Silicone B to D Cup. A Day by Day Review.

I am SO SO ready to get this done. Just had my...

I am SO SO ready to get this done. Just had my husband take my before pictures, and I felt so insecure and even ended up crying towards the end because of a comment my husband made. :( (He said he was trying to get me excited. Fail!)

I have my prescriptions, my rides to and from set up and crock pot meals ready to go.

I can not wait to no longer have to wear padded bras and swimsuits. I can't wait to just be able to feel comfortable having my husband touch my boobs any time he wants- not just when I am laying on my side. Looking forward to no longer feeling like a 9 year old girl when I am lying down. I just want to feel sexy. I have always felt pretty, but not sexy.

Now that I am just about 4 days away, I just keep wondering how much pain I am going to be in, how I will do on the drugs, what clothes am I still going to be able to wear?
I have a lot of support from the girls in my life that I have told, but I wonder how the next circle of acquaintances will treat me afterwards. I really hope that I achieve a size that takes away all of my insecurities, but does not make me appear like a bimbo.

Subfascial B Cup to D Cup Hopefully

So ready to feel good about myself! I have not been able to find much information regarding the subfascial placement. Much information is provided about "unders" and "overs" so I really hope that I can help women that are getting this particular technique see what their recovery will be like and the results.

Night before surgery

Crawling into bed, I have surgery in the morning at 11am. I have to show up at 9:30 am. Not nervous at all, which is a surprise. Reading other reviews from you all have helped a lot!

Cleaned my whole house today, so I won't have to worry about that. Cooked some foods that will be easy to heat up, easy on my tummy. (Baked sweet potatoes, hard boiled eggs, Mac n cheese, cut up fresh pineapple, and will make chicken in crock pot tomorrow).

Hubby will be out of town, so my good friend will take care of me. Picked her up a little prezzy today for all get help. I know she'll be a wonderful help.

Bought myself some flowers for something pretty to look at, and arranged for my crazy dog to go to daycare so he won't be an issue.

Went to the chiropractor today to make sure I'm all in alignment so they make these girls nice and straight. :-)

Made a medication timeline/ checklist to keep them all straight, and put my anti-nausea patch behind my ear at 10pm.

Took a shower tonight with my Lever 2000 soap, and I'll have to take another shower in the morning. No makeup, perfume, lotion jewelry etc. allowed tomorrow. That's gonna be tough.

I can't eat our drink anything past midnight (almost there!). I'm sure I'll be ravenous and cotton mouthed at exactly 12:01. :-) haha.

Made a video in which I'll share when the time is right (aka when my family knows so they won't have to find out via YouTube.)

Other than that, feeling great and just ready to get it over with. I've noticed the last couple days how much I subconsciously hold my arms or my purse over my chest out of self consciousness. No way to live! One of my favorite shirts today wasn't even making me feel good- I just HATE having these small boobs!!!

Can't wait to see what my new girls will be like. Weird though, as much add I hate my current boobs I'm feeling slightly sentimental about them changing forever. Weird, huh?

Whelp, I'll try to update you tomorrow. Wish me luck! Say a prayer that all goes well. :-)
Good luck for surgery, hope everything goes well! Look forward to seeing your results. What size/shape implant are you getting?
Thank you! Surgery is in about 3 hours! I'm being about 425cc's put over the muscle but under the fascia, silicone textured. Will decide profile this morning before surgery. I hope to be a D cup but not a DD.

1st evening post op.

I had surgery at 11am this past morning, Friday. It's now 3am, Saturday morning.

Showed up at 9:15 am. They took me to the back immediately. I changed clothes and took their pregnancy test that they make every woman take (which is understandable that they do that). I was so thirsty already I could hardly talk.. I was in the pre-op room for at least an hour and a half, which made me start getting a little nervous. Mostly I was sad that I was alone, husband was away on business. Just feeling sappy I guess.

My plastic surgeon came in and we talked about size and symmetry. He drew on me, then I laid back down in my bed. The anesthesiologist came in and gave me a calming agent in my IV. A little while later they wheeled me back to the op room.

