Finally got my boobs my journey to sexiness- Kansas City, MO

Well. I'm 21 years old will be 22 next month. I...

Well. I'm 21 years old will be 22 next month. I have always wanted bigger breasts since middle school. I grew to a 32a in 7th grade and never grew any more. Every year when school came back around I hoped I would come back with bigger boobs like all the other girls but it never happened.I got teased about my boobs all the time alot of time to my face. But more importantly I didn't like my breasts. The older I got the stronger I felt that way. I am almost 22 I am a woman I want to feel and look like a woman and this birthday I will. As you can see from my pictures I am pretty much flat chested. I have just enough breast tissue to pinch. If I lay down or raise my arm my breast are completely flat. I don't even have enough breast for a push-up bra. I had to wear 3 bras to create cleavage lol! I am somewhat nervous but now that its hours away I'm not as nervous anymore. I just kinda want to get it over with lol. When I got a call from the nurse last week I started freaking out. I was like this is real I'm actually getting surgery. I
couldn't even stop thinking about surgery the closer the day got. I know I don't have the best before photo right now I will post better ones tomorrow. I decided last minute to share my story maybe I could help someone with their journey or decision.
I will update you guys on how I'm doin asap!

Day 1 boobs Well I'm about 4 hours post op....

Day 1 boobs

Well I'm about 4 hours post op. I'm laying in bed with an ice pack on top if each breast. I have peeked at them but haven't got a goos luck. According to the nurse I did really good under anesthesia. I wasnt nauseous when I woke up. My chest was just really tight so I asked for more pain meds. Originally before surgey I had asked for less. She said I was tolerating meds very well no dizziness or loopiness. Now I am completely pain free. I only feel pain when adjusting positions or moving my arms. I'm very excited to get a good look at my boobs and try on clothes and bras etc. They look bigger than I thought they would which is awesome. I didn't get nervous until I laid on the surgery bed to get my anesthesia. They gave me the mask and said breathe 3 times and that'd all I remember before waking up. The anesthesiologist said he would say think of a happy vacation would be my cue. I don't even remember him saying that lol. It didn't burn either and I didn't feel the sleepiness come on like other ppl. However they did give me something for my nerves so maybe that effected it. So far I'm feeling fine. Mom taking care of me and waiting for friends to visit :)

Got saline under the muscle went for small c. Transauxillary incision. Idk how many cc need to look. At paperwork

Day 2 Well woke up this morning and my chest...

Day 2

Well woke up this morning and my chest was tight. My armpit area was sore where my incisions where. My mom gave me my medicine I took one Valium and one Percocet. I can take up to 2 but one is working fine. I really didn't expect it to be this easy. Its really hard to lift my arms though. I am going to petco to get some dog food and to get a sport bra from target. My ace wrap thing come off to day so I'm very excited to actually see them. I hope they don't look funny :( anyways I'll keep you guys posted on how I'm feeling later today.

Ok so it's still day 2. I called my dr to see how...

Ok so it's still day 2. I called my dr to see how long I had to sleep elevated and I guess I will be sleeping this way until I have my first post op visit on Monday so almost a week from now :( It is soooo uncomfortable sleeping that way because I normally slepp on my side in the fetal position. I took my ace wrap off to day and finally got a look at my breast. I love them so far. They are still very tight and swollen but all my friends have been very supportive and think they look good.I think they look kinda weird but I cant wait til they drop and fluff and I can wear real bras! I got some silicone petals for my nipples because they are super sensitive. I bought some cute v neck shirts that are lose fitting I can wear until I'm able to lift shirts over my head. Apparently I have a high pain tolerance per my nurse because I am pain free just a little soreness like I been working out for a bit.

Day 3 Things are going better as the day goes...

Day 3

Things are going better as the day goes on. My doggy saw me for the first time in almost 2 weeks and immediately tried to climb on me lol. Very scary hes a lab/dalmation mix and almost 100lbs. But I told him to get down and so no boobs were hurt in the process. Last night I went to bed around 7. Woke up in pain around 9 I was also having dreams ghost were trying to kill me which apparently means I'm ready to let go of the past or something of the sort. My bf was really sweet and liftted me up and gave me my meds. Throughout the day moving around became much easier. I can move my arms alot easier as well. My armpit incisions are not as sore as before. I still havent pooped since the day of surgery. I pooped twice before goin under the knife and havent since so I'm thinking of getting activa. I also have yogurt pills. My stomach doesnt hurt but I normally go once or twice daily so I think the pain meds are stopping me up. I'm alot more alert today as well. Still very impatient for the boobs to d&f! I think I'll be able to hang out this weekend if I take it easy. Just chill and chat. I went out to eat today with my bf that was fun. Gonna play the Sims now and keep you guys posted! Thanks so much for all the support.

