Happy to Be Myself

I just had my silicone implants removed after...

I just had my silicone implants removed after having them for only 19 months. I have chronic lyme disease and my symptoms of fatigue and neurological difficulties increased greatly after implantation. I never felt comfortable with my size either, only wanting to be a C again after a lift, but becoming a D.
I also went from a C to a DD, a little bigger than you did but I know how it feels to have that weight. I'm assuming yours are silicone which I have been told are lighter than saline, which mine are, but you still had the size to deal with. I am a petite 62 year old but have been told by everyone that I don't look my age. But small boned and I weigh about 125 at 5'3". Even finding clothes that fit is hard when you need something large for the top and then the bottom is too large. I can't wait to hear how your results come out. I hopefully will have mine out in July, actually I WILL. I'm trying to see if my insurance will pay for the explant because of past back surgery and continued pain and possibly a future spinal fusion. I hope you post some pictures soon, I know a lot of us are curious to see that still haven't had theirs removed.
I'm so glad you've made this decision! I too am petite, 5'1'' and 110 lbs. I felt so disproportional although everyone said I looked good. My best friend, when I asked her directly, admitted I looked good but like I had larger fake boobs. I never wanted to look like I had fake breasts, just wanted to be back to my normal size, pre-lift. I will post pics when I can take off this compression bra. My skin is very stretchy and I have stretch marks on my breasts from pregnancy that will never go away. Some of them were removed during the lift but my concern is that with less volume they will be more pronounced. But at this point, I really don't care that much. I know I can find bras and clothes that flatter me and I'm fine with that. 4 days post surgery I am already fuller, breasts seem to be coming back fine! I expect to be a B cup but we will see! Best of luck to you!
How was the surgery? Any problems with bleeding? I am scheduled for explant on July 30 and I am so nervous!!!!

4 days post surgery

I'm doing great 4 days out, so happy to be clear headed now, did not need pain meds after day 2! I'm already filling out, I can feel it under my compression bra and that gives me hope! Mainly, I'm still very happy with my decision and want to offer support to all of you considering reclaiming your body. xo
My sister just had her explant done with a lift about a month ago. She has found several places online to buy bras now that she smaller. One is called "Handfull" and another is called "littlebittybracompany, or "ittybitty" one of those but I have seen other people on here mention the same places and she has ordered several. It's ironic but when she first had her implants over 20 years ago I was depressed for quite awhile (jealous) and when she decided to explant it was the same thing reversed. She has been my big supporter. The PS that gave me these implants does the explant but will not do a lift at the same time. He likes you to wait and see how they look after at least 6 months but he will put smaller implants for you. His name is Dr. Robert Young, the PS you see on here. He is an excellent doctor and he did a great job but they're just too big and I just want to be natural again. Hope you're feeling OK and heal quickly...can't wait to see the results.
My doctor also recommends waiting 6 months to see where you are at. I agree with this, but hate the thought of yet another surgery. I'll check out the websites you recommend to buy bras, thanks!

5 days post explant

So, I got brave and posted these pics to encourage? all of you. They do not look good, so wish I had stopped at the original lift I had 2 years ago. However, I clearly have breast tissue to work with in a good bra and I'm sure they will "fluff" over the next months to a year. Did others experience the wrinkling at first? Thanks ladies, don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to be rid of the implants and guess what? No tacchycardia since they came out! Imagine that.

