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Hey everyone! I am having lipo done on my abdomen,...

Hey everyone! I am having lipo done on my abdomen, back, and arms. My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow and I'm stressing out about whether I have everything I need. I recently moved to a new state and, while I've made some new friends, I don't have the same support as back home. Fortunately my mom is able to spend the first couple of days with me!

I am having lipo done because I want my confidence back. I used to have a great figure and then suddenly gained nearly 80 pounds in one year. It turns out I am hypothyroid. Even though I work out and eat healthy, I've not be enable to get rid of the excess fat.

I'm a little anxious about the results. Some sites say lipo is only beneficial if you have already lost weight and you just want to firm up. But in pictures I've seen a big difference. I know I won't lose a ton of weight with this surgery, but I'm hoping there will be a visible difference!

Any tips for pre op preps would be appreciated!

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I went in this morning and checked in at 7:45....

I went in this morning and checked in at 7:45. Everyone was very friendly and efficient. I was a little bit upset because I had been approved the full amount through care credit and didn't find out until last minute that the anesthesia couldn't be covered so I had to use a credit card.
Anywho, I went in and immediately peed in a cup. I then changed into my gown, and Dr. Brantner came in to mark me up. It all happened very fast. The anesthesiologist came in next and spent more time answering questions. They placed the IV in my hands, and that's the last I remember. I was under general anesthesia so it knocked me out. I had my stomach, upper arms, and bra fat done and the whole procedure took around 90 minutes. When I woke up I was in pain. My right arm felt like almost like when you get your blood pressure done and it squeezes too right. My back was totally fine, and my stomach burned a little but it was bearable. The nurse gave me a Percocet and it helped. The worst part of waking up was the uncontrollable shivering. The nurse also gave me something for this. I had to wait an hour in the recovery room (my blood pressure was up). Once the bottom number went under 100 they sent me home.
Once home, I took sleeping pills and slept for a few hours. When I woke up the incisions in my back had drained quite a bit.
I had no nausea so I was able to eat and take more medicine. The worst pain came at around 6 when my arms began swelling considerably and the ace bandages were too right. My mom contacted my surgeon and we got the green light on loosening. Since then I've been sitting in my recliner with ice packs watching TV. A little nervous about the soreness I will feel tomorrow!
I can't really tell much difference yet, so I will post pictures as my swelling goes down some.


Hi there Gin... how did your surgery go
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Hi there, I just posted about it actually :) it went great. Dr.Brantner said he removed the equivalent of 15 one pound steaks. I'm pretty sore but the pain is definitely bearable.

There has been a lot of soreness today, especially...

There has been a lot of soreness today, especially especially going from a lying/sitting position to standing. I took a diuretic and the leakage increased. I was concerned a may have torn a stitch on my arm, because it appeared to be bleeding and it is quite painful. However, I had my follow up appt with Dr. Brantner and he said he intentionally left stitches loose so there would be leakage. He also said the bottom of my stomach was especially swollen and full of liquid, so that's why it appears so big. He said in a couple of weeks I should be able to tell much more of a difference. He was very positive about the results so far. He said he removed nearly 5 pounds of fat in my stomach. I'm concerned about the excess skin on lower stomach and my arms. I'm really hoping it firms up because I don't want go have a lift!
I've hardly urinated and I've not had a bowel movement, so I am going to try a stool softener.


I had Dr. Brantner as a surgeon too, and loved him. Your soreness will improve and he is so right about the appearance developing over time, too. I did CareCredit for my stuff as well, and I also had to pay OOP for the anesthesia. Very frustrating, but it will all be worth it in the end! Congratulations!
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Your results look great! I like Dr. Brantner
OH I forgot to tell you. I had a horror Vajayjay. So huge, black and swollen. A poor little Mexican nurse ran and got me a pad to pressure on it. Even now 2 months its still hard and swollen. Everything goes south and that is the last thing to heal...OMG
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Today is my 4th day after surgery. Yesterday was...

Today is my 4th day after surgery. Yesterday was probably the worst as far as soreness. Also, I couldn't have bowel movement even with laxatives so very uncomfortable. I had very small bowel movement this morning, but it's better than nothing! I have also been able to move around more. I'm planning to go back to my parents in Kentucky so mom can continue to help me. I dread the car ride but I may take a sleeping pill before I go.


I wish you better days. They will come. Raisin bran and prunes worked for me, but I only took one painkiller. You might try just regular Tylenol now and see how you do with that, it would definitely help the constipation. Have a safe trip back home.
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I posted 5 day pics today. The swelling has gone...

