9 weeks New pics. Still dealing with the wound....but, feel great and really happy I did this!! - Kansas City, KS

Hi everyone! I posted in a different place earlier...

Hi everyone! I posted in a different place earlier and have had a little bit of traffic but, am hoping for more opinions from the review page. I'm wanting to have my surgery done mid-January my birthday is the 14th and I'd love to get it done as a birthday present to myself. :) I'm a bigger girl, 5'7 214 lbs. Have always had a lower tummy roll and after kids gained another upper roll as well. I have 2 kids of my own 9 and 3 both born naturally and then I carried twins as a surrogate in 2011 and they were born via csection. I usually carry my weight in the 220's...I'd love to be below 200 but, I haven't been that since before having kids. I love my curves and even with these belly rolls get brave enough to show my belly when I dance. I would LOVE the feeling of knowing what a flat tummy looks like. I like the hour glass figure and I'm not worried about my hips or my thigh area. I do have some back fat I wouldn't mind being removed but, for the most part I HATE these belly rolls...I hate having a butt in the front. I hate the way pants and jeans fit.

So, I'm looking for a doctor who can work with someone of my size and shape and give me a flat stomach. I'm not looking for a 6 pack. I like the look of a softer tummy actually but, I do not want these rolls anymore. I REALLY need help with doctors. So far I have Dr. Quinn and Dr. Chharte on my list but, I'm thinking about ditching them both and finding someone else. I have had Dr. Cannova recommended to me and Dr. Hall and Dr. Thompson up north. I'm just so nervous to make the wrong choice of doctor as I'm a single mom and just like most of you here this is a lot of money for me to be paying plus I don't want much to go wrong because I will need to return to work within a reasonable amount of time. So, please give me any suggestions you have of docs who have worked with someone my size and they've come away pleased with their results! Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Hello everyone! I have now added Dr. Hall and Dr...

Hello everyone! I have now added Dr. Hall and Dr.Ponnuru and Dr. Korentager to my list of docs to meet with although Dr. K doesn't have any openings until January!!!! I put myself on his waiting list and hopefully he gets a cancellation. :) both he and Dr. Ponnuru perform the high tension lateral abdominoplasty and I sent him pics and he thinks I would be a good candidate for that procedure. Most of my consults happen in November and I can't wait to get this process started. I'm seeing some posts with women saying due to their larger aprons insurance might help cover the surgery. Also one of the doctor offices mentioned it as well. How often does that really happen? Is there something special I need to mention that might increase the chances of insurance covering part of my surgery? I really appreciate everyones help and your comments. Still feels like a long way off. My 3 year old is getting ready to have hip surgery and she will be in a lower body cast for 5 weeks. I'm not looking forward to that at all...so I know once those 5 weeks are over time should speed up some! Hope everyone is doing well! Thanks! Robyn

Hey everyone! Ok, so I went and met with 2 docs....

Hey everyone! Ok, so I went and met with 2 docs. Yesterday Dr. Hall and today Dr. Ponnuru. Both very nice but, I guess I thought I would walk away feeling like I knew what I wanted. Dr. Hall basically told me he would do the tummy tuck and I would be happy with it he did mention that my upper abs would be difficult because I have some fat so high up. He said he does not do lipo at the same time in that area because its dangerous. So, today, Dr. Ponnuru basically told me the same thing only he said that he thinks I woudn't be happy with just a tummy tuck because he said I would have that fat from my 3rd upper roll and he wouldn't be able to pull it down tight enough to get it to go away. So, both drs basically said the same thing. Dr. Hall I feel was just going to do the tummy tuck and just leave the fat from the highest roll, he didn't mention doing anything about it. Dr. Ponnuru wants me to come in for a lipo procedure first to remove that fat, then come back in a little while later to complete the tummy tuck. I asked why I couldn't do the tummy tuck first and he said that if he did the tummy tuck, then did the lipo to remove the fat then there would be loose skin from the tummy tuck where the fat used to be. If we get rid of the fat first, then tighten the abd as much as possible thats better. Which makes sense...its not exactly what I wanted to hear because I don't want to go under twice and I just want to hurry up and get it done. :) I'm impatient. :) But, I don't want to do the wrong thing and I want the best and safest possible outcome. I would love some opinions...I still have a consult scheduled with Dr. Quinn later this month...but, just wanted to see what you all thought about what was said. I would appreciate any opinions. The one thing about Dr. Ponnuru is that they will submit it to insurance and he said he might be able to get part of it covered...which would help a lot. He said it would help if I had documentation from a doc about the rashes I get under my panus but, I haven't gone to the doctor for that ever...I just put desitin on it and it goes away. I might see if my ob would write something about it for me. Anyway, I would love some opinions...its a difficult time for me to be doing this...my 3 year old is in her lower body cast right now for hip dysplasia which is stressful and today is my deceased husbands birthday...so I'm struggling a bit emotionally... maybe not the best time to try to make a decision. :) Also, one more thing I wanted to mention, and maybe this shouldn't play a part in it but, Dr. Hall's office was nice...a plastic surgery clinic, friendly and warm...Dr. Ponnuru's was much more medical in a hospital setting. I didn't really get a definite...this is where I see myself having surgery from either place really. Dr. Hall didn't really get into my personal life much and Dr. Ponnuru did as a few more questions about my life...which for some reason I want my surgeon to understand my life and my situation as a single working mom. Not sure why thats important to me but, it is. Ok, now I'm rambling...thanks for all of your help!

