5 weeks Post Op and Turning the Corner!

I am a 44 year old mom of 3 kids. I nursed for 6...

I am a 44 year old mom of 3 kids. I nursed for 6 years total. I have always had issues with small breasts as a kid - and was teased, etc., etc., etc.
I loved the feeling of femininity of having full breasts - which I experienced during pregnancy and during nursing. Now that I am done having kids, I feel like I am in the prime of my life, however, my breasts are just dilapidated. I am in good physical shape, am 5'5 and weigh about 125 pounds. Finally, our kids are old enough for my husband and I to have romantic weekends, but I just don't feel much like ever taking my bra off, because it is so depressing.
I would love to feel sexy again and to enjoy myself naked.
I know I have three beautiful kids and I am feeling somewhat selfish for thinking of doing this surgery, as my husband loves me just the way I am. Is it a low self esteem thing to do this? I don't know... I do know that it really isn't that much different from anything else that I do to make myself look my best - shaving, waxing, facials, manicures, pedicures, even teeth crowns and so on. BUT, surgery seems kind of extreme. Yet, I really think I would love the results.
I am looking at so many people who are pleased with the results and the doctor I have chosen seems to be so experienced, compassionate and knowlegable. I felt comfortable right away with him and his staff.
Anyhow, I am also a Christian, so I am wondering if I am doing something that God thinks is... weird, right?
But, as I pray about it I have a peace as it being no big deal in the big scheme of things....
Anybody else feeling this way?
I have my pre-op appointment on Tuesday and my surgery date already scheduled for March 27th.. I will be making my official commitment at the pre-op appointment, since that is when payment is due....
So far I am looking at doing an internal lift as well as silicone implants, 400cc under the muscle with the incision under the breast fold.
Also - am worried somewhat about post op infection, blood clots, complications...
But, still excited about it all too... this website has been helpful to see and hear everyone's stories!

So, tomorrow is the big day! My house is not as...

So, tomorrow is the big day! My house is not as clean as I would have hoped, but kids have had the stomach flu... so glad I didn't get it. I have been washing my hands and everything like crazy. I am done eating and drinking now until after the surgery. I have to be there at 9:30 am. My husband is so not thrilled, but he will come around. He is not against it, just thinks it's unnecessary and doesn't understand. But he does know that I want to do this for me so he is trying to be supportive in his own way.
I had a crazy thing happen tonight. I witnessed a three car wreck right in front of me at an intersection. I was so fortunate to be there to help a young mom who was ok, but really upset. I had some wet wipes to wipe her face as the airbag hit her pretty hard and her nose was bleeding quite a bit. She was so thankful that I was there to give her a hug and pray with her. I gave her some bottled water and just sat and talked to her. Everyone else seemed to be fine and was walking around. Her car was totaled. It just was a reminder to me that life is so short. I am feeling good about getting this done now and not waiting or wondering. Anything can happen in an instant. Why not do the things we have always wanted to do right!
I feel pretty fortunate to get this surgery tomorrow and I hope and pray that my recovery will go smoothly. I will update more tomorrow. I have been a nervous wreck all week worrying about every possible disaster that could happen. But, somehow I am feeling more at peace now. I think I will even sleep tonight....

Well, my surgery went well this afternoon. The...

Well, my surgery went well this afternoon. The patch they gave me to wear the night before to combat nausea made me so dizzy and off balance, but I haven't really been nauseated. I only have to wear the patch for another day or two, so that part is good. I have been eating and drinking normally which is nice. Already had a bowel movement, so thank God for that. After I came home, i slept for a few hours which helped to get over the anesthesia. I was dillerious when I left the hospital I don't even remember coming home. I also had to keep my eyes shut as everything was spinning.
But, now the rest of my body is really fine. My boobs are SOOOO sore though. Although the Dr. said everything is ok. There is only one strange reaction I had to everything and that is that my face and torso are red and so itchy - I devoloped some kind of allergy or something. The Doctor did say this rash is somewhat common, so that eased my mind. I started to take the steroid tablets as that should help with calming down the rash. I am also taking Benedryl which should help quite a bit I think. Other than that, I have no bruising, just extreme discomfort for now. I have been able to walk around though just fine which will help combat getting any blood clots. The 'girls' are swollen right now but otherwise seem to be doing good! Oh, I forgot to say that I am also taking arnica for bruising, etc. That along with an antibiotic, a musle relaxer. The Dr. also gave me strong painkillers, but I don't want to take them as they usually make me feel sicker. I am allowed to take motrin after 48hours, which I look forward to, as that works best for me rather than the strong pain killers the Dr. prescribed. Of course Motrin doesn't remove all of the pain by any means, but it does keep the edge off and doesn't knock me out like the strong pain killers.
So, I ended up doing ultrahigh silicone implants that I think were the equivalent of 425cc's, but I don't even really know as I was so out if it after the surgery, I just left in a haze.
I anticipate that tomorrow will be rough, and then hopefully I will start to come out of it as time passes. My husband has been invaluable and is helping me endlessly. Can't wait until the 'girls' drop and the pain subsides! And am thankful it is now over, woohoo!