I posted 5 day pics today. The swelling has gone down somewhat, but is still pretty significant in lower stomach and hips. The backs of my arms look terrible... They are very bruised! It hurts to hold my arms straight out or raise up. I was able to take a walk earlier. I walked around 1/2 mile outside and it felt good to be outside.
I did notice the middle of my back has been really tender and a bit itchy. After my shower my mom noticed that there are scrapes around my stitches. Are these drain lines? They aren't anywhere else on my body, but there are 4 distinct swollen lines that look like scratches.


Thanks for the advice. I tried lots of fiber and grape juice and was finally able to go this morning. Made my tummy feel much better!
I'm glad you are on your way! Take care.
Ps. How is the pain and swelling?

It's been a week since my surgery and I'm doing...

It's been a week since my surgery and I'm doing much better. I was supposed to go back to work today but I travel for my job and driving was too difficult, so I took off today and tomorrow. My doc said driving after arm lipo can be difficult for up to 2 weeks. I'm still having some problems with bowel movements, so I'm going to ask my doc about it tomorrow offer my one week follow up. My swelling has gone down enough so I can fully close my garment again, but I can't tell much of a difference when looking in mirror. I know I have to be patient and give it time... But it's hard!


My surgery is scheduled for April 25 lipo and breast augmentation. Any great advice for lipo recovery? I'm a repeat offender w/ the breast augmentation so I understand the recovery for that vim just worried about the pain of both. What would u have done differently to prepare if u could a week ago?
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hey there! probably my best tip is to purchase a spanx type tank top (not too tight) to wear under your garment. the garment directly against my skin was too uncomfortable and caused a rash, but the spanx material inbetween has really helped! the arneca gel is soothing and has helped take away my bruising. if you are having lipo of the arms i would suggest having zip up hoodies so you don't have to raise your arms. go ahead an stock up on laxatives and stool softeners, as well as food with fiber. i would have lots of fruit ready! you may also want to find a really good tv series to watch, because you won't be doing a whole lot for several days. even though you will be sore, i suggest trying to walk around. it helps work out the soreness. in the evenings i am fine, but every morning i wake up very sore and tender so i try to walk first thing.
Thanks Gin for the information! I'm adding those items to my list of things to purchase. I'm so excited the 25th can't get here faster. I'm traveling to Chicago on May 25 only 4 weeks post op hoping to b able to get thru a wedding without too much soreness and pain.

So I went back to work yesterday and went much...

So I went back to work yesterday and went much better than I anticipated! I travel for my job and was worried driving a lot might be painful for my arms, but it didn't really bother me. I had more energy than I expected, but I wasn't back to my old self either. It's been 10 days since my surgery and I'm doing really well! I would say my overall pain level is around 2. Sleeping is still uncomfortable, because my hips are still tender and I like to sleep on my side. However, I can move around much more than just a few nights ago. I'm still a little tender when I wake up, but after around 30 mins of moving around I'm fine. I'm off pain meds and taking 800 mg ibuprofen. My appetite is back to normal (I was really hungry for around the first 4 days after surgery). My bowel movements are more regular, but I'm still taking stool softener once a day. I've not had any itching (yet).
I had my 1 week follow up Tuesday. Dr. B said everything is healing normally. He said I could stop wearing garments 24/7 and wear them when it's convenient, which for me is after work at around 5 until the mornings at around 8. He said I could lift up to 5 pounds. I was curious why I couldn't exercise my legs on a stationary bike, and he said it's because exercise causes swelling and I'm still trying to get rid of fluid, but moderate walking is perfectly fine.
I read on here that same patients are instructed to massage the liposuctioned areas, but Dr. B never told me to do this. I asked and he said there was no need (for me) bc I have no lumps. I did notice afterwards I have a lump on the underside of my arm, but turns out it is a lymph node.

I had my stitches removed yesterday and I am concerned about my right arm. The day of surgery I noticed the stitches on right arm were much looser than any of the others, and the placement was more on the edge instead of centered. This spot leaked more than any others, too. At my 1 day appointment I mentioned this to Dr. B and, without looking at it, said it would be fine so I let it go. Throughout the first week I noticed this spot wasn't healing as well as the others. I completely forgot to ask about it when he removed my stitches yesterday. Well earlier this evening when I was applying antibiotic ointment I noticed all of the incision sites are scabbed or pretty much closed except for my right arm. In fact, the wound is still open, kinda deep, oozing a little, and the area around it is pretty red. Dr. B is out of office until Monday, so I called him at home and explained the situation. He said not to worry and that it would be fine. He mentioned a lot of surgeons don't even stitch the incision sites. He suggested I put antibiotic ointment on it and bandage it. He didn't ask for me to send any pics. Maybe I'm being paranoid but it looks pretty bad and is painful. Has anyone else had this problem?


