thursday morning – total cost was £95.

The hotel is really nice but a bit in the middle of nowhere, not that this is much of an issue, the food in the hotel is great and the free WiFi is absolutely essential.
Had a bit of a panic on the first day when I realised that I had not brought my converter for the charger on the first day!!

I had my nexus with a few tv series loaded on, I think had the reception not leant me a charger I would have went stir crazy.

Tuesday 29th October

The day of my procedure I was picked up at 7.30am by Greg just outside the hotel and taken to the clinic for my consultation and operation – as others have commented the building looks a little old and tired however inside it is modern and spotlessly clean.

Once I arrived I signed my disclaimer and paid the remainder of my procedure £2,700 for upper, lower abs and flanks (hips).

I was then taken through by the nurse and asked to change into my gown for the op – trust me leave your dignity at the door, you are in Poland after all and unlikely to ever meet anyone of these ppl ever again, the operation attire does not leave much to the imagination.

Afterwards I had my pre-med quick check of my weight, general health, smoker non smoker.

Dr Mekle then arrived to discuss my expectations, the recovery process, the requirement for lymphatic massages post op, the time frame for wearing the garment (24hrs a day 7 days a week for one month….with the foam insert)
Dr Mekle comes across very well, his English is a little broken but he is clearly very knowledgeable about the procedure and has the experience to justify this. I took along some pictures to demonstrate the sort of look I was hoping to achieve through the Op and I believe this was taken on board by the good Dr.

The Op takes around 3hrs and after being taken into the theatre I can only remember waking up in the bed and feeling a little groggy – but generally feeling not too bad!

The time in the clinic post op is a bit of an experience I must have went to the toilet upwards of 15 times, each time the nurse had to assist.

I was on a drip to get my fluids back up and went through endless cups of green tea and water.

As mentioned in other reviews, the first trip to the toilet is pretty horrific, you are essentially bound in your garment with the adult nappy on bottom, when I went to urinate there was blood everywhere, the floor and toilet were covered including my legs, I had to get cleaned up and the nappy changed!! For those for the faint hearted it may be worthwhile getting accompanied into the toilet with the nurse!

Dr Alec and Bertha took care of me through the night, the pain was bearable, the continual getting in and out of bed for the toilet was perhaps the worst part of the night.
Sorry filled it out wrng progress nw added. Ta

1 Day and 7 Day post op update

Wednesday 30th October (1 Day Post op)
The morning after my op I had my drains removed; Dr Alec removed them for me and stitched me up. It was pretty painful, but I think the sight of the drains coming out of your body was the worst part, I did feel a touch light headed after but some breakfast and tea sorted me out.

I was checked out the clinic and returned to my hotel about 11am, conked out for a bit and spent the remainder of the day in my room surviving on the room service (the food was great!).

The Wednesday was definitely the toughest day of my recovery, I felt pretty stiff, tired and sore, there was also the paranoia that in some way your movement is going to damage your abs or open up the stitches.

Tuesday 5th November (7 Day post Op)

Mobility has got better every single day since my op, trust me getting up off the couch and out of the bed are a bit of a challenge but it does ease day by day.

I had my first lymphatic massage tonight and was delighted with the results.

I can now see separation in my abs when I tense, before my full abdominal wall felt like one solid slab of muscle, scar tissue, fluid. However the first massage has moved some of the fluid and improved my results.

I have been taking arnica 4 times daily since my op, my bruising really is not too bad, I would recommend you start the arnica 5 days pre op for the best results.
Hey Ryan - thanks for the review. You have a great result! How are you feeling now? Did they use sedation or GA with you? Do you know how much fat you had removed?
Hey mate, Today is my 2 weeks post op date, I am feeling good, mobility is back but the swelling has deff kicked in now, I can feel the compression garment is tighter and alot of my definition has gone. I am not worried though as I know this is part of the healing process. I was under GA! Can barely remember anything other than waking up in the bed! 1.5 litres in total! Been keeping up to date with your progress, your results look good, how you feeling now? Hopefully have time to update my review tonight with some more pics!

Two week Post Op Update

In work at the moment, hopefully get some up to date pics on in the next few days.

The recovery is going well although having come back to work ( I have a desk job) the swelling on my abs and flanks has increased quite a bit.

I can actually feel the swelling increase as the day goes on as the compression garment gets tighter.

I have had 3 Lymphatic massages to date and have found they have really helped with the scar tissue and moving the fluid. Hoping to have a further 15-18 massages before Christmas, but I will take it as it comes in terms of recovery.

I have a seroma which has formed on the left side of my abs, I have had 2 seperate Doctors look at it and my masseuse, all of which have said it will pass naturally and it is not anything to worry about.

Some of my defintion has disapeared and my abs at times have taken on a unnatural looking bulge, but much of this is in line with others experience and my surgeons expectations of my recovery.

First thing in the morning and after my massages the abs look good, the flanks are pretty numb and I am also starting to see signs of the mystical V shape at my hips which is good!