Well, one week has gone by since my surgery. I am...

Well, one week has gone by since my surgery. I am on vacation in the mountains with my family and brothers family - not doing much myself- 1,000 piece puzzle while they ski. Still super sore and taking it easy. Taking Motrin, prednisone and Arnica tablets to keep things under control. I ended up having an allergic reaction to a penicillin drug that was given to me before and after surgery which was awful - my whole body broke out in a rash. But now that is gone. Another weird experience was that I finished my period two days before surgery but then a few days after surgery I got another full blown period/ so strange and a drag. Not sure what caused that. Otherwise I was given a sports type bra to wear which has helped a lot to feel more protected and supported. Also Arnica Gel is absolutely the best thing ever - it feels soooo good and eases the soreness albeit for just a short time. I had some bruising after the surgery, but that has now improved greatly. The swelling and soreness are still bothersome but hoping by the two week mark I will start to feel better. I see my Dr next Tuesday for a recheck. Praying all is going well under there and that there are no complications!

Well, I saw my surgeon yesterday. Everything...

Well, I saw my surgeon yesterday. Everything looks like it is supposed to, I still have a ways to go with dropping into place. He says another 6 to 8 weeks until I feel 'normal' (seems like forever about right now)... I am still sooooo sore, but not abnormally so. It seems that now that I am off of the steroids, I feel more sore than I did in the first two weeks. I was hoping it would lessen, but it hasn't at all. But the good news is I am finally off my meds. I had to go back on the steroids several days ago because my rash came back - from the penicillin allergy (there was still residue in my tissues surrounding the implants) - (it also caused a systemic reaction of hives on my legs - fun!) It just still wasn't out of my system yet. But yesterday I am off of them again. Hoping and praying that I don't get any more skin rashes and that now I can just start to heal. I have been driving a lot and that has really been bothering me. I have a 5 hour road trip (one way) this weekend which I am both looking forward to and dreading all that driving at the same time.... Hoping I won't get too sore. The Dr. also mentioned that all of the drugs can cause hormonal issues, so I am hoping that will resolve itself over time as well. I was really hoping to feel much better than this at two weeks, but I am still thankful that I am doing pretty well overall. I am happy with the way I look and I am happy with the scarring - it doesn't look bad at all. Well, back to work here.... God bless ya'll and thanks for listening ! : )

I am reading so many posts from women who have no...

I am reading so many posts from women who have no pain after surgery. I am 2 1/2 weeks post op and I am still sooooo sore. I am sore all day long. The only time I am not sore is if I am lying flat on my back (ahhhhh relief). The Dr. says I look great and this is normal, but I honestly haven't read anyone else saying they are sore still. And what exactly is 'morning boob'? I usually feel good when I get up, but then it's just sore, sore, stiff and sore all day long...
I do quite a bit of activity each day, and sex is not a problem the past couple of weeks as long as I am lying still on my back - my husband couldn't wait : ) (by the way - he is in LOVE with my new look).
Anyways, Anybody else on the planet still feel sore this far after surgery, cause I am seriously feeling like a wimp, ha,ha,ha!

Hallelujah! The past few days I have really...

