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Botox Experience - Kansas City, MO

First time 4/2011. Manager of clinic is injector...

First time 4/2011. Manager of clinic is injector instructor. Mis-communication to injector RN. Was only supposed to have elevens fixed. Received 36 units in forehead. Immediate hooding, Spock, bleeding at injection sight, anxiety, racing heart, nausea, headache, severe pressure on forehead and temples, diarrhea, depression, debilitating fatigue, body aches, trouble urinating, weakness in hands.

Symptoms come and go, but 5 weeks later still manifesting 80% of time. Cancelled vacation, make "have-to" appointments but crash when I get home.

Pretty tough cookie with stiff upper lip and good sense of humor, all which have carried me through what I consider to be one of the most difficult situations I've encountered. And I've had my share of hard knocks!


Liz, Keep that stiff upper lip. I've been through what you're dealing with. It is one of the most horrible things that has ever happened to me, but just know that the effects WILL go away. This is not a permanent condition. Be grateful you atleast know what is wrong. I had no idea it was the Botox until after it was all done and I found this forum and started putting my timeline together. I just thought I was losing my mind. Anyway, it WILL get better!
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Thank you gxcgirl. I really appreciate your encouragement. It's tough! So many things I would love to be doing right now and can't.
I am praying patience for the healing process and to learn all that I am meant to learn.

Hi Liz,

Great to see a review from you. Wow, I'm sorry that happened. Did you go back and ask your doctor about it? I'm glad you are finding a way to deal with this and hope it makes it way out of  your system sooner than later. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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Side effects were not even mentioned. I take responsibility for making a decision based on very little research, but with every other procedure I've had the potential risks have been disussed in depth. I have since read extensively on Botox side effects and realize that there are many people who have suffered tremendously after receiving injections. Bottom line, it's negligence in the medical community all for, what we can only assume, greed. Capitalizing on the vanity of those who are grasping at what we can never truly regain, our youth.

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