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Obagi Blue Peel for Brown Spots--Ended Up with Large Pores + More Wrinkles - Jupiter, FL

I was looking for something to improve my sun...

I was looking for something to improve my sun damaged skin and get rid of brown spots. I've heard a lot about Obagi and their Blue Peels over the years, so decided to ask my plastic surgeon about it. I did not do any prep (such as using Nu Derm ahead of time.) My ps decided on 4 layers. It was incredibly painful but I had a fan within inches of my face. It took a really long time for me to start seeing any signs of peeling - at least 5 days in, and then the wrinkling was so incredibly deep that I looked 90. It took about 12 days until the peeling stopped. I then started using ZO Brightenex but even though I only used it twice a week, I started peeling all over again. At first my skin felt really smooth, but then I noticed my pores were huge! I never had visible pores before. Also my skin took on an orange peel texture with a few "ice pick" marks. It's been 10 weeks and my skin looks worse than ever. I have stopped the Brightenex completely and now use emu oil and vasoline on my skin. My skin is overly dry, the lines around on face are more noticeable, and the brown spots, while lighter, are still very visible. I feel like a vampire because I am avoiding the sun at all costs and being an outdoor person, it is ruining my summer.

I'm sure this works on some people, and the procedure was performed by a competent plastic surgeon, but I think my skin was just too sensitive. The down time was way longer than I anticipated and I really feel like I've ruined my skin. I would definitely not recommend it!
I'm so sorry for your experience. I want to have a peel as Obagi has not worked for me but reading stories like this scares me. Do you know what percentage TCA peel it was and do you have any pics?
Thanks for your comment! You motivated me to post my pics but I don't know what strength my peel was. I think it was fairly strong since you can see how wrinkled I was at 5 days. I really can't advise you about a peel, as some have had great results, while others get the large pores and orange peel skin like me. In general, I think my skin looks older now and worse in makeup (but certainly not good enough to wear without it!) I'm going back to Florida and will visit my PS so will see what she has to say.
Good luck! Your experience does not sound like any fun at all. so disappointing.

Blue Peel Update

Here are my photos. Unfortunately, I don't have any Before pictures that show my skin close enough to see the difference in pores and texture. While it looks like all those brown marks on my face disappeared, they were really not noticeable until the peel brought them all out. The ones still visible are the ones I was most concerned about.
I was about to book my sessions for Obagi treatment but now thinking again! The doctor said it didn't hurt and it was a two stage process. She would apply one layer and wait. If you tolerated it she would apply a second layer. She did not say she would do 4! Perhaps it was more than your skin could tolerate? I hope your skin heals well and all will not have been in vain. I was actually thinking of getting the Obagi Blue Peel kit to do at home but for some reason it is not readily sold here in Ireland, unlike the U.S.A.
Hi DashedHopes, My skin is slowly getting better. My pores definitely look better in some areas and the dryness is much improved but I now use a super heavy moisturizer. I still have one or two "ice pick" spots. As far as it not hurting - wow. Is she numbing you first? My PS said she did two layers at a time, so only had it burn then wait then burn again and I had tears running down my face it hurt so much, which she said is normal. Like I said, some people have had great results. Maybe it depends on your age and skin condition (mine was pretty sun damaged.) I think the thumbs up rate on here for the Blue Peel is something like 63% which I don't think is all that great. It did help get rid of some of the brown spots but not the darkest ones that I was most concerned about and I don't see any other overall improvement from before the peel. As far as buying the kits, they actually recommend that a plastic surgeon do the peel and not someone at a spa, so I'm pretty sure they do not sell kits here. I would never attempt something this strong myself. Good luck with your decision. If you go through with it, I hope you have great results. Keep us posted!
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