Well, I had lipo of my upper abd. done yesterday...

Well, I had lipo of my upper abd. done yesterday as the first step in my tummy tuck process. I go back Feb 11th for the rest of my TT procedure. He just wanted to get some of my upper abd fat out of the way before I do the full TT. Yesterday was pretty rough. Getting home and getting up my stairs made me super nauseaus but, once I got that under control I was able to relax in my recliner the rest of the night. Today I've been getting up and down pretty easily on my own. I have a work meeting tomorrow that I absolutely have to go to but, all I will do is sit there so it shouldn't be too bad. I have some pain in my abd but, probably the biggest pain is the binder cutting into my sides..I thought I had incisions there so I had my mom check and there aren't any incisions in that area its just the rough spots under the binder. So, I put a tank top on under my binder to help with that. It was pretty gross yesterday that everytime I stood up all that fluid just leaked out of me and ran down my leg. Its not doing that today.
So, my docs nurse called to check on me today...I told her that I was pretty nervous for the TT now that I know what the lipo feels like cause I thought the lipo would be a piece of cake and the TT would be rough. She told me she's had pts tell her that the lipo is actually worse than the TT. What do you guys think? Is she just trying to ease my nerves? :)
The doc came out of my surgery and talked to my mom. He said he was very pleased with the lipo and he was very excited to see my end results because he thought that this is going to be life changing for me. I'm excited too! I'll keep you all posted as things progress. I can't take any pics yet. I get to shower tomorrow so I'll have my mom take some pics when I take my binder off. Hope you all are doing well!

Wow!!! Only 5 days away...I can't believe it. I'm...

Wow!!! Only 5 days away...I can't believe it. I'm so excited!!! I have to work all weekend and then at 6am I will be at the surgery center to make my trip to the flat side. I've gotten a few things ready, need to be cleaning the house today and running a couple of errands. My dad is taking my girls to Florida for a week and my mom will be here staying with me the first week. I'm nervous of the pain but, I know it will all be worth it. I'll be sure and post pics as soon as I can! :)

Off I go.....I have to be there at 6 am and I go...

Off I go.....I have to be there at 6 am and I go back for my surgery at 7:45!!!! I'm so ready and so excited and nervous! :) I'll update when I can....I took pics and measurements last night. Can't wait to join the flat side! :)

Oh my gosh so painful but I've decided to stay...

Oh my gosh so painful but I've decided to stay overnight which helps. They removed 17 lbs of fat.... Here's my first pic when they took off my binder... I've gotten up 3 times and each time gets easier... Am on my period lucky me!!! :) will post more later

So day 3 is here.. Don't most of you say 2&3...

So day 3 is here.. Don't most of you say 2&3 are the worst days? I'm still hurting quite a bit , staying on top of my pain meds. I got a comfortable position in my bed with lots of pillows it was better than my recliner. One of my drains drains about 40-50 cc every time I stand up. The other hasn't had anything... I don't think it's drained since I was at the hospital. Is that ok? It doesn't look clotted. I go see my doc on Tues...hopefully we can remove the drains then. No BM as of yet but I'm taking my stool softners to get prepared for that. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!!

So, only one drain is draining which the nurse...

So, only one drain is draining which the nurse said is ok. But now I have a little bloody leakage around both of my drain sites... I'm gonna call the doc In the am but was wondering if that's happening to any one else. I also just passed out in the bathroom...:( that was scary.... I've never done that before... Would take any advice you could give me.... Thanks

So I guess technically this is day 4 and the pain...

