13 Days Post Op. Can dropping/fluffing fix mild ptosis/sagging? Hoping for yes

I don't really know where to start my story. After...

I don't really know where to start my story. After five years of self consciousness paralyzing all my actions, i decided that enough was enough. In my teenage years i reached a peak weight of 210. The irony of this weight gain being that it was spurned by self conscious overeating taking me from perfectly average to overweight. Upon graduatin from high school i decided enough was enough. I ate right, worked out hard and dropped to my current weight of ~150. A weight Im very content at given my 5'9 frame.

While i was happy to be smaller and healthier i began to notice that i was left with some skin laxity, an issue i had never considered given my age. I held onto hope for five years. Five years of creams, massages, and intense exercise regimines later and the breast laxity (also stomach but that'll be another post entirely) still remains. After struggling with the decision and the implications, both positive and negative, i decided to go ahead and get the augmentation. After being approved for a loan for this procedure AND a mini tummy tuck i have been positively giddy. After five years of feeling abnormal (so much skin laxity) and socially impaired (i have sabotagued many potentail relationships due to insecurity to allow them to progress) i am just 10 days from getting that piece of myself back. To feel whole... seems like such a foreign idea after 5 years of skin laxity and 4 years of being overweight.

Soooo that was very introspective and perhaps too serious, but it helped me to get it off my chest. Ive never expressed that pain before, opting to hide my differejces from friends. Bt now on to the fun stuff! Surgery in 10 days!! Right now its looking like moderate profile silicon, and something near 400cc. Ahhhh this day cant be here fast enough. Ill also be getting a mini tummy tuck that day to force my loose belly skin off my body as it refuses to leave of its own accord. Im excited for change, nervous for the recovery and potential complications, but im very very ready.

After reading many of your posts i was given the strengh to chime in as well in the hopes that my story can help/inspire others as yours have. Did i mention 10 day!?!? :-)

A week from tomorrow! it cannot get here soon...

A week from tomorrow! it cannot get here soon enough. just realized that my doctor wants me to have a blood panel done prior to surgery, so ill be doing that tomorrow! one of only a few hurdles left til surgery. ive had a bit of fun crafting a reason ill be away from work. yep, i MUST attend a family reunion out of town ... for a week. ;) its vital

3 more days of work. 5 days and a handfull of...

3 more days of work. 5 days and a handfull of hours total! so close. i have my preop appointment this Friday. printed out my 'ideal size' pictures to go over with my ps. cant wait until these boobs become part of who i am! starting to get nervous about how the recovery if going to go. i have a friend staying with me day/night one but ill likely be flying solo day 2. hope ill be able to take care of myself by then. i tend to be a tough cookie so hopefully! i also kinda worry about how my cat will interact with me during the healing process. he loves to jump/sleep on me... we shall see!

Got lots of new stuff to comment about; uploading...

Got lots of new stuff to comment about; uploading some pictures now. Narration to come!
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I'm sure everything will look amazing when it's healed and dropped! I've seen a lot of girls on here with insane swelling in the beginning but after a few months their breast look amazing and so natural! Patience is sooooo difficult! But it's necessary in this process! I wish it would all heal and look amazing overnight! Haha who was your doctor?? Xoxo!! Happy healing love! You should update us!! How's it all going???
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Hi! How are you doing? Have they settled how you thought they would? Update :)
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Thank you for starting your story! I'm glad you're able to do this for yourself.

There's a community on RealSelf called Mommy Makeover. I'm assuming you're not a mother (since you didn't mention it), but it deals with tummy tucks plus breast work, so you might want to check into it.

Keep us posted!

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Nope, I am not a mother. One of my favorite recurring thoughts is 'if im gonna have loose skin i should at least have some youngins to show for it', but sadly not. i considered posting in that thread but, as my issue wasnt child related i went separate :-). i shall keep you guys posted as i go along!
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