Vaser Hidef and Regular Vaser - Katowice, Poland

Vaser Hidef to abdomen Vaser to, chest, flanks and...

Vaser Hidef to abdomen
Vaser to, chest, flanks and lower back
I will update further when surgery is complete but I booked through too medics Poland and their contact and help has been very good so far and I've read good reviews too.

As got the surgeon himself, I've read good things about DR Mekle and the reason I chose him is because firstly surgery is cheaper than here in Uk by far and he trained with DR Ravi Jain who was my preferred uk surgeon if I could have afforded uk prices



Hey, just wanted to wish you good luck! I am now 17 days post with my Vaser HD with dr Mekle and I think I'm gonna be pretty satisfied with my results. :) If you have any questions at all, please message me and I'll answer! The first couple of days post surgery kinda sucked for me and there's all sorts of things going on with drains, sutures etc. Anyway, yeah good luck!
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Hi mate Sorry for the delayed reply! Thanks for the well wishes, yes I saw your photos, looking good last time I saw mate, and gald things are improving... Did you have to go to your GP back home for the stiches to be removed? Ive had a lot of advice on here from several people, but any tips you consider worthwhile are always appreciated Take care mate and thanks again!
Thank you for starting a review on RealSelf, I'm looking forward to following your journey.  Are you doing anything special to prepare for your surgery?
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1 day pre-op

Well I arrived here in Poland this morning, what a days it's been, haven't slept for 24 hours die to being dropped a the airport at midnight and having to wait 6.5 hrs for our flight, then arrived in Katowice and was met by Peter from top medics Poland and takin straight to hospital for the blood tests

There was clearly some issues, as Peter explained who I was the nurses started talking to Peter and making some phone calls, Peter then called people and I could tell
Something was wrong? But wasnt sure what.

After around 45 minutes I was led
To the room to have my bloods done, nurse had a face like thunder, still none the wiser about this but I'm sure when I speak to Natasza it will be cleared up.

So in just 13 hours in going down for the op, excited but nervous? Ideally I'd have been a bit leaner by now, I didn't trainat the gym when normally I do, as I just want to see what I look like afterwards

In not expecting results as good as a lot of the guys I've seen in here, my fault partly for getting overweight in my teen years which I never recovered from well and also I've got pretty bad gyno, but I shall remain optimistic :)

I'll when I next can update



Hey again, yes I went to a GP at home for the stitches. My biggest tip would be to relax and don't worry too much the first few days as you might feel quite miserable as I did! Good luck tomorrow!

1 day post op

Hi all

Just a quick one for now, I am now a full day post op and going back in omorrow for removal of drains.

DR Mekle said he thought the results looked great so far and despite my concerns when he asked to tense my muscles he said "you do lots of exercise, I can feel
Good muscles" which was very reassuring.

You basically go into the clinic, sign the last fee medical forms and pay the remaining balance, a nurse takes you in to change into you're very fetching paper pants, and gown, this is where you are completely on show, no one takes any notice o you but still not very nice feeling lol.

The anaesthetist speaks to you, weighs you etc and then finally DR Mekle comes in and explains the surgery in good detail. You are then left with the nurses for out the needle in your arm ready for anaesthetic . That's all I remember.

I woke up in the compression vest, mouth Was very dry and I was generally just uncomfortable. The nurses at this clinic are great, can't fault them, most of their English is good but we get by even with those who don't speak English.

You get bought some light breakfast and sandwiches, wTer, tea or coffee. And a nurse comes to check on you what seemed like every hour or so.

Not sure about the ladies lol but toileting I found hard work , they give you a aplastic container to pee in, i physically couldn't pee in it lol, so I eventually asked if I could get up and go to the toilet, they were reluctant but agreed as many people feel nauseous getting up, luckily I didn't.