So I guess technically this is day 4 and the pain from my muscle repair is so painful! I tried to wean off the pain meds but I had a coughing fit last night that really irritated the MR area in my upper abd area and I broke down and took one today cause I feel it's important to get up and move but w/o pain meds it hurt so bad. My drain site leaks everytime I stand up... But there's no odor... It's just a dark color not a strange color... My girls return on Sunday and my mom wants to leave then.... And I'm scared of being alone with the girls. I really hope to feel improvement in the next few days.. Would appreciate any words of encouragement as I'm really struggling right now... Thanks!

So, I think today is day 5 and it's been somewhat...

So, I think today is day 5 and it's been somewhat better than yesterday... The moving around has been easier... I feel very swollen around my incision.... But not so much of the burning muscle repair.. I took a shower and brushed and braided my hair... And put my lotion on which felt good... All of that wore me out and I had to take a nap. My girls come home tomorrow and my mom is going to stay till at least Tues so that gives me a little more time. I feel better about that. Thanks so much for all of the words of encouragement it really helps when I was panicking. :) I hope everyone is having a good day!

So, today is a little better than yesterday. I...

So, today is a little better than yesterday. I have a weird "Charlie horse" like feeling in my upper mid abd. But I can put my hand under my binder and kind of massage it out at least it's not the burning pain I was having. I got out of my house for the first time today... My mom went to Walmart and I went along for the car ride. I didnt go in... I'm still living in my pjs and no bra.. Not a pretty site! Lol it was good for me to get out and I came straight home and took a nap. My girls will be getting home in about an hour. I really hope I don't scare them.
I'm looking forward to my appt with my doctor on tues. I really hope to get my drains pulled. The left one hasnt drained anything since I've been in the hospital.... So I'm sure that one will go... The other one is draining less than 25 cc twice a day... It does leak some directly around the site when I stand up. I'm nervous about the pain of pulling the drains... I don't know when I became such a wuss.... This has been so much harder than I thought! :) well ill post more as I have more info. Thanks for all the encouragement!!

So today is day 8.... I'm feeling much better......

So today is day 8.... I'm feeling much better... Still some awkward pains here and there but nothing horrible thank goodness. I'm so ready to be done with these nasty drains... One has never drained since I've been home and the other drains about 20 cc in the morning and 20 at night before bed... I think I will heal and feel so much more human without them... I'm so scared of the pulling process though... I have a pain pump too that needs to come out... I hope it's not too bad... Ill try to take more pics if he pulls the drains today!!! Thanks for all of the comments!!! Hope everyone is doing well!!

Ok, so day 10....bored as heck here in the middle...

Ok, so day 10....bored as heck here in the middle of all the snow I still have one drain...not bothering me nearly as much as having 2 but, will still be glad when its out....guess its a good time to be stuck at home healing...took some pics today. I am guessing I'm swollen...I can't stand up straight...I have back fat rolls...I didn't really feel like taking pics but, I didn't have anything else to do. I love that my huge stomach is gone but, I'm hoping to have more waist definition. I hope that will come with time....I know once I'm able to get back into yoga and bellydance I can work on the other areas of my body that I'm not thrilled with. I'm never going to be a small girl...I'm just happy to have the huge pannus gone. I don't feel smaller though. I know it will help when I can stand up straight. Let me know what you guys think!!! Would love to hear suggestions or comments. Thanks so much!

So yesterday is the first day I got out and drove....

So yesterday is the first day I got out and drove... Just went and picked up my daughter and came home... Gone about 1 1/2 hr total... When I emptied my drain last night there were 50 cc's... For the past several days I've only had 20 cc's when I drain. ( I drain morning and night) so yesterday I figured that cause I had gotten out I'd have a little more but then this morning after sleeping all night I had 50 cc's again! Plus it's a really dark red color (which it's always been) but I know some people say theirs gets more clear.... Anyone have any explanations or should I be worried? Thanks!!

Anyone else getting awful headaches? I think...

Anyone else getting awful headaches? I think maybe its from walking all hunched over...I feel like if I could get my neck to pop I would be better but, its just not happening...everyday around mid day I get AWFUL eyeball splitting headaches for the last 5 days! Its not typical for me and I am not taking my pain meds anymore....I don't know what it is.... :( This surgery has turned me into a HUGE whiner!!! lol

Well, it's been almost 3 weeks and I'm starting to...

