Just Had a TCA Sensi Peel

I had my peel today.My esthetician wiped my face...

I had my peel today.My esthetician wiped my face three times with the TCA.I chose a sensi peel because I have plans in six days. I don`t want to still have any heavy peeling, or look like a burn victim.

I felt very mild tingling and burning,didn`t hurt at all.This is my fourth peel, my last peel was Jan 08.I will up date my progress. I get peels to smooth out my skin,correct and tighten fine wrinkles.I am 41 year old.

You didn't have a TCA peel. The SensiPeel is manufactured by a company called PCA (easily confused for "TCA). The PCA SensiPeel is nowhere close to a TCA peel in terms of how deep it goes.
I recently had a PCA Skin TCA SensiPeel and I am peeling like an onion. I know that Trichloroacetic acid (TCA)is the primary ingredient in the peel,I just wanted to ask what is the difference between the two TCA peels...is it a matter of manufacturer or in the quantity of TCA applied?
My skin failed to peel or get very dry like it has in the past after a peel.I don`t see any real results.UGH, how soon can I try another peel?I`m annoyed.
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