36yo 34H W 2kids (1 & 2 1/2) I'm Ready!!

I've met with my PS and I have my pre - op next...

I've met with my PS and I have my pre - op next week. Like everyone here I have disproportionate Breasts and want to correct it. I finished breastfeeding my daughters and the shape and firmness were gone. This summer I haven't wanted to go to the beach or Lake with my family bc I don't want to be flopping all over the place. I owe it to my daughters to get out there and have some fun. I want to show them we can always improve and be our best selves.
So here I go! !

Has anyone here gone through this with very small children?

My PS has said that I should be able to "do everything except put them in their car seats by the end if the first week". Has everyone's recovery been like their surgeon said it would be or should I be skeptical?

I have read lots of reviews and I know that recovery differs by person... just wondering if the PS really does best predict.

I'm 36 5'3" 140# with very pendulous 34H Breasts hoping for a 34E.

I have BCBS and they are covering all but $150 as a medical necessity due to pain and shoulder grooving.
Hi! I am also scheduled for surgery Sept 9! I am also concerned as I have 2 very snuggly boys (4 and 7). My biggest concern right now are the drains! I believe that once you are stable (no pain meds) it's best to have the kids climb onto your hip( from a chair etc) that way you aren't spreading /opening your chest. Good luck surgery sister we have 1 week to go!
Surgery sisters!!!! Awesome :)
When I met with the PS I told her my situation and she has kids close together as well and I felt confident enough with her answers (and confidence in herself) to schedule it. But now reading all the reviews again I'm getting nervous. My youngest is very attached to me and iv been testing the waters of not picking her up when she asks.... It's not pretty! She loves her mama! :) Daddy will be home all day for a week too so hopefully he will make a good replacement for the transition. I will for sure update as it goes along as I have relied on the women before me for so many answers I have to pay it forward!

Pre-op today

Today really felt like the surgery is happening. When I was 30 I had a pulmonary embolism that has been attributed to birth control. My PS wanted carrying orders from my hematologist to determine how to handle possible blood clots. So I met with him this morning and he recommended no treatment! My PS is erring on the side of caution however and prescribing lovenox injections during and after surgery which makes me more comfortable.

My PS took all the time I needed to answer my questions and gave me her email in case I had any others come up. Her confidence is catching and I can't wait for my surgery.

I got all my prescriptions and post op instructions. My insurance covers up to 23 hours in the hospital so I'm staying overnight just to get used to myself before heading home to my little girls (with my new little girls!)

Cold & cough

Yuck... I woke up this morning to a sore throat, itchy ears and a stuffy nose. Both kids have it too along with low grade fevers. I let my PS know and if no better in the morning she will call me in a z-pak. Please please please go away!
We really are surgery sisters! Went home sick yesterday from work due to headache (sinus) and low grade fever. I'm so excited!
Oh my goodness! The sucks. I'm just scared she will postpone it or something. More that fear than the sickness!
She gave me a z-pak... have you told your dr??

adding some pics!

Finally getting around to it.
I double checked on the recovery with my doctor at my pre-op. She ensured me that I'd be fine and that moms tend to make it happen when they need to and my body will let me know if I need to slow down. Since there is no altering of the muscular structure it's the easiest to recover from. Fingers crossed :)
hope you get over your cold, it happened to me and put back my surgery
Me too peedie... My husband lives out of state for work right now so he is flying home tomorrow and taking FMLA time to help with me and the kids. A delay would be a huge inconvenience for us! Fingers crossed! :)

Things are looking up today!

Not sure that I mentioned, but my husband lives in another state... He just flew in today to be here with me for the procedure on tuesday and for a week afterward. My stress just literally went out the car window on the way here. Knowing he is def here gives me more strength and resolve to have the surgery.

Also my cold and cough are subsiding and I'm feeling confident I can go with thru with the surgery healthwise! That was a scare!