Well, it's been almost 3 weeks and I'm starting to feel better. I actually tried on a pair of my jeans and I'm pretty happy with the way they look. Of course I'm swollen and I have the drain which I can't get out of the way for my pictures so it makes me extra pouchy... But I'm SO excited with how they look.. I've never had a flat tummy... :) ignore my hair and my face... I just don't even have the energy to fix my hair or put on makeup still. It pulls on my drain for me to get up in my jeep so I really haven't been going out much... Plus we have a TON of snow here and there's no where to really go... So not into getting too made up right now. I am going to get a mani pedi tomorrow!!! Excited for that. My headaches are still here... But they gave me permission to take Motrin and that kicks them fast.... My appt got cancelled this week due to the snow so I will see him Tues... Can't wait... Really hoping to get my drain pulled... The amount keeps going up and down... I know it's doing good things for me but its hard to do anything normal with it there... Thanks for taking the time to read all of my blabbering. Hope you all are well!!!!

Well, its day 23. I went to see my PS yesterday.....

Well, its day 23. I went to see my PS yesterday...everything is looking good. I have pms...and I'm VERY swollen in a funny lopsided way...I'm hoping you guys will tell me its nothing to worry about and it will eventually even out. He seemed a little concerned about the shape of my swelling so he got out his US machine and took a look...but, he didn't find any fluid pockets thank goodness. My right drain is still in...its still draining around 50 cc per day. :( and its my left side thats swollen funny...he explained to me that my right drain is actually positioned on the left side so its doing its job. He also told me he had one pt who had her drain in for 9 weeks :(. I really hope thats not the case with me!!
So, I got my new CG in the mail...instead of my white velcro binder that always slips up. I like this CG...its not super tight can't breathe uncomfortable like some girdles I've worn in the past...is it supposed to be? It feels comfortably snug...I don't want it to be too loose though and not do its job. It feels very similar to how my binder was...just more even coverage. I tried to get my binder as tight as I could. I really like it though. I'm attaching some pics for you guys to see so you can see my CG and my swelling. I have a large swollen area above my pubic area. Let me know what you think please! If you see any cause for concern please let me know! I think my scar is looking pretty good. Thanks again and I hope you all are having a great day! :)

So, almost one month along...everything is going...

So, almost one month along...everything is going great except I have this drain still....yesterday I drained 130 ccs!!!! more than I ever have... Getting frusterated...do you all think that because I should be starting my period any minute now that its some of that fluid that you normally get when PMS hits that its draining and thats why so much is coming out? I spent all day today just laying around and plan to do the same thing tomorrow...If anyone has any suggestions for anything I can do to help with the amount of drainage I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

Hey everyone! Ok, so first of all like I posted...

Hey everyone! Ok, so first of all like I posted earlier this past weekend I was having large amounts of drainage...then Monday it dropped to 30 cc's. Tues and Wed were barely 20 cc's total for the day and then this morning I didn't even have 10 cc's. So, I called the doctors office and told them my amounts and they told me to come on in and get it pulled. I wasn't supposed to see him or anything. His normal nurse was busy when I got there so another nurse said she was going to pull it. I told her I didn't care who pulled it. ha ha ha. :) So, per the normal routine she snipped the stitch and had me breath and she pulled. The drain came out with a little tug and then all of a sudden all of this dark red blood came gushing out....I would say at least 2-300 cc's....they had to put pads in the floor as it was just running down my leg everywhere. She went and got Dr. Ponnuru and his nurse and they came in. He didn't seem super worried about it...he was concerned but, not overly alarmed. I kept asking him if this was going to be a problem if the drain was pulled before it was ready and what I need to do...he said I was ok to go out of town as planned but, to just try to take it easy as much as possible. He told me what kind of swelling to watch for and that if I get real bad to head back from vacation a little early and get in to see him...and he will drain it. (I'm only going to be 3 hours away) As bad as I wanted this drain out I'm upset that it wasn't ready...however I guess I should look at it as a blessing because it wasn't draining it was clogged and all of that stuff was building up inside me...but, now whats going to happen????
I am SUPER swollen...right above my pubic area and he noticed it as well....I told him though that I should be starting my period any day now I'm actually 3 days late (I'm NEVER late) so I'm hoping its swelling from that....I'm not pregnant...I haven't had sex since the surgery and lonnnnnnnggg before that actually. :) lol So, I'm hoping the swelling is from PMS and that my period is just waiting till I go on vacation to start....what is it you guys take for swelling? Bromelian or something? He did tell me to bind up as tight as I can....I just got a new CG in one size smaller than my other one so hopefully that helps. I'm going to post pics of my swelling...anyone have any advice or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

Well, today is my 6 week PO date. I know my...