Feedback from others who have explanted

Just curious to hear about others, similar size, and how they think I'm doing at 5 days. I was orginally a 34C after 4 pregnancies and breastfeeding so lots of stretch marks. Did a lift, became a 34B and a few months later opted for an augment, 250cc and became an unhappy 34D with lots of accompanying health problems. Only had them in 19 months. Doctor says they haven't stretch out much??? They look like they have, and I might not need another lift. What do you all think?
I think being only 5 days out that you look pretty good. I saw my sister's pics she posted post explant with a lift and she had a lot of bruising. Since you had no lift I think it's to be expected to have a little wrinkling at first. Look at the size of the implant they took out! I will be taking out 750cc too and I HOPE I look as good as you do post. It takes time to "fluff" out as they say. Did your doctor tell you that you have to wear a special bra or sports bra or something afterward? I thought I might start looking for some bras since I am just waiting for the paperwork to get to my insurance company and get an answer on whether they'll cover it or not. Thank you posting the post pictures mauigirl! I have no idea what to expect after my explant. I think you will be going thru a lot of changes over the next few months! You're in my prayers! Keep us posted!
Thank you. Yes, I had to buy sports bras that fasten in the front. They provide compression bras but felt that I would be too small to benefit from one. I think they mostly use them for implant patients. 750cc is a lot! Good luck and I'll be praying for you as well. :)

Need support!!!!

Feeling really down tonight, sad about the way I look now. NOT unhappy about explanting, just sad that this is what's left. I know it will improve but i think I will need a lift and there just isn't much "nice" skin left with all the stretch marks from breastfeeding. And, why are they so off to the sides??? They were more centrally, normally, placed prior to any of this. Very sad :(
You just keep looking better amd better! Congratulations! I am so happy for you, you're ou're results are totally great. I am so happy for you, Thnks for sharing and giving the rest of us more confidence
Thank you, that helps a lot. Today, 1 week, they look better still but very very bruised lol. And still a little oozing where they took out the drains on one side. I go back in tomorrow. I'll post more pics when I'm less bruised! Good luck to you too! When is your surgery?
Hi mauigirl, don't worry too much about how they look 5 days post. Mine were really loose and wrinkly, too. It's going to take weeks (even months) for the skin to re-drape. 250cc implants aren't very big, so I don't think they could have done too much damage in a year and a half. I think you look really good for 5 days and I am sure we would all admit to having some 'rougher angles' to our boobs (and butts and stomachs, too! lol).

Still oozing at 1 week?

Anybody know if it's normal for the incision under breast to still be oozing at 1 week? It's not bright red, but after shower a little red blood.
If i were you i would just give it time..no doubt that wrinkling will go away...what size were you 'pre-implant' and what did your breasts look like then? What did you look like with implants? Try not to be upset they are going to look great in two to three months...Best wishes
How are things going for you? Better? I think you look great! Do you feel like you are bouncing back? Do you have any pictures of your natural breasts before implantation?
I don't, sorry. Before the lift, then implants, they were very droopy because of my age, 50 at the time, and breastfeeding 4 kids. In a bra they looked great, 34C but not good naked. The lift helped, wish I'd stopped there. No pics of that either. Wish I had them, maybe I could get them from my doc.

10 Day Post Op Pics

I can't see the pics I'm posting so sorry if any duplicates or unnecessary pics. Not feeling like I look much better? Sides are full and I could be happy with that. Insides are empty and my breasts seemed "pushed" off the to sides. I don't know what that's about. It is common after implants? Does it have to do with placement of the implants? Hope they will correct more over time. I need and appreciate support. Thanks.
To me it looks like they are fluffing out, seem fuller. And on the side that didn't have the indents on it from your bra, when you had a picture of that side from the side it looks great. I think all the bruising on the wrinkled side may have a lot to do with that. I think you're improving in my opinion! Thanks so much for updating the pictures it means so much to me, and others, to give them an idea of it what mine may look like.
Thank you so much for your feedback. It's so hard to see them accurately myself. What I don't understand is why the outsides are full, like you mentioned and the insides are not. It must have to do with placement of the implants? I'll ask at next appt. Just hoping the insides fill out too. :) Remind me, when is your surgery?

Day 12, Progress!

