Couple days post op-- 425cc

So I'll start off by saying i'm 5'4 and 110 pounds...

So I'll start off by saying i'm 5'4 and 110 pounds. My doctor is going to have 325cc, 350cc, and 375cc both high profile and mod profile plus waiting for me on the day of my surgery and I will make the final sizer decision minutes before they become part of me:)

I started thinking about getting boobs about a year ago and since then have been obsessing over pictures of boobs. I always loved my boobs I just want them to be bigger. I am between a big A cup and a small B cup. I hope that the size i chose will put me at a C cup :) Any feedback on size would help alot!!

I want a natural look so i was set on going with mod plus profile but now, days away from the surgery i'm scared that they wont give me the look i want. I don't want them to be too far apart. My rip cage is also only 26 so i don't even have much room on there. I was thinking if I placed HP under the muscle they will be more suitable to my small frame and still not project like rockets. I dont really like top boob, I want most of my fullness to be in the bottom:) Unless I decide to wear a bra and throw em up!! lol

So any help from you girls would be so much appreciated. Im truly freaking out and I hope i made a good decision and I hope that everything goes well in the operating room!!

5 more days. i'm going to start cleaning everything today :) and get ready for my boyfriends birthday :) He is the best:) and has been so supportive through what has already been an emotional roller coaster .

Does anyone know if you can drink 4 days up to your surgery? I usually dont drink but might since its his birthday ... HELP!!!

Ok so tomorrow is actually the big day!! I can't...

Ok so tomorrow is actually the big day!! I can't believe it we are driving there right now . I'm so excited and nervous... I can't say I'm 100 percent but I'm biting this bullet and going through with it!!! Wish me luck see u girlies tomorrow!!!

Thank you for the update to your review.  Hope you are taking it easy.  Can't wait to hear more about your recovery!

Thank u everyone!!! I just got home and only took pain pills once. I feel great and don't think I will need anymore! I feel like I was scared for nothing!!
Good for you!!! So glad to hear you are doing well! Using ice can help with swelling. Who is your doctor by the way?

So today is post op day three. My boobs feel...

So today is post op day three. My boobs feel really tight and high right now! I have just been wearing a tight lululemon tank top because the doctor said that was okay. He advised me to wait 5 days before massaging, and two weeks before i wear the dreaded strap!! Actually I cant wait to wear the strap because that means i will be two weeks post op!! I am not really in any pain except for the little bit of pressure i feel. I have not taken any pain meds except ibuprofen to help with the swelling since day 1! I am kindof nervous at this stage because i feel like maybe i didnt get enough info from my doctor on what to do during healing. Maybe im just freaking out for nothing, and really all you can do is wait!! I think I will attempt to have a shower today. Also, we are going to take a trip out of town to get me a new bra, only about 45 minute drive? Do you girls think thats okay? Please any info on how you girls felt at day 3 would help me so much!! thank u oxoxo Happy healing

Thanks for the update! How did the drive go? Were you able to get a new bra and what type of bra did you get?  Hope you are feeling good today!

On the day after my surgery, I was a passanger in the car for 5hours! On Post op day 8....I drove 6 hours total (to and from my post op appointment by myself). It can be done but I don't recommend it as it hurts later. I think that is part of the reason I ran into pain trouble. If someone else is driving and it's only for 45min or even a couple hours...that should be fine :) Just my thoughts....You look good! Congrats :)
Day 2 and 3 was the worst fr me, if you feel like going for a ride is ok, but for me 20 minutes of drive was a nightmare. Do you have low grade fever? Happy healing

So its almost 2 weeks post op. I feel great! I...

