totally amazing love the new tummy - Kamloops, BC

Im 30 yrs old and have 3 kids 2 boys 10,12 and our...

Im 30 yrs old and have 3 kids 2 boys 10,12 and our surprise princess 1 yr old. I am so excited about having this surgery!!! I have been waiting for so long we had our first son when I was a tiny 17 yr old and he was thing you know I had number 2 and over the next year got up to 230 lbs and Im 5ft5 it was so hard for me to be that big when I was used to being around 135 anyways long story short I lost all my weight but no matter how much I exercised my tummy would not go back. then we had our surprise baby who is 1 now and I have done good I am at a healthy weight of 140 but I have this gross hang and I am (soon not to be)so DONE with it I am sick of looking at myself crying!

I am so excited for july 26th but also a little nervous I have never been put under all 3 babies were c-sections but I had a spinal so that is the scary part for me...but reading all of your posts are helping me and making me so more more excited!!!!

I guess I should say to that Im getting the muscle...

I guess I should say to that Im getting the muscle tightening done 2 I have a seperation of about 2 fingers

So here are some pics of my soon to be gone tummy...

so here are some pics of my soon to be gone tummy kinda embrassing but whatever you all helped so much looking at all your pics before and after so soon I will have some pics of my new beautiful belly :)
Too funny - our review titles were similar and we must have written them around the same time. I didn't realize they had to be "approved" before posted! :) Anyways, sounds like we are in similar situations. I also am very nervous about anesthesia as all my c-sections were spinals, too. I'm so worried about recovery, too, but I know the results will be well worth it.
I know thats the exciting part for sure especialy after waiting so long ! I guess its the unknown because no matter how much you read on tt everyone is different in the way they heal and the pain I have read so many posts that say it hurts so much more then a c section and about the same amount that say it hurts less. Im scared to think about the bad that can happen or at least say it out loud....there are lots of emotions with tt I keep thinking that Im being thinking ok the money Im spending on this imagine what I could buy the but my hubby keeps saying to bad your getting it done!!

So I have my 2nd consult on monday I guess its my...

So I have my 2nd consult on monday I guess its my pre-op I have been writing down questions for my ps but he was so awesome at my first app. I am getting worried about my baby tho he said I would be able to lift her up as she is only about 21 lbs but just not to be throwing her around or anything...I am nervous about the recovery time I read some people who did awesome and say its easier then a c section recovery which I have done 3 times and my last one was awesome I had her in the am and could walk around barely hunched over by that evening so fingers crossed and positive thinking my tt will be the same....:)

No more tears for you...well except tears of joy when you see your new and flat tummy. 

It's all good and soon you will have your body back.  My tummy looked just like yours before my surgery so I know it will get better.

Thank you for posting your pictures and being so brave.  It really does help other women. 

I look forward to following your journey!

Thank you kimmers25 your pics look absolutley amazing!!

Thank you:)


Just had my second app with my supper...

just had my second app with my supper excited now!!!! I just want it now!!! glad to have such a great ps he made me feel so unnervous come on july 26th :)all the paper work and blood work is done and money has been paid yay!

You are the perfect candidate!! After your TT you will not recognize your body. I am sure you will obtain amazing results. Good luck

Yay 12 more days!!! can`t fricken wait yay

yay 12 more days!!! can`t fricken wait yay
I suspect from reading what I have on here that you might find this a lot more challenging than a c section. I had a hysterectomy a few years ago and bounced right back, I am expecting to have a much harder recovery with this surgery especially from the MR, that seems to be thing which causes the most pain. Oh well like I said, decision is made now and its daft to try and guess what may be, its not long for me now, i should just stop stressing and wait and see!! take care :)
Hi Jennsin, I'm sure you will look lovely after the surgery, You really look quite small and slim under that belly lol! My surgery is scheduled for Monday 18th July and I know what you mean about being nervous!! It didn't seem real at first because it was so far away but now I am glued to this site all the time reading everyone's reviews. Trying to get a grip of what recovery will really be like, it seems very different for everyone, one thing that we all seem to share though is the fear of things going wrong. I keep trying to tell myself that the decision has been made and I should just focus on the positives from now on. Anyway good luck and keep us posted.