I woke up early, after wearing a "pull-over" sports bra to bed for the first time. I was amazed when I took it off that I can actually see progress! Things pulling back together somewhat. Perhaps it was the bra but I can feel the difference. And, it's a special day for me. 15 years ago today I found recovery from addiction to alcohol, my life is now blessed and free!
I can see changes. Things are looking good. Congrats on 15 years of sobriety. I'm a daughter of a sober alcoholic/addict. One day at a time. Those days add up to years and years!! Gla you are doing so well post op. I bet in a couple o months you'll be right back to where you were after your lift.
Thank you!!! So glad your parent found recovery too. So did mine! I'm now a member of ACA, which has been instrumental as well in changing my life. Yes, progress slow but sure after the surgery! The best part is that I feel so genuine and real now, free to truly be my "real self". xo

Day 18, making progress? Feed back on pics please!

Wanted to update you all. 2nd day sleeping with no bra! I was concerned, but my incisions weren't healing as well without a little air, and this has definitely helped. Still concerned that the scars will not be flat, but a call to ps office assured me that if they were not, they could be easily "resurfaced" under a local at some point. Can't even think about more surgery right now!!!
The good news is I think they are resuming a more normal look and that there is hope they will begin to fluff. Also still very happy to have them out and I think they will look very nice in clothing once I can again wear a normal bra. I just ordered (better late than never!) 2 Marena bras after reading how they still give you cleavage and the ability to wear lower cut shirt, but still offering the compression.
The not so good news, the surgery itself, and/or perhaps the silicone disruption, or stimulation from the surgery, have activated my lyme disease a little more. Have had to rest, rest, rest which is difficult in that I'm moving in one week.
I still have significantly less arrhythmia since explant, so I'm very convinced that the silicone is indeed very toxic! More so for me, with a chronic illness.

My next step in becoming me will be to give up hair color which makes me ill as well. I may try organic first, but truthfully would like to be ok with a little gray hair! Health over looks ladies! Right?
I would appreciate feed back on the pics!
Oh WOW...Looking good girl!!! And congrats on your 15 year birthday :)
Hi Mauigirl! I think the one you were worried about the wrinkling in ( my left) is looking better. I was doing some more research the other day and sometimes it takes up to a year sometimes. Give it some time I think. And are you talking about gray? That is funny to me because I went gray a couple of years ago, however my hair is VERY short and I have decided to color it again.
Thank you so much for your feedback! I do think they are looking better. Once the bruises are gone and incisions healed I think I can accept them better and I agree that one year is a good time to fully heal and evaluate then. I'm pretty much ok with whatever. Glad they are not more deformed looking and that when I wear a regular bra they will still be a solid B cup. More in keeping with my size anyway, 5'1", size 00. I'd love to see a pic of your hair! Why are you choosing to color it again?

23 Days post op....very sick :(

Good news first! My incisions are finally closed up! Yay, no more pus, no more open spots. I feel like I've finally turned a corner there!

Bad news. About 9 days ago I developed severe diarrhea and yesterday was diagnosed with Claustridium Difficile, or C Diff. which I got from the antibiotics they gave me after surgery. Really scary stuff, it's a bacteria that can take over if you kill off to many good bacteria with antibiotics. Highly contagious and serious. Really bad timing because I have to move in 2 days, can't accept any help from friends or movers because of the contagion issue. And I am scheduled to fly 6000 miles home to see family for a month in less than 3 weeks! Eeek, not sure how I'm going to get through this alone. I've lost 10 lbs since surgery, and I didn't have much to lose. Ok, back to gratitude! I'm grateful for a place to come to online for support! And I still know the explant was the right thing. DO NOT GET IMPLANTS!!!! So not worth what I've been through and apparently it isn't over yet. Praying for all you ladies out there with me on this journey back to our true selves! xo
Hi just wanted to say well done on explanting. It will take several months to heal but you look like you are coming along really nicely.I used bio oil it is fantastic for scars and stretch marks i use it everyday and it works wonders :-). Hope you feel well soon and don't overdo anything as your health comes first x
Thank you lisaxx. I am trying to moderate, just moved one car load of stuff, no furniture, into the studio I'm moving into tomorrow. Now I can rest most of the day and pack up another car load tonight. Bio oil? Where can I get it?
I'm so sorry to hear you're sick. I know c diff can make you very ill and it is contagious. Has your doctor, your primary I suppose, talked about putting you in the hospital. If there is anyway you can do that it would be the best thing for you. To get you well, both the c diff and less worry about breasts. But you are so right "Don't get implants"! I have my consult on Monday and my insurance is paying for it. You are definitely in my prayers.

