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28 Years Old Nursed 2 Kids and Boobs Got Huge when Pregnant then Deflated -Joliet, IL

I am 28 years old and have to boys 4 & 2 and...

I am 28 years old and have to boys 4 & 2 and nursed both of them... When pregnant I produced massive amounts of milk and made my boobs get huge. After my second son my boobs have deflated down to nothing but saggy skin. I have gone to2 consultations and finally booked my apt for March 13 (3 weeks ;) ).... Both surgeons told me I am boarder line for a lift. I really don't think I want to do a lift cause I am not 100% sure I am done having kid and I don't want my boobs to look super hard and fake I am still looking for a natural look just fuller. I am 5'7/5'8 and 145 lbs... Kind of athletic build with small top and mid section and muscular legs... My first surgeon told me to do at least 400cc silicone implant and it should give me enough of a natural lift... The second dr told me 450 would be my mad cc I could go and he said I could do anywhere from 400-450cc..... Now I am stumped.. I have read several girls say it is always to go bigger than small and that is what I am worried about.. I want to go big enough to make mine look full again but then again I don't want to go to big and look like I have BIG SAGGY boobs over small saggy boobs.... Ugh what to do? Anyone have any thoughts?

Wish boobs

Been looking at lots of picture of girls with similar height and weight and most are getting more like 450 with out getting lifts... Dr told me 400 but wondering if I should go slightly bigger?

Count down!!

It is getting close 10 days now! Can't believe it! I am getting excited! Still haven't decided on size yet going between 400-450?? Went and bought some button front sport bras and trying to make sure all bills are paid and starting to get my kids stuff in order! What kind of pain meds is everyone taking? I have a little issued with my stomach and pain meds they are not friends, haha!

Feeling discouraged

Well got a text from my brothers girlfriend, who is the nurse on my surgery, and told me they have been going over my pictures and numbers and thinks that I will be very un happy if I don't do a lift. I am so torn now on what to do;(

Slap in the face!!

Nothing like a good slap in the face!! Well looks like I might have to cancel my surgery and re schedule with a different dr! I was trying to go with a dr that my brother girlfriend works for and she has told me today that's she thinks I should go with a different dr cause she thinks I won't be happy.... Ugh 6 days before my surgery! I have already lined up my in laws coming in from out of state and make arrangements with work now just to be blown up!! This really sucks

Tomorrow is the big day!

Is 24 hours i will be on my way to the hospital!! I am so excited! I have a lot around the house I want to get done today so I am thinking the day will go by pretty fast! Still haven't totally decided on size. Dr said we would talk before surgery I will be doing somewhere between 400-445... I am leaving it up to him. I want a natural look but want to fill all my lose skin! People keep asking if I am nervous and I am not really about the surgery I am more about the outcome... I just really hope it is what I am thinking it will be!!;) going to try and post some before pictures today!!!

Dr change

I can't figure out how to change my dr but I changes to Dr Marcshall out of Wheaton, IL

Some before pictures

Today is the big day

Well the nerves are setting in a bit! Got all my stuff together just waiting for my mom to come get me and my sister to get here to watch my boys;) can't believe this is really happening today!! Woke up with my husband today to chat a little before he went to work... Let me tell you I am starving!! I don't know how I am going to be able to wait till after lunch time to eat... And at that point I prob won't want to eat then!!! Fingers crossed!!

Finally home

Well surgery is done and I am home. Had a rough one today! Toile me a while to wake up from anesthesia and when I did I was super sick.... On a sale from 1-10 my pain was a 8 when I woke up until my meds kicked in.... I am still having some pain but not nearly as bad! I am still a bit nauseous came home with a patch on my neck to help with it... Taking pain meds every 3.5 hours.... Dr told my mom he had to make some changes in the implant... She didn't quite understand but she thinks he did 450 HP when we talked about doing mod profile.... He said it have me too much side boob, haha! I will know more TJ or row when I got to my post op apt! Hope I can get some rest tonight!!

