Palomar 1540 Fractional Laser Melted the Fat in my Face - Kansas City, KS

After I got the treatment my face kept burning. A...

After I got the treatment my face kept burning. A month after, 2 months after, 3 just kept burning. In the meantime, I noticed that my face kept looking more and more saggy. I could not understand what was happening to me. I noticed a little scar on my right cheek was actually getting lower on my face. The plumpness left my full lips, leaving them limp and deflated. I could see that my pores had enlarged and I developed a few little dents in my face that had not been there before. I sent my before/after photos to two plastic surgeons known for an aesthetic eye. One called me right away and asked if I had lipoatrophy from IPL or laser. I was losing all of the fat in my face. I've since gotten fat grafting but I'll never look as pretty and young as I did before. Don't do lasers!!

Dr. Joseph Leiker M.D.

He burned my face off.

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I'am so sorry you went through this ordeal, you did not deserve this treatment from your doctor.I have been doing research on the internet pondering whether I should do laser resurfacing,and reading your post made me decide right away that lasers are wrong for anyone's face,I'm truly sorry for your trauma.

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Hi whirleegig, 

Oh my, I'm so sorry you had so much burning with no improvement. Did you ask your doctor what happened? I'm glad you went to find information from two others. How's everything going today? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for your review,


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Thank you, Britt!

I don't think my face can ever be the same and I loved the way I looked.

I just never look in the mirror and I keep living my life.

The doctor who burned me won't acknowledge that anything happened but I've seen other doctors who have explained that lasers and IPL can cause lipoatrophy, loss of skin elasticity and a host of other problems. Nobody can tell me why this happens sometimes but the doctors should warn people that it can happen. I was never told that lipoatrophy or loss of skin elasticity were potential risks. Nothing like that. Nothing that would make me pause and reconsider having it done.
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