Well pretty much 3 more days so excited!!! have...

well pretty much 3 more days so excited!!! have had a wrinkly yucky tummy for almost 13 yrs (since my first baby)getting everything ready since our house is also for sale.... been working out still everyday happy Im in the 130`s again yay!!! still feels so unreal that it is actually happening :)

You are almost there! Congratulations for doing this for yourself! I'm excited for you and to see your results!

Well tomorrow at this time I will be in surgery Im...

well tomorrow at this time I will be in surgery Im booked to arrive at 7 and start at 8 am omg this is crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be thinking about you tomorrow and sending happy thoughts your way.


Well Im home from surgery today it went...

well Im home from surgery today it went awesome!!!feel great not really in any pain at all sometimes a little twinge of pain from mr but way easier then my c sections taking pain pills about every 6 hrs or as needed but its not a narcotic one so it does not make me sick I will post pics soon I can`t believe how tiny my tummy is I love my doc!!! oh yes got my drains out this am as well it was a different one then I seen in most pics it was a vacuum one anyways so worth it and so glad to be doing so awesome!!!

So I guess today is day 2 po well my surgery was...

so I guess today is day 2 po well my surgery was so early on tuesday that it does feel like day 3 still doing awesome the only thing thats a little annoying is my back gets sore when sleeping I am a total side sleeper. but everything feels great :)will add some pics as soon as I find my camera I am allowed to shower today to yay so be back soon with pics:)

Here are some pics from day 2 have some lines on...

here are some pics from day 2 have some lines on there from my binder still its hard to tell if I have it to tight or to loose sometimes oh well whatever as long as it holds me in I guess :)

Wow what a nice flat tummy. 

thanks ladies :) I am very excited to have my shower tonight and yes not looking forward to the swelling but here`s hoping it won`t be bad. I am taking it easy but my ps said early return to function is the best and he said I could be going for little walks now light household chores ect. but I really just can`t wait to sleep on my side....I hate sleeping on my back it sucks!!
Glad things are going well. Your new little tummy looks fantastic!

Hello so I guess this is day 5 po still lovin...

Hello so I guess this is day 5 po still lovin it!!! so far so good as well on recovery pretty much has been a piece of cake :) so happy with my decision so worth it a little swelling when I over do it because I feel so normal I can`t help it have gone out for a bit each day shopping or to visit but do get a bit tired out by the end of the day but seriously you can have an awesome pain free to a degree 41 recovery ( a little discomfort once in awhile) mabey its because I was in such good shape before or all the positive thinking....but just wanted u to know that it isn`t always that bad I got scared reading alot of stories so just wanted to put it out there ...also I have not been on any meds except for the first 2 days and it was toradol a non narcotic pain and mostly anti inflammitory I understand everyone heals differently and mabey Im just lucky but I think having 3 c sections really helped because you have a slight idea what to expect and know how to move around with a stomach incision anyways its so worth getting it done and this website is an awesome place for information!!
Hey, I'm 4 days post op - you look great! I have a more swelling which is rubbish but I expected it, hope it goes soon. I am finding it pretty easy too, haven't been in pain just feels tight. Wearing spanx they don't do binders in the UK I even had to ask about wearing support! I stayed in hospital for 2 nights and spent the last 2 days in the house resting, going a bit crazy already so will hopefully get in out next couple of days. Hate not being able to pick up my 10 month old :(

Hi well its aug 15th already 3 weeks ago tomorrow...

Hi well its aug 15th already 3 weeks ago tomorrow that I had my surgery still doing awesome what a great surgery so happy I did it..nothing but good memories its totally woth it I have put on some new pics can`t wait to get back to work out ...have just a little swelling still thank god never hit swell hell...there has been no hell this at all this whole time anyone wanting to get this done so worth it and the recovery can be a great experience as well I have been back to my normal life taking care of the baby the household life and of course having an amazing rest of summer with the family.
how much did you pay? Im also in kamloops. i was 360 lbs now im 180 and i have alot of exess skin. i still wanna lose 15-20 lbs. i seen another plastic surgen who quoted me $9,500. ive also heard bc medical will cover if you lose a certain percentage. i also heard dr jacoby was good. congrats, you must feel amazing!
You look so great! I love your recovery story & how great you did!

Thinking positive & praying mine turns out just as well in feb.

You look wonderful!

dr jacoby

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