Feels like I was in there 30 seconds then I was OUT! I don't remember going to sleep, sleeping, or waking up. Next thing I know they were helping me get dressed, and they wheeled me out to my car. Car ride home wasn't too bad.

Got home, and ate something then took my Percocet and muscle relaxer. My wonderful friend just waited on me hand and foot. Recliner is wonderful as my friend who has already gotten a BA told me. Although I need someone to put my feet up, and getting out of it.

Tried watching 2 movies, but feel asleep through both, oh well. I'd say my pain level is about a 3. I just feel swollen and tight with slight pain. I was really nervous about taking Percocet because it has made me nauseous and vomit in the past. It hasn't bothered me at all, it must be the patch behind my ear.

My are over the muscle but under the fascia so I wasn't expecting then to be as tight, but it's not horrible.

I have no clue what size implant they ended up putting in which has me curious. I liked to 425 cc in the try-it-on bra which they add end up adding more to to account for your body hiding some volume and to account for the bra. I'm guessing I have 455 on one side and 470 in the other?

They don't seem huge at all. When they relax I'm sure they'll be great. I really trust Dr. Gonyon and his staff, they were great.

Nipples are pointing towards the ground which is weird, but again when they come down they'll be great.

So far totally worth it and not too painful at all. Just feels like I worked out my chest, abs, and back really hard.

Talk to you later today. :-)

Another 3am posting.....

I don't know what it is with me posting at 3am every day, but hey it's just when I feel like doing it.

I hope to turn a real corner today. It's early Sunday morning, surgery was Friday late morning.

Feeling the same really- boobs are tight and sore but not unbearable. Side boobs are the most tender, but I know they'll settle down. Took only 1/2 Percocets all day yesterday every 6 hours, this morning (just now) switched to just 2 Tylenol. We'll see how that goes. The muscle relaxer seems to be what helps the most. Good stuff. :-)

Still using ice packs to get the swelling down, and it feels like my upper chest has little crunchy air bubbles in it, weird.

Still getting up from my recliner, and getting pushed back far enough in the chair are the hardest things to do... I just have my husband stand in front of me while I'm sitting, then I push my feet into his legs to scoot back. What a great guy. :-)

Really glad I made a bunch of easy to heat up food the day before my surgery. It made it way easier for my caregivers I think. I drink so much! Feels like I can never have enough, but no big deal.

Sleeping has been just fine now that I discovered a pillow behind my back and a pillow or 2 under my knees really helps with the lower back discomfort.

My first girlfriend visitors come today, hooray! Curious to see how they will react. :-) All and all- totally worth it!
I hope your recovery continues to go well, you described in detail everything I was feeling too! After the first week, it is soooooo much better! Good luck to you, and I hope you LOVE your results! :)
Thanks for reading and posting. :-) Now you have me looking forward to the 1 week mark! I hope I love them too! How long until they start looking like boobs? Like nice boobs? Haha.

Getting there....

Spent most of the last couple days in my recliner "watching" movies (by that I mean, falling asleep through every movie I've tried to watch). I took a shower yesterday, (Sunday, surgery was Friday). It felt good to take a shower, even washed my hair. My husband hung out in the bathroom while I showered, but he helped me get out and dry off and get dressed.

I keep getting this sensation that little air bubbles are trickling up my breast. Has anyone else had that? It doesn't hurt, just feels weird.

My tape bra is feeling heavier like my breast are putting more weight on them, like they are trying to relax?

Only taking 1 Tylenol every six hours for pain, happy about that.

Can't wait to go shopping and buy new clothes!
It depends on how quickly they settle into position (drop and fluff). I think you'll see substantial improvement in just a few weeks. Take photos often, so you can compare them. We don't notice subtle changes bc we see them every day. So taking pictures will help you see how much they really do change! ;)
So true about not seeing the subtle changes. Luckily, my husband has been photodocumenting this whole thing like a paparazzi. :-)

ok don't laugh, it's 3 a.m. again.....

I should change my handle to Matchbox 20 because of all these 3 a.m. postings. Oh well.

