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Hi my name is linda. I haven't had the op yet but...

Hi my name is linda. I haven't had the op yet but I'm interested in hearing your reviews. I'm a little scared at the unchangability of this op so I hope you guys can give me some encouragement . I currently weigh 113kg and have severe osteoarthritis in my knees. This means hard exercise is out of the question for me and I have tried all diets. I did lose 20kg by myself but no matter how hard i try I cannot lose anymore. Interested to hear your comments.
Hi Linda, I can't tell you how positive I am that the sleeve is a brilliant tool to a healthier and slimmer future for me. I've really done my medical homework and feel safe in my decision and know what this food addiction can do to self worth and health. I know too, we who fight food desires and desperately want to be normal and accepted in this judgemental society, battle prejudice every day. None are harder on us than ourselves and our guilt and embarrassment when we dont fit something or look how we wish. Diet? Exercise? If those worked for us we would not select surgery, we have a medical issue and this is a medical solution. It's not easy, it's not pain free, but it works and I want what those that are slim, healthy, and happy are blessed to have. If I was diabetic, I'd take insulin, if I lost a limb I'd wear a prosthesis, I'd take a cornea transplant if my sight failed, and thank you, I'll take a sleeve operation to be physically and emotionally healthy. Support us, not judge I say to those that do!
Welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

Have you spoken to any doctors yet or had any consultations? The sleeve is a permanent change, so you do have to make sure it's the decision you want to make. For me personally, it was a great decision. It's helped me lose the weight I couldn't lose on my own. There are a lot of life long changes that you have to make, but as long as you put the work in and you choose a good doctor, you can do it!

You should check out the Gastric Sleeve Forum, there are hundreds of sleevers in there, supporting each other.

Please do keep us updated with your progress.

Pain post op

I have heard some horrendous stories of the postoperative pain that is experienced. Can anyone who has had the op enlighten me on this regard. I know that I have to stay healthy not only for my sake but also for my partners sake. If I were to fall I can't help myself up easily and he has a pacemaker. Also people have told me that the amount of vitamins you have to take is quite a lot and that it can be expensive. Can anyone who has had the op in australia advise me on the cost please. Thanks guys I may have to call on you a lot for advice as I churn this over in my head

Me now

I can't stand to see myself in any photos so it is a leap for me to share a phot of me. When I see myself in a picture I always say what a fat slob i am
Linda, me again, my gap in Australia will be about $5500 in total (with HBF) and hopefully the next holiday photos you are I you will show with pride!
Hi Linda! I'm 53 and plan on having this surgery in October. I'm a big woos and the worst patient in the world and I am NOT excited about the prospect of pain and people "doing things" to me. LOL! But like everyone else here, I believe I need this for my health, as diet and exercise hasn't worked with any lasting effects. And, I have to say, I've done a lot of research on this and have a friend who's had this done, and post-op pain-wise, I think it will be totally bearable. They give you good pain meds. Some people return to work within 3 days (according to my doctor, anyhow). If you've had children, as I have, that kinda puts the pain issue into perspective!
Herringbones, your findings re pain are about the same as mine, and more than manageable! I'm late October and I can't wait!

Tell all

We'll yesterday I finally plucked up the courage to tell my partner my real weight. For a while now I have been fibbing and telling him that my weight was steady under 100kg. I thought that he would be angry or disappointed in me but to mu surprise he wasn't, as a matter of fact he couldn't have been more supportive. I was so relieved it was like a weight had been taken from my shoulders. I'm so glad that he took that approach because if I am to get through this I will need his love and support. In a lot of ways I think that I am lucky. Still waiting to hear from my GP for a referral to a bariatric surgeon. I don't have private medical insurance but my doctor thought that one surgeon could do it with a part payment of 1500$. I do so hope that is the case otherwise I may never get it done and I think my whole future is riding on this. Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed for me
The pain was substantial, but the pain medicine takes care of it. The nausea was the worst. Before insurance, I am up to $100k+ now. I had the gastrectomy, a hernia repair that I never knew I had, and a liver biopsy. Then, I was re-admitted 4x for dehydration. My initial one night stay in the hospital turned into 5 nights. At first I regretted it all. Not anymore. This was the best decision of my life.
Lindar63, gosh I think they must know of a really great and generous surgeon as even with private cover my contribution is $5500! Maybe it would be cheaper for me to fly to WA if that's the case. Just joking! I know one friend who joined private for 12 months and just waited to qualify. I sure wish you the best of luck to get it done for that price, you sound happier with your openness and it's lovely you are getting that support.

My letter

I finally got a letter from the hospital saying that my round of doctors appointments start soon and that there is a one year waiting list. I am soo excited
How wonderful! One year waiting is nothing in the scheme of a long healthy happy life!
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