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Hello I'm 25 years old 5'3 and 150lbs...

Hello I'm 25 years old 5'3 and 150lbs.I'm currently a 36G and I plan on going down to a small D large C. I went to go see my PS on the 10 of August and two weeks later I got a phone call and a letter in the mail saying that I got approved,my treatment will be covered by BCBS.I'm so ready I know that this going to be life changing.

I will be posting before photos


@Chanel1021, Just wondering how has everything been going since the surgery? Its been a while since you've updated. I hope all is well :-)
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i dont think there is a non surgical way to reduce breast other than just losing weight, but sometimes not even that works.
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I used to be a 34B,and the last time I was measured,was a 36F.Am not happy,and have lost my confidence.Is there a non-surgical way to do a breast reduction?Please help
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I know it's been a while but I'm back now.I went...

I know it's been a while but I'm back now.I went down to a 38D which I'm happy with But I sometimes feel like I look bigger still and its been five months since my surgery.I hope that I go down to a small D large C..I'm not really sure on
how long the swelling last I heard any where from five months to a year depending on how much tissue was removed .I had about 750grams removed from both breast. I will be posting pictures so if I can remember how to.

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