350cc, saline, bilateral lift

Hoping to get rid of the pillows of padding I call...

Hoping to get rid of the pillows of padding I call bras right now, and make a quiet transition to a hopefully natural looking lift and implants. 31 yrs old, breastfed 2 kids, 5'4 140lbs. I used to have a large b, and good shape. Pregnancy and bfeeding has left them at a small b and that's when I can mash it all up into my $60 bombshell bras...which I wear riligiously. I always had a BA in the back of my mind, and would love it to be the size of what I appear in my bombshell bras:)

Before pics

Put up some before pics. So glad I can keep this private! Have a few questions. I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old. I'm not planning on telling many people I'm getting this done. I work part time and doing this on a Friday, taking a couple days off of work (we'll see). What can I tell my kids happened to mommy? I feel like they are totally going to blow my cover haha. Like go around saying 'mommy has owies on her boobies! They won't be able to hug me for awhile etc. Any suggestions?

How long did everyone wait until they went back to work?

I work for a medical company and do a lot of driving, little office work, lot of walking. I know everyone is different, but just curious. I only work part time.

One week from today! I need some post op bra help...

I'm only a week away from my surgery and I already ordered a post op bra. It's a Fruit of the Loom one I ordered online that I read someone from here said was good. I usually wear a 34 or 36, so I ordered a 38. Well, the 38 is NOT going to be big enough. And this bra was not comfortable either? I don't want want to go to a million different stores looking around especially around Christmas time. So any suggestions on how to know what size or what brand? I also ordered a Danskin front closure in a 34D. It fits good, a little big in the cup area now so I thinkt that will work. It's just not reall comfortable around the underneath band part so I'm curious if that will rub on my incisions. Anyone have any feedback? Thanks for your help!

Last 'before' pictures

Took my final before pictures so I can have some memories. Thank goodness for the confidentiality of RealSelf so I can delete these off my camera immediately haha. It's nice to have a place to store these instead of your phone or somewhere else dangerous.
I'm getting so excited but also a little sad in a weird way. These saggy little things aren't terrible and they fed both my babies and kept them healthy. They got stretch marks and I pumped blood a few times because the breastfeeding was so tough at first. Then 2 months after I finished breastfeeding, I found out I was pregnant (surprise) with my second so they had barely gone back to their shape and time to stretch out and start over. I had two kids in 18 months and it all seems like it went so quick! And here I am rambling and getting sentimental about my boobs that I'm about to alter. Did anyone feel the same right before surgery?

All done! ended up with 350cc

Besides being on the verge of diarrhea all morning because of the butterflies in my tummy haha, everything went well. Had to wait in pre op for a little bit longer as I was the second surgery. The anesthesiologist told me that my dr. Is known at that surgery center for taking his time and being a perfectionist and likes to look and look and get it perfect so that made me feel good. When he marked me up, I reminded him of my wishes of wanting to be a modest size, natural look and would rather have regret about being too small then too big. Other than that, I trusted his judgment for my frame. Guess he ended up needed to take more skin off left side for symmetry and got 350 on both sides. Or at least that's what my husband thinks he said haha. From what I see looking down, I'm thrilled. I know they will be pretty high for a couple months and my chest muscle is high. Didnt get sick, pain is super tolerable.

First peek for me

I will be honest, I don't get nervous about seeing incisions/blood etc. But man, I sat on the bed for a good while before I had the guts to take my bra off and get that first shower. My husband gets queasy so I was a little worried about him as he has NO idea what to expect. Hia words were 'I'm afraid its going to look like a dog attacked you.' He wasn't being mean, he was just really honest and concerned haha! Anyways, we both did fine. They obviously need to drop etc, but I'm so happy that the dr listened and seemed to get the exact size I was hoping for. A perky upgrade! Incisions seemed good, but I for sure want to go buy another bra. This band is killing me and I just realized I bought too small a size on the fruit of the loom. I'm totally dreading going to walmart right before Christmas, but I need some relief! Other than that things are good. Went all day with no pain meds! Although dr said he wants me to take the valium every night before bed for a week straight regardless. I'm fine with that because sleeping on my back sucks! Hope you all are recovering well.