Doing pretty ok, at this point I am not on any pain relievers or muscle relaxers, yay. I'm still on my antibiotic, steroid, and (one more thing that I can't think of). Anyway, I feel like my work is beginning to pile up and for the first time I'm starting to have little panics like "oh my goodness, why did I do this? I don't have time for this!" Which is surprising because I probably wanted this surgery So Bad!!! Then other times I just feel so excited about not being so insecure about my breast! I look at magazines that used to feel like a punch in the chest because they made me feel so inadequate and think, "hmm. My girls are bigger than her-ers!" How freeing that is, I can not describe! :-)

Or, for the first time ever my husband looks at me with a huge smile on his face and says, " babe! Your tits are huge!!!" Instant confidence booster!

They don't look great yet. I nicknamed them Angry and Poofy for now. I can't wait until I have more mass below my nipples because as of right now the mass is mainly above my nipples making them slightly point towards the floor, which was not an issue before.

They are veiny and hard, and I'm super bloated so I just feel like I look pregnant mostly. I wish I would have started drinking my Smooth Move tea a couple days ago....

Post op is Wednesday (it's Tuesday) and I seriously hope this tape bra goes bye-bye. I tried on a 36D front closure sports bra yesterday that I was SWIMMING in before (a 32 B) and it wouldn't close- so weird! They don't feel THAT big, but I guess they are! Yippie!!

I've seen on other reviews that they were ready to "have fun" with their S.O. at day three.... I don't feel ready for that yet, but we'll see. My husband is ready, that's for sure. I feel like a new wife, a sexy wife. That alone makes this experience totally worth it!
Thank for posting day by day. I am worried mostly about the recovery and if I'm going to be able to walk around or do anything
Awwww, so cute! I'm glad he is being supportive!

4 days post op. 505cc subfascial.

Couldn't take it anymore- I had no clue what size implants I had. I knew I told them that I wanted a D cup but not a DD, and that I liked the 425 cc's in the bra but after looking through ALL the paper work they sent me home with, I had NO idea what I actually got sent home with.

I called my PS's office today. Apparently I have 505 cc's on each side!! I'm excited but worried at the same time! Good to feel like I will never, ever have to worry about being too small again! But can I stand to carry around all this extra weight all the time?! What about when I get pregnant?! Eek! Kinda freaking out but excited at the same time.... I knew Poofy and Angry seemed awfully heavy.....
I've been debating if I should go to the chiropractor before I have surgery. Did you get your tape bra off? they look soft already !
I can't believe how soft they are getting already! Hopefully get tape off tomorrow at post op. It's getting itchy. I say a definite yes to going to chiropractor the day before for a couple of reasons. 1. Your body is going to heal more quickly when your skeletal system is in proper alignment. 2. To get the most symmetrical results. I went in the day before surgery for shoulder pain- turns out I had 5 ribs out of place! The cc's and placement have a lot to do with your ribs. Just my opinion, do it. :-) When's your Christmas? :-)
What are your stats? Just read your 4 day post op. Angry and poofy haha. They look good!!

Feeling back to about 85%

Drove for the first time today. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Ran quite a few errands, including picking up another bra.

Walking my big, strong dog, pulling the hatch down on my SUV, reaching high shelves, and pulling open heavy doors is the majority of what I feel most hampered by.

They get softer and closer together every day. PS visit today went well. Quick and easy. Interesting thing about the textured silicone- massaging isn't necessary! I'm still caressing them, especially in the cleavage area but it felt good not to have to remember to do that 20x a day. I don't have to go back for 8 weeks which was also a nice surprise. (Kinda getting sick of all these Dr.'s appts). Tape did not get taken off though, ugh. It has to just fall off on its own which makes a lot of sense....