4 weeks post up tomorrow!

I feel like this is becoming part of my past, the implants and operations, and that is a great feeling! I'm still a little bruised, and incisions are not quite healed but getting there!

I haven't been able to fully enjoy this because of getting so deathly ill from the antibiotics for surgery. Still very sick and I had to move over the weekend. I refused help because what i have, c diff, is very contagious. Monday was the worst day ever! Ended up passing out at my new place, thank God I didn't hit my head. Did nothing but rest yesterday, had a friend drop off food in my garage.

Praying for healing, meditating on healing intentions, and relying on support from you all! I travel 6000 miles in 2 weeks, to stay for a month on a lake near 2 of my sons, with my daughter in law, daughter, and grandson joining me. Looking forward to my new role of allowing others to take care of me, instead of vice versa!

I will post pics on the 20th, one month post op, to encourage you all.

Thanks for being there for me!
So happy for you! And I envy you sooo much, I would love to spend a week or two with kids up in Montana and recuperate after I have my explant. I saw some after pics of women that have had the fat injections and it is really quite remarkable. No more wrinkles!! Peace be with you and good thoughts!
You sure look like you are progressing nicely!
PS you are looking good!!!!


One month ago today, wow! Lots of change, healing is steady now and it feels good to not worry so much anymore about my incisions. Unfortunately, I was just starting to recover when I came down sick and still struggling with that now so can't say I feel great overall. However, very excited about the new/old me and inspired to be more myself in other ways!!! Going with organic, non toxic hair dye next, or maybe even letting gray come through, eek!

So here are pics, including one in pre-lift, pre-implant bikini top. I feel like I was more full before all the surgeries, way too full and artificial looking after implants, but I know final results are months if not a year away.

Bare in mind as you look at pics, I'm a 52 year old mother of 4, grandmother, and have had stretch marks on boobs since age 27 due to becoming huge when pregnant and breastfeeding. I just have that kind of skin and they are something I will have to live with. The implants made them fuller so less wrinkly, but the stretch marks were still there.

I hope my journey helps to inspire others to healthy, whole natural bodies! xo
Pics posted, let me know what you think.

Freaking out a little!!!

Freaking out now that I've posted my pics and looked at the closely. So many stretch marks! Anybody else have this problem? They are not from implants, they are from having bad skin genes and breastfeeding when they got huge. The implants filled them out so that they weren't as noticeable. Trying to love my stretch marky boobs!
I hope you feel better and recover from the C diff! That is scary stuff. If you can find a brand of live, raw kombucha in Hawaii you can send in good-guy bacteria to battle :) I like GT Dave's Kombucha, which you can get all over here but don't know if health food stores there would have it, or maybe a local brand. You look fantastic, by the way!
Thank you so much! I appreciate your encouragement so much. The tests came back negative, after 5 days of taking the horrible medicine! But I'm still quite sick, seeing a GI specialist on Thursday, starting essential oils tonight. And yes, I'm eating kim chee and drinking kefir and as soon as I can get back to the store I'll get some Kombucha. We have a store here that makes it right there. Not feeling so attractive, I really didn't need to lose more weight from these poor boobs! It will pass soon I'm sure. xo
You look great!!! It´s amazing how the body forgives the torture we put it through, and graciously puts everything back where it´s supposed to be thank god!! :) xx

Breasts pushed to the sides from implants?

