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Today is the second day and I haven't taken a...

Today is the second day and I haven't taken a picture yet, but will update as the days go by. I had my entire face done including my eyes. The procedure itself was very painful even though I had the numbing cream and numerous injections. My face is very swollen. I have taken a week and a half off from work and I hope it's enough time!

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If I hadn't seen the pictures on RealSelf of...

If I hadn't seen the pictures on RealSelf of others who had had this procedure done I would have been really, really scared the first time I saw my face. I neglected to attach a before picture, which really doesn't show the issues that I was concerned about, but at least you can see I looked pretty normal


Thanks for posting the before picture, it does help to be able to compare. You are such a pretty lady! Hoping you will heal fast & feel much better soon!!

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Totally agree with James - thanks so much for posting the pictures.

SoozinCanada posted her review just a few days ago, and thankfully by day 5 she reported feeling better. Hoping the same will be your experience. Please keep us posted on how you are doing!

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Thanks, Megan, I will continue to post pictures of my 'recovery'. I hope others can learn from my experience.

Day 3 - the swelling is much worse than I thought...

Day 3 - the swelling is much worse than I thought it would be. I iced my face three times yesterday and once so far today. It feels very fat and tight.


Hi! I am scheduled to have the Fraxel Re:Pair done this coming Thursday. I have spent a lot of time researching it and found this site really helpful to get real people's experience. Seeing your pictures will definitely help me cope with the after look! Did you have sun damage that you were getting rid of? That is one of my concerns so as not to spend years ahead at getting spots removed as they come up. I am hoping to get a more youthful appearance going. I look forward to seeing more of your posts! Thanks for sharing your experience!
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Today is Monday, 1/16/12 and I saw my doctor today...

Today is Monday, 1/16/12 and I saw my doctor today. He assured me that everything is the way that it should be - a big relief. I had a 20 minute LED light treatment which is supposed to help with healing and have additional LED appointments for Wednesday and Friday. I was told to continue the vinegar washes and Aquaphor but could switch to a lighter lotion if I wanted to. I want this to be over with!


Thanks so much for posting the update. You skin definitely looks less red, but you are right about the swelling - looks uncomfortable. :(

Do you mind me asking if they charged extra for the LED treatments, or did they give them to you complimentary?

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No, I don't mind answering your question. I believe the LED treatments are included because no mention was made when I checked out of a charge. I have two more treatments scheduled - one for tomorrow and one for Friday - and I do believe it made a difference. I am still very unsure about whether I will be able to return to work on Monday, 1/23/12, which is disappointing/frustrating. I will post more pics when there is noticable improvement. Thanks!

That's pretty cool they offered that to you complimentary. Please let us know how you are feeling after your second LED treatment!

Today is Wednesday, 1/18, 2012. I had the second...

Today is Wednesday, 1/18, 2012. I had the second LED light treatment today. The swelling has gone down slightly. I'm attaching a picture taken right after I got home from my doctor's office. Very slow progress...


Oh yes, I did not realize when I read this message it was from that(your) post. Yes, I had the bloody face then day three I am swollen beyond knowing. I posted a blog with my story and some pics but I don't think it has been released by realself yet. Thanks for sharing it makes others going through the same thing feel better knowing this is what supposed to happen.
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Thank you for posting those pictures. I am starting day three of the fraxel repair. I woke up extremely swollen and tight. I started crying because I was afraid I had done something terribly wrong and thought I would be scarred. I have a call into my doctor now. I saw him yesterday, day 2, and he said everything is looking right. But now I am so swollen that my eyes are barley open. I am terrified of the outcome.
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You look like you are smiling at least a tiny bit in today's picture. :) Still red, but looking so much better! Hope it is feeling that way too!

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Day 9, 1/20/12 - I had another LED light treatment...

Day 9, 1/20/12 - I had another LED light treatment today and am feeling so much better!I do have some 'break-outs' I am attributing to the Aquaphor but my doctor's office has emphasized that I don't want my skin to get dried out.


Alright Teresa, I know its back-to-work Monday for you. How did it go getting ready? Were you able to cover the remaining red with make-up ok? Also, if you did, did it feel ok to put make-up on??


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Hi, Megan, yes, I went back to work today. My face is slightly pink and still just a little bit swollen. I put on 50 SPF sunscreen and then I used Bare Minerals makeup and it looked okay. I didn't get any stares, anyway! I saw my dermatologist today and he says everything is great and I can go back to everything I used to do (color my hair, use Latisse on my eyelashes, work-out, etc.) I will post more pics soon. Thanks for asking!
Well I am officially on day 2! I think my experience is pretty normal after I have read many others' experience of the procedure. I have also had 2 laser treatments for healing - it was a yellow light and I'll have to ask them what they call it. They did it right after the procedure and yesterday at my one day post procedure visit. Thanks Teresa for being a good "poster" it helps us all!
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Tomorrow will be two weeks since I had the Fraxel...

Tomorrow will be two weeks since I had the Fraxel Repair. My doctor says I will continue to notice improvements.


Hi Teresa,
You skin looks gorgeous! I am amazed at the difference from day one of the procedure. I don’t know what your skin looked like before the procedure, but do you see improvement from before? It certainly looks great now.
I am on day 8 and finally just peeled. I still see my scars, so I am not sure if new skin growth will help diminish them or if ijust did not work for me. Thank you for showing your day-to-day pictures…it helps others get an idea of what to expect and not be shocked. Kudos! And you look fabulous!
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Agreed, you look great in that picture! Would love to know how your skin is feeling and if it is sensitive at all.

Thanks, Dusty. I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures, too, and hope you are doing well.

If I'm counting right (lol) I am 18 days...

If I'm counting right (lol) I am 18 days post-Fraxel repair. I will change my rating to Worth It - it just keeps getting better and better.


Was it worth it after all done ??? I'm considering it above my lip! U Look great!! Just want to know if its worth it??
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hi, I want to get fraxel reapair done. could you please
give to me the address and name of the doctor
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Blurry after pictures with no close-ups of your skin, and not a single before picture in detail really does not give an accurate representation of Fraxel treatments. Fraxel ruins the skin and give considerable premature aging. Fraxel reviews were so bad, the company started counter-reviews with fake reports to reduce the volume of bad reviews.
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