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Several years ago I discussed with my husband the...

Several years ago I discussed with my husband the possiblity of having breast augmentation after children. Well, after breastfeeding two kiddos my day is about to arrive!

I began consulting with plastic surgeons in the spring. I decided from the start that I was going to schedule 3 consults with 3 plastic surgeons. The first was great (in fact that is who I've scheduled the surgery with). The second surgeon was arrogant, rushed the appointment, and actually dropped curse words. It freaked me out because his online presence leads you to believe he is an excellent surgeon. The third surgeon was okay, however, was rushed at the end of the consult due to a scheduling error. Right away the red flag came up. My gut (and my husband who attended the first 2 consults) said to go with the first surgeon.

So here I am, scheduled for my BA on November 4. Tomorrow I will be going for my pre-op appointment. At this point, I believe I will be getting 375cc, Allergen Silicone, under the muslce, inframmary incision. Of course I'm playing the "is it big enough" game with myself. I've included a before picture - so feel free to comment.

I am 5'5", 125lbs. My rib cage measures at 28.5" - currently wearing a 32A.

As a nursing mother, I would pump 500mL of breastmilk from each breast per session. I did a little research and it turns out 1mL = 1cc. In that case, I almost feel as though I should go larger. I LOVED my nursing breast size. Really it was a full C - maybe a D. That is part of my worry about not going big enough.

My surgeons nurse (who is great by the way) said I really shouldn't go beyond the 375cc as the implant will start to get into my arm area and become a nuisance.

Again - if anyone out there has input I'd love to hear it!

Day 2 post-op: I've been sleeping a lot! My...

Day 2 post-op: I've been sleeping a lot! My chest is still tight and tender, but I am now able to move my arms more freely. My right pec is more sore than the left. I am still taking my pain meds and using frozen veggies on the tops and sides of my breasts (which I really do think is helping). I would say I'm doing really well at this point! I've been trying to get up and walk around a little more this evening and do a few arm lifts to loosen things up.

I ended up with 425cc, High Profile, cohesive silicone implants. I will post pics in a few days!
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

