Vaser Hi Definition - Katawice, Poland

Pre Op: I looked into having this procedure with...

Pre Op:

I looked into having this procedure with clinics in the UK and abroad for quite sometime before making my final decision. They were all very different in prices yet all had good reviews and if i was to go with any in the UK then it would have been Riverbanks. Dr Ravi Jain was a very pleasant man who did not push me into anything and explained the procedure throughly.
I had seen Johnc212 review on here and also other reviews on another site regarding Dr Mekle in Poland. Johnc212 review was excellent and i communicated with him on numerous occasions before making my decision to go to Poland.
I emailed the clinic and got a prompt reply from Natasza. I have to say that i think i bombard her with questions and she always replied promptly. To date i think i have sent around 40 emails. She explained everything to me and asked me what i wanted and would i send in photos of myself. Again Natasza replied and stated that Dr Mekle and initally qualified me for Vaser Hi Def and told me the price straight away. I had my Upper and Lower Abs done, flanks & chest at a cost of £3500GBP.
We spoke about flights and hotels which Natasza would have sorted them all out for me but i was to impaient and did it the night i sent in my deposit which was around £415GBP. The next day i had confirmation of my booking and my program for what was to happen during my stay in Poland. I booked my flights into Katawice from London Stansted it cost me £55 return and booked into the Bazantowo Sport Hotel. This hotel was recommend by Natasza as its about 10mins transfer to the clinic so its easy if Dr Mekle needs to visit. This hotel is relatively new has great facilities and food. There is a local supermarket within walking distance with a cash machine. I would defiantly recommend this hotel i booked it through which states this as a 3 star hotel but i think it more a 4 its stunning
(load a memory stick with movies etc as all rooms have smart tvs with usb input as there is only a very limited number of english channels).
I arrived into Katawice on 11th march 2014 and was picked up by Peter as was stated by Natasza and was taken to get my bloods done in a local hospital ( i was in and out in about 10 minutes). You can get these done in the Uk but it so easy to get them done in Poland. Peter then took my wife and I to the hotel.

Day Of Procedure:

We were collected by Gregg and taken to the clinic were I filled out a couple of forms (usual as in the uk before surgery ) and waited for Dr Mekle. This was the first time i had spoken to him he is such a softly spoken man and he took me into the next room and talked me through everything that was to happen. I then went to pay the balance of the money for the procedure.
On my return i got undressed and Dr Mekle drew on my torso the areas where he was going to sculpt. At this point i will say leave all your inhibitions that you may have at home the girls have seen it all and are not phased by how silly you look in your gowns etc. Dr Mekle took photos and again examined me before leaving me with one of the nurses my apologies for not remembering their names. A nurse came in and gave me a Pre-Med and got me to lay on the table and another nurse entered and inserted a needle into my hand for the surgery. I then went into the next room where the procedure was to take place there was 3 nurses that i recall. I had my weight taken (89.5kg) and Iodine rubbed all over me, they then asked if i needed the toilet I didn't but went anyway lol guess I was just thinking things over in my mind. I returned to the theatre and laid on the bed with my arms stretched out and was asked was i ok and thats the last thing i remember.

Post Op :

The next thing I remember I was being brought round and I recall the compression garment being put on me but its a vague recollection as i went straight back to sleep. They then moved me into the next room which had two beds. I don't recall much after that but i do remember saying to my wife that i wanted to go home lol. I slept on and off for a few hours finally coming around fully i guess about 4pm ish when I was allowed to drink some water. I think I drank to much to quickly as I was sick a little not long after you need to just take a few sips at a time. After I had been sick however I did feel a lot better and the nurse brought me a cup of tea to see if i was able to keep it down then an hour later i was brought some fruit and a Yogurt. Dr Mekle came in to see me and told me it all went well and he was pleased with the result. I was in no pain at all my body felt tight but is was in no way uncomfortable. I had a intrervienus drip in my arm putting liquids into me. I didn't asked what they were but i guess they were pain killers. My wife told me that Dr Mekle had spoke to her while i was being brought round and they had removed 4litres of fat from me which he later confirmed ( she also said he looked like he had ran a marathon as he was covered in sweat lol). During the rest of the day i just watched programs on my laptop and was brought in food by the nurse. Dr Mekle came in to see me before he left for the evening to make sure i was ok. He took my wife back to the hotel which he didn't have to which i thought was a very nice gesture. I eventually fell asleep around 3am and woke again at 5.30am when the nurse came in and helped me to the toilet. During the night i just had a bed bottle to pee in which i was thankful for but in the morning she wanted to get me up and out of bed. I sat up slowly with help, now this is a strange feeling because its like you think your sides are going to rip open. Once up i sat and was asked was i ok no dizziness then i got to my feet and walked to the toilet its then you see the blood running down your legs etc (sorry to be graphic at this point) but i knew it was to be expected. The nurse came in and told me not to worry and got me back to the bed and i laid down and had all my bandages removed and was cleaned down all over again leave your inhibitions at home.
I was bandaged back up and my compression garment put on with a foam insert in the front and brought breakfast. Again i had no pain and was connected to no drips all night and was given antibiotics shots but thats all.