It seems like my breasts are not positioned normally, since the implants, like they placed them more toward the center of my chest, pushing the natural breast tissue off to the side, and it seems to remain that way, at least at 4 1/2 weeks. Has anyone else had this happen? Is it due to the particular way the implants were placed? I'm going to email original ps office and ask about placement, and get my old pics.
So glad you are starting to see some real healing, you have had a really rough time during your recovery with getting sick on top of everything. It makes sense that healing would be slower as your body is fighting off something while trying to recover from surgery. Now that you are on the mend a little you may find you may some increase in the speed of the healing. Still, be kind to yourself, and be patient. I too have a chronic condition that is slowing things for me, and I too am pretty wrinkly, it doesn't show too much in the photos though because of tape and bandages sort of in the way. I would like to see further improvement in my skin appearance as well, but, in the meantime, I sooo love the poor little things, they have been through hell. Mine are also a little farther apart, so I am keeping them pulled IN and up while they are being slightly compressed in a tight sports bra. Not sure it will help, but it cant hurt, lol.
That's what I was thinking, pull them in and up. I just bought 2 normal bras today! Yay! I know I'm not my final size/shape but going away for a month and tired of wearing sports bras day and night. VS carries one non underwire bra and had a sale today, 2 for something, lol. Anyway, feels so good to wear a normal bra and look like a woman again! But with my real boobs. I'll post a pic tomorrow. Thanks for your support!

My 1st Real Post Op Bra!!!!

5 weeks today! I bought a couple of VS wire free bras, on sale, to get me through the times when I simply need to wear something that doesn't totally flatten me out! I'll wait on buying more until I'm more sure of my ultimate size. It feels so good to look feminine, know it's all me, and to be out of the sports bras for a bit! They are hurting my shoulders, too tight maybe? Anyone else with that problem?
Hi Maui, I think you look great and I actually used to have a bra like that and they are great for T-shirt bras. Not the sexiest ones around but I remember mine was comfortable but I had to give it to Goodwill when I went to DD. I read on MSN today that the most common bra size in the US is a 34DD, what a surprise! lol Who wants to be like everyone else. Keep us informed, mine are gone now and the little girls aren't looking too good but it's only been a few hours.
Oh my gosh, congrats!!!! I'm so happy for you! No, mine didn't look good at all for a while, but they will get there!!! I promise
My sports bras are tight too and bother my back shoulder blade area and ribs, but is compresses that's for sure! By night time I have to switch to another one that is a little more comfortable to sleep in. Fine line between tight enough and too tight I think. You look great in that new bra though!!!

Follow up appt today with Surgeon

Hi all, Just had follow up with ps, I am 5 weeks 1 day post op. All looks fine, still some bruising which he says means I'm still swollen. I had to pry it out of him, but he said mine implants were placed under the muscle and that the pectoral muscle had been "released" which means cut. I'm so upset by this, but recognize that I have to take responsibility for not asking more questions before implants. Also, when I asked, he said he was not able to get all of the capsules out, because they were tissue paper thing and were attached to my rib cage. He left about 5% on each side because to scrape more might have caused a pneumo thorax. I am glad that he was carefully, but disappointed that not all of the capsules were removed because of my health issues which may be related to silicone. He also said in 9 months we would have a better idea if I would benefit from another lift. Ugh, can't imagine more surgery right now. Ever. But I'm happy to be free of the fakes, and I LOVE that I am not getting as much attention for my looks. Tells you how much of that was for my boobs, that's pretty disgusting and sad. Personally, that's how I feel.

Thanks for the update! I'm so glad you're enjoying being natural.

