Anticipation - Juarez, MX

HW - 320,CW- 290,TW-190...25 march 14 my date in...

HW - 320,CW- 290,TW-190...25 march 14 my date in juarez ! dr j-rod /elmo im very excited. people say dont do it but they are already thin-i show them one finger. wow im actually going to do it!! been toying with the thought for a year but i need 15 more yrs of work out of my body and decided the time was NOW !! Paul


Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Good luck! Are you having to go on a pre-op liquid diet first?
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Yes I'm starting this Friday...right after work.
I have already had my surgery in November 2013 and yes I did the pre -op diet for 2 wks. The first week I found was really easy but then towards the middle of the 2nd week I did find it a little hard, but i just kept myself focused on my goal, and how much i wanted the VGS.

Quiet desperation !!!!!

Im soooo ready and excited !! I havent had something to look forward to like this for quite a while !!! Paid my balance and ready for Tuesday . Ive actually lost 15 lbs on the low carb diet


Hi Paul! Would you mind if I contact you by email to ask you a few questions about your experience with this surgery and Dr. Rodriguez?
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I used the same Dr. Had my surgery 4 weeks ago! Love that man. Truley amazing!
I am going to the same doctor in August! I am really nervous but can't wait! I hope you are recovering well.
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