The nurses change your bad ages several times over the 24 hour stay and I was given some light therapy and ultrasound massage while I was there, I now just have to buy the cream DR Mekle recommends and massage twice daily myself as well as they MLD massages

DR Mekle shocked me, when he said he'd taken 8 litres out of me! I was shocked and disgusted but then I knew overall I had a decent body underneath as I'd always done sports, time will tell

I'm still sore and esp when trying to get out of bed, it's a nightmare lol... In glad drains are coming out tomorrow as my clothes are soaked in blood. Not sure about anyone else but my appetite is pretty much non existant still, I feel pretty full quickly sure that's sign of the GA though.

As I type this I've now got to clean up the mess I've made in the bathroom and can't wait for then drains to be removed hopefully I'll stop leaking the , not counting on a goods night sleep I admit but we will see and hopefully I'll report back tomorrow

Hope this all makes sense, as I'm typing on my phone not feeling too great. But from what I've seen so far DR Mekle has done a great job and the nurses are amazing too.

Natasza from too medics Poland rang me too, which is a nice touch

Speak soon


8 liters! Wow! What was your weight before the surgery? Will you be adding before and after photos? I'm interested to see your progress. Hope your recovery goes well, the first few days were quite a strain for me, if they are for you too just remember it gets better fast!
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Hi mate, thanks Yep get what you mean regarding the recovery, it makes me feel rough looking at all the blood the drains produce and as I said just getting in/out bed or chairs is hard enough! One the drains are out I assume the leaking Stops? 8 litres! I know I never expected that. Though I is hVe, upper/lower abs, chests, flanks and lower back I couldn't believe he got 8 liters out, luckily I'd list 2 stone for this too really! I will indeed add before and after photos when I get then mate
Meant to say weight before surgery was 88kg

2 days post op - drains removed

Well today's the day I had my drains removed and, I am so happy to get them out lol ... I as fearing it abit I'm not going to lie bit as someone else once said on here, it's over in minutes and I didn't look so didn't even realise they were out until DR Mekle said he was finished .

I'm much more comfortable now without them in , and DR Mekle again said how impressive he felt the results were already and then I had more of the light treatment and ultrasound massage , I'm dreading the MLD massages tho lol, I still feel really tender but it's got to be done.

All in all, so far I think Natasza from Top Medics Poland is great and DR Mekle and his team are honestly amazing, I'm happy to have gone through such a surgeon.

I will port pictures when I can, I've not even seen the results myself standing up yet but he removed 8 litres so should be worth seeing!

Only think go stupidly forgot, DR Mekle suggested buying some cream from him, and I forgot all about it, think I'm still drowsing from the Anaesthetic lol, but I'll have to survive without. They said I could shower today (finally) but I don't have any dressings to replace the ones I've got one typically.

Hopefully I'll update this soon when I find the before photos and take some after photos


For whatever it's worth, I don't believe much in that cream. Among other things it says it's "slimming" and I don't feel like it's grounded in any kind of evidence. :)
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Oh ok, I must admit I didn't ask what cream it was even, just one he recommended that I would have bought I've is remembered lol. Yeah I know what you mean with "slimming creams" but don't think we need that now anyway lol.


After photos, before still to come, feeling hopeful after seeing the results myself for first time, got a lot of swelling around lower back so hopefully that settles soon enough :)


Hi Mark, how r u doing? I m just stressed up with House work n the Tire around the belly but with each passing day it would be better. Use Vaseline to massage the tummy. That's the alternative he told me. Wow 8 liter that's quite a job.... I expected around 8 n he said he took out 4:(. The nurse said it was 5..... Just happy it's all sucked out n I can see my toe. Lol
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Hi Susan! Was nice to very briefly meet you while passing in Poland lol, both of us walking like cripples :) Housework ? Lol that's the last thing on my mind at the moment. Yeah I was shocked when he said. 8 litres I was expecting a maximum of 6! How do you feel now? I felt much better when the drains were out. Infact I arrived back in England today and starting work tomorrow. Joy lol I think my results are good so far, I'm a bit concerned about the compression vest that sits and digs around your waist and sort of cut in a little , hopefully it will heal evenly there as looks odd when you take the vest off there Thanks for the tip on the Vaseline I shall give it a go too . Mark
We both were in a sport hotel n everyone around us are super active n we were walking like cripples ... Lol. I am much active now n I left the same afternoon after he removed the drain n the stitches too. He said I did good so I need not go to gp to remove stitches. But it was stressful way back home. By the time I reached home my bp drop n was shivering. But after a good sleep n lots of water I m better. The best Thing about dr mekle is that u See the Result or a big change after the procedure. In many reviews I hv seen that people are waiting weeks to see any change. Dont stress up much at work, cos I did n I hv lots of bruises.. Hope it fades soon.

