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Bye Bye Double Chin & Ugly Jowls - Kanata, ON

At 58 yrs of age, I had no complaints whatsoever...

At 58 yrs of age, I had no complaints whatsoever except for the inherited double chin and ugly jowls. I originally thought I would have the procedure done for my 60th birthday, then I thought, why wait. Now I'm thrilled with the outcome. Dr Lacey and his team of professionals, including the two nurses who stayed with me in the clinic overnight were everything I could have hoped for. The whole process has been completely positive, and I am thrilled that I went through with it.

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Follow up visit with the good Dr and company to have stitches removed and though the office is really busy they gave me all the time I required. We are all very pleased with the progress thus far..and that was only day 6. And I am thrilled with my new face, no longer embarassed by the side view. My daughter told me my neck looked long and I said I always did have a long neck, you just couldn't see it for the chins! (I had her when I was 41 and she is now 17, so she didn't have memory of me pre chins) I'm so glad I could change that!

bye bye double chin

I'm almost at 2 weeks already...i was looked forward to this time!...the bruising is almost gone, the stiches almost disappeared. I started taking B complex and am kicking myself for not having thought of it sooner....it is fabulous for the nerves, and right now i can feel a lot of "nerve" activity in the sides of my face...it's as if that area is becoming unfrozen...which is, no doubt, part of the healing process...i had lipo also, under my chin, so that whole area feels "frozen" still...of course, there is still inflammation, but i'm the only one aware of that..i can feel it, but it doesn't show. I'm back to sleeping in my bed, which is a relief...it hurt to lie on my side (on my ear) so the first night i bunched up my pillow so it only supported my head from above my ear, and higher...that's getting better every night also...I told my teen that a person has to really hate a facial feature, not just not like it, to put themselves through this process 'cause it really is a big deal!

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I needed to go to the walk in clinic on Friday because one incision was getting redder and I thought i might need antibiotics (which I did). The 40 something dr looked at the incision, and asked me what I had done...when I told him I had a fl, he said "it took years off your face...when I walked in here I thought, she is older than me, but looks way younger, how can that be?".. now that was a complement I could gladly accept...he was really cute, too. I am 59 in two months, btw

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15 out of 10...all better then good!

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So this pic of me in the sunhat is 9 days post op. I can hardly believe it. All that remains obvious is about 20% of the bruising and I am not at all self conscious about it..the same could result from dental work, ie wisdom teeth. My hair covers the incisions.
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July sunshine.. first you are a gorgeous lady even preop.  Second, I'm so glad you've found yourself on the other side of a FL and in the recovery phase.  I'm also 58 and thought the same thing... I'd have this done at 60.  However, life throws one curves and stress.  :)  I found myself , like you thinking that this was not really what I wanted.  I can't tell you how pleased I am that I had a great PS and made this decision.  I can already sense you're going to feel the same.  Post some pics!  We'd love to see them.  All the best to you for your recovery and healing. 
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Hi Financegirl...thanks for the complement...that shot is post op...all that really shows on a full frontal is bruising...lots of inflammation still, but it doesn't show too much, just feels a lot. My 17 yr old daughter told me today that I'm freaking her out cause I turn my head like Frankenstein.:-)... I had thought that when I saw a stitch on each side of my neck.
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July sunshine, sorry about the confusion on the photos, it didn't pull up close for me like the ones we post under our reviews and you look so healed so quickly!  :)  Nevertheless, you look great!  Too funny about the Frankenstein turning.    I'm about just over 2 months on my surgery and feeling some numbness in the front of my ears and the tightness running from my upper cheeks , in front of my ears to the jowl line and slightly under my neck.  In my strange way, I actually like the feeling!  I'm saying to myself as long as I feel that it's all staying up there where I want it!  lol  Really for the most part I forget about it and then am aware of it when I sit still mostly.  Anyway, keep posting your journey.  It's great for other's to hear about a success like yours!  
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Do you have pics posted?
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Hi! Sorry it took me so long to respond.  We went away this weekend and I just popped on to look around!  And....yes, I have alot of pics up on my review.  From start to finish , beautiful yellow bruising and all!  I'm glad I'm through all of that!  :)
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thank you for all you have posted...post surgery you look at most early 40's. I was surprised to further read you had the fillers...you looked perfect! I put my first picture of myself ever on my facebook page today, and friends from 30-40 yrs ago said I looked so young :-). More importantly, my teen, who only yesterday accepted me as a friend on fb said I looked really good. Her bf asked to be friends too, and my pic popped up on his phone, and my daughter said "who is that"? I had a wide brim hat on! This is day 9 for me and I never slowed down physically, except that I will wait for all the bruising to be gone before I go back to the gym. I got permission, at day 6 when the stitches came out to walk my four dogs...and of course I never did give up the laundry and vacuuming!
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Thanks for sharing! Were there any supplies that you found absolutely necessary for recovery?

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HI Angie...I can't think of anything other than what people mentioned, soft foods, a blender, hopefully someone to blend your foods for you :-)
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