I am 37 years old & I am a mommy of 6 beautiful...

I am 37 years old & I am a mommy of 6 beautiful children. I was a young mother at 19 years old &had my last & 6th child at 30 years old. So really never had time for me or my body. I've thought about a mommy makeover for years now & God has given me the ability to actually be able to do this now!
Good luck. I had TT last Friday. Went well and healing well. I was so nervous, but it went fast. I'm day 4 and off pain med, so not as bad as I thought.., happy healing
Good luck to you tomorrow!!
Thank you no more drama!!!!

More before photos- yucky!

You're gonna do awesome! Hope you have sweet dreams and are fully rested!
Good Luck tomorrow... sending positive healing vibes your way!
Best of luck with your surgery and post op healing.

I'm here!

I'm waiting here in the waiting room, I am nervous and scared, but I have a feeling everything will be okay! Thank you for all the kind words and especially the Prayers from all of you wonderful tt and mommy makeover friends! Bless you! Hugs to you all
Wow in pain lol a lot of aches and pains. I have pees pees'ed one Time after I got home at 7;30 pm. I feel for dr. Thaxton I know he had to be tired after having surgery before mine, but I know he's used to it! He's such a perfectionist and does run late in surgery some times. He's so sweet! I will post pix soon everybody! Question how do I prop my feet? By the knee or the feet, I want to avoid clots at all cost, bless you all for your prayers! Love you all
Meds don't seem to be working for the pain, unless it takes a day or do to kick in. ;0) I've never drank or did drugs so I'm clueless about drugs and not sure how I should feel, but I am in pain. Thank god for my children!! They help so much!! Lots of live and hugs
Hope your pain gets better.. My pain was pretty bad 1st day, but tolerable with pain meds. Prayers for a speedy recovery!!!

Up at 3:00am

Hi there! Yes I just had surgery like 8 or so hours ago and had been in extreme pain but found out why lol my daughter read the pain med bottle as saying 1 to 2 tablets every 4 hours as needed and took as if it meant 1 tablet, oh my gosh I was in pain pain pain, until I told my husband to please call my Dr cause I was on a lot of pain lol well, he asked me how many pain pills she gave me I said one he said well its most likey cause you need two. I waited for my next dose ugh in pain and when they kicked in the pain went from severe to an ache. So I'm okay now well as okay as can be I guess. I still love Dr. Jeffery Thaxton MD, he'd such a great Dr. Answered every time we called on his private line and was very sweet each time! Bless him!!!

Wiping in the toilet ;0)

I've heard ppl complain about having to have a husband or loved one wipe them after using the toilet, well I was not about to do that, I'm shy!!! Lol so, I bought a brand new yellow duster thing they sell at Walmart, I got the one that extends.....well I use that!! All I do is wrap a lot of toilet paper on it and extend it the right length and wipe it myself with one hand, without hurting my self due to the breast lift lol don't laugh it works and no one has to wipe for you lol I promise lol thanks for all ur prayers! Bless you
I'm good! Up at 4 am, too. How did everything go? I haven't seen anything yet because I'm wrapped up like a mummy, but I'm not in too much pain (knock on wood)! Thinking of you!
Awesome when u feel up to it honey send pictures, I will do the same! All of my I coins are painful I'm very ache, I was in pain but husband finally gave me the right amount of pain Meds and I feel better pain wise for now. Just pain Meds are keeping me up ugh lots of love and bunches of gentle hugs lol
Sweetheart, how are you? I hope doing great! I'm up at 4:00am now and can't sleep, Meds keep me up but I don't feel to tired lol I'm praying for you sweetie, lots of love and gentle hugs!!!!! ;0))

Sorry to bother you all again

My private area really hurts!!! Any reason why? It's very very very very sore ;0( thank you
It could be the drains coming out of your private area. Mine was really swollen. Also swelling from lower incision. Did doc do any lipo suction could be that too. Hope your able to get lot's of rest. Love the toilet paper idea that is good....
I hope. You feel better soon. I can't imagine how you mommy makeovers stand the pain. So much stress on the body must be hard, hang in there. I used a wedge like pillow under my knees when I had a TT. I had a difficult recovery with my TT, my bl/bl with capsulectomy has not been easy so for either. Hugs


Is it safe to take phazyme gas relief right after a mommy makeover?
Happy to hear the pain meds are working now. Hope today goes well for you.
Thank you sooo sweet!!!
Yay!!! You did it!! Just keep on top of your pain pills, each day will get better. Continuing thinking positively and remember why you did this. You are going to love your new body. Sending healing thoughts your way!

Hi there it's been like 1day post op I think lol

I had my surgery August 6, 2013 and I was scared and nervous to say the least but the nurses made me feel so at home at comfortable it wasn't so bad. ;0) Dr. Thaxton was a doll as always! Very professional at all times yet very sweet and had a calming effect. Woke up in pain, and the day I got home it wasn't to bad until my private area down below began to swell and bruise, which. Think is sort of normal, so I'm keeping ice packs on it. Lol the pain mess help as long as I take the correct amount. Here's some pictures, however I have not looked at it yet myself lol Dr. Said it looked nice an

After photos

Here's a fe photos of after

Tummy tuck binder


Breast covered after

Boobs after covered

Looking good, glad the pain meds are helping ;)!!

