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Hello ladies! I am planning on having breast...

Hello ladies! I am planning on having breast augmentation with a lift in May 2012! I know its early but I am sooooo excited! I want to have as much info on this as possible. When I get to computer (I'm on my phone) I will upload pre op pics.

I plan on having verrrry large implants but my breasts are already big, I'm a DD but a very saggy DD. I would like the implants to make me a very full DD maybe even bigger!

I don't know when to do my consultation since I'm planning on surgery in May but right now I'm planning on going with Dr. Matt Chhatre! :)

I noticed you voice your concern for the fact that he wasn't American Board certified, did he ever explain why he wasn't? What made you feel comfortable moving forward?
My first consultation with Dr. Chhatre was back in April. I scheduled 2 more initial consults with 2 other surgeons simply because I thought it was wise to get a feel for at least three surgeons prior to making a selection. That was over the course of about 3 months. In August I decided Dr. Chhatre was the best and scheduled time to try on some sizers. Shortly after I went in for my 2nd consult, where I showed him pictures and we took before pictures, and answered any questions I had. Dr. Chhatre listened to my request to put in the largest implant he could that my body would safely allow. As you go bigger, you increase your risk for complications. That said, 1300cc seems enormous to me! :) I do feel comfortable though that if your body can safely take on 1300cc's, Dr. Chhatre will accomodate that. Recovery is going really well! I was only really down for about 3 days. I cleaned my entire house for thanksgiving and have been back to work for the past 2 weeks. I had a post-op appointment 2 days after surgery (surgery on a Friday, po on Monday) I had another 2 weeks after surgery and my next is in December. I don't think I'll have another for sometime after unless he sees problems.
I was looking for a large C to small D. I actually haven't measured yet because my breasts are still pretty high and tight :) but I'm thinking in a couple of weeks I'll go bra shopping! YES - I am very happy with the overall appearance thus far. I brought in lots of pictures of the look I wanted and pictures of looks I wanted to AVOID. I feel that spoke to him more than a cup-size description. I consulted with 3 different plastic surgeons and Dr. Chhatre was by far superior. He was also the only surgeon prepared to give me the look I wanted. The other two were much more conservative (280cc). I was only a A - maybe a AA to start with! Dr. Chhatre used the largest implant he could (425cc) without compromising my small BWD. I truly wish I could have gone even a bit bigger! That said - I really am happy! :) Feel free to ask anything!

So my consultation scheduled for January 9, 2012!...

So my consultation scheduled for January 9, 2012! I'm hoping to get at least 700-800cc as I'm learning that any bigger with a lift probably won't work... but I think I can find happiness with 800cc :))

I will update after the consultation!
I called and spoke to a nurse in his office and she explained it had to do with completion of his general surgical courses not being in the US - eventhough plastics were. It would have required him to basically redo all general surgery in the US to become American Board Certified. I felt comfortable in that explaination, I also spoke to two of his previous patients and they had nothing but rave reviews - thus I decided he was the right choice for me!

I am no longer going with Dr. Chhatre! Nothing...

I am no longer going with Dr. Chhatre! Nothing against him, though!
I love Dr. Chhatre: but he will not go bigger than 800cc. I have a 1000cc right now and looking to go to 1400cc. Does any PC in the Kansas City area go that big? I have looked up Dr. Revis and had planned to be in contact with him; but if I could find a PC in the Kansas City area that would go that big it would be awesome.
what ever you do please dont go to dr foster he destroyed my breasts
Who did you end up going with? I am trying to find a surgeon in KC that does large implants.
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

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