Just woke up its 2 30 am. My right breast is...

Just woke up its 2 30 am. My right breast is extremely tight and swollen I can't get my mom or brother up and dad is at work ugh :(. I really need ice like NOW. First day my left was very swollen wonder if its normal for it to switch? Anywho I wanna go back to sleep. Hopefully I can get up alone. I still have trouble getting in and out bed. I hafta have someone push my back up. Well here goes nothing :-/

Day 3 Today I woke up this morning experiencing...

Day 3

Today I woke up this morning experiencing morning boob. No fun lol :(. I finally was able to go poop today. I took two fiber pills and two lacto bifidilus or something like that. Whatever the active cultures in yogurt are I took two of those in pill form. My little sister ended up getting me some ice last night so I didn't have to get up. Today I moved my arms around alot more and found it easier to move around. I went to walmart to get some activia and greek yogurt to help my digestive system and then I went to applebee;s with my parents. I had to ice my right breast on the way to applebee's. Afterwards was walmart. I took a nap after that because I was tired from all the walking and moving. Today I only had to take 2 percocets. I took a half pill every 5 hours and no Valiums. I will be taking a 1/2 of a percocet to sleep as it is almost 1 am and I haven't had one since 7pm. I'm not really in pain just a little tightness which I am getting used to. I put the cocoa butter on 3 times today. I still have to wear my silicone petals. My breasts are less swollen and look alot more normal than in my pics. I will up date new pics monday. My armpits are not as sore either. I havent had much pain today at all. I decided not to hang out with friends until next week. I need to enjoy being pampered and take care of my new girls :). I am baking zuchini bread then I am taking my meds and going to sleep.

NOTE: I meant day 4 for the post above not 3. I...

NOTE: I meant day 4 for the post above not 3. I was not able to change it once I posted it

1 week post op! I had my first post op visit...

1 week post op! I had my first post op visit yesterday at which I was 6 days post. My dr says he is very pleased and impressed with my results and how fast I am healing. I can now sleep however I want he said since I am progressing very well. My left breast is already beggining to drop. My right breast is still high and swollen adn has been a pain in the butt. Tight tight tight. But I use ice on these babies constantly. I had to take a Valium yesterday because Sunday I went to the zoo for fathers day and walked arounf WAY too much. I feel I overdid because the next day I was starting to experience increasing pain as the hours went by. I am now able to do some gentle exercises where i press down on the top of the implant. I've been focusing on the right since it's still riding high. I will be posting new pics soon. I look alot different from my 24 hour post ba pics. I still cannot wear a bra. I have another appt in 2 weeks and maybe I will be able to wear bras by then. Until then I'll just have to keep pasties on the headlights lol. By bf is very excited for the massaging. I hung out with my gay bff's last night and they all LOVED the new twins. All of my friends and family have been very supportive. They knew how much this meant to me and they can see my happiness. I still use ice but rarely pain meds. The Ice works wonders ladies use it. Save your meds, save your liver ha ha. I'm thinking of using some bromelian or something natural to help with the swelling and stubborn right boob. Tonight I am going to the casino and tomorrow Schlitterban. \

Btw the right suture fell off on sunday I put it back on it fell off again. My dr said if the fall off by themselves its fine. I couldnt even see the scar to put the suture back on! Very very happy about that bcuz my dr tried to convince me to do areola incisions because of my skin tone. However I know my body and I do not scar also my areolas are tiny and I want to breast feed in the future and just didnt wanna mess with them. I got my warranty card for my implants. I have Naturelle Saline style 68 mod profile 240 cc filled to 270 cc.

Today I am 3 weeks post. I have been driving...

