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Tummy Tuck (Full Abdominal Reduction) and Vaginal Hysterectomy Done at Same Time -Johannesburg, South Africa

I always contemplated the idea of having a tummy...

I always contemplated the idea of having a tummy tuck since I HATE my abdominal area... After my two babies it is all stretched and flabby... Now I am having a vaginal hysterectomy done and decided to do the tummy tuck at the same time, this joined procedure(I am hoping) will be better for all practical reasons: time off at work, only one recovery etc... BUT I am really afraid of the pain afterwards. Have anyone else had these two together? I'd love to hear about your experience, because I am really very, very nervous! I am writing this today, with 9 days to go...
Good luck smallbelly! I've seen ladies on here who have gotten double surgeries before and seemed to heal at the same pace as those of us who didn't. I hope your recovery goes well!
Thank you so much... I really need some re assurance right now :) next week this time it will be all done xxx

One week to go before D Day

So, 1 August feels so far away, but, next week this time it will all be done - excited, but very nervous at the same time... I need to get my mind right... prayers please xxx
I'll be counting down with you then! Can't wait to see your updates-I'll be watching for them! Have you had your plastic surgeon draw a line on you to show you how your scar will look? I asked mine to do that about a week before the surgery, just so I'd feel better about knowing how it would be angled and how long it would be. He was patient and didn't seem like he minded to do that. This way I didn't have any preconceptions or letdowns about it afterward. It's ok to make an appointment for that. :)
Thanks - I am getting more and more nervous...phew.... guess it is normal? Next week this time I will be sitting here and it will all be over... Yes, he did draw the line and showed me where he will be doing the lipo aswell... Thanks for the moral support Rubix xxx

Tick tock!

two sleeps to go!! Nervous, excited, just want this to be over now...
How are you doing smallbelly? Hoping you recovery easily and quickly! :)

3 Days PO

I survived by the grace of God! So happy to be home, I can already see a huge difference, but still very swollen... Will post pics soon x
Thanks! I am surviving... Back home today, thank God for pain killerss an Voltaren! Will post pics - Very bruised and swollen x
Good, glad you're home so,you can rest better. The bruising and swelling will go down. Using arnica, bromelain and turamic? That has helped me tremendously! And not expensive. Ill post my PO D5 pics after my nap and you'll be able to see the Amy of swelling I've got. (((((Hugs))))) and heal up :)

updated photos

Please share as I am considering doing it and a bit nervous I can't wait for your post pictures
Dr Elliot - Flora Clinic

So far I feel very comfortable with him, he was really so down to earth, accommodating and helpful

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