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Today is Saturday 12/20. I had lipo to hips and...

Today is Saturday 12/20. I had lipo to hips and Fraxel and CO2 done to my face under general anesthesia, Thursday 12/18. Woke up in the recovery room without much of any pain. Was shocked to see my face. My eyes were swollen and face red and bruised.

Overnight, I swole up even more, but still not in pain. At my post-op visit I told my doctor that I felt like the upper half of my face was like the catwoman of New York and my lips like Lisa Rinna. Dr. said I look fantastic and have another post-op visit set for Monday 12/22.

Today my face is still very, very swollen, color is changing a bit. No pain, but face tight and very swollen.

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weekendlvr - any updates with the blisters? are you still pleased overall?
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Sorry to hear about your blisters. This is the first I've read about blisters forming. Please do keep us posted as to what the Doctor says. Best regards, FOA
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Thank you. I am 6 days since my surgery. The swelling is finally going down, but little blisters have formed around my mouth this evening. I am going to pop in to the doctor tomorrow . . just to be one the safe side. When the red goes away, I think I will be VERY pleased.
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Good luck on your post op. I had my one month visit today and my skin is healing well and as a light pink color. The color does get better. Happy Holidays.
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Good luck with your healing. Please continue to keep us posted.
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