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I have been on this site several times reading...

I have been on this site several times reading everyone else' story. As I sit here tonight with nervousness and excitement as my surgery date gets closer and closer, I thought, instead of reading everyone else' why not make my own? Hopefully I will not only help myself by typing what's on my mind, but maybe help someone else go through this same experience and all the feelings I have encompassed.

I am 26 years old about to be 27, with no children and I have always been very athletic and in shape. I played basketball in high school and college along with track, and cross country. One thing I have never been proud of are my breasts. It's a standing joke with people who know me and some of the comments that have been said are that I have *mosquito bites*, or *I don't need a bra, all I need is a bandaid for support*. Although I laugh when things like are said, deep down, it really does affect my self esteem and how I see myself. I never thought I would be someone to even consider plastic surgery, because I thought I would always accept myself for who I am and what I had been given. Although, I do accept myself, and can’t complain about my life as I am very blessed, I don't want to let something so little (literally, hehe) affect me for the rest of my life, when there are so many other things in life to be concerned about. My motto, "You only live once, so why not make yourself happy?”

I have contemplated getting breast implants for years…A couple of years ago, when I met my wonderful boyfriend Tony, I was then introduced to one of his co-workers who soon became one of best friends. It seems like her and I were separated at birth; enjoying the same hobbies, finishing each other’s sentences, and having the same personalities. Come to find out, she also had wanted breast implants and she had actually already been to a consult when she was 18, but changed her mind and decided not to go through with it. Since then, several of our friends have gotten breast implants and all seem very pleased. So, what better way to go through this scary, nerve wracking, EXCITING process then with your best friend?! Yes, that’s right, my best friend and I are doing this together. We have gone to every doctor’s appointment together along with our mammogram. Our surgeries are even scheduled on the same day, one hour apart. She has been my support, my laughter, and ears to listen to me when I start to freak out, and a friend I’ve never had, but always wanted.

The process has moved rather quickly, but rest assured, we have both done our research and have shared whatever information we can with each other. I think everyone has doubt in the back of their mind, or the fear of the unknown, but she has literally been my rock. (I sound like I’m talking about my boyfriend)…So on with the process…

June 18th – 1st consult – my appointment. Doctor was amazing, wonderful bed side manner, seemed very intelligent of course, and a combination of a wonderful personality with tons of laughter but still at the same time knowing this surgery is a “big deal” and not taking it lightly. Leaving the office I felt a ton of emotion. Should I be doing this? Am I doing the right thing? Are people going to judge me? Will everyone think I’m doing this for my boyfriend and not myself? What will my parents think? Will anyone understand the way I feel about myself and how much of a difference this is going to make?
So , I went home, thought about it, did some more research, read all the documents the office gave me, and I FREAKED OUT!!! Granted, the office informed me the documents were not anything about butterflies and flowers, they did in fact tell me it will make me think, “What the hell am I doing this for?” and that’s exactly what it did. I put that paperwork down for a good week and didn’t touch it. My friend, once again, picked me up, and just talked me through everything I was feeling. I even told her I thought I was going to back out because I was getting so worked up about it. I could see the end result and was soo excited, but for me emotionally to get there was very hard.

June 21st: float trip, swim suits, real boobs, fake boobs, and myself. I love being outdoors and I love float trips, but being in a bathing suit and trying to find one with a ton of padding, but at the same time not make it noticeable is a little hard. What if I push my boobs up so much, then I move one inch and one boob falls and the other is pushed up. What will other people be thinking when they see a 26 year old who looks like a little boy in her swim suit? Those are just a few thoughts going through my mind.
My boyfriend, bless his heart, has been so supportive through the whole process. One night, we were watching TV and he said, I have 3 though processes…And I said, “3?? Don’t most people have 2?”
1) He is a veterinarian and he knows the risk of infection is rare so he is not as concerned with surgery as I am because he performs surgery on a regular basis
2) He is going to support me with whatever I want to do. If I get them done, great. If I don’t, he doesn’t care, he likes me the way I am.
3) And the total guy thought process, he had actually gotten excited about the fact of me getting this done. After hearing my friend and I talk about this so much, what boyfriend/husband wouldn’t be excited??
June 21st: My friends consult. – This was more reassurance for me that I was going to go through with this. When I left the office this time, I was of course very anxious about surgery and even got a tear in my eye about the process, but was so ready to get this done. Everyone in the office was fabulous, from the receptionist, to the doctor’s assistant, to the doctor himself. This is the day we scheduled our surgery! August 2nd!! We also sat outside the office and scheduled our mammograms, I was more frightened about this then I was the breast surgery! How are these boney boobs going to be squished by some machine? All I could picture was 2 bricks just smashing my bones (not a good feeling or thought!)
July 5th: Mammogram!! Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Yes, it was uncomfortable, but I got through it. I made sure to take 3 ibuprofen an hour before my apt and I made sure when I made my appt. I was not going to be anywhere near “that time of month!” My friend and I did lunch afterward, talked more about our boobies, and got more and more excited.
So here we are, every day I am reminded by my best friend how many days we have left. And as of now, it’s 19!!! I have finished reading my paperwork, I was accepted for a credit card and will make my final payment this week sometime.
Please, if you are reading this, if you pray, pray for me. If that’s not your thing, that’s totally fine, just send some positive thoughts our way! Any advice, any words of wisdom, ANYTHING would be much appreciated. I will continue to update this as much as I can, and I wish all you ladies out there the best of luck with your process and procedure! May we all be happy in our skin and just as beautiful as we were before we got this done!! ?