Day after surgery

Well things are going much better... Pain isn't so bad today and was able to take a shower. My bra is making weird marks on my boobs from it being tight I hope they don't stay... Anyone else have their bra leave these marks?

3 days post

Well it has been 3 days since surgery, finally feeling much better! A little tight today but not much pain! They are starting to fill out nicely!

1st night out

Well we had made plans a long time ago to go meet some friends after an event today... I struggles with picking something to wear and even though I tried picking something comfortable I had to take the tank off that I had in under my sweat shirt cause it was just feeling too tight!!! It was nice getting out of the house but man let me tell you I am sore!!! Looks like I will be laying in bed all day tomorrow!!!

4 days post

Day 5

Have a dr apt this afternoon! Going to start massaging today... Still looking a little square hope this will help a little. Not wanting them to drop a whole bunch more just fluff a little;) will keep posted on what the dr says

6 days

Don't know if I am seeing much change

1 week!!!

Wow already been a week!! Still not much change.... But time to hit the gym for some walking... It's bit much but better than sitting on my ass;)

1 week and 1 day

Totally forgot to take a progress picture yesterday;( went to my 1 week post op at and got my stiches taken out which was nice but the has to put a few pieces of tape on one boob to help in the healing.. I am very happy with one boob but the other I have a little concern with but I am going to give it a little more healing time... I did try on a few swim suits and bras yesterday that was a little interesting!! Lol

Stiches out

Stiches out and after in the sports bra

1 week 3 day mixed feelings

Ugh kinda having a rough day;( feel like one boob is looking good where ther other just looks funny?? I feel like my skin is still lose on the bottom of it... Don't know if the dr should have went bigger or went with a bigger lift.... Or if I'm just being tough on my self;( my husband keeps telling me the look huge, where I feel like they are kinda small... Ugh just a rough day!!

2 weeks

Well yesterday was 2 weeks and I went to my check up today... I got the chest band to wear for a week to see what it does... We did discuss possibly having to do some revision work. I still feel like I have some lose skin and they are just getting more and more saggy and they drop and I am just not real happy with that! Haven't decided on what we will do yet have to see what the next week brings but my PS is very caring and is doing whatever needs to be done to make me happy!! I like how they look in a bra or suit but just not crazy how they look wen I am naked;(

Tried a different swim suit on today

3 weeks yesterday

So I am 3 weeks post op yesterday and went to my check up today... As of right now I am schedule to have revision surgery next Wednesday.... My skin is not fully filling out, my PS is suggesting I bump my implant up to 500-550 moderate plus... I am feeling like they are flat in the front and are still sagging a little on the bottom.... I asked him about doing HP and he told me he really doesn't like to do they because the look to fake, but I feel like I need the projection from them?? Any thoughts? Right now my implant is 13.6 in diameter and 4.2 in projection.... Increasing to a 550 it would be 14.5 in diameter and 4.5 in projection.... I just feel like that isn't going to be enough projection.... Ugh I am so torn!!! Such mixed feelings about these damn things... The joys of what children do to our bodies!! Lol

A little update

Went to my apt today... Dr had decided he is going to remove some more skin before messing around with the implant... I am really pretty happy with the size of my implant just not happy with some of the lose skin.. He is thinking This will fix my mixed feelings about my boobs... If I am still not happy with them the next step would be putting a bigger implant in... Fingers crossed this will be what I need! I go in Wednesday so I'm pretty excited!

