I've been thinking about TT for last 3 years - Tummy Tuck with Lipo

Hi I delivered twins with c-sec in early 2009....

Hi I delivered twins with c-sec in early 2009. I've been thinking about TT for last 3 years. My DH finally gave a go ahead 6 months ago after seeing my struggle to tighten up. I m back to my pre-preg weight though. I have scheduled my TT for 19th October. I cant wait to share my experience with you all. I am super nervous yet excited.


i will be getting my TT on the 29th of this month.....hope all goes well. =)
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Cant wait to be on the other side :) I m looking fwd to sharing my experience with you
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good luck I'm just behind you on the 26th October TT with lipo.
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excited yet nervous

Thats it!! tomorrow is the big day! I m excited and looking fwd to see new me but I m super nervous at the same time. I have butterflies dancing all over inside my tummy :) I m so obsessed with this website, reading the same stuff over and over.. I will post before surgery pics as soon as I can. Good luck ladies :)


Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way for a wonderful uncomplicated surgery and a super healing!!! Congrats!! Look forward to your posts... Make sure to get your rest!!!
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Tomorrow is your big day. Wishing you the best!!!! Tomorrow will officially be 3 months since I had my surgery. Will be posting pics soon. Keep us posted.
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Good luck girly, will be keeping an eye on you :) x
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Got home today

Can't believe I actually did it!!! Doctor reckons it went very well. Haven't had chance to see my tummy yet. The pain was quite manageable. With some help I started walking on same day. Getting out of bed was painful. But once I was out of bed I could walk although had to bend a bit upto the loo. Came home this morning. I m able to sit with foot rest. Am taking baby steps in the house.
Anyway with all the painkillers it's quite manageable. Not as bad as I thought it would be on day 1. Will update my before pics soon.


Glad you aee home and all went well. Now dont do like I did and do too much all because you dont feel too bad. Get your rest.. take this time to rejuvinate and heal. Blessings and positive thought to you
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I think I overdid and now I have this dull pain! Can't lie down. Sitting on couch is more comfortable.
Looking forward to seeing the new you.
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Day 3 but haven't passed stool yet.. I m having lots of water, fruit juices but not helping. I ve updated another pic with bandage on.
Sleeping is another issue. No position is a comfy one. Woke up with sore neck!
I m going to the doc tomm. Will kep u posted.


Looking good!!!!
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Wow! Looking so skinny! It gets better quickly! I can't believe how fast it goes by!
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Good sleep for frst time

I had a great sleep for the first time after the surgeries. I had dual procedure. I fractured my right arm 2 yrs ago. I got metal rod removed from my right arm as well along with the TT procedure. I was struggling not to use my right arm. But it's getting better. The best part was I could sleep on my side for the first time..
I m gonna meet the TT surgeon today. Looking fwd to that.

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Doc visit

I went to the doctor today. He removed the bandage and put the plaster on.
I was hugely disappointed to see wrinkled skin around belly button. Literally cried. I will update the pics soon. He assured me that's the best result that can be achieved and it will get better than it looks. But I had a hard time believing him! Anyone had similar experience?


Ive seen plenty of tt's with the wrinkles about the insicion. They all look great after everything heals up. I don't know how the body does it but it will line out. Hang in there! You look fantastic!
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It's not only above incision but around the belly button as well.

Should I be worried???

My PS asked me to remove the plaster and spray Opsite spray twice a day.
Well this is how my scar and BB looks like. I m not worried about the scar but am terrified to see awful uneven fatty bulges around my incision!! And the skin around the BB is wrinkly as well!!
Honestly, should I be worried? Has anyone had or seen sthg like this?


Im not sure, because I did not experience this. My stomach and back felt firm. Do u have drains put in? Probably the bulgy areas will disappear once the lipo fluids are release from ur body. Are u wearing a compression garment? Helps tremendously with the swelling.
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I m wearing CG all day/night. My doc doesn't put drains for any TT candidates. Don't know why
It's probably do to the swelling. Give it time.
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Standing better!!

I m able to stand bit straighter compared to yesterday. Got this energy I haven't had before. My tummy feels lighter and not swollen during the day. It's light and soft. Then it feels swollen and tighter from noon and night time it gets worse with tightness. Reminds me off my twin pregnancy days :)
I've been taking plenty of freshly made juices. Veggies fruits. I add about 50 ml aloe Vera juice to my juice on empty stomach which apparently helps with digestion, constipation and healing.
Shower: not yet !! Was told not to for another week. Just french bath at the moment

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I m confused... Is my tummy still fat or is it swelling ?

This journey for me is mentally not easy! Is this swelling(hopefully) or fat?!