One Day Post Op:

Around 8am Dr Mekle came in asked was i ok which i was, he asked did i have any pain which i didn't, he took a look at my drains and then went out the room and came back with some cream for me to massage onto the treated areas. He then went through what I needed to do once I got back home. He gave me some bandages and pain killers for me to take with me then i was discharged. I got dressed with the aid of the nurses and was took to reception where Gregg took me back to my hotel. I spent the rest of the day laid in bed just getting up to go to the toilet. I took two painkillers all day and to be honest i didn't really need to because i wasn't in any real pain its just more of a discomfort than anything when you move. I slept around 6 hours that night not moving from the position i was in which was on my back. Just a word of warning to you men don't be alarmed when you see your genitals the day after the op it will be very black and swollen this is perfectly normal lol.

Two Day Post Op:

Gregg picked me up at 10:45 and took me back to the clinic. This was the part i was not looking forward to the drains being removed. I had 5 drains two above the groin area one at my bell button and two at either side of my flanks ( love handles) I also i about 7 incisions with small stitches, two behind my flanks one under each nipple and 3 down the middle of my chest. I didn't ask what they were for its my guess during the surgery Dr Mekle used very small cannulas to remove pockets of fat. The drains were removed without any problems but the stitches remain for about 7 days from the day of the op and I can just remove them at home. Dr then checked me over and got me on my feet for the first time to look at myself with no bandages and all I can say is wow he did an amazing job. He took pictures and i was then sent for my first manual lymphatic drain massage (MLD). This was fine again no pain mild discomfort at times nothing more. Just some advice make sure you have lose fitting underwear nothing with tight elastic and also some sweat pants you do not want to be wearing anything tight around your waste.


Great review, thanks for the great, in depth reviews, as discussed I will keep and eye on this post :) hope recovery continues to go well! Mark
Great review and excellent pics. Now the hard work begins ......compression garment and foam 24/7 for a full month. Looking forward to following your progress
Yea Trav i am pleased to be honest i dont mind the garment esp with the foam in it i feel a lot more supported with it in. have had a couple of MLD now which went well just mild discomfort. Have took new pictrures will add them to my next update

6 days Post Op:

Today i am 6 days post op bruising to my right and left flank and swollen a little to they are also a little numb. Had a MLD massage today was told i have very little fluid at the moment which is good keeping up with my 2.5L of water a day.
Ultrasound massage tomorrow should help with the above.
Taking bromelain for the swelling and have been for about 4 days now.

Overall i am very pleased with the progress.
I am booked for a procedure on the 3rd of April. Am so terrified, I feel like I'm gonna duck it out................oh my lord. I am however tired of these tripplets I'm carrying that are never born. Somebody give my courage
HI, I cannot tell you how many times i second guessed myself even when i was in the toilet right before the operation. but you will not regret your decision if you are unhappy. I know i was and i certainly dont. Where are you booked in to have it done.
I really don't think there are many people who look forward to such things, but just keep in mind how happy you are now compared to how happy you'll think you'll be afterwards

8 days Post Op

swelling has kicked in now as you can see by my picture from day 6. brusing is continuing to go only flanks showing red bruising but are going day by day. Stiches are out today too :)
Thank you for telling your story! I'm having the same procedure done with Dr Mekle in April so your experience is really helpful to me. Looking forward to seeing your results as your swelling goes down!

10 days Post Op

Day 10 post op feeling great no discomfort and abdomen is easing off. Still a little light bruising to my abs and red bruising on my lower abs around the two drains but all fine. I am retaining no fluid but still swollen on the flanks and abs and was it area but still ok. Had 5 MLD massages and i purchased a ultrasound Massager to do it myself twice daily. Sleeping fine albeit mostly on my back but i can sleep on my side or front even with the foam insert in. I feel in great shape and i am returning back to work soon after 12 days off.
I have a question, I have to travel quite far to get lymphatic massages as they are not offered where I live. How important to you feel they are? What effect do they seem to have on your recovery?
there are critical, having read a lot on the process of it and the healing process of this type of surgery its imperative that you undergo MLD. Your weeks after your procedure you will gain fluid MLD moves this fluid into the Lymphatic system otherwise it will sit around the areas that have been worked on during your operation. The body can naturally dispose of the fluid but without the MLD i would guess that your end result will be something your not happy with and you really would be wasting your money. All the surgeons i seen strenuously recommend you get this done.
To give you some idea of this the day after i travelled home i had gained a lot of fluid from it. the following do i had a friend of mine who is trained in MLD come round and work on me. She said the fluid i had was huge. Since that day she has seen me everyday to check and if needed gave me a massage. To date including the one i had in Poland i have had 8 i think and i feel better for it, it will also reduce the healing time. I hope this helps visit there maybe more near you. Where do your live ?

