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Hello! I will finally have my 32 year old...

I will finally have my 32 year old silicone implants removed in January 21st. The right one has ruptured and is painful so I am anxious to get on with returning to my real self.
In my late 50's now I feel my breasts look ridiculous on me. So I will be glad to be rid of them. The implants were an engagement gift from my (now ex) husband and my initial reaction back then when I got my first look at them was "oh no! What have I done?" They were disappointing to me from the very beginning - they are under the muscle and to me look like I have had chest implants, not breast implants. They have always been uneven, with the right implant sitting slightly higher on my chest than the left. My skin scars easily and I can still see the incision scars from the original surgery, which is one reason I don't want a lift. Okay, money is the other reason, as I simply don't have funds for surgery (luckily Medicare pays for removal of implants). As I look through this site and read other women's stories I am saddened that I allowed myself to be disfigured all for the sake of having bigger boobs. I would hate to think of my daughters feeling that they should need to do something like this to please someone else or to fit the mould of what society thinks is attractive!
This forum has been incredible and to all the ladies on it a HUGE thank you for sharing the stories of your brave journeys.
I am looking forward to NO UNDERWIRE, no shoulder pain, no button gap, and sleeping on my stomach again!
I love them! I was able to take a shower this morning and was a bit unsure of what I would find beneath the bandages. Oh I LOVE THEM!! They are small and wrinkly and squished from the bandages but they are MINE and look normal, like they belong, not like the balloons I had there. I am SO HAPPY!! (I wanted to post a picture but can't find an update button on my review?)
Just checkin in. Had my surgery yesterday. Rough night as I couldn't keep water down so no meds. It's general anesthesia that does that to me. But I'm on my mending road and sooooo glad they are finally gone!!
Yayy....so good to hear from you! Yes, general anesthesia is pretty tough. I think it took at least a week to get that stuff out of my system. Keep us posted, Darla!

I love them!!

I was able to shower this morning and a bit nervous about what I would find under the mummy wraps. They are small and wrinkly and squishy and all mine! I love them! I no longer feel like I have balloons on my chest. Soooo happy! :)
WooHoo! Darlak! Glad you are on the other side now :) I'll be looking for updates!
yayy...good to hear an update from you. So glad you're happy! And wow, doesn't that first shower feel like heaven? Keep the updates coming.

Clothes (and I still love them)

I couldn't resist the temptation to try on some of my tops this morning and oh yes! They fit so much better, even though I am still compressed into my Marena bra (a great investment). The clothes drape where they should drape and flow where they should flow and no gaping buttons.
I no longer have to worry about cleavage popping out the top. I have to tell you ladies, I've been in office work for my entire career and I am appalled at the way some women think cleavage is acceptable business attire. But then flip through the tv channels and every actress portraying doctors or lawyers are "practicing" with her boobs half exposed!
I'm not a prude but I don't believe boobs and boardrooms are synergistic.
That's my rant for the day - lol. Loving my "new" old wardrobe!
Hi DarlaK, How are you today? Pictures? What size do you think you will be? I'm guessing I will go back to a 32A/AA. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I find when I didn't take meds on time my whole body would start to shudder - muscles shivering uncontrollably. I'm guessing it is the shock of surgery? So your friend is probably right on the meds helping your body to rest.
I tried a bunch of clothes on this morning too. I'm as happy as you are! I just look more natural in all ways. And I totally agree with you about the cleavage thing....my 24 year old granddaughter flaunts it all over....So awful. Can't stop her. Thanks for sharing this morning...you must be feeling pretty darned good!
Hi Joanne - I had a rough night really and had to take some pain meds. I think trying on the couple of my fav shirts was an attempt to feel better. :). I had some leakage from the ruptured implant which I assume took some digging to remove so the area under my right armpit is very sore and swollen today. All in due course . . .


Posted photos

I managed to get these on here. Before is the night before the explant. The right implant always sat way higher on the right and had ruptured, effectively pushing up under my armpit. Nice, eh? Not something they tell you about on implant is it?
The wrinkling on PostOp2 is from the compression and now sagging skin. It is slowly getting better. Please remember these are post menopausal, 58 year old boobs!
I missed the photos somehow. Glad you are pleased DarlaK. Hope you will love yours like I love mine.
Thank you! Your story is helping me as I have implants for 30 years and want them removed. You look great also. Glad all went well for you.
As a card carrying NOW member in the 70's that spend her share of wandering lost in the wilderness, it's nice to see that some are still carrying the torch! You've come a long way, baby? Not! http://youtu.be/kMS4VJKekW8
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