Hallelujah! The past few days I have really started to notice a significant improvement in the way I feel through the day. I can drive more comfortably, and, although I am still tight and a bit sore from time to time, I am uncomfortable less and less and so thankful for that! I did have one lump under my left breast that was really painful and bothering me for a couple of weeks - and giving my nipple constant zingers(ugh), but the dr. said it is normal and as I gently work on massaging it, it is starting to soften up a bit and the pain has dimished greatly and the zingers are far less frequent. Those can take a couple of months to go away all together I guess. I had a back massage at a spa about two weeks ago and the woman who did the massage was telling me that the little nodules that you feel on the incision are actually scar tissue and once it is healed, to gently massage them out - it breaks up the scar tissue and they will heal better. I have been doing that and can actually feel as though little particles are breaking up. Kind of interesting. One amazing thing happened to me this Sunday at church. We had a guest preacher from Ethiopia. He had a great sermon and prayed for anyone in the congregation that needed healing. I accepted that healing and I swear that I had a sensation that I can only explain as electric go through my breasts and I felt really emotional for a moment - it was so amazing. I really feel that I experienced some sort of healing by God in that moment, It was awesome. It was not anything I could shout out about of course - ha,ha,ha - Hey, my boob job! My boobs are healed! - but seriously - it was very awesome and personal. I thank God for that and I feel it was a sign that as I recover, I am in His hands and my healing will eventually be complete. I have also just discovered tylenol/aspirin/caffeine pain pills (labled as migraine headache medicine) that seem to help more than motrin for me which is nice. So, needless to say, I am starting to feel like I am on my way to 'normal'. Planning on going to the gym tomorrow for the first time since the surgery - yippeeee! Just to do the stairmaster and some light weights on my legs probably not arms yet. Whatever feels comfortable for now. I DON'T want to take any steps backward if I can help it that is for sure!!! I am uploading some recent photos - swimsuit shopping tonight - a large top seems to fit nicely : ) I will be hopping a plane next week to go and visit my parents so hoping that goes well. Thanks for your prayers and hope that you all continue to recover well.

One Year - So Happy and Paraben Free...