So its almost 2 weeks post op. I feel great! I have mostly all of my movement back and i feel like i could start working out. I did squats for ten minutes today which felt like an hour long workout since i havn't been to the gym in two weeks. I was thinking of trying some situps tomorrow, but i'm not sure. Does anyone know if that would be ok?
I have been wearing my ban-dow (is that how it's spelled?) ever since around day 3. It was getting really uncomfortable and itchy but I showered and it felt much better. My doctor told me not to wear the strap until day 14 but i started periodically throwing it on by day 7. My boobs have dropped quite a bit, but still look like kidney beans. haha!! they are almost bigger at the top, its kind of scary but im reasured that once the implants drop into the pocket behind my original breast, my new boobs will be fluffy and perfectly round!! To be honest girls some days I do wish i went bigger. I got 325 cc under muscle. I'm small and I wanted really natural but now that i have them I almost want them to be more noticeable! I'm considering maybe getting a 400cc implant switched for the implants i have now in 6 months. The doctor told me to wait. Of course im going to wait, and I truly love what i have. I wanted to be natural, but for some reason i thought it would be much bigger! We will see how everything goes and I will keep all of you ladies posted! I truly think that this was such a wonderful decision, and before the augmentation I must have looked super hippie (bottom heavy) just because i was so small up top! I love having them, it just makes me feel a bit more powerful:) Good luck and message me with any questions:)
If you don't mind me asking, what size bra did you start with and after having the BA done, what size as you now?
I was an Acup or a small B. It is so hard to judge size because bra companies do not stick to standard sizing across the board. i'm hoping to be a big C. I don't know what i will be right now because i am still in the bandow stage and cant wear underwire for another 3 weeks! when I find out I will let you know :)
I also was A cup, went with 335 cc, hoping for C cup. I am too two weeks post op and I think they became smaller than it was early on. Guess having boob greed. Do you feel they got smaller too?

Hey girls almost five weeks post op. Im feeling...

Hey girls
almost five weeks post op. Im feeling really great for pain. I can sleep on my sides and I have been working out. stairmaster, walking on treadmill with incline, bicycle, leg machines, and some sittups and lower back! Everything feels fine :) They havnt dropped very much which is frusterating! not really I know it just takes time but kindof frusterating, i thought they would be much better looking at this point. They feel awesome though!! when did you girls start wearing bras? do you find massage helps? i try to massage twice a day but its hard with my schedual! I have also been using bio oil and holy shit ladies it works so well!! i put it on three times a day and the scars are lightning already and i think its been a week

Also wanted to say that my right breast is...

also wanted to say that my right breast is dropping faster than my left breast. I have been wearing my strap for 12 hours everyday!! Does anyone know why mine are not dropping?
what dr did you go to?
My lefty is having a hard time dropping too ill post a recent pic today! I'm 5 weeks PO and I'm stressing about it too. Your breat look very nice and I have my fingers crossed we both drop soon :-)
Thanks for the compliment, yours do too:) I think we need to stop stressing, our boobies will drop at there own pace. 3-6 months he said until they drop completely. The waiting game begins! but lets be patient because we need to love our bodies! good luck girl! Happy healing

Had Revision with 425cc and everything is good so far

Hey girls.
Just wanted to let you know I had a revision because my original implants from my BA in FEB2013 did not drop. The doc said he would go in for free and make a little cut which would make them drop perfectly into place. I was sortof already unhappy with my size so he said he would make them bigger if I wanted to at a small price. I was lucky to have the change i guess... haha. Anyways I went to 425cc and here are some pics. I am hoping that everything drops into place. I have been wearing the band 24-7 with a light support sports bra which feels like no support.
What profile was before and what profile you ended up with? New edition looks perfect.
I had 325cc Mod Profile Plus and now I have High Profile 425cc implants!! Thank-you
I like the new size too.. They already look super good for just coming out of surgery.


have been having little breakdowns everyone once in a while. I feel scared that my boobs wont drop like last time and i will have to go through all of this AGAIN! My doc told me to wear the band for sure at night and then during the day but it didnt have to be all the time during the day.
Recently a gf told me that her doc said do not wear the band and let them fall naturally. Im wondering if the stupid band helps? Maybe if F'ed my boobs up the first time.... just kinda freaking out lol
any help from you girls would be nice!
What did you girls do for massages too? and did you think it helped?
they look just right to me, especially for only being a few days post op. I have been doing the massages that I describe in a post on my review and I definitely think it's helped. And if all else fails... call your PS, it's their job to shoot straight with you. you paid them far too much to be timid about calling fir reassurance. ;)
Had my ba In December 2012 I had to get revision because my left breast wouldn't drop I called it my Frankenboob. They were under muscle and that boob didn't like it being there. I had my revision in April with them above the muscle no problems and I love them!!!!

2 days until 3 weeks post op!!

Just wanted to give you girls some pictures to look at so you can tell me if you think im making progress >< !! thanks
Did you have a revision because yours didn't drop the first time?? How long did you go with your first implants before u had the revision?
Your dropping nicely, very natural looking! Im a week out and think my are torpedo shaped, hoping that changes. I can go to the gym lightly at week 4. no lifting either, grrr! =(
They look like they're dropping nicely! Honestly, they don't look high at all....beautiful!
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