Just Got the Active FX 2 Days Ago!

I just got the Active FX provedure done 3 days ago...

I just got the Active FX provedure done 3 days ago. My face is still healing. I got the procedure done on my acne scars on my cheeks extending from both my temples to the mid cheek. This will be my second laser this year, but I have had a Co2 done ten years ago and an Erbyium after that. I did see a better overall improvement with the Active FX, but my doctor did advice me that acne scars are very difficult to remove and its up to the patient to stick with a skin care maintance and exfoliation!

He put me on the Obagi skin care line, which is somewhat pricey but worth it. I did get hyperpigmentation after the last laser this year, but the Obagi did help. I will post again in a month to see if I can see better results after this second one.

DO you have any machine that fix nose back to normal or to improve the nose shape? to add skin or to remove grassy oil and improve sharp cool nose when bonny:)
I use the machine and enlarged my nose and make it look as if i had a swallen nose .I think it does some improvement in the skin but it enlarge some areas that dont need enlargement and i wonder how can they sale that machine so expensive .i wish the machine cost 25 dollar because it is little and help but not the great thing and they should give us refound when the nose become huge because it brake the self steam of consumer . some bugs dont disapear and some wrinkle even u iron it does stay same .
Hi Jaclina, are you asian? Would you like to update how the result on the acne scarring is now after two activfx?
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