Well, today is my 6 week PO date. I know my results aren't nearly as flat as some people but, I LOVE my doctor and I love my results and I know its only going to get better.
I got my drain out a week and a half ago as it just went down to almost nothing. Like I said earlier it was clogged...so either way it had to come out. Well, I went out of town 3 hours away to visit family for spring break. And I tried to take it easy as much as possible. I was supposed to be gone all last week but, I started running fevers and my dad ended up driving me home on Tues. Good thing cause when I got out of the car and into my house blood started running everywhere down the front of me...my incision had busted and it was just going everywhere. Luckily my doctors office was still open and they waited for me to get there. My doctor was in surgery so I saw a fellow and a resident. They opened up my incision a bit more and milked all of that blood out of there...it didn't hurt at all thank goodness. Then they packed my wound and wrote me a precription for high powered antibiotics and sent me home with instructions that if ANYTHING changed to get to the ER asap. They wanted to admit me but, knew that insurance wouldn't cover it...so they made sure I knew to come right in if I got worse. Luckily the antibiotics kicked in quickly and I started to feel better. My doctor even called me that night at 9pm to check on me cause he was worried. :) So, I went in every day and had them pack it and then I had to do it myself this weekend. I'm numb so it doesn't hurt at all but, its gross to think about it. :) I go see him tomorrow so I'll see what he says. I'm still pretty swollen but, I feel so much better once all that crap got out of there.
I also took this cute pic of my belly button. Its heart shaped and I love it...I hope it doesn't change its shape.:) I LOVE my CG...I got 2...and I'm in the smaller size. So, I'm still off work for another 2 weeks. I'm nervous to go back as I work in healthcare and do a lot of lifting but, I'll be 8 weeks so hopefully I'm good. Hope you all are doing well!

Well, for those of you that read through my...

Well, for those of you that read through my profile my incision busted back in March after the buildup of fluid/infection inside after my drain was pulled. I've been packing the wound ever since. The wound itself isn't getting smaller on the inside like its supposed to. Its like a tunnel. When I pack it I use one of those long qtips and I insert it in the hole in my incision and can put almost the whole qtip in there. It doesn't hurt because everything is numb. So, I have to pack it every day with this gauze/tape stuff. The wound drains everyday. When I saw my doctor last week he said he thought I might have to have another surgery because the tissue and the muscle aren't reconnecting like they are supposed to. But, this week he said he thinks if we give it a little time it might come together. I really don't want to have another surgery I don't want to take the time off work. He did an ultrasound today and didn't see a large fluid pocket so he thinks it just a little tunnel where the skin hasn't come back together. We are just going to keep packing it and see what happens for now. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it does what its supposed to! Anyway, here are some updated pics. I can't exercise yet...till this wound is healed. I really can't wait to get back into it. And I'm on my period so I'm swollen (what a day to decide to take pics right?) lol. I feel pretty good though and I'm happy with my results even with the swelling. :) Hope you all are doing well on your journeys.

3 months PO still have wound...tried on swim suits...need encouragement.. :)

Well, I'm now 3 months out... I added new pics and I still love the fact that I did this but, I tried on swimsuits yesterday and that was a hard process. I knew I wasn't going to come out of this a size 0 or anything. I'm a big girl, always have been. I guess having this done has shown me other areas of concern not just my tummy which was what I was always focused on. The side/back bra area rolls are hard to see...and my arms and my thighs. I know that I can work on all of these areas...I still have my wound I'm dealing with and he hasn't wanted me to do much along the lines of exercise because he doesn't want me to mess that up. I have been going back to bellydance and today I am going to yoga...(I'm nervous to go into the gym cause I haven't been there in so long weird). To be honest I hadn't been really watching what I was eating...I've since changed that. For the last week I have cut out all dairy, sugar, red meat and gluten (although I don't know what the purpose of gluten free is for me I don't have celiacs and I might add it back in) I'm keeping a food diary now too. I drink TONS of water.....nothing else.
I need your honest answers and experience please. That "pouch" above my wound/pelvic area...will it go away? I read on here and several doctors said that is the last area to go with the swelling and I know my wound has made it worse... I guess the whole swimsuit shopping experience has really gotten me down. I was hoping this would be the year that I halfway enjoyed getting a suit. :)
I appreciate any info you can give me. You don't need to sugar coat anything for me.....if you think there's a problem please be honest with me :) Any suggestions you can offer would be great. I still wear my CG everyday...all day... I love it. I got a waist cincher to help form the curves but, its so tight I can't wear it all day...I wear it as often as I can though.
Thanks again for all of your help!!!