It's hard to believe that it has been almost a year since my surgery! I just wanted to say that I am very happy with the results and have no regrets.
I did have trouble for a while with some pain and discomfort that I later found out was fibrocystic disease - which is actually not a disease and very common. Some women have benign small cysts in their breasts that can cause issues sometimes. I never noticed them before my surgery because everything was so floppy. Once the implants were in place, they caused some pressure in areas that didn't have pressure before so they became irritated. HOWEVER, I wanted to write this today because I was so amazed by the cure I found. I did some research and found that Parabens are a major cause of inflamation or irritation in that respect. I looked through all of my makeup, lotions and shampoo and conditioners and ALL of them had parabens in them. I threw everything out and bought all new products that were paraben (and sulfite) free. I can't believe it, but it took away ALL of my symptoms practically overnight.
I have no more discomfort any time of the month in my breasts and I feel great.
Best of all, they look natural and they feel natural too. They are soft and comfortable feeling.
AND my husband loves them to pieces.
Even though I had some rough times after the surgery, It was all worth it and I am very satisfied with the outcome! : )
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Wish I would have came across your post earlier.
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I just saw your 1 year photos and you look amazing!! Your girls look so natural! I hope I'll have a similar result after my surgery
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Thank you - I am happy with the results despite the rocky road for a while. I don't ever think about them anymore and it was all worth it. Hope all goes well for you!
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You look awesome! And you have great abs too! How'd you get those? (Something i need to work on)... that's great to hear about your healing! Although it might've been quite hilarious to shout out for your boobs..lol! I'm almost 3 weeks post op... and i can totally feel the implants kind of swooge around (I know. . Not a word but describes it well..lol)... did you feel this? And does it stop?
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I still notice some movement - like something sort of 'flop' forward slightly when I bend over and reach for something for example - my dr. said this is normal too. I think they do weird things like this as they settle. This can even take several months I have been told... but I do notice it less now than before. Hope things are going well for you otherwise!
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I broke out in a rash too. I think that was worse than the surgery itself, sorry you had to go through that!
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I thought I was the only one still sore too! I'm 2 1/2 weeks post op too. Mine are extra sensitive and still numb under the nipple area. I still Get the morning boob too, it's like engorgement after pregnancy. I had 460cc's so I guess they'll take longer to heal? Idk, I'm just ready to feel normal!!! Happy healing :)
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I just realized that we had ours done the same day!!!! March 27th!
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So glad to hear that someone else out there is experiencing the same thing. The good news is that the Dr. says it's normal. All the muscles take time to relax - and truly they look really, good - no brusing no odd shape - just sore - like you said engorged after pregnancy. And I am still numb also under the nipple and a little toward the cleavage area on the bottom. I have decent sensation which is good, but maybe too much sensation,ha,ha,ha. My right is more sore than my left - I think because I am right handed and am using those muscles constantly.... anyhow, thanks so much for your post as I feel better to hear I am not alone : )
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No thank you!!! Glad I'm not alone either ;)
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Sorry to hear your still sore. I received fairly large implants and I had pain for 3 days and soreness for about 3-4 days after that. I do have discomfort, more from the sensitivity of my skin. Rest as much as you can and be careful. Listen to your body, if you think something is not right press your doctor more to check things out! Good luck
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I know..I was reading the same thing from some people..lol! I just had mine done yesterday so I won't be of much help cuz I'm in quite a bit of pain...and can't take my pain med, Tramaol, cuz I was having a high resting heart rate and tremors. Sooo, Tylenol and Advil it is...
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You know...I've also heard that bigger implants (bigger than 350)...are a more painful recovery....
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Hi there, Glad to hear from you. I had been praying for you many times prior to and day of your surgery. I am glad you are home and recovering. I am now at three weeks and really feeling much better although still very sensitive and cautious with every movement. But the pain is something that I don't think about so much constantly anymore, thank God. I hope that you will feel better and better! God bless and drink Lots of water- something I think is not talked about I have found makes a difference. Take care and hang in there-
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Hi. . I'm dealing with the same issues regarding how the Lord might feel about my decision too. The cost, the down time, not being able to care for my family. . Uugghh. . Really getting to me right now. ... and I'm scheduled for Friday am for a breast lift and implant. I don't want it to even be noticeable except to me and my husband and I'm terrified they will be huge. I'm going with a300cc implant. . Silicone moderate plus.. could you tell me what size you went with? I also hate pain meds and am sooo hoping i won't have to take them. .. I'd rather be in pain. . But not killing me pain. . I'm so close and I'm terrified i think this am. .I also have allergies to many things so having an allergic reaction is on my mind. ...
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HI there, I am right there with you on everything! I somehow managed to keep everyone unaware - even my 16 year old daughter. My husband told everyone I had the stomach flu for the first couple of days... (my daughter had just had it a few days prior so that worked out). I just didn't feel that is was anyone elses business - the same way you feel I am sure. It is such a personal decision. My implants were 425cc silicone under the muscle - ultra high profile. They are really not big at all, just feel really comfortable for my size. My surgeon said I needed at least a minimum of 375 to get the proper lift with my sagging. He did not do a full breast lift - but what he called an 'internal lift' which needed no extra incisions. The pain surprised me afterward, but I think it is not something unmanageable - and everyone responds differently. You may experience much less pain that I did. For me the pain is more like a persistant soreness - like pulling a muscle pretty bad - and some days are better than others. You will definitely need to take it easy. The less I do, the less discomfort I have. I think the worst is the anticipation. Once it is over and you can focus on healing it will be a relief. Just give yourself some slack and don't worry about having a perfect house for a while - and simple foods/take out are your friends! Regarding allergies, if you have had surgery before, you should be fine. I think part of my problem was that I had taken some Keflex before the surgery for another issue I was having and I think my immune system went on overload with just tooo much antibiotics. I will be praying for you - for God to give you peace, that all will go well and that your husband will be a big support to you. God blessings and keep me posted!
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Thank you for your reply. . Thing is. . I've never had any surgery! Ahh! I have four precious kiddos, whom I nursed all, and never had to have a c-section. Got lucky i guess. .. I've never even had a dental surgery. ..so i think That's why I'm so scared. . I don't know how I'll react to the anesthesia and i don't want to have something horrible happen and leave my kids over boobs... Uugghh. . But i really want to do it and if i back off I lose a LOT of $$$....
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It is really rare to have a serious reaction - and actually my own reaction - especially the first one was pretty major, but steroids and benedryl worked - it wasn't life threatening - just made recovery prolonged. I have had three kids without surgery, but I did have my appendix out, my gallbladder out and kidney stones broken up, wisdom teeth out - goodness.... anyway, I never had any trouble before with any other surgery. I really do think it was because of all of the antibiotics I had to take prior this time. If you have a good surgeon and are in good health otherwise, complications are rare. Try not to worry and know that you are in my prayers!
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Thank you so much. .I really appreciate the prayers as I've only told my husband, mom, and sister. .. (and someone I accidentally told. .lol).. thank you. ..
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ha,ha,ha! the only people that know for me are my husband, my sister in law and my esthetician : ) I will probably tell my mom and a few close friends eventually, but not many.
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I know.. it feels scary telling people cuz i don't want to have to explain or try to justify myself. . I'm not doing this for vain reasons...I really don't want anyone to really notice except my husband and I. .. Just hoping all goes well. ..
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It will.
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You look fabulous my dear sister, I just got back to work today, I'm 12 days post op and still being very cautious as to what I do or carry around. Im paranoid i think, anyways I drove for the first time today and tylenoled my discomfort at work for the most part, wore some nursing scrubs to hide my grandma bra and band, felt alright for the most part. Now Im hoping and praying you are still being pampered by that hubby of yours while you are recovering. Im here for you sis and don't forget you are never alone anyhow, God is with us and so nothing else matters but thank God for this support system we came across on this site.
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Congratulations! So far it looks like your prayers were answered! Your healthy, recovering well for the most part, and have your breasts back. I'm so happy for you. Let us know how your appointment goes next week. Thank you for continued updates...and good luck with that puzzle!  :)

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