13 days Post Op

Swelling subsiding as is the bruising, still have a few lingering around but overall nearly gone. Back at work now which is difficult at times with the foam in the compression garment but managable. Still have places which are a little hard but are starting to soften day and day. To date I have had 8 MLD massages with three more this week already booked. Still using the ultrasound massager on a daily basis for around 40minutes.
Also,which clinic did you go to as I have spoken to Natasza through email and she said that doctor Mekle works in Warsaw. You state that you went to Kowatice. A bit confused now. :-/ Thanks
Dr Mekle has two clinics and works within both I believe. The cheapest price I got in the uk was £6000 but I wasn't happen with the surgeon. The prices were £9000, £11000 and even £14000. Personal I think here in the uk it's a rip of but then that's no surprise. Natasza is great she will put you at ease but had mine done in katawice.
The surgeon has got good reviews and I am now in contact with the secretary. I hope to go in July,if I can get the time booked off work. I had the trad back in 2012,but want the sculpting vaser. Are the prices double in the UK? Much more than Poland,I mean?

17 days Post Op

Everything is going fine still have a numbness to my sides but very slowly returning in places. Swelling still on my sides a little but overall i am really pleased with my outcome and feel this week i have turned a corner. Wearing the compression garment 24/7 still with the foam insert to the front which i dont mint if i am honest and like the support it gives.
wow just saw your pics you look amazing makes me want it even more!!
Hi there sorry for this question probably sounding dumb, but is vase lipo the same procedure as high definition I'm confused!! thank you for sharing your story!
Its the same process jst more advanced in the sculpting of 6pack

26 days Post Op

feeling really good to date ever so slight numbness on my flanks but everywhere else is ok. all incisions are healing fine i have one stubborn one which i started to use savalon on and has healed in a few days. The rest i have started to use bio oil on them twice a day. Still taking the tablets for the swelling and bruising.

26 days post op Picture

33 days Post op

Nearly 5 weeks post op and everything is going well slight numbness still to the left and right side. a little swollen near the left drain outlet to the abs but otherwise all ok. Still continuing with my MLD had 22 to date and doing the ultrasound 3 times weekly.
Started kettle bell exercises this week taking it easy.

8 weeks Post op

8 weeks post op and everything has gone great. No issues a all for me but i put that down to the amount of MLD i have had to date, self massages and ultrasounds. The clinic has been in regular touch and cannot fault them at all.
Great thorough review graham well done for keeping us all so informed. You are looking incredible, just stunning results. I'm only having med def but even my MLD therapist said the best results are those who put the time and money into massages, I do believe they are key to obtaining the best result. Mine booked in for 24th may so less than two weeks to go. Wishing you a continued recovery and great result!
Can only men have the high def for sculpting?
No woman can but I think most woman choose medium definition for more of a womanly feminine look as hi def can look a little sharp on some figures. But I've seen some stunning examples of hi def on women too.

12 Weeks Post Op

everything going great at the moment, back excising using kettle bells started at 4 weeks but that was a little early and man did i suffer for it. I do 30mins 3 times a week at the moment and although i still get a little numbness the following day to my sides its all ok. Added a picture not the best in its clarity but you get the idea lol. On a whole everything has settled i still have stubborn swelling to my flanks more one side than the other but i am not worried. I still Massage myself daily and have a MLD every week but i think i will stop that very soon .
Hi Graham and thanks for your great review and great results, well done. I liked the bit where post op you said to your wife that you wanted to go home lol. You mentioned that you'd seen reviews on another site regarding Dr Mekle. Can you tell me which site it was please. Also you said that on day 2 you were sent for your first manual lymphatic drain massage (MLD). Were MLDs included in the Dr Mekle's package deal and done at his clinic? How long after the op did you leave Poland? Self massagers sounds like a great idea....which make and model of ultrasound massager did you use. BTW thanks for the warning on the very black and swollen genitals :)
Hi. I had my first MLD on the Friday straight after my drains were removed but as your only in Poland for around 4 days you will only get one done or an ultrsound done. Not sure of the make of ultrasound I bought but I am back from holiday in a coue days I will message you again and let you know. The site was sofemina I think it was. There was a personel recommendation on there from Dr Ravi Jain also. I had my op on the Wednesday and I returned to the uk on the Saturday. Any question don't hesitate to contact me
Thanks so much Graham, looking forward to hearing from you after your holiday. BTW I couldn't find the site.

6 months post

As above 6 months post and have been doing well still think my flanks go have had more taken out but that said I am really happy with the results. I will upload a picture and see what you think. Anyone thinking of this surgery well Dr Mekle is yea man.
Dr Henryk Mekle

A true gentlemen who gives a true one to one feel to the service he and his team provides. Explains everything in detail and puts you at easy.

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