I didnt know if you saw my response earlier but no I had no loose or excess skin thank the lord
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Hi Gin, my underarm had a red and very sore stitch site, but it is doing better. I think maybe all the friction doesn't help. Make sure you are not running a fever and watch out for any red streaks or pus oozing...otherwise it is probably just really aggravated. Xoxo
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Thanks for responding! I'm probably just being paranoid. But it concerns me that this incision site hasn't healed or closed up at all. The fact that it's pretty deep kinda worries me. I've never had stitches before this so I'm not sure what it should look like. But I could probably insert the eraser of a pencil into the site (obviously not gonna do that haha just giving an idea of the size). I'm going to follow my docs advice and keep a close eye on it the next couple of days :)

I'm feeling much better almost 12 days after...

I'm feeling much better almost 12 days after surgery. My friends wanted me to come grill out and drink some beer. I haven't been taking pain meds, so I'm not concerned about that, but I'm worried beer might cause my stomach to swell. Can anyone out there tell me when they were able to go out and have drinks without it bothering them?


Hey I just got my back done too. How is yours healing up? Im finding no difference in the size of the rolls personally.
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Hey! When did u get yours done? I'm now at 15 days and I can see a little difference. The rolls at my bra line is smaller, but definitely still there.
Hey just checkin on you
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So the incision site on my arm is beginning to...

So the incision site on my arm is beginning to close up, but it's still pretty painful. I made the mistake of not putting antibiotic ointment on it during the first week, which is probably why it got infected. In case anyone out there is curious about drinking beer after surgery, I tested it out last night. I was able to drink a couple of cider beers and felt fine. When I switched to regular beer (highlands Gaelic ale) I felt awful. My stomach typically feels bloated after a few beers anyway, and it was very uncomfortable. I felt like I was gonna burst! Cider is more flat so it may not have as much carbonation. So if you tend to feel bloated after drinking beer, be aware that it might be uncomfortable so soon after surgery.


6 days ago. tomorrow will be a week! still feeling a lot of pain but my swelling is going down finally and i noticed a huge change yesterday
That's awesome! Do u have pictures?
I just posted a review, take a look for pics!

So I am 3 1/2 weeks post op and seeing some...

So I am 3 1/2 weeks post op and seeing some results. I can tell my arms look slimmer from the front/back view, but they don't look much different when I hold them out. I was in a size 18 before surgery, and for first time today tried on a pair of pants and they were too big... Yay! I would say I'm a 16 now, and am hoping after all the swelling is gone that I'll be a 14. (Fingers crossed). My energy level is still not back to normal and I have some days where I feel sluggish, but over all I am doing really well. The only issue is with these knots, because they are painful. I had to reschedule my appt for next week, so hopefully will find out more info on how to deal with the knots then. Since everyone says it takes a few months to really see results, I am pretty satisfied with my progress so far!


looking good :) i had lipo to my abdomen as well and every week my body is changing! im almost 8 weeks post op.
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Gin, my arms hurt like hell! You didn't have much pain?
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Hey everyone... I'm just a little over 5 weeks out...

Hey everyone... I'm just a little over 5 weeks out and I'm doing good! My energy level still isn't back to normal, and I definitely get more tired during physical activity. I'm fitting better into my clothes and can see a pretty big difference overall. I'm mainly still waiting on the swelling in my lower stomach to go down. I had my follow up appt last week and my doc said I'm healing great. I asked about the knots and he said they should resolve themselves over time. He also said I can resume normal exercise. I only feel soreness after activity, so I guess I need to take it a little slower :)


Hey Gin! Glad you feeling well! Do you have more pics? I can see a difference in the front/back view of my arms too but when I look from the side or hold them out, they look the same!
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Glad to read you're still doing well!
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Thanks girl! How are u?

6 1/2 weeks

I'm adding 6 1/2 week pics. I'm feeling better about myself and feel more confident in my clothes. You can't really tell much difference when I hold my arms out, but I can tell a huge difference when they're by my sides. Really pleased with this! Also my rolls are disappearing from my back. One side is improving more than the other but it's not a huge difference. My lower tummy still isn't where I want it to be. I was hoping it would be flatter by now so I would feel more confident in swimsuit, but at least it looks better than before!