Walking and moving faster for sure- didn't even take a nap today. :-)
So at 5 days post opt your driving around and feel pretty good? Does it get achy walking around with the extra weight? I will be flying out 6 days post opt and visiting family. Trying to gauge how I might be doing by then. Trying to keep my BA a secret... we will see how that goes :)
Ya, really am. With traveling I would speculate that the biggest hurdles will be your luggage. There is no way you will want to be pulling your luggage, and putting anything in the overhead compartment will be out of the question. But hey, if you're alone use those new babies to get a hot guy to help you. :) I also want to keep my BA to myself in certain circles. With getting 505cc's I'm guessing it is going to be harder than I thought. My theory is, if they ask, I will tell them and not make a big deal about it. But if they do not feel close enough to me to ask or are too shy then it is none of their business. What placement and overall result are you hoping for? Excited for you! You will love it.

Day 6 Post Op

Finished off the last of my steroid pak today, another milestone. Still taking anti-biotic for another couple days. The "can I help you with anything" 's are beginning to fade and I go back to work for a 4 hour day tomorrow.

I am so freaking tired and unmotivated today!!! And hungry. And cold! I read yesterday about some women experiencing post-surgery depression.... I do not think this is what I am experiencing. I just think that I just plain do not have all my energy back yet. I am so glad that I only have a half day tomorrow instead of my typical 11 hour day. I really do not think I would make it.

As if I didn't have a hard enough time getting dressed and deciding what to wear in the morning already, my tape bra is making things even harder. The tape shows up in a v-neck (which is all I own). Tomorrow the top corners might just happen to "lift up all on their own" and get cut off. The part around my ribs is still nice and tight...this could take a whiiilllle.....

Tried to take a nap in my bed for the first time today. Even with pillows behind me, I couldn't get comfortable unfortunately. (Although my dog had no trouble, which added insult to injury.) Took him for a short walk today. He is big and pulls really bad so I hooked his leash to my belt loop which worked out pretty well. I could have tried this a couple of days ago, but just recently have I worn anything besides yoga pants or pajama pants (with no belt loops). Probably a good thing....

Through it all, the self-confidence this has given me is indescribable. It is so nice to be able to sit back in my recliner and not have to think "I need to keep the blanket pulled up over me so I do not look flat as a board." Looking forward to them dropping down and settling into place and showing my hot new cleavage. (Tastefully of course).
I'm getting full unders 410cc maybe more...... sientra textured maybe round. I'm a small B maybe A going for full c or d
That'll be good. Mine are Sientra textured as well. Turns out I don't have to massage the textured ones. I was happy about that! As posted, I got 505cc's but subfascial. (Over the muscle under the fascia). I still do not know what shape they are though...I should ask. I would like to know....

Where Do They Get This Tape?!?!

One week post op! Back to work today, for a half day. This medical bra tape makes duct tape look like scotch tape. 5 showers....hasn't budged.

Anyway, got a lot of positive support from all my girls at work. We're close, so they were all poking them and taking turns squeezing them and teasing me.
(In fun).

I felt so pretty today and so much more in proportion. Finding things to wear that hide the tape is a challenge, but new clothes to come!
Hi there , loved reading your updates. I had my surgery on the 26th and I'm feeling almost exactly how you do . I asked my surgeon yesterday how long it will take for the heaviness to feel better , he promised me my body would get use to it .. And yesssss that feeling something trickling down my boob , I feel that only in one side though. Oh and the 3 am posts , I'm always waking at strange hours ,it's 2am I wide awake lol ..
Nice to hear from you! It helps so much to know that I'm not going through all this alone. Funny, girls with boob jobs always used to feel like the ENEMY! Now, since most of my family and people I interact with don't know about my BA, I have come to depend on you gals to make my fears subside and ease my mind. I can't call my P.S. with every little thing so this has helped a lot don't you think?

feeling so much sexier!

All insecurities gone. :-) It feels so great. STILL have some tape on. Grrrrrr!

