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In Feb. of this year I had a TT and breast...

In Feb. of this year I had a TT and breast reduction which both went fine with a smooth recovery.In May I went back to PS for check up and PS and myself decided that breasts were sitting to low and that implants would help the problem.On May 14th I had implants put in under the muscle 360 in one and 390 in the other...when I woke up I was in alot of pain and all thou that has gotten better each day the anxiety and the tightness continues...I'm hoping someone who reads this can please give me reassurance that this has to get better...right now I want them out! I feel like they are up around my collar bones....actually they are.I talked to my PS and he said it will get better but, he dosen't have implants.If anyone has any advice, suggestions anything ...please tell me!

Hi there! I'm sorry this recovery has been rough. They do sit tight and high for a while in the beginning. You're only a week out, so you still have a lot of settling to go.

You might want to check out Makenzie's review of her breast augmentation done three months ago. It has tons of great info and videos to give you a realistic idea of what to expect throughout recovery.

Please let us know how you're doing as you continue to heal.

Kim67, On my 7th day I was still feeling everything you feel and more!! Everyone heals differently but what you are complaining of sounds like normal healing. My implants were high up right under my collar bone, a lot of ladies start out really high and then they have to "drop and fluff". I had my lift with implants on April 3rd and they are still dropping. My right one is still higher, they say your dominate side will take longer to
drop because the muscle is stronger. I am a weight lifter so I was told mine could take even longer. I still have some pain in my sides and nipple sensitivity. It will get better with time! Everyweek it gets better. I'm not going to lie, for me it's JUST starting to feel a little normal but I am so excited not to have my saggy deflated socks that I am willing to look past this healing time and focus on the end goal. Start reading others reviews and how they are healing and you will see you are definitely not alone. Just keep in touch with your PS don't hesitate to ask questions about anything! Communicating with your ps is very important. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Hope this makes you feel better!
Oh, once I got the ok from my PS I have been using bio oil on my chest. It helped with the tightness a lot and prevents scarring and Stretch marks. I have had no new stretch marks which I was really worried about. In one breast I went from an A to D so I was really concerned about that. You can buy Bio oil at walgreens. It's a little pricey but I think it's worth it.

Saw PS and he said he would remove implants after...

Saw PS and he said he would remove implants after 3 months if still not please everyone send advice on how this process might get better and I might actually like my new implants. I still feel like they are so high and the tightness is rough.
I get the heaviness and the tight feeling too, i think it is muscle contractions.
Hi kim67 ! I started to drop at 2 wks . But at night I still feel like they are being smothered . I can sleep any way . I can't wait until I can sleep without this sports bra . When mine felt heavy and felt like they were going to explode it was my hormones . The burning was the nurves waking up that's what I was told . Take care. :-) !
Happy you are doing good. !
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