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I have had Invisalign now for about a month. I am...

I have had Invisalign now for about a month. I am on my 2nd tray of aligners. The biggest disappointment was the "buttons" that were put on my teeth. My dentist didn't mention this until it was time to put them on my teeth. He said that the "buttons" would be "barely visible". That was a huge understatement!!!!! I have 8 buttons on my teeth and they are VERY noticeable.

I am 44 years old and thought Invisalign would be a better option than traditonal braces. I must say that with traditonal braces, people know what is going on with your teeth. These "buttons" look like growths or calcium deposits on my teeth. It is terrible! I am the type of person who smiles, alot, and when I smile, I show lots of teeth! Well, I am not smiling as much now, I hide my smile behind my hand because I don't want others to see those "buttons".

My treatment plan will take 50 weeks. I know that my teeth are moving, so I am hopeful that a beautiful smile is in progress and a year from now, this experience will be worth it.

I've just started my 4th set of aligners and my teeth look fairly similar to yours. I have 7 buttons on my teeth and at first I thought they were quite obvious but now I'm beginning to think they are not. No one has noticed that I'm wearing my aligners (not even the kids from the youth group I run - and they point everything out).
Stand back from the mirror a few paces and smile to see your teeth as other people see them - it's not half as bad as it looks close up! (You get used to seeing yourself with them too - so it get less noticeable)

I agree though, the dentists don't like to tell you about the buttons do they? I only found out about them through research - and all the promotional pictures show people with perfect teeth who clearly wouldn't need any attachments because their teeth don't need straightening!
Luckily, I have not had any pain from the aligners. It's mainly pressure. If you change your aligners right before bedtime and take some Tylenol the discomfort is minimal. (At least that has been my experience so far...) I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I am anxious to see how he thinks my teeth are progressing. I will keep you updated.

I went to the dentist last week and my doctor...

I went to the dentist last week and my doctor spoke with Invisalign and they are making me new aligners without the buttons. My buttons have been removed, Yay! It will take approximately 2 weeks to get my new aligners, so in the meantime, I only have to wear my aligners at night. It is so nice not to have the buttons on my teeth. I was very self conscious about them, I had a total of 8, with 6 placed on my front teeth. My treatment will take a little longer, but that's ok with me.

Oh, I can completely understand why you would be so excited and not ask any questions! I'll be looking forward to your updates!


Hey Wichita,

So you have my curiosity up - if they removed the buttons and say treatment will take a bit longer as a result will you just be having more series of trays to go through? Did they happen to say if this is always an option, or if buttons are required for the first portion of treatment??

Those are great questions, but unfortunately I didn't ask those specific ones. I was so excited about the button removal, that I didn't inquire about the number of trays I would be getting. I will ask my doctor next week and keep you updated!

I received my new aligners today without the...

I received my new aligners today without the "buttons". I am thrilled that my doctor listened to my concerns, contacted Invisalign and revised my treatment plan. Now, I feel like I can smile again without feeling self conscious about the "buttons" on my teeth. This may seem like a petty issue to some, but it was a big deal to me and I am thankful that my doctor did everything he could to rectify the situation.

Can I ask what doctor you went to for your trays and such? I live in Wichita and am interested in Invisalign! And also, what are these "buttons" and what do they do? Thanks a bunch!
My dentist is Dr. Fankhauser. It is my understanding that the buttons help anchor the aligners onto your teeth and can more precisely direct movement on teeth that require special attention. I had my buttons removed because I found them very unsightly. The doctor revised my treatment plan to accomodate my wishes. As a result, I will have to have my front teeth shaved more than originally planned, but I am ok with that. Goodluuck to you! The entire staff at the dentist office is great, they truly care about making your experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.
I am on my second week, and it's getting better. I also have buttons that are visible when I smile, I am going to ask if they can be made the same color as my teeth (they're lighter right now). I have 10 total and they are a bit awkward. I feel like they are more a part of me.Hang in there !!

I went to the dentist on Monday and all is well...

I went to the dentist on Monday and all is well with my teeth! Yay! My new aligners didn't seem as tight this time, but I really feel a difference when I take them off to eat. My teeth are more sore with this set. I have been very lucky in that the discomfort from my aligners has been minimal. I saw my Clincheck for the first time and that was exciting! It is nice to have an actual visual of the results to be expected from the treatment. It will be so awesome to have a mouth full of straight white teeth! Lol!

My teeth have definitely moved. I don't necessarily notice it from a visual perspective, but when I floss, there is space between my teeth that I didn't have before. It's reassuring to know that movement is happening!

I began my treatment almost two years ago with 36 trays (2 wks per tray). Towards the end of this set I was really disappointed to be told I would have 12 trays of refinements... But now my story gets worse. during my last visit to pick up #8 of 12 I insisted he tell me when I'll be able to close my bite - I didnt' start out with any bite problems. He looked concerned and ordered another bite mould and more pictures and said he would order a new set based on these new measurements.
I received a call last week - Unbelievable!! - another 25 trays have arrived!!
that would put my treatment at 73 trays - 3 years. Does it sound like I must have had a terrible smile? wrong.. in fact people were very surprised that I was going for treatment at all. I had a slightly noticable overlap in my two front teeth and some crowding at the lower molars.
I now have a completely misaligned bite - I cannot close my bite at the back at all! my front looks nice and straight but the midline is totally off on the top.
I'm not certain what I plan on doing at this point. I'm meeting with my dentist tomorrow for a consult before proceeding with these new 3rd set of aligners.
I'm stunned to say the least! what options do I have now? What guarantee is there things won't get worse!?
OMG, who is your doctor???
I thought my mold procedure was ughh too. I have a gag reflex which really made it take longer to complete. I start #7 next week. I have attitude problem for about two days. Can't wait to see real changes in my smile.
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I didn't feel like he was forthcoming about exactly what the procedure entailed. (I should have asked more questions, but I mistakenly trusted the doctor to fully disclose to me what to expect) Had I known about the buttons and how they would look, I might have chosen a different path. However, after talking with my doctor and expressing, my disappointment and concern about the appearance of my "buttons", he called Invisalign and they sent out new aligners, without the "buttons" and revised my treatment plan. I am so HAPPY! I appreciate that my doctor took the steps necessary to make me a happy Invisalign patient.

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