I am completely happy with Dr. Chhatre's work and his staff is terrific!! I will be recommending him to anyone of my family or friends considering breast augmentation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thats great you had a good experience! You look great:) I am getting a revision and set up an appt with him:) I wanna go large. Do you think he is experienced with 800cc implants? I already have 450 now, Ineed an upgrade with a lift!
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Hi jessxolauren- i don't know if he is experienced with larger implants. He is excellent, though, so do consult with him.
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Hi Kansas girl, your goodies look great! I had my surgery (saline around 300cc, under muscle, crease incision) last friday dec 2nd, they are nice and dont feel hard, but the pec muscles are a little tough and sitting up high. I was wondering did your pec muscles come/calm down yet? Do you see progress week after week? I'm going to try the frozen veggie compressing method you mentioned, thank you!
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Thanks, kiwimelon! Congrats on your surgery!! My pec muscles have continued to relax... but still have a ways to go. My breasts are softening up as well. I need to post a progress picture as I'm sure I'll appreciate the difference compared to my 3 week post-op photo.
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my doc hasn't measured to my nipple from the collar bone - yet! I just keep pushing on them!! :) I go braless as often as I can. I, too, hope they will drop soon. I will try to upload a new picture to see if I can even notice any difference! LOL.
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I can totally see a difference! They're definitely looking good. :0) I gotta post some pics. too. My hubby took some for me but my father-inlaw's here visiting so I think I'm gonna have to wait until he's gone. Lol. Take Care Kansas, Jen
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Funny my doc. Said I've got to wear the strap 24/7 and massage massage massage :0). I've been doing all that and they're definitely dropping. Back to the funny part, last follow-up he said, " if they don't drop enough that I'd need a nipple lift ". Let me tell you how bad I don't want a nipple lift. I got the inframammary incision so that I wouldn't have scars on my nipples. So all I've got to say is these puppies better get to dropping!!!!! (0; I believe at my initial appt. When he was measuring that he said my nipples were 21cm from my collarbones as well. I guess I'm trying not to worry to much, I'm only three weeks out. At six weeks I'll worry if they've not dropped!! :0) sorry a out the extra long post, Jen
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Hey !!!!
yup, they are dropping, wearing the strap,...i was told to wear it as much as poss.....def seen an improvement,...but they need to drop more,...but get this !!!,....doc says if i want completely perfect boobies ( if in the next year i am not completely happy with the drop), my nipples are slightly lower than what is considered the perfect measurement from my colour bone (i,e 19cm, mine are 21), i could opt to move my nipples up !!! how are you doing now? how are you looking, did you have implants infront or behind muscle??
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Hey Kansas just stopping in to see how you're doing? :0) I was also wondering how your implants are coming along? Also, happy Thanksgiving!!!
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Hi Jen - Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Implants are still fairly high and definitely still tight! How are your implants? I have seen progress... but it's a slow change!
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Hey Kansas thanks for replying :0)
Let's see well mine are also riding a bit high. They look really good from the front but they still have a bit of an unnatural hump in the upper pole. I would say they're moving down slowly but surely. :) gah it's hard being patient for final results that's all I can say! (0;
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Congratulations on your opp.
I had my opp 2 days ago, our busts look identical !!Do you feel that your implants are falling/ dropping into place nicely. Has your surgeon recommended wearing a strap (that he will provide)to help push your implants down.
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hi 2nd time round - still waiting on the dropping!! I do not wear the strap, but my surgeon's nurse showed me the breast exercises I need to do to assist in the dropping process. My surgeon did instruct me to remove my bra when possible to also assist in the dropping process. How are you coming along?
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I had my opp 2 days ago. Do you feel that you implants are dropping nicely. Has your surgeon reccomended and starp to wear to push the implants down.
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Oh my...i sooo happy for the both of you! I am just 7 months out and things are still changing...altho much more subtlely.
I will get on my laptop tomorrow n post before n afters...if u promise not to laugh!
Plz follow directions on wearing the band!!! As tedious n hard as it is. Swlling will go away and the worst of tbe discomfort as time goes by. Take care of yourself...and even if it doesnt hurt...dont liftheavier things!!!
I cant wait to see you post pics ASAP :)
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Glad to hear you made it through okay! Happy your liking your results so far! That's great! I think mine will be great once they drop it's really he'd to tell yet because of how up they are... I just can't wait for the final result :0)
Again I'm really happy for you and I hope ur pain lessens (careful hug to you ). :0D Jen
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Hi jen! I agree... just super sore but from what I can tell I will be so happy with the results! I have been sleeping quite a bit. I really can't move my arms too much, but my left arm moves more freely than my right. I
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I just wanted to say I hope your feeling okay Kansas. I sure hurt but the meds are helping. Tyvm to the poster above. Hope both you and Kansa have outstanding results!!! Take care ladies. :0D
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Hello ladies!
I tried to send my note below a couple days ago from my phone...and I just found out that it did not send! I believe you both had your surguries and I am anticipating notes on your recovery! I will go ahead and attach my previous note...just because.
"You will be SO happy when you get your first peek at your new twin girls!
I will be praying that ALL goes perfectly for you!
My whole deal came down in 10 days! From finding a lump, getting a screening mamogram, scheduling surgery, finding out on the day of my consultation that I did not have cancer but decided after talking to the doc and husband to go ahead and go for the BA! Phew!
I live in WA and flew to AZ for the surgery. I had a vacation scheduled and it all just came together!
The coolest part is that my friend and I had back to back surgeries. She had a tummy tuck and my BA. You will be just fine! The recovery is NOT that bad! At most, very uncomfortable. Pain tolerable with meds...ok!
:)Blessings, Kristin"

Good luck ladies!
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I'm going through a lot of the same worries. Mostly I'm worried about recovery :0/ Tomorrow you and I will both have great boobs! Eyes on the Prize Kansas ;0) lol have a safe and easy surgery and recovery. :0)
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I know! I am getting a bit nervous. I can't believe at this time tomorrow I will be in surgery. I'm having all these last minute questions - worried about resuming my normal exercise routine, etc... (stupid, but will I ever be able to do push-ups again?) Plus, I've never been put under so I'm worried about that too. Of course the other worry is whether I'm making a long term mistake. Ahh! Despite all my worries I am still jazzed to get boobs. :) Good luck to you to and here's to a safe recovery!
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1 more day!!! Good luck and a safe recovery to you! I don't know about you but I think I'm beginning to get a bit nervous now... :0) take care.
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I know. I'm sooo excited about it, I believe it's made me forget to be scared or nervous... However I'm sure I'll change my tune either the night before or the day of! :0) take care.
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Good luck on your surgery! You and I will be going in on the same day. Hope you get great results and an easy recovery. :0)
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Thanks Jen! Good luck to you too! I can't believe it's less than a week away.
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