1 week post op

I am feeling really good considering its only been a week since having the Vaser, I had my first MLD massage yesterday and another today, got another booked tomorrow and I can honestly say I feel much better after each massage so far and bruising went down considerably after the first.

Only issue I have is still swelling down below lol.... I hate to say it, but i cant wait for that swelling to go down and be @normal sized@ again haha

Overall im in high spiritis, I feel great, though numb and swollen, mentally I feel much more confident already... roll on summer!

I will get some more photos done in a weeks time and also I will try get the before photos up from DR Mekle when I contact him next week



hi mark, pictures look great and 8L omg lol he took 4 from me as you know. just take things easy everything will be fine looking forward to seeing some new pictures as the weeks go on i must put a new one of me up i havent updated mine in a while. drink looks of water Dr told me 3 litres a day although you piss for england but it helps. take it easy chat to you soon
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Hi Graham Cheers! I can't wait to see 2-3 weeks from now I think there will b a good difference, so far so good, yeah 8 lires lol, no wander i felt uncomfortable for a few days :) I'll take a look at your latest pic, but your results have always lookd very impressive so far Cheers Mark

8 days post op

Now 8 days post op, genuinely feeling pretty good, since the first 3 mld massages the bruising as swelling has gone down dramatically, the person doing my mld massages recommended 10 sessions, already had 3 of those. So we will see I guess

Added a new photo, I admit it's not the best photo I admit

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2 weeks post op - stitches removed

Well it's two weeks post op today, I feel very well, recovery has been a breeze since having the MLD massages, infact I booked 10 for time being, and she said today she doubts I even need 10.

I just feel numb and abit tender round my flanks and abs, but no means in pain.

DR Mekle asked for update photos after 2 weeks so I will send him them now.

I have felt great since starting the massages though.

If anyone has any questions etc please ask, the advice I've had from people on here was sound and greatly appreciated so thanks to everyone that helped me, I'll ask for some before photos today when emailing DR Mekle so you can seen the full results. But if recommend him %100


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7 weeks post op

Hi all

Back again, I've just started going back to the gym as I fell like I've recovered well and am in no pain, very slightly numb in places but it doesn't hurt at all which is good.


Overall I think as I mentioned the results are great, I'm generally very happy. I have one concern and that's my chest still which was my biggest issue in the first place, to me my chest looks like a lot of peoples before vaser, while I admit DR Mekle took a lot out, I do unfortunately think I'll have a revised surgery through him next year, which isn't ideal. I did email Natasza and said this and she said to wait for final results first, which ofcourse I will but I don't think it will make much difference being honest, so on that front I'm a little disappointed. I must stress I'm not disappointed with DR Mekle though, he reduced the chest area massively I just feel I could look better in that area and as he did a great job elsewhere my chest lacks I feel

Other than that I feel good so I've uploaded a few more photos to highlight the chest and just generally how I'm looking. Back at the gym so that can only help too :)


how many days in total did you need to stay in Poland?
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Hi apologies for delay in replying! I was there for 4 nights in total from memory, so not too long but long enough for recover a bit! Any other questions just ask

3 month post op

3 months post op now, feel great, very happy still with results and yeah I am still considering going back to have chest done again sometime next year, the only bit I feel lets me down abit to be honest

New Pics


You are looking great!  
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Thanks very much, I appreciated all your pre advice too, helped a lot.
So glad to help :)
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