I'm four days after my surgery!

I still feel achy however feeling better everyday. My ( private area aka pee pee ) is black and extremely swollen and hurts really bad. I'm not in pain pain, just my private area, I've been icing it often but still hurts a lot! My boobs sometimes ache and one seems to be larger than the other right now, I hope e end Up the same exact size after the swelling goes down. .heres some pictures
My surgery was on aug 5th. I worry about breast size different too. I hope you feel better soon.
You look great! I'm swollen 'down there' too. Do you know if that's normal? I see my doc on Tuesday; I will ask then l, but thought I might as well ask now, too...

Vaginal brushing!

My surgery was August 6 and I Hoyt severe vaginal bruising a day layer which sure is normal, but maxi pads hurt and irritate to wear can I wear tampons??? My vaginal are is swollen twice its size and hurts. Any advice I welcome it. I'm
Sure this is normal part of the whole process though. Thank you

I need help please! ;0)

What bandages are safest to use after surgery? Thinker pads / bandages or thinner pads / bandages for over my steristrips? I'm really worried ill do the wrong thing! Please help me! Emaol me at my aisteres email pretty please! im five days out. bless you!
Where did you have your surgery ma'am? ;0)
Idk but mine is sore sore d Sore and turned black and deep Pup role ouch. I also started my period again even though I just had mine a week or so ago
Your a doll bless u

Feeling better day by day slowly lol

Just seen Dr. Jeffery thaxton MD He's such a great Dr! Anyone that goes to him is in great
Hands I promise!!!

Severe back pain!!!!!

I have he severe back pain the last 5 days! This is soooo painful! I have used heating pad, eye packs, my pain medicines, pillows. Nothing works! Please help me!!!!! Thank you my surgery was August 6, 2013 and I'm very happy with my Dr!!!!
Oh man thats rough :((. What kind of pain are u having in ur back?? That's strange for your back to be hurting that bad and for so long . Do you think you pulled a muscle? Hope it gets better soon!! My back was a bit sore mostly just from sleeping position. I like the icy hot stick on muscle pads.
Thank you! Yeah th pain is still pretty. Bad especially back pain ggggrrrrrr
How often do I take the gas relief pills? I'm drinking a lot of pineapple juice grape juice fruit and veggies and my tummy hurts! Operation August 6, still no bowl movement ( lol sorry to much information) lol but I've never been e to go very often lol


My surgery was August 6, and I'm still in severe pain! I am usually great with dealing with pain. I've had four children all with no epidurals at all, then my c sections which I didn't even have to take the pain Meds at home. I was up and at taking care of all of my kids the third day alone actually the second day. This has really kicked my butt, the only thing that helps is the pain Meds called Percocet but I'm
Supposed to take them every four hours and I'm pretty okay when I do pain wise that is but I'm afraid to take them all then when I need them I will literally die of pain with nothing for pain. I don't want the dr to feel I have to have it but I do, when I go even two hours without it I'm in such severe pain I can't even think strait. Do I just tell my Dr. Tuesday and continue taking my pain Meds ands hope he will give me more if I need them or just slack on taking them and continue living through this terrible pain? I love my Dr. I'm just not a real toward person. I've skipped taking my Meds for three hours now already to preserve them, and oh my gosh I am on such severe pain thank god for autocorrect or you'd never be able to read this. Prayers ease! Blessings to all! *hugs*

Sorry more pix lol

As I've stated I am 8 weeks post operation and pain is gone however still a lot of aches and pains done very sharp pains in breast area. My back still aches sometimes as well. Heating pad helps with that. My breast hurt more often than my tt incision. I'm a little worried I have a dog ear I think on my right side of my tt scar, and on the left side it looks as if it was sewed to much and the skin is a bit scrunched up but that side I don't think is a dog ear. Just my right side. I use the silicone scar sheets often but doesn't seem to be helping the sides of my in incisions. I still have a lot of swelling in my left breast and tummy and sides. Which is very normal I hear. I still have bruising around my areolas. Anyone have any suggestions on helping the dog ear on my right side of the tt incision settle down and flatten? I'm a little worried about all the swelling I'm having is stretching out my skin again, ugh I hope not. .....But all and all I love my Dr. And the staff and I am happy I did this. Any questions I'll be happy to answer them, so many ppl here helped me before during and after my surgery. Ill upload new photos soon. Have a great day!
hows it going?? how do u feel? did you need any other supplies other than what was written on the blog? i am having a tt in 14 days
Hi! I pretty much had everything I needed lol I'm now almost right weeks since my tt. I'm still very swollen although I would do it all over again! The most painful thing for me was where the dr sewed my rectus muscles together, and try not to laugh cough sneeze hiccup up to a few weeks after surgery cause it will hurt!!! The best thing ever was the medical lift recliner! I would of been lost without it!!! Start taking ester c now to hopefully help ward off sickness if possible. Please keep me updated if you would. I'm here if you need me ;0)
Charleston Plastic Surgeon

So far my Doctor has been very sweet, I hated getting undressed in front of him, however he made me feel SO very comfortable no matter what I looked like. I brought in photos of mommy makeovers, tummy tucks and breast lifts that I liked, he was not rude, he sat and looked at them all then he listened to my concerns and made me feel as if he cared about his patients!! I'm nervous but excited as well!!

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