Ur post op pics look great girl! I just did my lipo yesterday n I'm pretty swollen in the lower abdomen area..very soft n puffy. How long did it take for the swelling to go away n for the skin to harden?
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Thanks hun! My lower stomach is still puffy and it's been 2 months since surgery. But I was able to begin seeing a difference after about 3 weeks :)
I just added updates :)

3 months

So I am at the 3 month mark and I have to admit... I am not entirely impressed with results.
Arms look better overall, especially from the back view. I feel more confident wearing tank tops then I did before.
Back is definitely slimmer on the lower part (love handles) which is awesome.
Stomach is slimmer from the front view.

Arms are not as small as I was hoping for. I had a lot of excess fat on the underpart, so I knew I wouldn't be magically tone. But I feel like the underneath should be smaller.

Back still has rolls. They're smaller than before, which is good, but I was given the impression they would be nearly erased.

Stomach is my biggest disappointment. Dr. Branter said he took the majority of fat from my stomach, but this is where I'm seeing the least amount of results. The lower part of my stomach doesn't look any different!

I'm hoping I will still see more results, but I'm skeptical. Some surgeons say you will basically see the majority of results by month three while others say it will take full 6 months. I can't really say I'm dissatisfied completely because I do feel better, but I'm not happy with my stomach.

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4 months

I'm still not where I want to be overall but I am pleased with front view. Not as happy with side view. However people haven't recently began commenting that I look like I've lost weight so this is good!

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Update with stomach revision

So last month ( 3 1/2 weeks) ago, I underwent lipo again to get a revision on my stomach. First, I will say I was definitely disappointed the day of surgery. I had previously expressed I was unhappy with my stomach and my doctor said he could revise my upper and lower stomach for the cost of anesthesia, which would've $450, so I decided to do it. When I went in for prep, he only marked my upper stomach. I immediately said I wanted my lower stomach too because I don't see much of a change. He said at this time he couldn't do anything with lipo. He said he could only make my lower stomach look better if I got a tuck, and he wouldn't do this until after I have kids. So I was pretty upset. I went ahead and did the upper stomach under local anesthesia. He numbed me with a shot and waited around 10 mins to start. I really couldn't feel much except a tugging feeling that was uncomfortable but bearable. It only took around 15 minutes and he was finished.
Recovery was much easier than last time. I only missed 2 days of work, plus had the weekend (so 4 days). I was bruised for around 9 days. It's been 3 1/2 weeks so I don't have final results for upper stomach, but I can tell a difference. I have no pain at all now.


Hey girl! i am going to ask for a revision on my back as I am just as foldy as before. Could be skin and if a back lift is what I need I might just say forget it but it's good to know that recovery from a second lipo is easier than a first!
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Here are progress pics. Bottom is before any procedure, middle is 5 months after initial procedure, top is 3 1/2 weeks after revision


I had the same procedure as you on the upper arms and flanks. I am curious why you didn't have a full compression garment for roughly 4-6 weeks. I had huge arms and wasn't satisfied at first but the 1st garment is worn continually until it becomes loose then a smaller one is worn for 12-14 hours daily for another few weeks. Just wondered if you mightve been a bit happier if the compression wouldve been better. it does make a difference. also follow up lymphatic massages are a must of the areas for proper smoothness. I'm sorry you didn't get the results but I wonder if you didnt get enough care from your surgeon.
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I'm happy overall. I did wear compression garments
Hey girl! Glad you are seeing some changes! I too am undergoing a revision on my stomach (its uneven and still fat) and one of my arms (its lumpy). My back is still fat, but I am going to just forget about it. I think I'm going to wait until December for the revision. But, I wanted to ask you how many ccs did your dr remove this time?
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Not worth it!

So I'm 15 months out and I gained back everything I lost, even though I've been dieting and exercising. I look the same now as I did going into it, but now in just $8,000 in the hole.


Sorry it didn't work out and you're back to where you were. How disappointing and very discouraging. Best Wishes.
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So sorry that happened to u. I guess we need to be vigilant.
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wow...that sucks that you feel you look the same now as you did before you went through all of this. i'm worried that will happen to me too..i haven't lost a single pound since surgery last month ) : and all i eat is salad like a bunny i have better contours and my belly is flat, but no weigh loss...although he only took about 800 out of me anyway...i really thought i would start losing weight after what with the no salt no anything bad diet, but nope!
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