Drove for first time

Since I've been off my pain meds since sat night, and I'm going back to work tomorrow, I figured I would test out driving. Went really well, the hardest part was probably opening/closing the door. Have to remember I'm still just a few days out and to keep my movements slow even if I feel good!

nipple bruising?

My husband is worried about this nipple bruising on my left nipple. I think all bruising at this point is totally normal, but he is the worrier so I thought I would ask you all!

7 days

Went to see drs partner yesterday. My doc is out of town. Very brief, but good. All is healing well and he wasn't concerned about bruising on the left nipple. Can't wait for them to start taking their shape and dropping but I'm thrilled with the size!

Updating pics so I can delete from my phone

I don't like keeping naked boob pictures of myself or any women for that matter on my phone for too long. So expect some uplaods because this is where I can put them! Left is still more swollen and bruised. My bra was bothering me so I took it off and realized it was rubbing my lower incision and there was some 'stuff' on my bra..ooops. I don't really know what it was because my bra was black. Glue? But my incisions look good. They use purple glue which makes it look worse. Anyways, added some gauze now just in case.

Two week pics

Saw my dr yesterday. Said my bruising and everything looks good for where I'm at. Gave me arnica gel to rub in with my massaging. Said to start massages in circular motion, gentle, until I see him next. Can already tell my nipple looks better from last week though. Wish I could get these purple markings/glue off though! The good part about glue is it seems to leave out the problem of the spitting of stitches that some people seem to have I guess? But man it looks bad still.

3 week pictures

Wish this stupid glue would come off but have to patiently wait! Still don't feel 'comfortable' with how the boobs feel, not in pain, just getting used to them. However, I did have a freak out moment last night when I was reading reviews of a gal who JUST got implants, no lift, and at 6 weeks she was glad she was cleared to pick up her son. I've been back to doing everything since beginning of week two because I've felt so good and had to be back at work..driving, lots of carrying, lots of walking, lots of picking up my 2 yr old, helping 4 yr old etc. I am sore at the end of most days, but I'm also not one of those women that's very 'in tune with her body' haha. So basically, I'm a bad patient haha. Anyways, see dr again monday.


I'm having a burning sensation pain that's getting worse over the last couple days. Feels like a sunburn on the inside of my boobs. My skin isn't hot to the touch, so I know it's not an infection. And it only hurts when I move..which is only all the time:) It's gone from being annoying to painful to hindering. Luckily my follow up is tomorrow. I'm thinking it's nerve pain? Just seeing if anyone else has experienced this!

Pain is ok!

Saw my ps yesterday. He said my pain is the nerves in my muscles coming back and flaring up all at once. Probably worse to my over exertion, oops. I really honestly felt really good after that first week, so went straight to work 4 days post surgery where I drive, walk a ton, open and close lots of doors and carry medical equipment (not heavy though), then hosted christmas, cooked and cleaned (so no family would catch on to my surgery) and have a two yr old and four old that keep me busy. And I really just went back to normal really quick because I honestly felt so good? So I'm thinking my muscles are making me pay catch up for it now haha. Anyways, all that to say, my ps said just to take a half valium when it gets really bad and go to massaging once a day. He took my stitches out and ok'd me to rub off my glue...YAY! Said my left is still more swollen so to wear a good sports bra if I want to start doing working out (doubtful, but that was sweet of him to give the green light;) Just relieved I didn't mess anything up..yet!