And we have beautiful puffy clouds I a blue sky with perfect breezes and sunshine. It's a great day for me!!

Super excited!

48 hours from now I will be headed to the surgery center! Now that my husband is here my fears and doubts have subsided since I know my daughters will be well taken care of. It's just exciting now! I'm finally gong to have nice perky boobies instead of sad deflated floppy weights on the chest! Woo hoo :)
Good luck
excited for you, remember the prune juice to prevent constipation and a pillow for the seatbelt on the way home, small side here you come!!!!!
We're almost there!! Last minute grocery shopping, laundry and house cleaning! Taking the kiddos to their Nana's tomorrow night then here we go!!!

sitting in pre-op!

So I've had my vitals checked and scrubbed myself down and gotten my iv... way less nervous than thought I'd be. :) everyone has been lovely....

Will update from the otherside!!
hope it has all gone well. happy healing

On the otherside!

So far it has been easy peasy and simple as pie! My sister picked my up about 6:30am and we arrive jut in time t the hospital. I checked in while she parked and then headed back to pre-op. Met with the anesthesiologist and got marks up by my PS. In just a few more minutes they wheeled me to the operating room and placed them ask on my face and off to sleep I went. I woke up very groggy... Speaking of groggy I think I will take a nap and finish in a bit!
I too am curious about recovery w/ small children. my youngest is 2 and very very clinging to me. wants to be held all the time. Please keep us updated on your healing and how it is managing children. I am still waiting for my insurance approval.

I love them :)

looking great with your high, swollen porn star boobs!!!! I hope you are having very little pain as managing without painkillers is much better. I was fine by 28 hours post op and this is not unusual. rest as much as you need to now

Surgery day continued.

So... I was super groggy when I woke up but very little pain. Apparently when they first woke me I was a bit "aggressive"... Not sure what happened there but I have a couple of new bruises no where near the surgery site. But hey... I'm always grumpy when I wake up so I think I'm going to let it be and be thankful I DID wake up. The pain has been very manageable and I haven't had any nausea at all. They gave me 3 different anti-nausea meds by IV as well as a patch. My doctor ordered morphine, dilaudid, and Percocet 7.5 and I've had the dilaudid 3 times and the Percocet every 4 hours. I'm staying at the hospital in the "extended recovery unit" as an outpatient so it's covered on my insurance under the $100 copay as long as I don't stay past 23 hours. They are having me walk the halls because I have had a prior pulmonary embolism and it's after the walks that the pain sets in and I ask for the stronger meds. I'm wondering if maybe my surgical bra is not tight enough and the movement is what is making it hurt more. It's super comfy tho... Maybe I'm just used to my Prima Donna bras that really keep me in place? I have no idea what size I am but I'm thinking a 34DD once the swelling goes down. I told my PS I still wanted large breasts, just ones that were out of control. I'm a bargain hunter and I can't wait to buy adorable little bras out the bins at Victoria's Secret for $20! My Prima Donnas were $125+ but worth every penny as I've never actually worn one out and I've been buying them for 7 years now. (So if you're still just considering the surgery and can't find bras that fit you or support you well I highly recommend them!)

I'm so pleased with the size and shape of my breasts for far and am so thankful to have had this surgery.
What kind of incision did they use on you? I had the lollipop.
Lollipop here as well. I've still got brown tape plastered all over them so won't be able to see the actual incision until my first post op appt on 9/16.
I love that you're calling them rockstar boobs! That is exactly how I feel!! I haven't gotten a go look at mine yet! Sounds like our experiences are very similar. Do you have drains?

So happy I did this!

I honestly didn't realize how big of a difference this would make in how I view myself. I have just hated my big breasts for so long it is strange to look in the mirror and see smaller perkier ones and like them. I'm glad I waited til after breastfeeding because that was a wonderful experience that i would hate to lose. However, 10 more years of liking my body would have been a fair trade.