Minor revision

Had my minor revision today he took some extra skin off that was leaving a little sag.... Hoping this will be the fix I needed! Can't look at them till tomorrow ;(

Major pain

Omg!!! I would do the implant surgery again any day over doing the maxopexy again!!! On a scale of 1-10 my pain was a 30 last night!!! Still can't take any pictures cause I am all bandaged up but I am thinking they are looking much better!
Dr Chen

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Heey..hope you're doing well and not in as much pain. Your pics look great and the skin tightening really helped I'm sure. I got 450cc mentor mod plus and have had similar issues to you. Its taken nearly a year for mine to settle. Mine are lovely but wide and fairly flat..I so wanted the more full and more projection look..feel bummed out which is a shame as I love my boobs..just not the wow factor I wanted. I hope you feel happier soon hugs shelly xoxo
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Oh my gosh, I'm sorry. Hopefully you're over the worst of it and you feel better soon!
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Me too!! I feel like my skin is tighter... Lol not sure how I feel about all these stitches!! My dr said I won't know results for a month... When they take skin like this there is some pleating at the beginning till the skin gets some pressure from the implants... So time will tell?
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I'm sure they look great, can't wait to see :-)
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This is a before picture while I was laying down I will post a after picture tomorrow... Think they are going to be kinda scary from what I can see right now I have lots of stitches
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They look much better
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Ok that's better! Let's hope for the best ..
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Fingers crossed!!! How you feeling? You started hitting the gym??
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Yes girl today! Im not suppose to tell next week but I can't take it this BA has put pounds on my stomach! In my previous BA its flat now its a fatty lol.. It felt so good! I didn't do weights just cardio , walking on the treadmill n the bicycle ;)
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I was able to do cardio just no weights till next week can't wait to start running
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Yes me either !
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Looks great!
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Your PS seems so caring and attentive, so awesome! Hope all goes well with your revision hun :) and P.S-firstly loooveee that floral bathing suit! You look awesome in it. Where's it from? Lol. Secondly totally gotta work after seeing how fit you are! Lol
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Awe thanks!! The suite is from VS!! And yes my PS is amazing!! Everything will work out;) having kids just took a toll on my body!!
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Hi so sorry to hear your going through such a rough recovery ! I read that your doctor said he didn't want to the the hp because they look fake which makes sense - but a mod profile in the 500-600 range sounds extremely risky I mean I'm no ps but mod profile gives a nice natural result so in the 500-600 range would possible be an extremely saggy result ? I hope your ps is making the best decision for you and not based on his preference good luck love
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Well right now we are going to try and just remove some more skin around the nipple and see if that gives it a little more lift and fluff... I really like the size right now and don't want to be too big so I am hoping this will be my fix!! I will try and post some picture tomorrow and after to see if there is a difference;)
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O ok well I hope it works out ! And i truly am sorry your going through it good luck xo
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Thank you;)
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That's great your ps is being proactive about making sure your results are perfect! Where is he removing skin from and how is he doing it?
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He is going to go around the nipple from what I understand
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Please just be careful, and really think, many times about doing revision so early. You haven't even healed yet and breast augmentation is a big surgery for the body. You could put your body into shock from doing another big surgery so soon. When you look up revision times, a lot of five star doctors say to wait AT LEAST 3 months. And they say that is why they are taught because they are ultimately the professions and know woman are going to be coming in in the first couple weeks and months wanting revisions because they can't be patient for the full recovery process. Your doctor letting you do revision so early is dangerous! Even if in three months you want it re done then do it but be patient and let the healthy process finish. Especially because you have two kids that I'm sure you love to freaken death, wait for them, to ensure your health to be there for them. Just do your research and get other opinions on revision wait times. Xoxo!
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My dr is thinking about doing it now because we both know things are not how they are supposed to be... I know he wouldn't think about doing something if it wasn't safe!! He has been a dr for a long time and knows what he is doing... It isn't like I am going to some hole in the wall kinda guy... Lol!!! I go tomorrow to talk to him again he might not have to do anything crazy just might have to take some extra skin from the bottom... Don't know yet
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I agree.
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I'm surprised your doing a revision already. Everything I've read about revisions said u should wait 6 months. 1. For your breast to heal before operating again 2. It takes 3-12 months to see the final outcome 3-6 mo avg
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My dr said he could already tell that they aren't going to fill my skin all the way... He said it would be alright to do it next week??
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