Today I am 3 weeks post. I have been driving myself for the past few days. I missed my follow up appt yesterday :( so I have to remain braless until next Monday that is the soonest appt they had. My breast are pretty soft now. My right breast is still a little higher than myleft. And my left seems bigger. Idk uf it's because the right hasn't dropped or if the left really is bigger. :-/ I really wish I went a little bigger and I will when I get my revision. Everyone says the size looks perfect for me but I really wish they were bigger. Ive gotten tons of compliments on my breasts on how good they look. My scars aren't even visible but they are hard to the touch so I have been massaging them. I feel great and getting used to my boobs :)
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Was very nice as well as staff made feel at ease. Felt like routine dr visit instead of surgery :p.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Hey! I would love to see some pics of the "girls" now! How has everything been with them? Any complications so far? Are you still happy with them? ... My surgery is in 48 days and I can't get it off of my mind haha. I am 22 years old and have 2 kids; 3 years old and 2 years old.. I also have a Great Dane who is 11 months old so I am going to need a lot of help while I am healing! I hope I am like you and can tolerate the pain well :)
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Hi V! I'm thinking about getting implants as a graduation gift to myself (MBA). Over 18 months later, are you still happy with your results?
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you look awesome sweetie Hope you are feeling better and they are easier to massage now. Mine softened up at the 2 month mark...Take Care ;))
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You look great congratulations!! =)
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So weird how every Dr is different.. I'm glad I am wearing something to hold them up.. I couldn't deal with them weighing down.. I gained 4 lbs after my surgery lol... Hopefully when the swelling goes down I lose a pound or 2 hehe...
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I was told to remain braless until my next visit in 2 weeks. So....but I bought bandeaus today bcuz I need something. When I walk around for awhile they just gaaah lol
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You are not wearing any support ? Sports bra? I had mine done on Wednesday and my Dr told me no bra with a wire but I need to have them supported!! They provided me with a sports bra!!! Good luck to you
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Hey hollywood~Congrats on the new boobies! How many cc's did you get? BTW- my b-day is on July 13th too. Cancers can be moody(crabby),caring and loving too...Lol Thanks for sharing your story:-)
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Thank you! I have no idea. I tried to pay more attention to the look I wanted than the numbers so I wouldn't get obsessed about it. I will find out exactly on monday when I have my first post op visit. Ihope ur bday is awesome with ur new tatas! I can't wait for mine.
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It will get easer . Get a lot of rest and walk a little . Take care !
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When is your birthday ? Sory you are having a hard time . Put more pillows behind you so you can get up by your self . I had no problems getting up proubly because my arms are strong . I could use them after surgery . It did hurt but I did it . I was by my self the day after surgery and every day after that . Only during the day . Hope it gets better soon .
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I can use my arms I just can't push or put weight on them. My arms are strong too because I am a pole dancer. I use my abs to get up. I think I am not sleepin elevated enough.
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My birthday is july 13th :). On friday the 13th. I was born on a friday so I'm excited. it only falls on friday every 6 or 7 years can't remember exactly
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Congratulations! And Happy Birthday to you! I wanted to ask where did you get the silicone petals? They sound like heaven...
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I got them from walmart in the bra section for about $8. They dont hurt to pull off either. They are in the same place where they sell the silicone bras and gel inserts. If your nipples are sensitve I STRONGLY reccommend them. Especially if u werent given a bra to wear
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Good to hear your surgery went so well. Looks great so far! Very natural looking. You are gorgeous, by the way! =)
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Thank you so much :) I wanted a more natural look. I went with a small c but I'm so tiny they look like a D which is want I wanted to appear like.
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I'm happy you are doing so good . I hated sleeping on stacked pillows and I sleep on my side too . At first it hurt to sleep on my side I had to put blanket between my boobs when I would lay on my side . You look great . I can see you are verry happy :-) .
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Thank you. Yea the back sleeping sucks majorly but when I take my meds I dont care anymore lol..
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Good luck with the results. Take it slow dont lift anything heavy for 2 wks better safe. I miss lifting my child but have to for now for better results. Keep us updated.
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Thanks so much for the updates! I'm glad it's going well so far. Yippee! Be careful lifting that dog food, in fact, try to get a store employee to do it for you.

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No problem! My bf will be walking my dog and getting the food and of course I wont be driving. I really miss my dog been on vacation for almost 2 weeks the nect day back I got surgery.
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Congrats !!!!! Hope you are doing ok .
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Congrats on your new girls! It sounds like everything has been very easy so far for you. I hope it keeps being easy =) Looking forward to seeing your results!
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Good luck today! Please let us know how you're feeling as you heal. Looking forward to following your progress.

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