My doctor left all the capsule in but the anesthesiologist said there was very little there anyway. Today is going to be my first day out around friends that don't know about my implants, unless they've already guessed. I'll get to see the reaction that you did maui. I'll let you know but, God it is SOO obvious!! Don't feel bad my doctor waits 6 months to a year to do a lift and he is Dr. Young "the explant expert". He WILL NOT do a lift at the time of explant!
It's really hard to tell people's reactions. My best friend says she doesn't even think about it anymore when we are together, forgets I even had the explant! Then we joke that the few men that I know are interested in me, but I'm not interested, probably notice, lol. Because men notice breasts! But wearing the "real" bra gives me shape and because I've lost weight from all this GI trouble over the last month I think it just looks like I've lost weight. Even my massage therapist, who did an aroma touch treatment on my this week, never noticed until I told her later when I was asking what essential oils to use for healing. WE notice, we focus on them, but I don't think everybody else does so much. Best of luck out there in the "real world"! Lol, let me know how it goes.

Silicone Toxicity?

It just occurred to me that maybe the reason I've had horrible GI issues for 4 weeks now is the partial capsules the ps left in me? I wonder if opening them up allowed the silicone that had bled into them to escape into my body. Any thoughts?
Sorry, I can´t help here, have you considered a second PS ´s opinion ?
Thanks Mozzaa. I did ask Dr. Susan Kolb on Explant Info facebook page. She is an expert in silicone toxicity and explant. But I haven't heard back yet. Heading to hospital soon for colonoscopy to see if we can figure out my GI issues. Supposed to travel 6000 miles on Friday! Eeek. Hope you are well!
Hi Maui ! I really wish things will be good for you in your examination. You´re supposed to travel, so your health it´s first and it´s something you have to do it. Hope you find a good answer from Dr Kolb. I am doing fine thanks for asking. Blessings.

Still very sick

Hi all,
Don't want to be a downer but I'm still very sick, 4 weeks horrible GI issues, no relief. Supposed to fly 6000 miles to see family tomorrow. My colonoscopy was normal, biopsies not back yet though. Asking for prayers!
Also a question, some women have posted they are using or going to use silicone strips to reduce scar visibility. Is anyone concerned about the silicone getting into your system? I mean, that's why I had mine out, to get rid of the silicone. Just curious.
All my best to all of you and thanks for your support during this journey! If I am able to make my trip, I will be gone 4 weeks with little internet so I'll check in when I can! xo
Hi Mauigirl. Sorry you are still suffering GI wise. Hope you will find answers and relief soon. Just wanted to mention though that I have severe IBS, and it was somewhat stable before surgery, but since then I am back to suffering with intense cramps and profuse diarreah, within minutes of eating. It hurts to eat, and I dread every meal. My explant was 2 weeks ago, and I have lost 6 pounds, when my implants only weighed 1.5 pounds. This is NOT good, because I struggle to maintain my weight as it is, and was thin in the first place. I had saline implants so it has nothing to do with silicone for me. But the surgery really upset my GI system. My point is, you may have had mild IBS before and surgery upset the applecart. It completely crashed mine! I did not have any antibiotics during or after surgery, so I know in my case it was not a factor in screwing with the good/bad bacteria ratio. But, antibiotics can do that to the GI tract. Besides talking to doctors, you could try probiotics to try to balance the bad/good bacteria, because it cant hurt anything. As for the silicone scar strips, I don't think you need to worry about the silicone content in it as long as the scars are sealed up tight, but if you are uncomfortable with it, discuss with doctors and use a different product. Do what you are comfortable with. I do hope you find answers soon, and my thoughts and prayers are with you...xoxox
Thanks so much for your response. I'm sorry you have IBS, I have digestive troubles too. Does IBS show up on colonoscopy? You may be right about surgery disrupting things. I take probiotics 3 times a day, have for a long time. My ps said even saline implants are in a silicone shell which bleeds into the tissue. Not to worry you, I don't think this gastric stuff is likely related to silicone. Let's hope we both feel better soon and start gaining weight. This is not making my breasts look better, that's for sure! But that's the least of my worries right now. I'm taking lomitil and imodium, alternating every 3 hours. Not working. Trying a clear liquid diet today and tomorrow to see if that will help me be able to fly. Hugs and payers to you too! Keep me informed how you are doing. Not sure I'll have internet much but will check when I can. xo
IBS is usually diagnosed after colonoscopy when they don't find crohn's disease, colitis, bowel obstruction, polyps, diverticulitis, etc.. IBS is primary a spastic colon that causes extreme abdominal cramping and iether constipation or diarrhea, or they may alternate. It often occurs after and infection (you had c-diff) or a particular stressful event (explant). If these GI symptoms you are having are new, since surgery, then it is possible it is IBS. Out of all the bowel problems you could have, IBS is the best out of the bunch, it can be largely controlled by diet and if its not under control after you stress down, so to speak, they give you medication. Treat yourself as if you have IBS diet wise, if it helps - awesome (even a little). It certainly wont hurt you in away way, that for sure. Plain white rice, eating small snacks rather that full meals, and staying away from aggravating foods. Look it up quickly on the internet before you go on your trip...might ease symptoms till they check you out thoroughly.

