Unhappy with Look of Implants Post-Op

I am in a panic! 4 days ago I had Breast...

I am in a panic! 4 days ago I had Breast Augmentation. My number 1 concern and only repeated statement to my surgeon was that I didn't want to be too big. Before surgery I was a AA and I wanted to achieve a Full B or Small C. I am 5'6, 110 pounds and have a narrow chest wall. My surgeon choose 320cc saline high profile implants, and overfilled to 360cc.

I have wanted augmentation my entire life, but wanted a "normal" bustline afterward. The pain was severe for 2 days and has now come down to just uncomfortable.

I am afraid after all of my waiting and time to pick a good surgeon that I haven't got the augmentation I had hoped for.

My implants are huge and they are very high; almost into my collar bone. Is there anything I can do to make them lower and will they go down in size? I hate them. I have to wear big baggy clothes to cover them so that no one sees them because they are so high. Please help. Any feedback is appreciated.
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She came highly recommended and has been in the field 15+ years.

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As everyone has said, 4 days post-op is far too soon to pass judgement on them. By the time you read this, the swelling should have gone down considerably. Check these dates: Jan 6 (3 weeks post) and Jan 27 (6 weeks post). You should notice a visible improvement by Jan 6, and by Jan 27 things should be looking very presentable/dress-uppable. Your post-op concerns are not that uncommon; I'm surprised that your surgeon didn't set your expectations accordingly. If you've been watching shows like Dr 90210 or Discovery Health you might not have noticed that they tend to gloss over the healing period and jump to the post-healing period "finished product" (more or less). I hate to say that what you experienced was typical, but it really was. Not every woman gets through pain-free (very few women do), and probably the only women who experience quick "dropping and fluffing" are those women who have previously had breast augmentation surgery.
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You are tall and very thin, having been an AA going with over 300cc I think was to much, I was a B cup before and ask to be a full C and I was given 275 filled to 300 and they are a nice C cup. Since you were a so small you will have a lot of pain from the skin stretching and it will take time for them to settle. I still think the doctor may have gone larger than what you were looking for.
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It is too early to make a full judgement. You are still swallen and that give the implant a high and large appearance.Just give it more time 6-12 weeks then decide. Implants will settle down but it takes 6month to one year to fully settle. Be patient.
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I'm no expert but 360 cc sounds like an awful lot for someone wanting to achieve a full b/small c, and though swelling occurs, I don't think they should be up to your collar bone. Call your doctor and tell her what you're seeing and how you're feeling. Hang in there, sweetie. You'll work it out. Stay calm, and speak to your doctor. I know that if they are up to your collar bone that she'll be responsible for making that right.
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What you're feeling is completely normal. Only a few days post-op, it's likely that your breasts are still swollen from the operation. It can take a few months for swelling to resolve completely and for your implants to drop into their "final" position.

Good luck with the rest of your recovery!

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