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I began my Invisalign treatment on my top and...

I began my Invisalign treatment on my top and bottom teeth yesterday. All in all my orthodontist says I will need 10 months' worth of treatment. I'm not in pain, it just feels like there is pressure on my teeth, which I can cope with. What I do struggle with is taking them out - they are so tight and I have to yank at them for ages before they eventually pop out!

Does anyone have any advice on techniques for taking them out?

My thumbs are killing me from when I've had to use my thumbnails to go underneath the plastic to get a proper grip. The other thing I'd like advice on is how to deal with socialising when wearing Invisalign!

Sure you can take them out when you eat, but what do you do when you go out for drinks one evening? I don't want it to fail so I'm considering just abandoning drinking completely! Surely it isn't effective if you take them out and put them in 5 times in two hours???

Can anyone help me please?


I just got InvisiAlign yesterday. I agree with all the comments. I am most fascinated with the amount of eating I do. No with InvisiAlign, I am having to find other alternatives for social / networking gatherings I think the biggest disappointment is not having Coffee or Tea. I am assuming I have to remove trays to drink hot beverages. right?
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Ive had my invisalign for about 8 weeks and i can notice the difference already. I go out every friday and sat night and take the aligner out for up to 8 hours on both evenings. im just wondering if anyone has wore them on holiday before and if the aligner will still work if i wear it less whilst on holiday but put it back on full time as i will be eating/ drinking more often!! does anyone know if it would make a difference if when i'm back to wear the same aligner for an extra week?????
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Had mine in two days, love them. I'm 52 and wish these were around when I said no to braces back in high school. Really people, this is ridiculously easy. Problems, sure. You have foreign objects in your mouth, and some lifestyle accommodating to do. But buck up, it's a breeze, really. Thank God for Invisalign. And using straws for one's adult beverages or room temperature coffee, however inconvenient, will keep your addictions at bay.
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