Had to cancel my trip :(

Very sad. Had to cancel my trip. Became too dehydrated and my potassium level dropped. Had IV fluids today and results from colonoscopy show I have collagenous colitis. Have started on new med for it, praying it works!
I think it was all triggered by explant surgery. This is a condition I have had, but it's never been this severe and I thought it was gone.

Thanks for everyone's support about GI issues, healing issues and everything else. I will get well, I promise!

I have been researching red infrared light therapy for weeks now and I am convinced it is a miracle cure-all. I'm still trying to figure out what the difference between the small LED lights ($100-$500 on Amazon) & using an infrared heat lamp ($10 at hardware/pet store). Both boast the same LENGTHY lists of health benefits (specifically, in this case, promoting healing, diminishing stretch marks & scars AND detoxifying the body...possibly a solution for helping your body get rid of any silicone particles that may be lingering around). I'll go back in my history and pull some of the most informative articles/videos I've come across lately. But, you can just google "red light therapy" and look through them yourself too.... Well, hope that helps. I'm probably going to do the heat lamp therapy in my bathroom (creating a mini-sauna) AND the $109 LED lights from Amazon. I've been using a blue/red LED light bulb ($46 on Amazon) for acne/acne scaring and it is working INCREDIBLY!! Nothing else has EVER worked like this thing for my acne & scars! So....I'm thinking it's going to deliver the goods RE: using all red lights for the purpose of diminishing scars/stretch marks. I swear, I want to tell EVERYONE I know about it!
A recent video on youtube (he pretty much gave a good overview...all talking though, not good illustrations) >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCd0UL-cbq8
Probably the best, all encompassing article I've found so far: http://heelspurs.com/led.html

More acceptance

My truth is that at almost 7 weeks I look worse. I have lost 20 lbs from my GI issue, become malnourished and reacted to the steroids to treat me. Not a great time to be looking in the mirror! Empty, wrinkled, deformity is what I see now and it's sad. With my chronic health issues I cannot afford another surgery. In fact, I think the explant started a chain of events to lead me to this level of illness today. And I only wanted to feel better. Perhaps that will come. I belong to a program that states "Acceptance is the key to all our difficulties." So, true. I love my sad, sick little self so much now and grieve the pain I have put myself through with hope for a healthier future. Thanks all for everything. My daughter arrives soon to help me make a decision about my health, may need to leave my beautiful island for better health care. But love, spirit and grace are everywhere. Keep working toward truth!
I am so sorry to find your GI hasn't gotten better :( Last time I checked in here, no one knew what was causing it, so at least it seems you have a diagnosis now. I hope you will get some help & care with your daughter and sort things out. You will be in my prayers and I will check in now and then to see how you are doing. X hugs X
Thank you. They say colitis, but I think I need a better exam, testing, docs, on the mainland. One of my friends daughter almost died here on maui from colitis, because they kept telling her it was the flu. She had to fly to Seattle to get accurate diagnosis and immediate hospitalization. I feel slightly better right at this moment and so happy my daughter will be here in 3 1/2 hours! hugs back to you, hope you are doing well!
Have you been tested for Cyclospora? It's that horrible parasite that has made people sick so far in 16 states and even killed a few. I guess it came from packaged produce foods (packaged salads in stores; but also several restaurant chains have had food-service supplies that were tainted). Anyway, if you are having mystery gastro problems, they ought to test you for Cyclospora (they don't do this test standard since its a rare infection). I don't think they have confirmed any cases in Hawaii yet, but I know most of your produce (non-tropical) is imported from the mainland and they add more and more states to the confirmed list all the time. The symptoms are diarrhea, nausea, GI upset... But Cyclospora lingers and symptoms can continue for several months with no treatment. Anyway - just a thought, you seem like a healthy eater - and as a salad lover myself, I have been scared to catch this nasty bug!