Weird boobs are pretty sore today. And my (huge, non-padded) bra and cleavage felt tight today. Well, I realized that I'm about to start my period tomorrow- so apparently even when you have a boob job your boobs get pms soreness still. I hadn't really thought about that.... My boobs seem nice and big all the time now.. so the increase in size seems minimal. It used to be that the increased poofyness was much welcomed (only to be disappointed post- period). Hooray! One less thing to dread!
Is subfascial the same as over the muscle? If think I'm going to go with understand because it don't think it have enough tissue to cover them otherwise. What profile did you get?
Thank you so much for your posts. I've been watching for new ones as I'm also having a subfascial BA. My surgery is one week from today! Nervous and excited at the same time. Any advice you can give about this type of procedure would be appreciated. It sounds like at day 12 you are feeling really well. Your results look great. Hopefully I won't have to be jealous for long! :)
Definitely helps a lot to have thiscommunity! I got my BA last month (totally agree with you about only having boobs when laying on our sides!!) and I'm still healing. Still sore. I went from less than an A cup to about a D cup but haven't been able to try official bra sizes yet. I got 500 in L and 475 in R. You're looking great xoxo!

Tape Gone!!!

Had my husband rip off the rest of the medical tape today. I literally think my real skin was beginning to grow onto the tape to add it as a permanent addition to my epidermis. It hurt!

Put on sticky gel things to start helping with the healing of my scars. But honestly, I don't have bad incision marks at all. I saw my incisions for the first time this morning, and they are NOT bad.

Reaching higher is getting a little easier. I have not seen any close family members yet- I think Easter will be the new girls' first familial appearance. (With clothes on of course). I've been back to work almost a week now. I feel like the Percocet brain is going away. I can't believe not 1 client has been like "there's something different about you" or "what's with the boobs?". I'm starting to kinda want to be like, "Soooo, do you notice anything different?" Come ON, somebody give me some feedback here!!
The bras I wore before weren't THIS padded. Even with my industrial beige no padding sports bra I feel like I have amazing boobs. Can't wait to wear a real bra and v-necks again.

Cleavage getting there! I'm getting my energy back. Already dreaming of working out again.
I would also like to know your stats. You look Great! your PS did a fantastic job. I have not read/seen a tape bra before. My BA is scheduled for May 29, and my PS doesn't like to put you in a bra afterwards, he says they will fall more natural w/o bindings or bras, I'm still wondering if that is true! But I did like the tape bra idea, although it did look painful around the one nipple and did it hurt coming off? pulling stitches?
My PS says the same thing. Just let them hang there haha I'm looking for some nipple coves or something to put on after my BA. Might feel weird walking about braless. I have the same surgery date to. What are you getting?
I tried on 350 HP smooth round gel, will go over everything again at pre-op visit on the 13th. I am soo afraid of going too big, not looking natural. I'm 5' 4" and buy a 36B and will be 53 in July. All I think about are boobs!! ha ha I Actually think I am driving my husband nuts showing him different pics and talking about boobs all the time! No one but hubby and bff knows I am doing this NO ONE in family would understand. You should buy those petals that are cut outs and just stick to the nipples to cover them up. Got mine at Macys but have since seen them at Target. I am getting soo much info from this site... I love it. Are you nervous? What have you picked out?

3 weeks post op

I'm able to move the implant around a bit more, but it's not my favorite feeling. My feeling is coming back so I kind of have this stingy, pins and needles feeling especially towards the top where the skin really has to stretch.

Incisions feel nice and closed solid but bumpy. I'm massaging those too. I put coconut oil on my breast when I remember to promote healthy stretching.

I almost feel well enough to go to the gym just for the stationary bike, but I want to save my energy.

Sleeping is still a challenge. I've made it 3 nights in my actual bed, but most nights I give up about 2am and go down to my recliner.

Will see (not so accepting) in-laws for first time on Sunday. We'll see if they notice..
youre looking awesome girl! you have the best shape and 'cleavage' look like youre wearing a bra...without having to wear one! HOT!
Thank you so much! That is so sweet of you to say. :-) I'm still getting used to having cleavage, such a nice change. :-)

Look what I found

Bent over in mirror to do makeup today, and loved my cleavage for the first time in my life. :-) Sent this to my husband. :-) No bra on, just tank top. Yippee!!
You look nice. Subsfacial is the same dual plane? I am thinking in silicone textured sientra. Do you liked sientra? Thank you
LovingMyBoobies, honey I'm loving your boobies. They are beautiful. The cleavage shot is fantastic. What a nice surprise. I can't wait!