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I was referred to this doctor by a friend who works at a local hospital. I worked with this friend for a short period of time. I trust her opinion and value what she has to say. She works with a lot of doctors and a lot of their wives have used Dr. Thomas Geraghty as their plastic surgeon.

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Hi, I am going to be getting my breast augmentation in june by Dr Geraghty and I'm so excited... it's nice to find someone on here that has had their breast augmentation by Dr. Geraghty. Any tips? Anything you didnt like about him or his office?
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Hey Lailasmommy! So glad you found me on here. 1st off I think Dr Geraghty and his staff are wonderful!!! You have nothing to be concerned about. Dr. Geraghty jokes around a lot and may seem to come off as "not serious" but he is a fabulous doctor, has wonderful bedside manners, does everything in your best interest, and really knows how to put your mind at ease. He was the 1st Dr. I had a consult with and I did not need to go on any others...I was sold. Let's see...any tips?? Everyone is different, but a tip from me would be...don't eat a lot leading up to surgery. Don't go out and eat a foot long sub and other snack-ems after surgery! I made that mistake and the anesthesia (just being honest here) really constipated me and it was horrible. My friend did not have this problem. I did struggle for up to 6 months after surgery bc 1) I couldn't wear "pretty" bras and I was feeling really self consious about myself. My breasts took a while to drop (about 4 months or so) so I was constantly looking in the mirror thinking they were too high and thinking they were never going to drop...this was not the case. Dr. Geraghty will tell you it takes 6 months to a year to get the "full" affect of how your breasts will be. I just had my 6 month check up on Monday and things are great! Another tip...DO the MASSAGES religiously!!! It's a pain to do them for 2 min in the morning and 2 min at night or in the shower, but make sure you do them! He will show you how to do all of them when you meet with him. Also, scarring...he will tell you to get the scar tape - HIGHLY recommend. It's most expensive then cream but it works! I scar easily and my scars don't heal well but that's just my body...I had my gallbladder removed when I was 18 and still have that scarring...its not horrible by any means but EVERYONE is different. His incisions were amazing. Also, a u-shape pillow for your neck is a must! You might be sitting up a lot and if you want to pass out and go to sleep this pillow is amazing. Another thing you might want to get is a wedge for sleeping. You can't lay flat for a while and this wedge props you up in bed but gives you enough cushion to where you are not uncomfortable. Here is the link to the ushape pillow I got - I LOVE it - http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?sku=13506582&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=CML6g9CtxrUCFQXpnAodHUMAnQ. Here is the link to the wedge pillow I got as well : http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?sku=10060850&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=CLHljuWtxrUCFQXpnAodHUMAnQ Oh another thing - the ice packs that my boyfriend got for me had a bandage that you could insert the ice pack into and wrap around your body with velco. Made icing VERY easy - I would get 2 or 3 of them to rotate them out. I think this is the one I got - just make sure it will wrap around your body. http://www.cvs.com/shop/product-detail/CVS-Reusable-Hot-Cold-Pain-Relief-Compress?skuId=318180 I will tell you this - I was having complications with my pain meds (another issue I have always delt with - my friend again did not have any problems) - they just weren't working - my boyfriend called Dr. Geraghty on a Saturday while he was at the lake with his family and he talked to my boyfriend on the phone and changed my script and called it in that night. His staff also called me the same day of surgery to check on me...AMAZING! My friend who I got this done with - her sister just got hers done a few weeks ago by him and is loving them. I was able to go to the Victoria Secret Semi Annual sale and spoil myself and I have feeling MUCH more confident about myself. I can't wait for summer and to feel good in a swim suit and not self conscious! If you have ANY other questions please ask! I'm pretty much an open book and want to make you feel at ease! You will LOVE them :)...take care and be safe with this storm heading our way.
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Thank you! And yes, very lucky to have a friend going through this every step of the way...still nervous, but makes it that much better to have her there :) Have a good rest of the week!
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Good luck! You're lucky you get to do this with someone. Gotta love the moral support!
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Hey girl! So I just thought I would write and say congrats on this decision! I think it so great that you have your best friend going through this with you! You will be nervous, but I promise that it is worth it! Some things to get prior that might help is a u shaped neck pillow, a good book and some crackers. Anyways, best of luck to you and your friend! Keep me posted on your journey! :)
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Thank you! I have some books/magazines on hand, I am going grocery shopping beforehand, and the U shape pillow is a wonderful idea. I am looking into that as I type this :) E*bay is a good friend of mine...haha. Hope you have a good rest of the week!
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How great to do this with your best friend! I think you have a great figure, but I hope you're happier with your body after this. Please keep us posted. And thank you for paying it forward and sharing your story!

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I def. will keep the community posted and thank you for taking the time to write :) Have a good rest of the week!
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I'm doing the whole mommy makeover - tummy tuck and breast augmentation at the end of the summer with him. Thanks for sharing your story, I could vommit I'm so nervous, but he seems like the expert in the city! Let me know if you know anyone that has their tummy done by him!
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