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I am 25 years old and I have acne scars on my face...

I am 25 years old and I have acne scars on my face. They are not to deep but enough for me to feel self conscious about. I also love the sun and already have sun damage. Knowing that as I get older my skin will only get worse, if I don't do something about it now, made me decided to give pixel a try. I just got home from my first treatment and my face is on fire.

I read a few reviews on here before my appointment to see what people had said about the pain and found most thought it was severe. It is true. I am feeling a lot of discomfort but i am hoping that it is worth it. I do look like a burn victim and that is no exaggeration. I have very light skin but now it is a deep red and brown. No, I will not be going anywhere in public for awhile.

I will write back in a day or so and tell you how things are going. I am saying this is worth it because i am hoping that it is. If I decide that it is not then i will tell you.

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I had the laser done on friday and it is now...

I had the laser done on friday and it is now monday. I thought that my face would never start to heal. Yesterday it looked so bad i thought that they may have messed up my face. It is now starting to peel off and is looking somewhat normal. Im not sure if i am willing to do another laser though. I don't know if it was really worth the pain and down time. I will let you know in a few days if my opinion has changed.


How is your face now? I too was left with holes in my face and I'm wondering if they will go away! Been a little over two weeks
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and i am geting more black heads as well as they have opend my face up with the lazer and the holes are not healing so iam left with so many holes its really upseting me an i dont know who turn to for help as iam geting so many diffrent answers any body please help
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i have had 4 pixle lazers since last october and the last one this march i had it done in manchester my face is worse i had mild scaring and pit marks and so i went for the pixle lazer which they said i would get good results i am left with so many pin marks off the lazer all over my face and they are not healing at all iam 29 iam left with so many holes in my face what are just not healing please help any body
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Was not worth it to only have one treatment. Maybe...

Was not worth it to only have one treatment. Maybe it would have turned out better if i had more treatments but i couldn't afford it. Also i ended up getting extreamly bad hyperpigmentation on my face after. I had to use the obagi clear and retin-a to fade it and that took a long time. So in all honesty it sucked! I regret it and wish i never had it done. But this is my opinion. Im sure it worked well for others.


Yes I agree. Doctor selection is of the utmost importance! Starting off at the lowest setting is good until you build a tolerance to a more aggressive setting. It will definitely take between 3 and 6 depending on the severity! I myself have had 5 and have almost achieved desired results!

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Hi All

I'm planning to get the pixel treatment. I went for consultation and my doctor suggested that I get a patch test behind my ear.
I form hypertrophic scars and my doctor wanted to make sure I will not get the scars after the treatment.
My doctor also said that we will start from the lowest level of heat. I think this is good. You don't want to be too aggressive because this is your face we're talking about.
My doctor said that to see full results, I'll need between 3-6 treatments.
My doctor also will give me a numbing cream 45 minutes before the treatment so I won't feel that much pain.
The patch test I received is looking good so far. It's red. Looks like I have a sunburn but it didn't hurt a bit. I did get the smell of skin burning but no pain.
In my opinion, we should do our research first before even doing this procedure. We have to make sure that our doctor is honest and has a good reputation.
I don't mind paying a bit more. $320/ treatment if this will ensure the best results.
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The holes will eventually start to deminish. It might take up to a year for skin to completly heal. I have done pixel 5 times now with my 5th session yesterday and have seen great results! It does however take some time :) It also depends where you got the treatment as well.
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