4 months...wound healed....new pics :)

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well. My wound is FINALLY healed. I have a dog ear and a fold over where the wound was that he will need to fix but, he said we can do that in the fall after swimming season is over. I'm so happy to be feeling back to normal. I'm back to bellydance and yoga and I tried an aerial yoga class this week.....which was so hard but, so fun....my arms are still mad at me! I met with a personal trainer to possibly get me into a routine at the gym since I really don't like cardio and weights but, they are too expensive so Ive got a friend who is going to help me figure out what things I need to do. :) Just wanted to send you a little update and here are a few pics of me in bellydance class. :) Happy Healing!
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Congrats , I love your profile
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Your before and afters are amazing. Congrats!
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Thank you! I'm working hard to maintain the results and I'm excited to see how it changes since I'm now able to work out. :)
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Wow!!! that looks like so much fun...you are doing and looking so good...good luck with the work out routine..I am trying to figure one out too...hubby nixed the personal trainer idea...i found some sites on Facebook...
  • Reply
Thanks! I love belly dance. :) I wanted to work with the personal trainer but, thats just too much money. I'll look at some stuff online I know there is quite a bit of stuff on Pinterest. Good luck with your workout plans. :)
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You look great... The swelling will go away eventually ..
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You have come along way from what you looked like preop! I think you look great! I would guess you still have some swelling too. You will feel better when you can get back to the gym too.
  • Reply
Thank you Buffy!! I know you're right about the swelling...I feel SO MUCH better than I did before the surgery...and I know that getting back to the gym will help a lot as well as watching what I eat. :) Thanks so much!
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You look great regardless of the wound! I'm glad you are keeping a positive attitude, that helps a lot! I am sending all my positive thoughts your way to have that tunnel to start healing! Keep your chin up and strut your stuff!!!!
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Thanks so much dragonfly! I really appreciate it! :)
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Did your insurance cover any part of your tummy tuck? Your results came out good. Your PS is like mine not doing lipo at the same time as TT. I had TT, lipo in my pubic area and breast lift with implants 5 weeks ago this Friday April 19th. My insurance did cover my TT in full. Keep us posted with your recovery. Congratulations! You look great!
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No, :( we tried to get ins to cover it and they wouldn't. :( you are so lucky that yours did. It was still worth the money to me. I'm always going to be a bigger girl but, when I can start working out I know that will help a lot. Thanks for the compliment!
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Yes that wound is a bit much to deal with. But hang in there! You're looking phenomenal!
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Thanks tjuana! I really appreciate it. You know you are my mentor in all of this. I appreciate your input! :) I saw your profile as well...you have amazing results!
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Thanks doll. Just remember it gets better everyday! Once it's all over you will be breath taking.
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Your looking great! U can tell the swelling has gone down since week 6. I still need to update my profile. My Swelling is none existant in the mornings but still peaks its ugly head at night. I'm 7 weeks and went without my binder for the most of the day yesterday. Boy the swelling was bad. I hope your recovery continues to goes well and no extra surgery. I'll keep my fingers crossed!
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Ugh I know the swelling is a killer....plus its my time of the month so that makes it even worse. I still feel great and love my results though! I love my CG...I don't even like to be without mine to wash it. I have to get a smaller sized one...they are getting too big which is a good thing. :)
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Girl you are looking great...I do love you BB
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I love your belly button!!! You look great!
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Very nice : ) I spit stitches all over the place. Lol but I would trade that old belly for this new one any day. Even with the swelling you look great : )
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Love the BB. Girl you look amazing and will continue to get better everyday! Remember to take care of that wound.
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Thanks so much Tjuana and thank you for the pep talk on the phone call the other day! :) It was great to talk to someone who had gone through it. I know everyday is going to get better...and I know it will get better after I can exercise as well. Thanks again!! You're my inspiration!! :)
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No problem! Call me anything you need to talk.
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The one thing that I tell myself is yeah we might not be as flat as other women but look where we came from. I'd rather be here than there again. Be proud cause you look GREAT! I'm going to post 4 week post op pics this week.
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You are so right! I feel so much better in my clothes than I have in my whole life! I'm really happy and I look forward to continuing to take care of my new body. I can't wait to see your 4 week pics! Thanks so much for the encouraging words!!! :)
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