As far as my recovery, I thought it was going to be a lot harder. I've not needed the pain medication constantly for the past 3 days, just taking half of one here and there after probably having done too much with my kids. I am resting a great deal as well but the babies do need some mommy love and I'm being sure they get it in a controlled way rather than them dog piling me!

I've tried on some lingerie, dresses, sports tanks, and bathing suits that I bought in the past that had been on sale hoping I would lose a few lbs... They looked great on me! I'm so excited for everything to settle down so I can go shopping for clothes other than knit shirts and sweaters!

I've still not seen my incisions as I was told to leave the brown tape on until my one week post op visit. However, I've realized already I don't care about the scars. I'll do what I can to minimize them but even if they end up as bad as the worst I've seen, it's still worth it! If you are considering the surgery... I can't recommend it with more confidence. It's a life changing thing.
CONGRATS !!! keep us updated with pics, its important to us pre-op girls !!!!
Sure thing! I'll get some up today!

New pics!

Recovery is going really well. No pain meds at all yesterday or last night. Had my first zinger this morning and it was over pretty quickly. I have more energy than I was expecting. However, I am still taking it easy so as to heal as quickly as possible. I didn't quite realize how much smaller I am until taking the pics today. I'm glad because I've been afraid of being too small. I've kind of gotten used to my new size before realizing the difference if that makes since.... Still super glad I did it!

*sense :)

doing great
Looking good happy healing! I too still wanted big boobs lol!

Recovery going well so far.

I woke up one morning on my side and found a small opening at the bottom of my incision on my right breast and am having some drainage which kinda freaked me out. My PS saw me and calmed me right down. "Better out than in." That makes sense so I'm ok with it. I've been feeling great with plenty of energy running after the kids and all. I am picking up my 1 yo to put in and out of the crib and into her high chair and am just being super careful. It's been a lot easier than I was afraid of so far.... I hope I didn't just jinx myself! :)
I'm glad it's going well! And glad to know about picking stuff up. My surgery is Tuesday and I'm making a bunch of meals today to freeze.
Are you wearing a bra at night? Glad to hear everything I'd going smoothly for you!!
Wow! I can't imagine lifting anything I'm do sore I can feel the pressure just lifting my 16oz water bottle ! Go easy on yourself good luck and happy healing!


I slept worse last night than anyone so far. Generally uncomfortable and sore this morning with a headache. I slept in a different bra and I'm thinking it was too tight in the shoulder straps as my neck and shoulders are super tight like from before the surgery. It just reminds me how little pain my breasts have been causing my shoulders lately! Also... I have been diagnosed my carpel tunnel and arthritis in my hands and wrists and have been so focused on my breasts and how they feel that I didn't even realize that my arms and hands have been fine until last night. Now that my breasts hold themselves up and I'm not reliant on the straps as much... I'm sure I'll continue to have relief in my arms and hands.
This sleeping thing is very difficult! I try something different every night. The best option I have found so far is wearing my surgical bra, I actually put a small pair of rolled up socks in my bra in between my breasts
I actually had a big firm wedge and put it under my mattress so that the whole bed is elevated. I put a pillow under my knees and pretty much stay in the same position all night.... until last night! I'm going to take an advil pm tonight just to be sure. A rough night made for a rough day today.
Freezer meals are a great idea! I went the lazy route and stocked up at Trader Joes... but it sure has made it easy!

Still haven't looked!

So at my appt 10 or so days ago my nurse had said I would need to change my tape In a week then I would come back to the office for the next change a week after that. Well I called in to check on how to clean it after removing the tape bc I didn't remember if they wanted me to use anything specific. The seemingly "head nurse" said not to change the tape unless it was obvious I needed to. Like if it was gooey or coming off. So that hasn't happened so I haven't taken it off. When I was at the office and had it changed.... I didn't peek. So basically I have been a big chicken and haven't seen my incisions and I'm about 17 days out! Also, I'm good with it! I've decided I just won't look until I actually HAVE to. I can look at everyone's pictures and it doesn't bother me at all but reading about ppl getting dizzy etc when they saw themselves kinda freaks me out. I know it makes me a weak little pansy... But hey it's working for me. I love my new boobs and I'm keeping it that way. If I see them all "cut up" as my daughter says I might love them as much. Basically that's my reason for not posting new pictures as I really don't have anything new to show. Once my PS tells me to leave the tape off I will look and take pics and hopefully I won't be too critical of my new and different boobies.