Glue almost gone

Almost got all this glue off!

very happy

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OMG! I love your results. Only 2 months and they look perfect! I hope mine turn out as good :)
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Thank you so much! I'm beyond pleased
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You look great! What size of bra are you wearing now?
  • Reply
Thank you! Actually just a 36c usually. Have a couple 34d though
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Your boobs are healing beautifully!! I love them!
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Thanks so much!! Its fun to hear from people who actually see them haha. I keep them so hidden normally hehe
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Woohoo. I think your boobs came out fabulous I'm jealous :/ I feel so down about my left breast that had opened wounds ugh I hope the scar goes away!
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Your scar on the left seriously looks good for the wound it had and it hasn't been that long! Don't stress. I'm going to start putting nerium in mine too. Its for wrinkles (I swear by it) but does wonders for my scars too. Are you getting used to the 'feel' yet?
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Nerium for the scars really? Hmm might have to try that. Mm as far as the feel I mean I'm use to it somewhat..some days I have mixed emotions..sometimes I love them sometimes I'm not happy about them..majority because of the open wounds and the lollipop scar, sometimes I feel they're to small but I had no other choice due to lift...sometimes I feel they've dropped to much I wanted a lot more clevage on top but whatever. Like exactly right now I love them lol but I'm sure tomorrow I'll be a bit depressed. Idk I'm just waiting for time to pass and let them heal and continue to see if they keep dropping if so I'm really going to need a revision hopefully not because I really want to do my buttocks this summer and unfortunately my surgeon will not perform breast and buttocks same day..for breast you can't lay on your tummy of course and for buttocks you can't lay on your back lol so makes sense oh and I can only do a revision within a year and to have another surgery perform you have to wait 6 months so if I do buttocks first obviously my year-round will expire before I wait another 6 months to redo breast anyway I'm just praying I turn out loving my results..4 more months for full results. Sorry for this long a$$ story lol.
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Well for the record, I would NOT think you need a revision on your boobs. Thats my opinion, just being honest...I think the shape and size look great at this point. But of course its so different when its on your own body! And when we stare at them all the time haha.
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How did your follow-up go? What did your PS say abut your pain? I hope you are doing better.
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Wow I am loving the look of your new boobies! I hope mine turn out that wonderful.. Looks like you're healing nicely! Keep us posted!
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Thank you so much!
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We had same surgery date...i do a lot of walking just not much lifting...i barely lift my 2 yr old how are u feeling?
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Oops ah well I guess. I should slow down on that..but picked the wrong weekend to do that since my husband had to go out of town haha. I'm feeling tight and sore, but that's about it. How about you??
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I've already been cleared for cardio so I'm sure your fine...i just watched my lifting cause I didn't want complications this time.last time I got a cc
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Oh no!! Yikes ok, thanks
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So your overall price was 5600? Or was that just your estimate before getting the surgery? Also.. Kansas City is pretty close to my location & from a lot of reviews I've seen, your experience is looking great. I'm extremely interested to see your final recovering pictures! :)
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HI, yes my total was $5600. But that's about a thousand less than they normally charge because I have a girlfriend that works at the office and could get me the friends/family discount. Not sure if it was better ettiquette that I left off the price or the dr haha? But I'm annymous and super happy with everything so far, regardless. Dr. Cannova at associated plastic surgeons is who did mine. Feel free to message me with any other questions too!
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You look great! Thanks for sharing your journey!
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Thank you!
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I look forward to seeing the final results. I'm currently 7 months pregnant with baby #2 and I'm getting my tubes tied after.. then plan on fixing my Tata's.. bc knock on wood that's all that has been affected by pregnancy. Your post are inspiring!
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Good luck to you! This site is addicting and I knew from the second I finished nursing I wanted this done but honestly NEVER thought I would do it. Enjoy your 'old' boobs to the fullest in the meantime..they will be fixed and it will be worth all the hard work for your babies. Congrats on your second baby btw
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You're looking good. If you havent got the markings off yet. Rubbing alcohol totally works.
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Thanks! I've used everything...rubbing alcohol, baby oil, even nail polish remover and it's not working. Had the same issue after my c section getting the steri strip sticky stuff off!
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