UHHHHMAZING RESULTS! (Terrible Acne, but Now, Clear Soft Skin)

Pros- My face IMMEDIATLY tightened and I could...

Pros- My face IMMEDIATLY tightened and I could feel the product working. Worked extremely well with mildly severe acne. (combination skin) After a month of use, my skin has NEVER looked better. (used Retin-A at night and a 5% Benzoyl Peroxide in the morning.)

Cons- Dryness did occur...used OLAY COMPLETE SPF MOISTURIZER. after 2 weeks, face started breaking out...BUT STICK WITH IT!!!!! After that one or two weeks of breakout, your face will looke amazing! Give the product time, THIS STUFF WORKS!!

Why I Did It- After having mild/severe acne for about 4 years, and trying every single over the counter drug (literally), I needed to do something....so I went to the doctor and she prescribed me Retin-A. I didn't want to get my hopes up, because I knew that it could be just like the rest of them....but if you wash your face twice a day with OLAY bar soap (sensitive skin) and apply the medicine....you will see results. Just Be Patient.

This product sounds amazing! Could you tell me the brand name you have been using? I am planning to buy online as I'm in Asia with significant communication issues! Thanks.
hey you :) . I think i might have skin very similar to yours . I started Retin A two weeks ago and i am covered in small bumps , acne style especially on my chin and jaws. Question: did the doctor suggest to use Benzoyl Peroxide? I am asking cos i did read on a few site not to use it since it does the contrary of what Retin A is supposed to do . I am sure it would help with the pimples thou, thanks C
Hi Mary! I really enjoyed reading your post. I have been dealing with terrible acne for most of my life (I just turned 25) and was considering getting retin-a. What strength did you use? 0.05 or 0.1%? My doctor wrote a prescription for 0.1%. Thanks for your help, Angela
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