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Another one

The bent view


Hey girl! it's been a few days....how are you doing?
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Doing much better. I m gonna post with pics today. SomEtimes during the day I m walking straight no swelling and the other tines I can't walk straight and experience some weird stiffness. How u doing ?
I agree, looks like swelling. Hang in there!
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Been active or 2 days

My energy levels are much better now. I can even sleep on my side for few mins not sure if am allowed to! One thing that hasn't changed is the tight feeling after I have a meal and I can't stand straight then.
The minute I remove the corset my tummy is super itchy.
My incision and BB is very dry at the moment. Am going to my PS this Saturday and would like to talk about him

I m also gonna ask him if he really thinks my tummy is swollen or is it fat! I just can't get it out of my head. It's def better than before TT but when I bend my tummy still looks fat. And am telling u, it's still soft. Can't stop thinking if my tummy is tight enough. Anyway thanks for reading my rant too :)


Hey Twinfun, wao! reading your story has left me more confused and apprehensive. I am a candidate for tummy tuck and lipo in a few days to come and I understand what you feel when you say you are on an emotional roller coster I think it can all be so confusing and especially when you have to endure all this and were not sick in the first place. Sometimes I do normally ask myself if anything was to happen to me out of this surgery would I ever forgive myself because I could still survive without it but again I think its a small price to pay to look great and more so for your overall self esteem. look at the end results after all the pain and sweeling is over and be encouraged that nothing lasts forever, whatever you are going through right now will pass and soon you will look yourself on the mirror and pat yourself on the back for taking that bold step to transformation. How much was the cost of the TT & Lipo at Karen Hospital?
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I started when my incision healed. There has been times when some areas have opened. I just clean it up and apply neosporin and put a band aide.
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Hey girl.....the swelling has going down some. Looking better!!!! hope you are feeling better too. The tightening is your muscles repairing themselves. I starting feeling it again today after a long time. Mosturize with oil. I use jojoba....great for skin.
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Belly button

My PS suggested oval shaped BB on the day of surgery and I said yes. So this is how it looks like. It's dry and cross inside. He didn't tell me how to clean or anything. He just asked to spray Opsite on it until I see him tomorow.
What are u ladies doing with the BB? How do u clean inside , if u do?
Btw I went out for dinner for the first time post surgery. And I looked preggers all bloated and swollen.


Hi Beckiz, I do agree I am confused about the result myself with regards to tightness and a bit of fat coz I paid for the lipo too. I was expecting a flat tummy really! But one of my friends who got it done with the same PS assured me it looks much much better than it is now 4-5 weeks post surgery. So I m still hoping. But having said that, do I regret my decision? Not at all! Cos I know I looked much worse than now and I looked preggers for ages.. I believe it gets reasonably better than I m looking now. And that makes me feel million bucks! So I stopped worrying atleast for now.. First week was super hard for me emotionally. I was constantly thinking what have I done to myself. Was this really necessary? Will I forgive myself. But you feel different week after week.. Go for it girl! you are worth it
By the way, Karen hospital is in Kenya. It costed me approximately 400,000 kenyan shillings. Are you from Kenya or East Africa?

Incision & BB started to heal

My incision and BB started to heal although I see yellowish puss coming out. I m applying antibiotic cream.
Swelling came down a bit. My energy levels r normal during the day but evenings am totally exhausted (I have 4 yr old twin girls)
About the bulge my PS says he KNOWS its going to come down and look flat 6-8 weeks post. I hope and pray he is right as that's still my biggest concern! He said he is expecting it to reduce my 1cm at least. I see sooooooo many women having a flat belly by week 2 or 3 so it really plays with ur head!

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Week 4

So this is how my tummy looks now. My incision had opened I guess. It was actually bleeding. PS asked me to just apply antibacterial cream. So hoping to get better.
I m still not happy with the flab although my PS 'assured' me it WILL get better after 2 or 3 weeks. I m still hoping.
My belly button is dark part of it looks healed and dry and some areas still healing.


I am getting a tummy tuck Wednesday the 4th of December and I am scared and having second thoughts. I am thin but after having 3 big kids my ab muscles separated and I have a protruding stomach. But I am nervous. Has anyone had one and been happy. Can you tell me what to expect??
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I am 10 days since my lipo and full TT, well I am getting better the day but I am worried about my belly button its oozing some yellow reddish discharged talked to my PS who says I spray with opsite. I am still quite swollen and a bit sore on the incision site. How do I take care of the belly button? Should I just continue spraying with the opsite one layer after the other should I not clean the discharge out before spraying? On the incision site some areas are amolst healed other are not I was given a cream to apply should I apply and spray the opsite or just leave the cream alone. I am quite energetic and in less pain but I am worried about the belly button how long does it take to heal and best do I take Care of it? How long does it take to completely heal and get back to normalcy my 2 yr old daughter cants understand why I cannot hold or lift her up she is crying so much and its really breaking my heart.
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I just sprayed opsite for 2 weeks. Nothing else. When was given the cream, I first clean the incision and bb with saline water, then I would apply the cream and 5 mins later spray opsite so that the skin first absorbs the cream and opsite acts like a protective layer. Hope that helps Where did u get ur surgery done, if I may ask? Who is ur surgeon?
Dr. Adan Abdullahi

He has good bedside manners. Very patient and answers all my questions. Heard great things about him. Hope and pray all goes well!

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