I am massaging twice daily (first thing in the morning & last thing at night) although only once myself on the days I have Lymphatic massages.

Further to that I am applying bio oil twice daily to help the reduction of the scars. The scars are healing nicely, the largest scars are the three areas where I had drains, just above my belly button and two in the pubic region. I am not too worried about these though as they have healed well and my body hair will disguise them, not that I think they would be very noticeable anyway. I am a little concerned about the two scars on my hips as these do indent a little which draws the eye, but it is very early days yet so I will see how that develops.

Lastly, I am taking arnica 4 times daily to help with the bruising which is fading nicely.

I don't think I can fully appreciate how my results look at the moment as the compression garment does leave some marks on your body etc, it all mixes in with the bruising and takes away from the look a bit.....still only 2 weeks until I can reduce the garment wearing till 12 hrs a day!!

Any questions please feel free to comment, hope this helps!
Hey i'm feeling good although i ended up getting friction burns from the chest touch up and that's painful :-( I had a review appointment today and Dr. Comins told me I am still swelling as it's only been a week so have a followup in a couple of weeks when i'll try and post pics. At the moment my sides and chest are swollen so don't look much different from the last pics i posted. I've had a total of 4.8 litres in total! How many massages do you need to have?
Ouch the recovery is tough enough without sme burns mte!! You must be pleased it's all dne now? My surgeon recommended 30 but I have 15 booked the now I think I'm healing well so I will tke it as it cmes to be honest. Are you back at wrk yet?
Well I already had my abs, chest and flanks done in May this year although I went in for a touch up to all the areas and this time I had a total of approx 1.6 litres of fluids removed and approx 3.1 litres in May! Although in May my lower abs looked the same pre-vaser hence I had the touch up. I am still swollen but will be happy once all the swelling subsides and the definition starts showing through. At the moment my two upper abs look as though they're fatty but my Dr said it's just swelling - and this can take 3 months. For the sides and chest touch up I only had a day off work and was completely fine to return on Friday :) The main discomfort I had wasn't from the vaser but the friction burn as it itches so much! Are you on a 1000 calorie diet while you're away from the gym? When did your Dr say you can return to the gym?

Two week progress pic

Sorry its so late guys, just the one pic the now should be adding a few more this wk.
I am the same with my upper abs the now mate, they almost look puffy! But I am only a few weeks post op like you so nothing to worry about:) I am eating pretty much as normal mate, I have cut the kcal a bit but my weight has stayed pretty consistent, is the 1000 kcals a day something your doc recommends to all patients? The only dietary advice I was given post op was high protein to help the body repair. Around the 4 week mark, which realistically I think its going to be then if not a little later, I don't want to swell up too much by making an early return to the gym.

4 week progress pics

Quick update on the pics, any questions about my recovery please feel free to ask

8 week progress pics

Sorry guys running way behind with this, I will be 10 weeks post op tomorrow, will take more pics then to upload, any questions please feel free to leave a comment or private message me.

12 week progress pics

Progress pics, let me know what you think.

I definetely still have some swelling on the left side, I think you can see there is alot more definition on the right! Hopefully it fades though as they do say 6months till final results so technically I am only half way through my recovery!
Hi Ryan and thanks for your review. I imagine you will have truly recovered by now. and hope you don't mind these questions. You mentioned that you were taking Arnica 4 times daily since your op and that you would recommend starting the Arnica 5 days pre op for the best results. I read that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared Arnica an unsafe herb due to adverse effects reported when taken by mouth. Were you using cream or taking Arnica orally and if orally, what strength tabs etc. Appreciate your clarification on this. Also what bio oil were you using? You were concerned about the two scars on your hips which indented a little. Did they heal up by now. You rated the after care follow-up very low was there any specific reasons for this? You must be pleased it's all over and done now....how you feeling now about the whole procedure and results?
Hey there, Yes fully recovered and back to normal, the op seems like a loooong time ago now! I was taken the Arnica Orally as recommended by Dr Mekle, in terms of the strength they were 30c, here is the link to the exact tablets I was taken: Boots-Arnica-30c-84-Pillules_845540/ I can't say I had any adverse effects. The bio oil I was using was this one: Bio-Oil-200ml-for-scars-stretch-marks-and-dehydrated-skin Yeah they have definetely faded, certainly no indents now either, I would say if you really stare at my abs you could notice them but lets be honest who is gonna be doing that? The aftercare was only rated low as I was back in the UK and the op was in Poland so aftercare was not feasible. I am really pleased with the results, I think out of 10 I would probably give it an 8! There is a little more fat in my flanks than I would have liked, but really it is not noticeable, I can just feel it myself. Any questions at all feel free to send them over :-)
Great to hear from you Ryan and great that your scars have healed up now and that you have fully recovered. While you say your back to normal no doubt you've got a great ripped look. Yeah makes sense now about the aftercare. Thanks so much for the links will certainly check them out. Thanks again, Adam.
Dr Mekle

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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