9weeks post op! 2weeks post op revision! new pics

Hello I have been following all of your girl's...

Hello I have been following all of your girl's stories since I scheduled my TT back in November. I will tell you a little about myself first. I am a mother of 3 amazing boys, ages 7,6,&3. I had my first son at the age of 21 and I gained nearly 100lbs. I know that is excessive and self induced but what can I say. Before I was pregnant I weighed 115 @ 5'3".
When I weighed in right before I had him I was at about 210lbs. I lost 60 and shortly after found out I was pregnant again and gained that 60lbs back. I then lost all my weight and was back down to 120lbs but I had some loose skin. Not that bad and not that insecure about it but still thought one day I would like a TT. When my second son was 2 1/2 I found out I was pregnant for the third time I only gained about 45lbs this time but he was 9lbs and 22inches the other two where about 8lbs 20/21inches. After the third my stomach just took a turn for the worse. Before I had my TT/lipo on flanks in Jan I was 5'3" and 130lbs but I couldn't wear anything that would cling to my belly I was very conscious of my stomach even in the bedroom. I would never take my shirt off around my husband or even take a shower around him. I never would let him touch my stomach even though he would tell me he didn't care I had his children. I did though. So I was just talking to him about this Dr I used to work with opened his own surgery center near where I live and I trust him. I never thought I would get the answer that I did he said schedule a consult. So I did. After my consult I was very pleased with what he had to say he is a very good dr and very caring love him I scheduled my appointment for january 18th to only get a phone call to reschedule for january 14th which was great.
After that I drove my husband crazy that is all I could think about. I would at one minute be excited the next be very nervous and scared. I went through the emotional roller coaster. Now I am here in february 3weeks post op and have had some set backs or hiccups as my PS called them he is so sweet. Ill start from the surgery date.

I went @ 7:30 am on January 14th was marked sedated woke up was great no real pain didnt feel sick was great only took pain meds for 3days and had 1 drain. I went in 1 week later was only draining 25cc per 24hr so he took out my drain on day 8. I was still wearing compression garment which I thought was to big but what did I know. Well he decided because I had some bruising that I was a higher risk for hematoma/seroma to see me back 1 week or so later. I kept having this drainage above the pubic area and wasnt healing right but thought didnt want to bother him so ill wait till my appt. I went in and of coarse me the biggest worrier was told that my fear was true I had a seroma. I said ok he drained it this was this last thursday jan 31st. Well the next day was draining and he told me to call if it did so I called. I went in Feb 1st he said there was another one on the other side but so small he isn't going to do anything we will just wait till monday at 8am when Im scheduled to come back. He said if anything changed to call him on his cell but he has a family and a life too. But last night in the afternoon im still draining a lot of fluid and now have a spot away from the original spot where it has opened a little and is draining more of a green puss but I haven't checked this morning but didn't know if it was an abscess suture. Im so nervous and of coarse I worry all the time. He said this will not affect my end result which I am pleased with the incision line and the way my stomach looks its just the draining and I cant go back to work for another week. I forgot to mention that I had foot surgery Dec 20th 2012 so I have been in this house since then except for Dr appt here and there and 1 wrestling meet for my boys, I just didn't know if anyone had any suggestions or have any of this happen to them and how long this so called hiccup will last. I'm not in pain I just want the center of my incision to heal like the rest all ready and this draining to stop. I think I will wait till monday because I am on antibiotics and I am first patient unless it gets worse or is worse when I go to get into shower this morning. I have read all your stories good and bad and all of you have helped me to actually go through with the tummy tuck thank you I just want all this to be over with my husband is going crazy too.

Girl...I'm a worrisome person as well. Just remember if you feel any part of your body getting warm near your scar, that means infection...I hope all goes well. Good luck.

Hello again. Trying to figure out how to do this...

Hello again. Trying to figure out how to do this from my phone so I think I updated before writing another post. My apologies. I hope everyone out there has as good and sweet of a surgeon as I have. Sunday my drainage took a turn for the worse I called my surgeon he said he would see me but it was not life threatning and I could wait till monday so I didnt worry to much and had a busy day with birthday parties and superbowl party. I went yesterday and actually wasnt draining like before imagine that. lol thats what always happens. He drained what he could and said it was on the mend and he was going to place devise called a PICO. He said it is like a vaccuum and would creat a suction to get all fluid out where incision isnt healing from the seroma and will speed up the healing process. Im a happy girl and I never have regreted having this done just get worried sometimes to much. I love mu PS he is amazing. Happy Healing ladies and I will try and get some pics posted bad thing is I never took before photos thats how bad I hated my stomach but now I wished I would have. I will ask my surgeon if he can email me before he is the only one that has a pic of that mess. :) I will post incision when I get this devise off.

