I Got Chipmunk Cheeks

Had radiesse injections 2 days ago the first day i...

had radiesse injections 2 days ago the first day i had the injections around my mouth i was starting to get laugh lines and didn't like that at all. it didn't hurt to bad the doctor numbed the area so i really didn't feel much.

the first day i was really scared because i was swollen i looked like a blow fish or something so i was realllllly paranoid but the next morning when i woke up and looked in the mirror all i could say is WOW i look HOT!

each day its getting better and better i am very satisfied and going back for a touch up in a couple of days i will definitely do it again. if your looking for improvement in your look try it you will love it

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Its been about a month now and one side of my face...

its been about a month now and one side of my face is still very swollen my cheeck looks like a chipmunk does anybody know what can make the swelling go down


I to look like a chipmumk or the Joker as well! I believe my dr injected to much in marionette lines! My nasiable folds look pretty good, he could have put more there though, I think I only need one syringe but he wanted the xtra money and injected most of it there so I may come back for more in the nasil folds. Any advice? My smile is xtremely distorted too!
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I have a completely distorted smile after radiesse. The skin is so tight it pulls creating this funny look when i smile. This is horrible! Anybody have any suggestions?
Please help! I am totally panicked. I just Radiesse in naso labial fold. I asked the physician for restylane and instead he talked me into using radiesse. My face is swollen and bruised around the mouth on one side. I am not so concerned about the bruising. I am really concerned about my smile – it has changed and the place between my nose and upper lip is longer like a chipmunk. Is it only temporary. I has been about 18 hours since I did the treatment. I am going on a cruise in the next 2 days ( I told the physician about this) and this was such a bad choice. It gives me so much pain. This is Please let me know if this will go away or the abnormal smile will remain.
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