Moved to CA for medical treatment

So my update is I had to move 2 days ago to CA from Maui because my medical condition has deteriorated so much. My daughter came to rescue me and bring me here where I can get better care. It's all been so traumatic, 20 lb weight loss since the explant, 8 weeks ago. I look and feel horrible, scars aren't nice at all but I'm just focusing on surviving at this point. I will try to post pics (hopefully they won't be too depressing) in 3 days, my 2 month mark. Thanks for all the support here and remember, explantation is/was a great health choice, it just happened to trigger my chronic illness issues. xo
I am just so sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. Good that you are back in the states where hopefully you will get the help you need. I hope you feel better soon. I bet when you regain your health you will feel better about your explant results too. I am that way when I am ill everything seems negative and off kilter. Wishing you better health soon
Also I meant to add that I thought you looked great!
Thanks so much! I know I will feel better soon and then everything will feel brighter. Trying to decide whether to use silicone scarguard treatment. I mean that's why I had them out, the silicone, but my scars look horrible.

2 Months Post Explant

So, have lost lots of weight due to illness so the "fluff" fairy did not appear this month! Pretty sad looking but I have bigger concerns right now with my health. I'm still very glad to not have the implants any longer, VERY GLAD!
Hi maui! Haven't heard from you for awhile and I'm getting a little worried. I hope you're getting better and just don't have as much time to be on here. I haven't been gaining any weight either, maybe since I quit eating meat almost entirely and I have been juicing at least once a day I found one that is my favorite with beets, carrots, apple, orange, celery and a little ginger root. I can actually feel the energy after drinking it. But I've stocked up on organic fruits and veggies to try different ones. Thank you for getting me started in it, my husband even bought me a better juicer. I still haven't really started the eating raw but I did get the book on it, takes a lot of ingredients and actually is a lot of work. Simpler to just put together a plain vegetable soup actually. Let me know how things are with you...miss hearing from you. :)
Thank you! Busy moving into new apartment today. Still sick but better and found a Lyme disease expert here so looking forward to getting the help. I hope I can start juicing again once my stomach is a little better. Shipped my juicer here from Maui! You are sweet to check on me. Xo
Good for you! A new place to live and a new start! Sounds like things are looking up, and your juicer too!! Happy for you Maui!
Maui Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Yu met with me several times to answer questions and discuss several options regarding my dissatisfaction with my implants. While he did not agree that the silicone likely caused my increase in physical illness, he agreed that if I felt at all concerned about that possibility, the best thing to do would be to remove them. I am 2 days post surgery so cannot speak to the outcome as of yet. Update: 6 weeks post op. I am very happy I had explant, however I had to ask specifically for capsulectomy and at one month followup questioned Dr Yu further only to find out he did not remove 5% of capsules because they were so thin and adhered to rib cage. This was a medical judgement call I realize, yet I am disappointed as I wanted anything with any possible toxicity removed. Also disappointed that I was not told this after surgery. He and his staff have been kind and helpful in other ways, and I appreciate his assistant Jamie so much. They were not dismissive of me or my concerns at followup I'm happy to say.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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