Just Had Fraxel and IPL

I have decided to prevent the process of aging...

I have decided to prevent the process of aging with the tools available. Also, I wish to reduce pores sizes and light wrinkles. Firstly, I am mixing IPL, as suggested by my dermatologist and Fraxel and secondly, I am taking care of my skin on a daily basis. I have used Retin A, Kinetase and vitamin C creams alternatively. I am using Botox every so often. I guessed that a little prevention will go a long way. I have been avoiding the sun as much as I can. Fraxel has been a little invasive but it is too early for me to tell.

My second treatment, 7 weeks apart from the first, is coming up in January. I am getting two IPL and two Fraxel. In reading the reviews, I guess I will have a third one. I am using Fraxel II. The nurses have been wonderful. I have been getting the Vbeam perfecta as well as a treat after the IPL. I hope to be happy with the results as anyone of you wishes. Women have always wanted to look younger... I guess I am no different. I just hope I get my money 's worth.

I had the CO2 about 10 years ago. I was a bit young for it but I was doing this to prevent the aging process. I hope to have a good experience with Fraxel II. I had 3 passes and I pay 1,000 per treatment for Fraxel II and 400 per IPL/vbeam. Hope this is helpful!

oh charmainelian I think you should check out Fraxel REPAIR vs Fraxel Restore, because there is a huge difference, I mean for yr mom. Look at Dr. Persky's explanations, they helped me, you can find him on here. If you have any questions I asked one and he responded so fast I was impressed! He explains stuff well for dummies like me, too.:)

I've just completed my second fraxel treatment and I'm 65. The results are stunning and it's not all that painful. The treatments I receive are from Infini here in Scottsdale and the price has been reduced from $700 to $500 so I took advantage!Infini is located on Osborn Drive between Miller and Scottsdale Road. This is Dr. Hall's practice and they are very professional and the office setting is very peaceful and pleasing.

You're given numbing cream to put on 45 minutes before the proceedure and then a couple of pills to reduce swelling and pain, if you want. You can't drive yourself home! There is also a prescription for a drug to reduce your chance of herpes simplex (cold sores), if you need.

The proceedure itself only lasts about 20 minutes and the laser is guided over your face a total of 4 times. You're given a cold air wand so that you can target your "hot" spots yourself. I'll be honest in that by the 4th pass things get a little sensitive. You're given a cold compress to use on your ride home and away you go!

For the first day your face will be red, just like a sunburn and you should have a moisturizing gell like CU3 to keep your skin supple for the first 4 days. You don't want to peel early.

A frozen bag of peas will help if you have discomfort and you should sleep with your head elevated to diminish swelling.

You should be advised to use a mild cleanser for the first four days and you can shower as you normally would.

In 4 to 5 days you should have a glowing complexion.

I have adult acne and there was one suprise to all this. After my first treatment I had about 30 pimples come to the surface and that was a whole new set of problems. They gave me an antibiotic. The second treatment I've had no erruptions. I understand the reason for the pimples coming to the surface the first time was that the fraxel targets that lower level of skin and the impurities were simply brought to the surface. I have absolutely no little bumps of any kind now and my skin looks wonderful.

Congrats on the wonderful result! Would you be able to share some photos? My mom is considering to try fractional laser but she thought since she's in her late 50s her recovery ability should be slow therefore might lead to poor result.
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