I'm not specifically cleared by my dr yet but I'm doing everything needed for my girls including carrying my 30lb daughter in from the car asleep and to her bed upstairs. No pain or other issues except occasional burning along my incisions. I wonder if my kids are knocking the boobs around too much and that's what is causing it but everyone else seems to have this too. My girls sit in my lap a lot and hug and snuggle which includes elbows knees and shoulders ground into my breasts no matter how much I shield myself. Even with all that I'm not having any real pain. I did take the wedge out from under my mattress for a night and slept with just one pillow thinking I was doing fine and would do better with a better night sleep... Mistake. I was sore and swollen the next day. I put the wedge back and have been fine since. I've slept the whole night the past 2 nights and am honestly feeling great. My daughters and I shopped for winter clothes at 2 malls for 10 hours (nap for them in between on the drive) today without running out of steam until we got home and did the bedtime routine. That includes getting them in and out of he car several times, chasing them through the stores, trying clothes on my toddler and pushing them around in a double stroller etc... I only had 1 1/2 lbs taken out with no lipo so perhaps that is why it's been easy so far. However, that's how it's been for me and may be for others.
Fyi.... I get the emails that I have new comments but for some reason I don't see the actual comment for a couple of days. So my replies will always be late I guess. :)
@TATAS2tatas you look amazing , who was your PS ???
I keep meaning to do her review bc she has been fantastic. I wanted to wait for some of the follow up care but it has been exceptional too. She is really easy to talk to and makes you feel like she is listening even tho I kept telling her over and over that I didn't want to be too small in the end. Her name is Bernadette wang-ashraf at artisan plastic surgery in Northside Hospital and they have a satellite office in Johns Creek.

Almost 3 week post op pics

Just adding some pics

Front pic

Hi tata! Checking in on my surgery buddy. How are you at 4 weeks out?
You look great. I think you must have quite a bit of swelling as you have the "porn star" look just now! I am sure they will soften and drop a little over the next couple of months. Your easy recovery is a typical recovery and i think your positive attitude and realistic expectations contribute to that. Your story will encourage others
Thanks tatas!

Just some new pics

You look great!!
Thanks izzy!
The ladies are looking great! I have a question for you. Even our pictures look similar! Anyhow....is one of your breasts 'harder' than the other? My right lady is still pretty hard while lefty is softening up nicely. Also, do you have any open areas? I have 2 one under each breast that are healing VERY SLOOOLY....
Bernadette Wang-Ashraf

Dr.Ashraf is actually the only dr I even had a consultation with. I had done plenty of research on the procedure as well as her as a dr before scheduling the appt. She was my top pick but I had planned on meeting with others for comparison. After meeting with her however I knew she was the correct choice and due to the fact that babysitting is an issue for me to go to appts, I decided at the consult to move forward with her. She is one of 3 female doctors in her practice who have a a bias towards post cancer breast reconstruction. This gave me the feeling that they were a group of women helping women. They also talk about the art of plastic surgery as well their desire to achieve natural looking results. All this appealed to me and it's what I feel now have. I had hoped for no drains and lollipop incisions and she offered this without question. She is always very down to earth and easy to talk to. Any questions were answered directly with her even giving me her direct email to which she responded promptly. The office staff is extremely welcoming and professional in person, on the phone and via email. I completely and without reservation recommend Dr. Ashraf for her skill and personality.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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