4 weeks post op today

Nothing new, really. Still can't sleep flat on my back, on my side or stomach but getting used to just sleeping on my pillow mountain. Finding that tighter shirts make me feel like my breast are larger while looser cotton shirts just make me feel heavy. Can't WAIT to work out like crazy like I did before, I've definitely lost muscle but I'll get it back. Still NO ONE has said ANYTHING to the fact of "you look different" or "anything you want to tell me?" I can't believe it! I was SO worried what everyone would think, what a waste of time! And my implants are pretty large! 505cc's per side! I hope anyone holding themselves back out of fear of what others will think will find that helpful. If you're on the fence, do it! It's the best feeling ever, no longer having to worry about the size of your breast. :-)

4 weeks photo

See previous post
Are you going to do a review lovingmyboobies?
Thought first one didn't go through :)
No prob. :-) Um, I thought that's what all my thoughts were up I missing something? Is there something else?

6 weeks out

Went back to gym for first time this week, and the thought of "I can't do that, I just had surgery" crosses my mind less and less.

This is a picture of me in my gym clothes with a sports bra! NO padding, and no insecurities! :-)

They are really soft and almost bouncy. I hear that they are the perfect size from my co-workers and friends.

I can't say enough how much I love them and that I'm so glad I did this. :-)
They look sooooo good! I cant believe they are 505 cc's! They are the perfect size for your body : )
OMG. Stinkin phone!
Um... more puctures that is. ..

7 weeks

Nothing new really. I get sized next week. Still NO ONE has said ANYTHING.... No pain, except when I sleep on my side without a pillow I get a stretching feeling ...

I love them. I want to wear sweatshirts and coats as little as possible so they can see the world. :-) I NEED to get back to the gym though!
Oh thank you so much! I can't believe they are 505cc's either! I'm so glad that I did not go one ounce smaller! Doc made a great call! I'll have to check out your profile. Have you gotten yours yet?

8 weeks today

Feeling back to normal, feeling great. I love everything about them, I could talk about them all the time. :-) Posted a side profile pic today. I'm back in to working out- I don't think I'll EVER use the ab machine again where the cushion sits in front of your chest and you push forward. I got halfway into yesterday and was like, "um, no". (Hopefully no one saw!) Oh well, lots of other things to do. I don't do chest exercises yet...I get fully released in a week from Dr. I'll let you know. :-)

Got sized today!

Had my 8 week check up today. Everything looked great. Got fitted for a new bra and.......(drum roll please).......I am a 34DD. I'm so glad. All through the pre-op stage I was a little sheepish about being anything bigger than a D, but the last couple weeks I've been thinking, "man, I hope I'm a double D. This is fun!". Went to Victoria's Secret- what a difference just shopping for bras that you LIKE instead of shopping for the most padded ones you can find! What a rush when the fitting room attendant ask you, "what size?" And you can put your shoulders back and say, "34DD or sometimes DDD". Eek! I'm so happy!
Your boobs are wish pic worthy! Your whole body rocks. Curious-did you get mods, mod plus or hp? I haven't posted pics yet but I got moderate classic 275 cc 2 weeks ago. I'm only 5' 4 and I didn't want to be larger than a C (started a/b-ish). I ask because yours are the look I was going for. They look mod or mod+ profile with no bra on in the 2nd to last pic.
Your results are beautiful! I'm still in shock that there is another person that went to Gonyon that is on realself! :) I'm loving my results so far. Just trying to be patient for the dropping process! I got unders so my muscles are still hanging on for dear life. I'm so glad you found me so I can follow your progress/journey! :)
I loved Dr. Gonyon and his staff. Just got the 8 week "ok, do whatever you want now". I'm so happy! Especially with the "unders" give them some time to get bigger, they will! And softer every day....
Fort Collins Plastic Surgeon

So far he and his staff have been great. Beautiful office.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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