Sorry for the side ways pics they werent that way...

Sorry for the side ways pics they werent that way in my phone? Does anyone know can you rotate after you load them?
Also can anyone tell me how long you are hunched over for? I'm 2 weeks post op and my surgeon said i should be standing straight up more but it still feels quite tight and sore..
Hello i hope everything works out for you and i have just had a tummy tuck on the 23 Jan, 2013. Everything seems to be going well but i have a lot of bruising but i sometimes think my binder was too tight.
I don't know what your before looked like, but your after pictures are awesome. You have a beautiful shape now. I am sure you husband loves it too! I have the same problem with sideways pictures, but alot of us do. lol Some I have seen are all the way upside down :-) Sorry about the problems you have had with the infection and draining. Hopefully your on the mend now. Have a great day!

I go today to see my wonderful PS so he can take...

I go today to see my wonderful PS so he can take this devise called a PICO off my incision to see if it is healing better in the area my seroma was trying to drain from and hopefully the seroma is gone and I dont need another PICO placed but if so it will be ok as long as my healing is speeding up. I feel great I just have this one area that is healing slower because of my seroma. Well wish me luck. I find out if im released for work next week today or friday. Bittersweet, my two older boys are in school so thats not so hard but I used to be a stay at home mom and this time off just makes me miss it. My 3 year old and I have been having fun but at least I have the blessing that he gets to to work with me and my husband two days a week so its not terrible. Good luck to everyone and happy healing!
(I take a new pic every Thursday so I will post another pic tomorrow and I will try and remember to see if my PS can email me my before he has the one and only picture of the what I call a mess. lol)
You look great and your belly button is awesome. Who is your PS?
Dr Mattgew Hlavacek in missouri he is amazing!!!
matthew oops

Ok so I went my wonderful PS he took the PICO...

Ok so I went my wonderful PS he took the PICO dressing off and said healing better seroma almost gone and my incision is healing better in that area but still need to place abother one. So I still have this vaccuum like dressing and little motor box to hide but its small and it will be worth it. :) So Monday I go back to see how its healing. I still am limited activity and cant get my blood pressure raised but that is easier said then done with 3 boys a husband and a dog. lol especially with the terrible 3's!!! I have a new pic will post. I will get incision pics when this thing is removed. :)
That's great news. Enjoy your time with the little guy.
Thank you Brookly It is good news I just cant wait to be normal again. I know its a long recovery just getting anxious. :) I do enjoy being with him even though I really dont think its terrible 2's it is 3's lol. They are all little blessings and I am thankful I was blessed with 3 little boys. :) Hope you have a good day!!
Hey, blessings yes...my daughter was terrible 2-5 OMG, now she's about to be 18. My son wasn't so bad, lol. Take it one day at a time:)

Where my seroma was draining from still has not...

where my seroma was draining from still has not healed completely. My PS is awesome and sweet and says that I am healing but just seems it is taking forever and didnt know if there was anyone out there that has had this happen to them? Thanks

Im healing better feeling much better. Would do it...

Im healing better feeling much better. Would do it all over again in a heart beat. Pics are of me a little swolen but will take more tomorrow morning its usually better then. :) happy healing to everyone!!
What kind of revision did you have?
I had developed a seroma that was draining through the middle part of.my incision which made it like a wet scab with tension in that area already allowed for that portion to re-open so he had to go in and pretty much re-close the incision. :)
Hi! Your tummy looks great! I also gained a a lot with my first pregnancy (shame on me) and had an emergency c-section with my second. My c-section pain did "suck" and I am glad that you noted that the TT was not as bad. I was thinking of scheduling a consult for a TT and BA with Dr. Hlavacek soon. Did you have loose skin/stretch marks before? I am also 115 lbs. and I HATE my stomach. I hope they can cut all of that off!! But I would like to have a really low scar and have a cute little BB! I hope this will be possible. It kind of looks like your incision is low, but hard to tell from your photos. Are you still satisfied with your results?
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